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Chapter 18

"I still don't believe it." Impulse paced the ledge of the outcropping looking back to the form of his sister sitting cross-legged under the stars gazing down at the slumbering yellow bundle of metal and wires in her lap. Her talents had healed the youngling's wounds and now he lay in peaceful recharge safe again from the world around him, at least for a little while.

The bright sky blue femme glanced up to the pacing giant with an amused smile. "You really have to find your faith, Pulse."

"My faith is dead." He grumbled.

"Well call it back." Trickster was all but dancing around the cliff they sat upon he was so happy. It made Evermore smile even brighter. Trick always was the optimistic one of them, but it truly was good to see him so happy once more. He had been right. Even if Impulse didn't want to believe it. He had been right.

This little yellow mech was one of them.

The Guild finally had their promised.

Their long lost brother had come home, or in this case brothers.

"This can't be possible!" Impulse fumed as he growled stalking around glaring daggers at the little yellow form. The massive mech was confused, and confused was not something that Impulse liked being. It tended to make him a little edgy. Which was never really a good thing for anything living in a ten mile radius. He was the violent one. The built to dismantle things one. He was not the one that just accepted what was tossed into his lap. He needed proof. He needed to see it with his own optics or he would never believe it. And right now he had no proof. All he had was the ugly, spark splitting, truth of long ago raging behind his optics in memories that he would never be able to forget.


He didn't believe it and he wouldn't believe it.

"He is dead!" He hissed.

"He was dead." Trickster stopped his dancing and plopped down next to Evermore lifting a hand to lightly pet the youngling between his antennas as he snuggled into the femme's frame content in whatever world was his in his recharge. "Obviously now he is very much alive."

"In there!?" The silver mech snarled throwing a hand toward Bumblebee.

"You can feel him as much as we can." Ever narrowed her green optics up at him. "Our Master has kept his promise. The one that will right the universe is laying right here before you, Impulse. Open your optics and see him. He has a Gift that rivals our Master, but more than that he carries the soul of the one we lost to the traitor."

"Shootingstar," Impulse growled his claws curling into fist as he stood before his siblings. "Is dead. We all watched him die. It's my fault he is dead! Now you want me to believe that this little worthless runt is in fact one of the Guild and that inside that admittedly scarily powerful spark of his our dead brother is actually alive!"

"Uh," Trickster leaned back on his hands with a smirk. "Yeah, I do."

"That is not Shootingstar!"

"No!" Trickster suddenly leapt to his feet meeting his snarling brother at his own game. He knew how this would have to be played. If Impulse wouldn't believe then Trickster would make him believe one way or another! "He is not Shootingstar! And he does not have to be Shootingstar. He is a thousand times more than what our brother was, what any of us are, and you will accept that even if I have to force you!"

"He will never be what we need!" Impulse snarled.

"He is exactly what we need!"

"He is not one of us!"

"If you believe that why did you fight for him like he was one of us?" Evermore questioned quietly drawing both mechs' attention. "Impulse, I know you are afraid."

He snorted at that.

"I'm afraid too." She sighed. "But you felt his spark scream as much as we did. You can feel his pulsing energy just like we can. If he is not one of us than explain to me how he has this Gift."

Impulse looked away.

He couldn't deny that he could feel it. That bubbling warmth and power that shown in the tiny mech, but he just couldn't let himself believe that the offspring of that monster could ever be a part of them . . . even if that monster had been a part of them as well.

"He is his son." Impulse hissed. "His! The one that killed our brother."

"Yes," Trickster let out a tired breath turning to look at the tiny creature. How in the world something so adorably innocent and bright came from that monster he would never know. He thanked his Master that he favored his Carrier and not his Sire. "Yes brother he is his son, but that is not his fault. I have been watching this little one since his conception and I knew from that moment that he was the one that we needed. He is a part of us linage or not."

"His abilities could simply come from his Sire." Impulse waved them off.

"The others have no abilities." Evermore countered.

Impulse growled.

"What am I going to have to do to make you believe that he is a member of the Guild?" Trickster sighed. "Tell me Impulse and I will give it to you."

"Prove to me that Shootingstar is in there!" Impulse yelled at the top of his voice his optics flashing dangerously. "I'll believe him! If he is truly still with us, if this worthless runt is the secret to the universe and getting him back than I will believe it when I see it! Show me my brother I couldn't save and I will guard this new brother with all that I am!"

"Very well." All three of them startled at the voice before their vision swam into darkness.

A trio of gasps filled the darkness as the three Guild members found themselves standing in a black world of nothing.

"What have you done now, Trickster?" Impulse growled thinking this was another of the sneaky mech's games though when his brother's wide blue optics caught his attention the silver mech turned and his jaw fell open. There in the darkness before them was the youngling curled up in a tight little ball still lost in the world of dreams, but it was the golden light that floated above him dancing back and forth with amusement that Impulse stared at in wonder.

"Hello my siblings." It laughed as it swayed with a voice none of them thought they would ever know again in this life.

