Chapter One

Rossi stared at a loading computer screen waiting for the content he needed. It was a tedious process and he was stating to get annoyed. He laid his face down into his hand in irritation. He tapped his fingers on the key board then, breathing deeply to calm his nerves, his phone rang and he picked it up.

"Tell me you need me to come in. I am between writers block and my neighbors construction. I'm going crazy here. What's going on there?" Rossi said.

"I just got a call, the bodies of two young women were found in the Elton street area of Bristol Virginia. They were both tortured and electrocuted." Hotch said.

"Did they make any phone calls?" Rossi asked now interested.

"Yes, but without the signature." Hotch answered. Rossi pondered this for a minute.

"I'll be there in 20 minutes." Rossi said hanging up the phone. He got up and walked over to a closet and opened the door, revealing the dark room. He walked over and picked up the box that he had opened many times over the years. He now had to a face one of him many demons. 20 minutes later they were in the conference and ready to hear about the case. Emily, JJ, and Reid walked in the room where they had heard and seen so many disturbing things, just as Morgan's phone beeped.

"Is that Ellie again?" Emily asked.

"She texts me every mornin as she goes to school." Morgan said smiling.

"How is she doin?" Reid asked.

"Well she's already got herself a BFF named Jill and she is thinking about playing soccer." Morgan answered.

"She is adjusting, that's good." JJ said. Hotch walked in and JJ stood up to present the case.

"Bristol Virginia. The body of 25 year old Jenny Delilly was found yesterday. She had been tortured, sautamized, and electrocuted before being forced to make a goodbye call to her parents, her body was then dumped off Elton street." JJ said and clicked the clicker to bring up horrifying pictures of the dead girl. A week early the body of Kara Kirkland was found in the same area suffering identical injuries."

"This reminds me of The Butcher case." Morgan said.

"Why does that name sound familiar to me?" Emily asked.

"The Butcher was a sexual sadist that killed 20 different women in the same area of Virginia from 1984 to 1993 and then vanished. He tortured blonde women in there early 20's that live in or near Bristol." Reid said.

"That was one of Rossi's old cases isn't it?" Emily asked.

"Yes." Hotch said from across the table.

"Does he know?" Morgan asked. Rossi walked in the room carrying a box. Emily's eyes lit with surprise.

"Some vacation." Emily said, "did you get any sun?"

"I never got any anything." Rossi answered.

"Do you think the butchers back?" Emily asked.

"I doubt it. The profile was a white male in his late 40's back then. That means 70's by now." Rossi answered.

"Didn't you almost catch him?" Morgan asked.

"In the spring of 93 we narrowed the geographical profile. We alerted every blonde in their mid 20's in Bristol and the surrounding counties. The pressure got so intense, the killings just stopped.

"The Copelin's killed into their 70's this could just be him coming back." Reid said.

"It's probably a copycat. He's emulating The Butcher, then he could just be getting started." Hotch said, "Wheels up in 30."

"Lets go over victimology." Hotch said bringing a folder with him as he sat down next to Emily.

"Both Jenny Delilly and Kara Kirkland were single, professional women. Jenny had just gotten a job as a web designer and Kara worked for a non profit." Reid said.

"Each women was takin from a populated area with no witnesses." JJ said.

"Jenny was takin from crowded drugstore parking lot. Kara from the back patio of her ground floor apartment when her roommate went in to answer the phone." Emily said.

"why not take the roommate?" Morgan asked.

"She wasn't blonde." JJ answered not looking up from her folder.

"These vic's were forced to make phone calls. Jenny left a message while Kara spoke with her fiancé." Emily said.

"Garcia were you able to trace the calls?" Hotch asked through the video chat.

"My pretties they are using disposable cells. So I'm coming up empty." Garcia answered.

"we do have a timeline through, according to the ME report the victims were dead for about 3 hours before their body was found. Which means based upon the times of their phone calls, they endured 5 additional hours of torture after making their goodbye calls." Morgan said.

"It wasn't enough that he caused his victims pain and suffering it extended to their parents as well." Reid said.

"Rossi, were the phone calls The Butcher made his victims leave similar?" Emily asked.

"Yeah but the content varied. 13 victims left answering machine messages for loved ones. 5 actually talked to someone before they died and 2 reached no one." Rossi said.

"But didn't The Butcher make his victims leave messages by saying they were enjoying it?" JJ asked.

"That was the signature." Hotch said.

"Wouldn't that make a sadist flaccid?" Morgan asked.

"It wasn't about him. It was about the parents." Rossi said, "He wanted to make sure they knew he had complete control and dominance over their daughters.

"Morgan and Prentiss go to the ME we need to compare ritual and MO. Reid and JJ go interview one of the families and Rossi and I will visit the other. Make sure to go over the messages." Hotch said.

"Hey Rossi what's in the box?" Morgan asked.

"Evil." Rossi answered. Looking at the box he had labeled. The Butcher.

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