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Chapter Two Ultimatum

Don was beyond pissed off right now. Ian Edgerton had taken one of his team members hostage and now he wanted Charlie! Don had told everyone no, but they didn't seem to want to listen. Charlie was his brother damn it! Charlie could get hurt or worse. But here Charlie was walking into the prison with David escorting him. He looked scared.

"Don, what's going on?" Charlie asked, his voice a bit small.

"Ian wants you to do something! He refuses to tell us what it is, but he said if we didn't send you in there in an hour he was going to kill Colby," Don said.

Charlie gulped, "How long ago was that?"

Don looked at his watch, "About 45 minutes ago! Charlie you don't have to do this."

Charlie shook his head, "No, I do! I don't want Colby to pay for me being scared!"

Don took some pride that his brother was thinking of others and not himself. But the big brother part of him was still upset! Don watched as Charlie walked up to the door. It took him a moment before he knocked. Quickly a arm came out and grabbed Charlie, pulling him inside the room.

*Inside the Room*

Charlie looked around the small room, Colby was handcuffed to a poll. Ian was behind him currently, and Charlie didn't like it! He went to turn around, but Ian had his hands on Charlie's shoulders preventing him from moving. Ian leaned down and sniffed Charlie's neck. Charlie tried not to look at Colby, but he had a sinking feeling Colby was looking at him. Indeed Colby was looking at the scene by the door. His eyes were wide, he didn't know if Ian was scaring Charlie or not. He got his answer pretty soon.

"Did you miss me Charlie?" Ian asked seductively.

Charlie shook his head, "What did you want from me?"

"I want you to prove that I didn't do anything!"

"How do you expect me to do that?" Charlie asked.

"Use your math! I'll give you all you need, all you got to do is figure everything out!" Ian whispered.

"Ok, but I need you to let me go!"

Ian gave a smirk, but let Charlie go. Ian went further into the room to gather all the stuff Charlie would need. Colby waved his hands to get Charlie's attention, once Charlie looked at him he motioned him over. Charlie quietly and reluctantly walked over to Colby.

"Charlie, what was that about?" Colby whispered.

Charlie glanced at Ian then whispered, "I can't tell you!"

"Why? Did he threaten you?" Colby knew Charlie wouldn't answer him by the look on his face. "Charlie, you can't let Edgerton get to you!"

Before Charlie could answer Ian called him over. Charlie reluctantly walked over to him. Ian pulled out a chair at a desk, Charlie sat down and Ian put a file in front of him and some paper and a pen. Charlie got to work, he looked through the file and wrote somethings down.

*A Couple of Hours Later*

Charlie had figured out who set Ian up. But he wasn't certain exactly how to tell Ian. Unfortunately Ian came to stand next to Charlie, Charlie felt unnerved by him standing so close.

"Did you find out who set me up?" Ian asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty certain I know who set you up," Charlie said.

"Who?" Ian pressed his gun to Charlie's head as if daring him to lie.

Charlie explained to him everything. Ian took in the information and nodded.

"So, how do we prove it?" Ian asked.

"That's Don's department! You should call him, or let me go to talk to him," Charlie knew Ian wouldn't let him go but it was worth a try.

Ian chuckled, "You know I'm not going to let you go that easy! I'll call your brother and you can talk to him." Charlie nodded. "But it could take awhile for your brother to get the proof! We could have some fun while we wait!" Ian put his hand between Charlie's legs so Charlie understood the meaning.

Colby had had enough, "Edgerton! You need to stop! Charlie is not some play thing you can mess around with!"

Ian turned to Colby with a wicked grin on his face, "What's wrong Colby? Do you not like it that I'm touching Charlie?" Ian turned Charlie's chair around so he and Ian were facing Colby. Ian moved his had to hover over Charlie's crotch. "Do you think I should touch him?" Colby was shaking with anger.

"Leave him the hell alone!" Colby yelled.

Ian chuckled again but he grabbed a hand full of Charlie's crotch. Charlie jumped, not sure what to do. He finally decided Colby would more than likely forgive him if he tried to run. So Charlie decided to take a chance. He pushed Ian away from him as hard as he could, and bolted for the door. He got to the door when he was pinned to it by Ian. Ian pulled Charlie's arm behind his back and twisted it while pulling it up his back. Charlie cried out in pain.