"Star!" Evermore cried with joy her hands flying up to cover her mouth as tears filled her optics.

"Yes Ever, it is me."

"How?" Impulse mumbled. "You died. We watched him kill you . . . I couldn't save you."

"Nothing happens for not, Pulse." The orb chuckled. "You should know that. Yes our Master called me home to his domain after our brother betrayed us, but it was so that he could show me what must be done. The things I have shown Trick to the best of my ability since I've been gone."

"I knew somebot was messing with my visions!" Trickster laughed through a snort his optics twinkling with mirth. "It was you that made me see him! You lead me to him."

"I did."

"But why?" Impulse questioned his confusion surfacing again as he stared at the pulsing spark of the brother he thought he had lost forever. It wasn't possible, and yet it was before him. Shootingstar, in all his powerful wonder well at least it was his spark not so much him, but still him. How in the name of their Master was that even possible? But more importantly, where had he been all this time? "Why not show yourself to us? Why would our Master not send you back to us?"

"He has." The light answered. "He has placed me right where I need to be for the time being and that is with our youngest brother. The Traitor will destroy the universe as we know it, you all are aware of this, and it is our job to stop him but we do not have the strength to do it alone. So Primus has given us our secret weapon. A spark that will bend the stars to his will and shall right the wrongs that so many have caused. He and he alone is the key to setting things right my siblings and there are many things that must play out before any of it can be corrected, but you must have faith, Pulse. That our Master has not abandon us nor his children. There is a plan and a reason I assure you. You just must be brave enough to face it."

"We are no cowards!" Impulse growled his claws tensing. "He will pay for betraying us!"

"One orn yes, but that is a long way into the future, my brother. For now our newest brother has much to learn, much to do, and much growing to be allowed. He is a member of the Guild, but he is still a youngling. He cannot be expected to change the universe at nine vorns old nor can be expected to understand all of what we are at this age. You will not rob him of what his Sire already took. You will allow him to have some type of family, home, and youngling hood. He will need those memories when the time comes."

"So you are saying he cannot yet belong to us." Evermore whispered sadly her optics leaving the light and falling to the adorable little form curled up under the warm glow.

"Yes my sister that is what I'm saying."

"But . . . ." She took a breath everything in her screaming to never let the little mechling out of her sight ever again. She couldn't lose another brother. She just couldn't. "He is our hope as much as he is there's. Besides he belongs to us! He is our brother! He is a part of the Guild!"

"Yes," He answered. "But Ever, will you deny him the family that the three of you cannot possibly be?"

She paused at that before looking away with a sigh.

She hated it, but he was right.

"No, Shootingstar."

"You see, he is right where he belongs for now. One orn he will be ready to join you, but for now he is not. He does not yet even understand me and that is how it must stay. He thinks I am no more than a dream and that is what I will go back to being once you lock his spark."

"Lock his spark?" Trickster blinked in shock. "But his spark is his Gift."

"Not lock it from himself." Shootingstar's ball of light danced as if he was shaking his head. "You must lock it from him."

"Ah yes." Impulse nodded slowly. "If we can feel him than so can he."

"You must lock him away from yourselves and the traitor until the time comes. He can make it on his own. He is nothing if not filled with promise. By no means stop protecting him, he will still need you, but you cannot reach for him and he cannot know of you to reach back. He must grow up the way our Master wishes and that is without the knowledge of the Guild."

"So we must watch our promise from afar until he is old enough to be what he must be?" Trickster crossed his arms.

"That is how our Master wishes it."

"Will you return to us, Star?" Impulse asked hesitantly. "Or are you forever at our Master's side?"

The ball of light seemed to smile. "I will return when I am needed most."

"That's all you'll tell us isn't it?" Trickster laughed tilting his head his optics glittering. That was just like their eldest brother.

"Protect our youngest brother, my siblings. Watch over him from afar as I will do from within. When you lock his spark from the powers that are us I will no longer be able to speak with him even in his dreams. Until the times I am truly needed again."

"So the Secret of the Stars we were promised all those millennia ago is really a little yellow runt who should not even exist." Impulse lifted a hand to rub his faceplate. "Our Master truly has a sense of humor."

"I'll tell the big mech you said that, Pulse." The orb laughed.

"Do that." Impulse grumbled coldy. "And tell him I'm still pissed that he didn't tell us what has been going on all this time. Leaving us to just stumble around in the dark and watch his decedents destroy each other and our home."

"All will be turned right in the end. I promise."

"And we trust you, Star." Evermore smiled. "We will keep him safe and return him to where he belongs."

"Though I think we'll have a little fun with Prime while we're at it." Trickster chuckled.

"Oh yes, we screwed with one brother let's play with the other!" Impulse grinned darkly. "It's time we were no longer myths!"

