Last Timeā€¦

Last thing anyone remembered was their life, sounds of metal crashing, and falling into an abyss.

Tony went to his desk and started to have an anxiety attack but calmed down and just cried all together. One part of him said she was ok and the other told him Madison was gone forever.

"Maddie," he whispered and looked outside the window staring into the sky.


"Ladies, can I have a chat alone with Madison?" Hunter asked and the friends nodded.

"We'll be close if you need us," Katie whispered into Madison's ear and walked off into the lobby.

Hunter waited for them to leave, he turned to Madison with cold, hatred, mean eyes. "I told you-"

"I know! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to," she cried but yelped when Hunter stepped toward her and backed her up into a corner, choking her.

"I told you! All you are is a little pest! Just like your father!" he yelled and throw her. He pressed a button and his armor that his father left him crawled up his arm and gradually became a fully body armor.

Madison stood up and started crying, she has never felt so humiliated. Why didn't I listen? This would have never happen! she thought.

She looked at Hunter still crying but pressed a button and her armor came on her. She blasted a lazar at Hunter which he dodged. Hunter blasted several lazars at Madison who dodged all but two. She did not want to call her father. If he was going to die, it would be by her hands. He caused this, all of it. It is her turn to make him stop talking, permanently. She shot more lazars and then little missiles at him. He dodged all of them! How can that be? she thought.

Madison woke up screaming. It was just a nightmare. She looked around, they were in a room. All her friends were in a room but she didn't know where exactly. A lady came into the room. That's when she noticed the whole room and her friends. Bella, the one to her left had a bandage around her head and a nasty red line on her cheek -blood. To her right was Abigail, she had a bandage across her shoulder. What happened?

The woman walked up to her. "Hi," she smiled.

Madison sent her a smile back. "Where am I?" she asked and tried to sit up only to scream in pain, there was something not right here. "Tony! Pepper! Mom!" she screamed and now enter to men in white coats. "Where am I? Who are you? Where's my mom!" she asked.

The lady seemed confused and the men kept telling Madison to relax.

After minutes of fighting the men, Madison finally gave up and started crying. "What happened?" she asked.

The men looked down at her. "Miss, your plane went down and you -"

"We crashed?" Madison asked.

The men nodded and Madison lost it. She kept calling for her father who was not there. Finally, the men add to put her under something so she can calm down.

"Where are we?" Madison pleaded.

"60 miles from the coast of Canada," one of the men said.

Canada? Madison thought. We were going to Florida.

"It's been weeks Fury! Where is she!" Tony asked. It has been three weeks since Madison's plane went down and no sign of her or anything.

"We are working on it Tony," Fury said calmly.

Tony sat down and calmed down. "Where could she be?" he asked.

"The last signal was over Tennessee," Fury said.

"Tennessee?" Tony said almost doubtedly but Fury nodded.

Tony nodded to. At least he has some answers.

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