Sniper Zero and Ultimatum Scenes Redone

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Summary: During the scene where Charlie and Ian talk about why the sniper missed, Ian does something very different. Also Don tries to talk to Charlie about things!

A/N: I'm trying my hand at Numb3rs. I'm slightly re-writing 2 of the episodes with Ian Edgerton! I for some reason like reading fanfics where Charlie is in pain or in distress! So in my version I'm making Ian a bit forceful, cause he seems like the perfect one to overpower Charlie! I'm only slightly redoing Sniper Zero, and probably going to be doing a bit more to Ultimatum. This might end up being a pairing between Colby and Charlie, I'm not sure yet!

Chapter One Sniper Zero

Charlie was in a building where the Sniper had technically missed his target. He couldn't figure it out, it was a closer target so how did the sniper miss. Charlie was looking out the window deep in thought that he didn't notice someone was standing behind him.

"Stumped?" A voice breathed in Charlie's ear.

Charlie jumped and whirled around to come face to face with Ian Edgerton, "What the hell?"

Ian gave a toothy smile, "Did I scare you professor?"

Charlie's eyes narrowed, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Probably the same as you! You're trying to figure out how the sniper missed, aren't you?" Charlie nodded. "Well, have you taken into account some factors that you know nothing about?"

"Like what?"

"You've never shot a gun have you?" Charlie shook his head. "Then you can't take into account the sweat on your hands or in your eyes, the adrenaline, or anything like that!"

Ian stepped so close to Charlie they were nose and nose. Charlie's breath caught in his throat, Ian's eyes sparkled.

"Have you ever even had a gun on you?"

Charlie looked confused, but Ian didn't wait for an answer. He pulled out his handgun and brought it close to Charlie's face. Charlie took a step back to find his back against the wall, Ian seemed to be happy to have Charlie cornered. His gun was tracing Charlie's jaw line and down his neck. Charlie's breath was shallow and his eyes held pure terror.

"Agent Edgerton, pl-please st-stop!" Charlie stuttered.

Ian chuckled, "What's the matter Professor? Are you afraid?"

Charlie glared at the man before him, "If you don't stop, I'll-."

Ian cut Charlie off, "You'll what? Tell your brother? Are you going to tell him I pulled a gun on you? That I," Ian put his free hand under Charlie's shirt. "Touched you?"

Charlie closed his eyes, he couldn't believe what was happening to him! Ian Edgerton was feeling him up at gun point! The feeling of Ian's hands going below the belt line inside his pants made Charlie's eyes snap open. His fearful eyes was staring at Ian's cruel cold eyes. Ian had a preditory look on his face, he was now groping Charlie.

"Agent Edgerton, s-stop!" Charlie was near tears.

Ian gave a preditory grin, "Do you really want me to stop, Charlie?" Ian gave Charlie's dick a quick squeeze making him gasp. "If you really want me to stop Charlie, I will. Only if you do something for me!"

Charlie froze as the gun was positioned under his chin, "What?"

"I want you to, let me kiss you and for you not to say anything to your brother. One word and I'll just happen to miss aim my rifle and might accidentally shoot him!" Ian's eyes were bright with cruelty.

Charlie nodded slowly, showing he was willing. Ian moved his free hand up to cup Charlie's face. He closed the distance between their lips and kissed him. Ian forced his tongue in Charlie's mouth as if probing it! The kiss lasted so long that Charlie thought he would pass out from lack of air. Finally Ian pulled back and smiled at the pure fear in Charlie's brown eyes. Ian pulled back away from Charlie and re-holstered his gun. He quickly patted Charlie's cheek and left.

Charlie let a breath of relief out as he slid to the floor. Had that really just happened? Did Ian Edgerton really just sexually assault him? Charlie couldn't wrap his mind around what had just happened. He really hoped that Ian wouldn't do it ever again, he really wanted to tell Don so he could protect him. But he couldn't the threat that Ian had given him was pretty clear.

*The Ride Home, After Charlie almost got shot*

Don had decided to give Charlie a ride home. He was so happy that Charlie had not been shot. Ian had shot the sniper and he was overjoyed. Charlie on the other hand seemed really shaken up. Don had also noticed that Charlie was acting different, ever since he came back from gathering data from the sniper attack that missed. Don had not yet confronted Charlie on it, but since he had him in the car, it was his perfect chance.

"Uh... Charlie?" Charlie turned to him. "You ok?"

"I'm fine!"

"No, your not! You almost got shot, I really don't think your ok!"

Charlie sighed, "Yeah, Don I am a little shaken up! But I will be fine!"

"Fine! Then would you mind telling me what's had you so worked up the past week?" Don asked while glancing in Charlie's direction.

Charlie visibly stiffened, "Wh-what you mean?"

"Don't give me that Charlie! Ever since you came back from that building where you were gathering data, you haven't been the same! What happened?" Don's voice held serious concern.

"Nothing happened!" Charlie sounded annoyed.

"Ok, fine! You're not ready to tell me, but if something did happen and you ever want to talk about it please come to me!"

Charlie nodded.

A/N: The episode went on mostly as it did in the show. Next I'm doing the episode Ultimatum, Ian's going to have a bit of fun with Charlie!

Summary for next chaper: Ian goes to jail, but he didn't do what they accused him of. He ends up taking Colby hostage and then demands that Charlie come or he will kill Colby. Don reluctantly sends Charlie in to try and figure out who is really behind this. While in there Ian does some pretty traumatizing things to Charlie and in front of Colby no less!