"Now mind yourselves, my brothers." Shootingstar warned. "You were right to warn Megatron away from the youngling. He will not be so foolish as to try and take what belongs to the Guild again. You did well there, but Prime is not his brother and he and his Autobots are our Master's chosen to care for and raise our brother. They must know the truth, but they must also know that Bumblebee can never be told of it. Keep him in stasis Evermore until he is returned home."

"As our Master wishes." She nodded.

"We'll play nice, Star." Trickster promised with a mirthful grin.

"Mostly." Impulse grinned.

"Until we meet again." Shootingstar's flickering golden light pulsed once and then the three Guild members were thrown back into reality.

They stood there blinking for a moment before Evermore returned to rocking the recharging youngling and Trickster and Impulse went to stand together at the edge of the cliff staring out into the night.

"There is your proof." Trick almost giggled.

"I will believe it now."

"Finally!" Evermore actually giggled.

Impulse shot her a warning glare over his shoulder before he sighed as his optics fell to the youngling.

"The Secret of the Stars." He murmured. "I never would have pegged it on that little thing."

"He might be small." Ever stroked a hand down his little head. "But he will rattle the stars, you mark my words."

"And we will be right there beside him to set things right." Trickster smiled. "One orn, but for now my healer sister lock him away from us and he who would do him harm. He will be the youngling our Master wishes him to be and we will return him to Prime."

Evermore nodded her hand going to touch over her spark and then Bee's in a back to back rhythm until a warm green light flashed between them before the night fell silent once again only broken by Impulse raising an optic ridge and smiling at his brother.

"Can't we at least make him work for it a little bit?"

Trickster chuckled. "Well we said we'd play nice, but that is still playing."

"Oh Primus this should be interesting." Ever rolled her optics before gazing back down at her youngest brother curled in her arms.

"All's fair in games of war, sister." Trickster snag out as he studied the darkness.

"I'm pretty sure that's not how that saying goes, Trick."

"Roll with it, Ever. Roll with it."

"Come on, Jazz. Wake up!"

With a groan that vibrated through a pain filled chest bright blue optics flashed open and the silver mech stared at the fuzzy yellow face above him before he shot up like a rocket.

"BEE!" He cried out only to have Ratchet shove him back to the ground.

"Whoa easy there." The medic shushed him trying to keep him still. "I patched you I didn't fix you, now calm down!"

"Where . . . ." Jazz glanced around the darkness frantically trying to find that little bundle of yellow. "Where's Bee!?"

"We lost him."

Jazz swung his head to the left to find Sideswipe sitting next to his brother the two of them scorched and battered looking, but it was the emptiness with which they stared into the night that made Jazz's pain filled frame go very cold.

"What do you mean you lost him!?"

Sunstreaker cut his dark optics over to the silver mech with a broken sort of gaze that made Jazz wish he'd bit his tongue. "I mean Megatron shot us and the next thing we knew Wrench was bagging on our heads trying to wake us up!" With a waved hand toward Ratchet the golden warrior went back to staring at nothing.

"We lost him." Sides breathed out brokenly his head falling down with a clank to rest on his arms.

"We'll get him back, Sideswipe." Optimus appeared from around a fallen building with Ironhide in tow. Jazz glanced the other way and found Hammerdown and Prowl perched up on some rocks as lookouts.

They had found them. Oh thank Primus.

Now they just had to find Bee.

"When I get my hands on that damn glitch I'll—"

"Hide," Optimus warned, glancing over his shoulder to his loyal weapons specialist who was fuming about being forced to stand around and wait when he didn't know where his charge was to the point of insanity though the Prime couldn't really blame him. They were all there, but one of them had to keep a level head.

"Don't you 'Hide' me!" Ironhide growled his optics flashing as he glared back into Optimus's own darkened gaze.

"Fine I'll 'Hide' you!" Ratchet pushed himself to his feet helping Jazz sit up slowly as he shot a heated look to his friend. "If you don't calm down I'll put you in stasis and you can stay there until we get Bumblebee back! Do you understand me!?"

The massive black mech snarled at him a sound that vibrated his whole frame as his optics gleamed, but came to stand at the twins side where he just glared off into the darkness his spark hammering away in his chest. The pulsing ball of power and light wasn't shattering into a million pieces and that was the only reassurance he had that Bee was still alive, the only thing that was keeping him standing there and not losing his damn processor. He was still alive. Somewhere, somehow he was still alive. Now he just had to find him, and when he got a hold of that bastard Megatron he was going to twist him until he broke then he was gonna give him to Ratchet to turn into a toaster. A toaster he then intended to use as target practice. Then after that he might give it to Wheeljack to test his inventions on.

Yes, that sounded like a reasonable plan.

"When I have my youngling back I'll calm down!" He snapped, trying to rein in his panicking spark. "Until then bite me!"

"Your anger isn't going to help us find him, Ironhide." Prowl comment from his guard post.

"Can I slug him?" Hammerdown narrowed his gaze glaring at the smaller white and black mech beside him who just huffed in response.

"No, Hammer." Optimus rolled his optics walking to Jazz's side. "You cannot."