"That wasn't very smart Charlie!" Ian hissed in his ear. "I'm going to have to punish you!"

"Edgerton, get away from him! I swear if you touch him, I will kill you!" Colby yelled angrily.

"Why so defensive Granger?"

Colby thought about it, but couldn't understand why he was so upset. It wasn't that Charlie was his boss's little brother it was something else. Charlie didn't deserve to be treated the way he was being treated by Edgerton! Colby looked at Edgerton who was waiting for him to answer his question.

"Because Charlie is a great guy! He doesn't deserve to be sexually molested by a psycho like you," Colby growled.

Ian just laughed as he dragged Charlie over to the desk. Charlie was now more scared than anything, as Ian threw him over the desk. Ian let go of Charlie and walked over to Colby. Charlie pulled himself up and started to move but Ian turned on him, gun pointed directly at his head.

"Get back on the desk!" Ian growled.

Charlie jumped at the tone and sat down on the desk. Ian seemed satisfied that he was back on the desk, he turned back to Colby. Colby was currently glaring at Ian. Ian pointed his gun at Colby.

"You are going to call Don and you're going to tell him what Charlie found out! Understood?"

Colby nodded, "You might want to uncuff me!"

"If you try anything, I will hurt Charlie!"

Colby nodded, "Ok."

Ian uncuffed Colby then walked back over by Charlie. He sat down on the chair and pulled Charlie on his lap. He put the gun underneath his chin and held Charlie completely still! Colby moved to the phone and picked it up.

"Yeah, I need to talk to Don!"

A few minutes later Don's voice came over the phone, "Colby? What's happening?"

"Don, you got to find the proof of the warden setting Edgerton up! And you've got to do it fast," Colby said seriously.

"How's Charlie?" Don asked.

Colby looked over in Charlie and Ian's direction, "Don, Ian's trying to hurt Charlie! You need to," there was a loud gun shot. Colby froze and looked in Ian's direction. Charlie was fine but he looked extremely scared. Ian had his gun pointed in the air, but the gun was quickly placed back under Charlie's chin.

"I wouldn't tell Don anything if I were you, or the next bullet will be Charlie's," Ian hissed.

"COLBY! Is everything ok? What happened?" Don practically screamed.

Colby finally snapped out of his shock, "Everything's fine! Just get the proof Don!"

"Wait, what is Edgerton doing to Charlie?" Don asked with anger.

"Don I can't talk, gotta go!" Colby hung up before Don could press more.

Ian smiled at Colby, "I see you got smart!" Colby just glared. "Now why don't you cuff yourself back to that pole?"

Colby cursed himself all the way back to that damned pole. He picked the cuffs up and put them around his wrists. Ian got up and pushed Charlie into the chair and went to check the cuffs. Colby nodded toward the door to indicate he wanted Charlie to get the hell out of there. Ian noticed the nod.

"Charlie, if I were you I wouldn't try leaving! It might not end well for you!" Ian shot a nasty grin toward Charlie. Once he made sure the cuffs were secure he turned back to Charlie. "You know I owe you a punishment!"

Charlie froze, he had forgotten about that, but apparently Ian hadn't. Charlie tried to think of something to distract Ian, but his mind was drawing a blank. Ian walked slowly toward Charlie with a predatory grin on his face. Charlie diverted his eyes away from Ian and looked at Colby. Colby was horrified by what was happening. Ian didn't like that Charlie was now paying more attention to Colby than to him. He grabbed a handful of Charlie's hair and pulled back harshly. Charlie let out a painfilled gasp.

"I don't like the attention your giving Agent Granger!" Ian hissed.


"You're going to be!" Ian growled.

With all the attention Ian was paying to Charlie, Colby went unnoticed. He had gotten ahold of the key to the cuffs. He was now working to undo the cuffs. He finally got them undone, just in time to see Ian forcing a kiss on Charlie. He lunged at Ian and started punching him. Eventually he realized that Ian was no longer conscious. Colby then went over to Charlie.

"You ok?"

Charlie nodded, "You can't tell Don about this!" Colby was going to argue but saw the look on Charlie's face.

"Ok, but you gotta find a way to tell him!"

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