Chapter 19


"Aaahhhh!" JJ screamed in desperate pain.

She was in the middle of her first child birth. Her first child with her husband. A husband she loved so desperately much, she could barely stand to be away from him.

"You're doing great, one more big push." Her doctor instructed.

"Ahhh!" JJ screamed again, but felt immediate relief after.

"It's a girl." The doctor said standing up with a smile.

JJ chuckled and looked over at Reid.

"I told you. . .it was a girl." JJ said.

"You got me." Reid said and grabbed her hand, comfortingly squeezing.

"Whats her name?" The doctor asked.

A brief glance between the two lovers before a unanimous answer.


In memory of the young woman who had been The Butchers first kill. Although none of the victims deserved it, Karen hit home with the pair. This was just further proving the point that they DIDN'T win.

Good conquers all.

That was enough for them.

"Welcome to the world, Karen Janice Reid." Reid whispered.

The world was back in order, along with a new bright soul, that would surely grow up to be as incredible as both her parents.