"Damn." The two-tone frontliner crossed his arms and glared off into the night.

"How is he?" Optimus asked Ratchet who was scanning the smaller silver bot that sat rubbing the welds on his chest.

"Well he got torn down to his protoform and his spark vault was forced open not to mention somebot decided it would be a good idea to shove their claws through him—"

"Starscream." Jazz offered.

"Yes well, whoever it was they did a fine job of scrapping you, but he'll live. He needs more repairs but they will just have to wait until we get back to the ship." Ratchet snorted. "Oh wait, we don't have a ship! It blew up into a billion tiny little pieces along with my entire medical bay! So fixing him is going to take a while yet!"

"Now who's angry and not helping?!" Hammer called from his post making Jazz snicker and Prowl sigh heavily.

"I WILL WELD YOU TO WHAT IS LEFT OF THE DAMN WALL WHEN WE GET BACK IF YOU DON'T MUTE IT!" Ratchet bellowed his own anger and hopelessness getting the best of him and he was fully ready to make good on his threat too when the twins spoke up.

"You need to chill." They murmured in unison making him glance over their way with a growl that was cut short when he saw how broken they looked. Not frame wise, they'd taken worse beatings then this and he could fix them, but it was how broken they looked in their optics that had the medic walking over to scan them again. They wouldn't tell him what happened. No more than they lost Bee to Megatron who said he was claiming what was his brother's just like his brother claimed what was his. Actually that was the only thing Sides had said up to that point besides what he just kept repeating and it was starting to make his spark ache in worry.

Though his scans came up with the same response. They needed repairs.

Even his scanners weren't going to tell him what was going on in their processors. No matter how bad he wanted them too.

"What do we do now, Optimus?" Jazz asked as he pushed himself to his feet staggering a little bit before Optimus reached out and steadied him.

"Are you able to travel?"

"I'm good." Jazz nodded stiffly. Optimus knew that he really wasn't so he glanced to Ratchet who shrugged with a look that said they had no choice. They had to find Bumblebee. The two other search parties had come up empty. It was left to them, and none of them were going home until they found the youngling that had been taken from them.

"Sideswipe, Sunstreaker?" The Prime questioned the twins. It was unlike them to be so quiet, so broken looking, but now was not the time for him to question what happened. That could be done after they had Bumblebee back.

"Point the way." Sunstreaker shoved himself to his feet hauling his brother with him.

"We'll scrap 'em all." Sideswipe finished his dark optics narrowing.

"It is logical to assume he would head that way." Prowl pointed to the west. "That is the clearest shot back to Nemesis."

"Don't have to tell me twice." Hammerdown jumped from his post and stalked into the darkness with Ironhide right behind him.

"He'll pay for taking what's mine." The massive ebony mech growled low in his chest and together the crew transformed speeding off into the darkness.

Ice blue optics narrowed in the rising dawn.

"We have visitors." He chuckled under his breath to the two that stood at his sides.

"They have sensed him." Evermore nodded.

"His spark is open once again. It was only a matter of time." Impulse agreed.

"They do not look pleased." Trickster crossed his arms watching the mechs transform at the base of the cliff searching franticly for the spark they could feel close to them yet couldn't quite place.

"They look like they got stepped on by a Predacon." Evermore commented taking in the forms of the battle tired warriors as she shifted the little recharging bundle in her arms. "They truly do love him if they are still willing to fight like that. Maybe that is the best place for him."

"It is." Impulse sighed. "I don't like not having say over him, but it is."

"So how do we work this, Trick?" Ever glanced her brother's way.

"We do what we always do." Trickster chuckled that chuckle that made both his siblings roll their optics and groan. "We make an entrance."

Leaping from his place on the cliff the huge black mech slid down the cliff face making enough noise to wake the dead and earning each and every weapon around him pointed at his head as he came to a sliding stop at the base of the outcropping staring with a growing smirk into the wide blue optics of the Prime he'd let see him all those vorns ago.

"Well, well," Trickster chuckled, crossing his arms and relaxing his posture despite all the artillery pointed at him. "It has been a long time hasn't it? It's good to see you again, Optimus Prime."

"Trickster?" Optimus stared in utter disbelief.

It couldn't be!

Spreading his arms with a proud laugh the big black mech with the ice blue optics bowed a deep sarcastic sort of bow before righting himself and answering. "The one and only."

"Who the pit are you!?" Ironhide snarled from his leader's side his cannons humming to full power as he pointed them at the stranger's head, but suddenly a hand came up and shoved his cannon down. He turned shocked optics to Optimus who cast him a glance before staring back at the new comer. The twins were weapons draw and ready over to Ironhide's other side where Ratchet stood with his saws out while Jazz, Prowl, and Hammerdown were at Optimus' other side glaring darkly at the stranger, but it was Sideswipe's gasp that drew all of their attention.

The red warrior was suddenly gazing up the cliff face where two dark figures hovered above only that wasn't why his spark stopped cold. It was the glimmer of yellow metal that he could see shinning in one of their arms.

