"Princess Twilight! Is it true that you have a crush on our illustrious ruler and your mentor?"

"So as the "Princess of Friendship" do you have the ability to make everypony the best of friends? Will we hold hoofs and sing with changelings f you cast a spell on us?"

"Do you or did you not have the Elements of Honesty and Generosity spend the night at your home?"

The increasing number of voices added to the mix as Twilight tried her best to get through the streets of Canterlot, the paparazzis following her every movement. Flashes from the cameras going off as the questions ad rumours continue. The unicorn guardsmen did an excellent job of stopping all of them short of getting near the princess. The golden armour reflected each flash back to the reporters, causing them to stumble around blindly.

"Is it true that you plotting a revolution alongside the Princess of the Night in order to gain control over Equestria?"

Each camera flash blinded all the ponies within the group, the Royal guards, the media and more importantly, Princess Twilight Sparkle. The impassive faces behind the golden armour kept hidden the pity they had for the new princess as the dogs of the media ascended on her once more.

A diamond dog popped out from the hole that almost magically appeared in front of her hooves. The Equestrian Daily tag in his newscap left no doubt on why he was here. "Your assistant once turned into a giant purple monster bent on destruction, thievery and kidnapping. What are you doing to prevent that from happening again?" A near perfect Canterlot accent came from his muzzle as he awaited his answer expectedly. Twilight's answer was a hoof that stomped back down into the hole he crawled out of.

She turned around the corner, guards easily keeping pace beside her as they continuously shove away the more aggressive news hounds. Twilight cannot help but curse the fact that she did not prioritize her flying lessons after her coronation. A few of the more burly ponies pushed through the guards as bright flashes caused spots to dance before her eyes.

"Are your wings more sensitive than a pegasus?" One said before getting uncomfortably close to said appendages with his camera.

"Is it true that you once shared a bath with all the members of the Elements? My readers want pictures or it never happened!" A large mare yelled, waving her notepad in the air.

Twilight had enough she came to a complete stop in the middle of the street, her horn shimmering with a purple glow. Wings flared wide, the young alicorn actually looked intimidating. Her guards to look around warily, not knowing what their charge is planning.

Her voice boomed on the main road, houses shook from the sheer power and volume behind the royal Canterlot voice. Shingles dropped off of roofs as each word echoed throughout both the street and the entirety of the city. "I WILL NOT ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Twilight was then gone in a flash of purple light.

The paparazzi deflated, dispersed as well as the guards as both groups returned to their employers to give a full report on the day. Unknown to all parties involved, they were being watched. High above in the towering heights of Canterlot Castle the guardians and rulers of Equestria watched the entire ordeal of their young counterpart.

In the silent heights high above the city, they enjoyed the privacy and comfort they rarely had time for. The entire chase that lasted the entire afternoon was watched with both amusement and pity as the crowds dispersed and everypony returned to their daily routines.

A private tower for the two princesses themselves, the one true place where they could relax and not be the long living rulers of a nation, but Celestia and Luna. Two mares that desperately needed a vacation.

"I am surprised her first attempt at using the voice did not shatter the windows Tia. Twilight did it under stress, though she was able to keep the anger from twisting the magic in her voice so that is quite commendable." Princess Luna was first to break the silence after the well-deserved outburst. Drawing her head back from her own midnight blue telescope. Her dark blue coat refused to let the sun touch her body, dispelling the light, but absorbing the warmth.

Celestia smirked as she lifted her head from her white and gold looking glass, "Are you really surprised? I suggested that we make her a Princess for a reason you know. After the mirror incident she has grown into the role as one of us with more confidence." Unlike her sister, her body welcomed the sun's rays, allowing both her mane and body to shine with brilliance. The colours swam through her mane beautifully, able to steal the breath from any that gaze upon her in the setting sun.

"Now if only she could apply that confidence with the tabloids' bloodhounds." Luna said, while turning back into the room and preparing to light a fire for the coming night. The setting sun stealing away the light from the room, she used a brief flash from her horn lit the logs in the fireplace.

Scrunching her face in thought, Celestia said, "Its all part of the crown. Though I can definitely see them getting to her, and the rest of her friends. All the rumours are slowly changing them and not for the better." The fire began to burn brightly enveloping the room with warmth, adding to the close relationship shared between the sisters and their bond.

The various of nitnacks and photos of eras long past, to those of yesterday, stood, hanged and laid throughout the room in organized chaos. If Discord ever saw this, he would never let either of them live it down.

After a brief pause, Celestia continued while concentrating on the sun, lowering it and beckoning the coming of the night. "Then they will overcome it as they always have. They have forgotten a very important part about friendship and they have grown far too accustomed to the fact that Equestria believes them to be experts on it, especially Twilight now that she is the Princess of Friendship."

"But what if those girls do not see the ties that are being undone?" Luna's horn glowed as the moon rose to its rightful place. Her voice took on a grave tone, "We cannot allow such bonds to simply break apart like a fresh slice of moist cake in your mouth?"

"Luna…" Celestia resisted the urge to show her sister the entire reason behind "facehoofing".

Without even a shift in her face, though the mirth in Luna's voice betrayed her attitude. "So even your own sister can't poke fun at sinful delight?" She walked towards the framed photo of her sister caught red-handed, neck deep in cake. Frost coating both her mane and coat as pieces dripped from her mouth after the mad dash to the dessert. Her eyes wide from the flash of the camera that caught her.

"I do not want to hear it." Luna closed the gap between as she moved closer to her sister's ears.

"The way the frosting whispers sweet nothings into your nose, beckoning you for just the simplest of tastes…" Her breath tickled being so close, but Celestia allowed her sister to have her fun, she was always far too serious. One of the benefits of being friends with those girls actually made "little moon" more casual…around certain ponies at least.

"The one day I let my guard down and an extremely agile photographer watches me gorge myself on food after not eating the entire day." The Princess of the Sun grumbled half-heartedly allowing herself to have a little fun at her own expense. "Dang Diamond Dog." She muttered to herself.

"You may have stopped the presses, but you will never stop me from teasing you sister." She let out a small laugh as she backed off, enjoying being the teaser instead of the teasee for once.

"Focus Luna, we need to figure out a way to show those girls an important truth about friendship before its too late."

As soon as the words come out of her mouth, two portals open in the centre of the tower. A small creature fell through one, and a small paper note through the other. Celestia wasted no time, rushing over to the creature to make sure it was alright.

Luna took hold of the falling note with magic and brought it close to read it.

"Luna call both the guards and the Chief Physician. Whatever this is, it looks like it has had rough time. Have the guards secure the-"

"That won't be necessary Tia."

"What do you mean?"

"Our friends want to make a bet with us. One that will solve our current predicament." Luna showed her sister the note, she raised her brow inquisitively. "If we win."

Celestia, confident the creature was in no immediate danger, strode over to her sister and glanced at the note before her eyes opened wide. Not in surprise or fear, but in amusement at the bet.

"Have you seen what is at stake Luna?"

"Yes, but a better question is how much faith do you have in your former student?"

Celestia smiled.

"Then I can match these odds. I will let Princess Sparkle deal with the creature and our newcomers. And I can't wait for us to win. Summon both the guards and Twilight, then we will sit back and enjoy the show. This will definitely be interesting."