"Bumblebee!" He cried out making the strange black mech turn and motion downward.

"Do come down my siblings." He called. "Bring the youngling."

Ironhide's low growl made Trickster turn back to face him when he started forward for the mech only to have Optimus reach out and pull him back.

"Easy, Ironhide." Optimus warned him his old friend before he did something they all were going to regret. However, at that moment both mechs along with those around them that could were reaching out to the spark they had felt so near and with a shared breath of relief realized it was Bee, and that he was alright. More than alright, his spark pulsed like he was no longer sick.

And then he was right in front of them.

Recharging in the arms of a tall, curvy, sky blue and bright purple femme who smiled at this with glowing green optics that matched the bright chevron atop her head at the side of a massive silver mech with flexing flier wings on his back and the jagged armor of a warrior who's fire like red optics glowed like embers as he studied them with an aloof kind of scrutiny. The pair of them stopped just behind Trickster as he stood before the Prime grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"You know, Prime." He tilted his head. "You really should take better care of what you claim."

"Give him back, Trickster." Optimus ground out lowering his hand from Ironhide as he himself stepped forward to narrow his optics and just glare at the slightly shorter mech. The silver one was as big as or maybe bigger than Optimus and the femme was taller than any he'd ever seen before, but at that moment all Optimus cared about was the little yellow ball that was still just out of his reach.

"Now why should we do that?" The silver mech crossed his arms and scowled. "You lost him. We had to save him for your wannabe tyrant of a brother."

"And I thank you." Optimus growled as Ironhide's cannons whirled, the twins snarled, Jazz and Prowl tensed to spring, Ratchet twirled his buzzsaw, and Hammerdown shifted back and forth restlessly his battle hammer banging against his leg. "But he is no concern of yours now give him back!"

"No concern of ours?" The femme laughed.

"Well that's rich." The silver mech snorted.

"You don't even know what he is." Trickster raised an optic ridge. "How could you possibly know who he concerns?"

"I know what he is." Ironhide snarled. "He's mine! And if you don't give him back in the next two nano-klicks—"

"You'll what?" The silver mech took a threatening step forward a dagger sliding into his hand from the armor under his wrist. "Kill us? I'd love you see you try, Cannons. I think I can take ya!"

"Now Impulse," The femme started.

"Stay out of this, Evermore." He growled.

"You agreed to play nice." Her brilliant green optics narrowed into harsh slits that made Pulse rethink his actions. "We're all on the same side here, brother."

With a snort Impulse took a step back though his dagger never vanished. "I don't take kindly to threats."

"He is no threat to you and you know it." Trickster rolled his optics. "Now stop causing trouble."

"Who the pit are you!?" Sunstreaker snarled his optics blazing and flicking with bits of white. "And what do you want with our youngling!?"

"He isn't yours." Trickster shot a glare. "In all reality he belongs to us."

Optimus went very still.

"And who is 'us'?" Prowl narrowed his gaze.

"The Guild." Trick answered only to laugh at the shock that came to light on the faceplates around him. Well most of them anyway.

The twins and Hammer blinked not understanding what the pit that meant.

"The what?" Hammerdown asked.

"Gah," Impulse rolled his optics. "Do no young bots know their history!?"

"Seems so." Evermore sighed as she gently stroked between Bee's antennas.

"The Guild is a myth." Ratchet started as he shot a look Prime's way, but Optimus was just staring ahead. "A recharge tale for sparklings. They are not real!"

"Tell me, medic." Evermore turned her gaze to Ratchet, those endless green pools alive if a daring gleam. "Do we appear to be myths to you?"

"Sister healed your youngling." Impulse ground out. "With the Gift that makes her one of us. That virus was swarming back to life. That along with Megatron's temper tantrum and Shockwave's stunt had the little runt in pretty bad shape. He might not still be breathing if it wasn't for her so show here the respect she deserves!"

"I assure you, bots." Trickster let his gaze sweep over them then come to rest of Optimus who stood up straighter and held the stare. "We are not myths. We are the Guild of the Guardian and we have returned. Because of him."

"He is one of us." Evermore smiled down at the slumbering Bumblebee. "Even if he doesn't know it yet."

"You have questioned that spark of his for some time, Optimus." Trickster snorted. "You wondered how he had a power to rival your own. Well let me tell you dear friend he doesn't rival you. One orn he will best you because he is the Secret of the Stars our kind was promised many millennia ago. He is our long lost brother. Our chance at redemption. He is the last of us, and will be the strongest. He is a Guild member and he does not belong to you. He belongs to us. I have searched a thousand life times for that little pip squeak and here he is. I finally found him and you think I'm just going to give him back? Oh no."

"Finders keepers and all that." Impulse laughed.

"If he's yours," Optimus rumbled his spark and processor racing for someway, anyway, to get Bumblebee back from the being that had proved himself something very different what seemed like a life time ago. "Then where were you when he was all alone?"

A snort.

"I'll give you that much, Prime." Trick admitted with a dismissal wave. "You found him first."

"So finders keepers!" Jazz bit his optics gleaming behind his visor. "We found him first now give him back!"

It was a pour argument, they all knew it, but the Autobots were desperate.

"So you can lose him again?" Impulse snapped, pinning the much smaller mech in a glare that made even the saboteur's armor crawl. "You couldn't keep him safe, and you expect us to hand over our youngest brother to you. Are you glitchy?"

"I lost him once." Ironhide narrowed his gaze his spark raging inside his chest in a twisting ball of fear and anger that left him desperately fighting ever instinct inside him that demanded he just charge forward and take back what was his. They couldn't have him. He was Ironhide's! No matter what they said. He was his son and Hide intended to have him back. "I'll never lose him again!"

"We're going to hold you to that." Evermore told him making all of them pause and blink at her for a moment.

"Huh?" Sides said glancing at all of them suddenly very confused. Weren't they just saying that they couldn't have their Half Pint back?

"This one is gonna rattle the heavens, mechs." She turned her gaze back to Bee. "He has a destiny so great it is written in the stars. Quite the future ahead for the one supposed to right all the wrongs done before him and we intend to be there to help him much like we assume you will be, but we have been told that for now you are still where he belongs."

"Just wanted to see how much he meant to ya." Trick smiled wickedly.

"Because we do not pass over the guardianship of one of our own lightly." Impulse added with his massive arms crossing over his chest.

"Do you remember all those vorns ago, Optimus Prime?" Trickster held the leader's gaze. "When I told you there were liars and thieves in the house of Prime?"

Optimus narrowed his gaze.

"I was right, wasn't I?" He snorted. "Your Sire's perfect house was not as perfect as it seemed. I meant to help you then. I mean to help you now. We both want the same thing, Prime. That runt right there," He cast his ice optics back toward Bee and Optimus followed his gaze. "To have a fighting chance at surviving what isn't his fault. That and to right all the wrongs that have been done. Many more than even you know."

"Sentinel said you were a lie." Optimus lifted his chin.

"Your Sire feared us." Trick's gaze narrowed in return. "He feared what we know. He feared what we can do."

"Why would the ruling Prime fear you for such foolish things?"

"Because we are not as perfect as our house once was either." Evermore whispered in defeated tone. "There are liars and traitors amongst us as well. In fact closer to you then you know."

"That is why we need him as desperately as you do." Trickster let out a breath. "But for now he is still young. Far too young to be what is expected of him. He has many a vorn left to go before he will be called upon by us and we cannot be the family that he needs. Even if we wish we were. He needs all of you."

Evermore walked forward between her brothers coming to stop before Ironhide who's cannons fell silent and his optics danced between her optics and the recharging form of his adopted son.

"Take care of him." Her galaxy filled gaze melted into his. "We will be watching."

Handing him over she allowed the massive black mech to carefully snatch back what belonged to him and cradle him tightly to his spark. For a moment Ironhide looked down at tiny yellow form just breathe softly against his chest armor before slowly lifting his gaze his spark finally calming in his chest as it wrapped tightly around the little mech that belonged right beside it.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank us for protecting what is ours." She told him walking back to her siblings.

"Because we will not always be able to do it." Impulse finished for her.

"Our kind has a vow with our Master." Trickster caught the Prime's attention once again. "We cannot alter the steps of fate. We cannot change what destiny has written and we will not always be able to step in. He is yours to raise and yours to protect. We will be there, we will always be there, but we cannot keep him safe from the danger that is living. The universe is his enemy in more ways than you know. There is a monster out there amongst the shadows that makes your brother look like a tame pet and if he ever finds this youngling not even we will be able to save him. We already lost one brother too him. We do not wish to lose another."

"Keep your secret, Autobots." Evermore told them. "Because if he finds him he will end him and not even we will be able to stop him."

"The shadows that surround his truth must never be shown through." Impulse said. "For if the truth is told he will die. He cannot know of us or what he truly is until our Master wishes it."

"And that is some very long time in the future." Trickster finished.

"You say he is a part you." Optimus shook his head. "But you won't tell him that? You won't tell me what is out there that is worse than Megatron! How is that keeping him safe?"

"He is too young to understand." Trickster sighed. "And when he is old enough there will be other things he must focus on. As for the darkness. Have no fear Prime you will learn of it before long. No secret can be kept forever. No matter how hard we try and protect it. For now though guard what you have formed a family around. He is more than content with the family that he has for now. He does not need us at present and though we need him we can wait."

"We're waited more millennia than I care to count." Impulse snorted.

"What's a few more thousand vorns?" Ever finished. "Take care of him so that we may all see how brightly he shines one orn."

For a moment the bright blue optics of the Prime and the ice ones of the Guild member held each other in a battle of wills one daring the other to show the slightest sign of weakness, but in the end both knew that on this ground there was no room to argue.

Both wanted the same thing.

For Bumblebee to have a shot.

And despite how much Optimus hated it he had thought he knew for a while now what Bumblebee was. He just needed proof. Well here was his proof.

Standing right in front of him.

The very mech that warned him something evil was in his Sire's house. An evil that turned out to be his older brother. Optimus hadn't listened to them then and it cost him everything. This time he wasn't going to make the same mistake. He might not fully comprehend what was going on nor did he figure he would know it all for some time. That was the way Trickster was. His words made him hard to see. He never told enough to be fully understood and by the end of his monologues he normally left his listeners more confused than when he started. At least that was what he had done to Optimus all those vorns again, but now he was standing there telling him everything he'd been trying to figure out.

He gave him back Bumblebee.

He was warning him, and trying to help him.

In that moment he knew he had an ally with the myths made real.

Because they wanted Bumblebee to live so they would help him make that happen . . . if they could.

Swallowing all his questions the massive red and blue leader nodded taking a step away.

"We'll guard him with our lives." Optimus glanced at the little yellow mech now safely back in Ironhide's arms. "But not because you want it."

"Because he is ours." Ironhide rumbled his optics still on his charge.

"Until all are one, Prime." Trickster bowed out, the three of them stepping back into the raising dawn. "Take care."

Then in a shimmer of bright red light they were gone.

The mechs stood in silence for a long moment just staring off into the rising sun until Optimus turned back to his family, glanced over all of them, before turning back the way they had came.

"Let's take him home."

Without another word they all fell into step behind him swarming around Ironhide and smiling down at the little recharging bundle of trouble they'd been chasing all over creation.

Home. The thought was bright in all their sparks.

Though there was nothing left of either mighty battleship none of that mattered. They had Bumblebee back, and anywhere he was . . . to them that was home.

A Decacycle later:

"Well I'll give you this much, Hot Rod." Ultra Magnus chuckled. "You sure do know how to how to design ships."

"Ain't they pretty?" Roddy drawled sarcastically as he stood before the two massive battleships that his crews had been building in the inner tunnels of Tyger Pax for some time.

"They are magnificent." Optimus nodded as he studied his new vessel. To say it was an improvement from the last would be an understatement. He still wasn't all that sure how Hot Rod had managed to pull it off. Though Roddy was nothing if not resourceful. He had this uncanny ability to make something out of nothing and he truly had pulled it off. It took him two vorns of staying in one place and defending a secret organization from wondering optics, but the commander and his crews had pulled it off. Because the two commanders who now had no battleships and no homes for their crews were standing before two works of art.

One massive white battleship that glimmered in the darkness and another that glittered beside it like a long lost black diamond. The Victory and the Eternity the two new ships of the Autobot fleet.

"They belong to you two now." Hot Rod threw a hand toward the ships. "Take your crews home."

With Prime lifting a blade and Magnus lifting his staff they called their crews forward from where they had all been hunkered down together for a Decacycle in the tunnels under Tyger Pax. With a happy cry Magnus' crew boarded the glimmering Victory and Optimus' came home to the Eternity.

It was truly a magnificent sight to behold especially when the call of 'first come first pick to berthrooms!' went up among the mechs and then all Pit broke lose.

Bumblebee giggled running ahead down the hall as Ironhide chuckled just behind him along with Hammerdown. The rest of Bee's family had dispersed to claim their rooms and he could already hear the laughter filled arguments of fist hitting faceplates as mechs squabbled over quarters though Bee figured he could find out who won what later. Right now he was rushing toward the room he claimed for his Hide and him. Optimus said he had a special room for them and that no other bot was allowed to take it. That didn't mean he didn't want to race there though.

"Come on, Hide!" Bee called over his shoulder as he swung around a corner and raced up down another glittering soft black hall to come to a stop in front of a tall pale blue door. Bee grinned like a fool.

He loved blue!

There were no other rooms this far down the third floor hall, but that didn't matter to Bee. It just meant Hide would be less grumpy about bots making noise when he was tired.

"Look Hide! Look!" He bounced on his little toes spinning around in a circle. Ironhide snorted through his laughter as he stopped before his literally bouncing with joy youngling as Hammer leaned against the wall beside him covering his mouth with a hand to hide his laughter.

"Yes, Bee I see." Ironhide humored the little mech as he typed in the code to the door letting it swish open and watching with delight as Bee all but gasp with amazement before he flung himself into the soft blue painted room with a large berth, a desk, a window, a huge box over in the corner full of toys, and a small berth right under the window at the end of the larger one.

Bumblebee squealed with joy rushing forward giggling like a mad mech.

"I think it's safe to say he likes it, Ironhide." Hammerdown cast his mentor a glance.

"He finally has a place to call home again." Ironhide nodded. "Of course he likes it."

"Anywhere you are is home to him, Hide." Hammer assured him as the mechs walked forward to stand in the doorway watching as the first thing Bee did was climb up to the berth that would be Ironhide's and proceeded to try and bounce his way to the ceiling.

"Anywhere we all are is home. Not just me, Hammer. He needs all of us."

"Just as much as you guys need him." Hammerdown lowered his gaze a little. "Though I heard him last night talking to Quickfire when she was watching him with Ratchet. He misses that robo-cat."

"He'll always miss Risk. I can't make that hurt disappear. All I can do is try and give him other things to love." Ironhide breathed out kind of tiredly. He had been awoken most nights since they got Bumblebee back by his whimpers as he lay awake. The little mech was haunted by the memory of losing Risk and it was keeping him from recharging. It hurt Hide to know he couldn't protect him from the brokenness inside him that only time could help heal.

"He's far too young for sparkbreak." Hammer sighed.

"He's far too young for war, but that isn't going to change it." Ironhide replied. "It's just the truth of our world we have to live with. We have to try and make a life for him in the middle of this war if for no other reason than he deserves a chance to have a happy family. A real family."

"You guys can give it to him." Hammerdown shifted on his feet a little unsure of himself.

"You know you don't have to change ships, Hammer." Ironhide turned his dark blue optics to the only brother he had left. "You can stay here. With me."

"Nah, Hide." Hammer shook his head. "I appreciate the offer, I really do, but I owe Hot Rod more than you know and he's already lost one soldier. I won't make him lose another. Besides, I still got some stuff to do yet. Things I ain't settled. I think I'll go back home for now."

"Well do what makes you happy, Hammer. Just know you will always have a home here. With all of us. Bee's gonna miss you."

At the moment Hammerdown doubted that. The youngling was far too busy trying to learn how to fly.

"I think he'll be okay."

"If I have any say about it he'll be more than okay."

Hammerdown chuckled. "You're going all over protective Sire again, Hide."

"And you better get used to it, my brother." The massive ebony mech lifted an optic ridge at the younger blue and black frontliner.

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

"Hide!" Bee called from in the room making both of them turn.

"What is it, Bee?" Hide walked in leaving Hammer watching at the door.

"Look!" Bee bounced pointing out the window he was so desperately trying to climb over the ledge and see out of. Ironhide gave a laugh taking pity on his little youngling and gave him a boost so he could see out and take in all the hustle and bustle outside. "Have window!" The little yellow youngling grinned up at his guardian's smiling faceplate.

"That we do."

"Isn't cool?"

"It is very cool."

"New home awesome!" He bounced up and down in the window before he tossed himself into Hide getting caught with a vibrating chuckle as he wrapped his short little arms around his guardian's neck and snuggled into his neck cables. "I love you, Hide."

Ironhide chuckled nuzzling his nose plate into Bee's soft back as he sent pulses of love and warmth into the spark that was once again shining brightly and openly for the entire world to adore. "I love you too my little Bumblebee and I'm never letting you go again."

The guardian and the youngling spent the rest of the orn exploring the ship with any other mechs that Bee managed to cute into tagging along on his little quest and eventually he ended up in the rec room that night curled in his Hide's lap sitting next to Optimus with the twins in the floor leaned back picking at each other and watching TV, with Jazz and Prowl sitting on the couch across the way, and with Ratchet on the Prime's other side as they all just sat back enjoying each other's company and the moment of peace they felt at having back what they almost lost.

It was good for once in a long while to just be.

For how long they'd have it they didn't know, but while they did they were going to enjoy it.

Far away in the darkness of a world that was thought to be lost to time and war two massive dark frames stood outlined by the blackness that was thick around them. One glared down at the orders in his hand his ember orange optics narrow and angry while the other just stood reading his data pad his own empty black optics glittering with sick glee.

"This bounty is foolish." The mech with orange optics growled.

"That is the Lord's will, now send it out." The other replied.

"No bot is going to chase after sparkling tales no matter how many credits you put in front of them."

"You obviously know nothing about bounty hunters these orns, old mech." Those black optics flashed toward the other mech as the dark mech grinned in the shadows. "These fools are desperate and they will chase whatever they are told to chase. Now send out the order. Our Lord wants that sparkling tale so that is what he will have."

Turning way with a growl the owner of those orange optics crumbled the order chip in his hand before stomping out of the inky black office heading for the control hub of this living pit.

"As you wish, Ring Master." He called over his shoulder as he left. It wasn't until he was far away from his commander and alone in a hall did he pull the chip up in front of his scarred, aged faceplate and glared at it before he gave a cold, hurt kind of laugh.

He couldn't really believe it, yet he had read the report.

"So . . . the little runt might still be alive." The mech shook his head with a sad sigh. "I don't know if that's a good thing or not. You're carrier is gone runt . . . how did you make it out of there alone?"

He stood there silently for a long moment after that his processor running over the past before he rubbed a hand over the three deep scars across his chest just over his spark and sent a glance toward the heavens he hadn't seen in vorns.

"Well however you did it runt you better find some more of that luck because all of pit is about to come crashing down on your little head. Primus help you. You're gonna need it."

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