"No mommy...! Where are you… no!" Trevor curled up on the floor of his dirty trailer as his cries rang through the Sandy Shore Hills.

"What the fuck was that?" Storm whipped her neck toward the sound. Her shoulder length sandy brown hair fanned out around her. She revved her ATV and raced toward Trevor's trailer, kicking up dust behind her. She jumped off, her scratched dirty leather boots making a print in the desert dirt. Her tan leather jacket and red scarf hit the side of the trailer as she whipped out her gun. Her boot made contact with the trailer door kicking it open. She out stretched the gun in front of her pointing it at Trevor. "Oh my goodness, are you okay?" She disarmed as she scoped Trevor into her arms. She rested her hand on his head as she examined the scars on his face and arms it looks like they were there already.

"NO I'M NOT FUCKING OKAY!" Trevor sprawled out kicking as he got on his feet. He raged as he hit the wall and cursed. She watched him pace and hold his head in his hands as he screamed.

She cleared her throat and Trevor stopped, his back facing her. He lifted his head and turned it half way to look at her. Then he ran to her raising his hands and screamed "CAN I HELP YOU!?"

Her eyes moved back and forth her eye brows furred her lips pursed as she looked into his eyes. There were scars and scratches on his face. He had a manly jaw and thick eyebrows that rested on deep sunken eyes and a tough forehead. His teeth were bared and his breathing was heavy. Then she outstretched her hand and cupped his cheek in her palm that was covered with a course dark brown beard.

Trevor's eyes relaxed and his eyebrows shifted up and together. He looked into her eyes as well. They were so green with swirls of blue; he was lost for a second. He lifted his hand and placed it on hers "you mean you're not afraid of me?"

She shook her head and then answered her lips pressed together "No… should I be?"

Trevor tensed again at the emotion he was feeling. His grip on her hand tightened and then threw her hand down. Whipping around to face away from her, his head was lowered and his eyes were closed tight as he gridded his teeth.

"Listen I'm sorry if I angered you, I heard screaming and I came to help, that's all."

She started to walk out when Trevor grabbed her and spun her around. He looked her up and down. Her face was smooth with light laugh lines around her mouth. Her nose was small and round and her lips were full, but not huge. She seemed to be around thirty eight, but looked twenty-nine. She also looked tired and rough. Her dirty leather jacket and tight jeans gave the appearance she traveled a lot. "Hey what's your name?"

She looked at Trevor "Storm…"

Trevor's eye brow went up in disbelief "Storm, huh? What is your sisters name Rain? Thunder…?" He laughed at her with his jolly yet sinister laugh

"It's lightening actually." She smirked as she broke his grip on her wrist. She turned and walked out.

Trevor's face fell to confusion and then perked up to a grin. He chased her out the door. "That's funny…" he chuckled and then stopped as she kept walking. He searched for what to say "you know… I…ah" she kept walking and he stopped and watched her as she got on her ATV ignoring him. He stomped up to her and grabbed her helmet whipping it across the dirt road "HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU AND YOUR IGNORING ME. I DON'T LIKE THAT!"

She stared at him as he breathed heavy at her "I'm sorry, that was rude of me" she never flinched or shied away she just stared at him with a light smile on her face.

Trevor's mouth hung open as he looked at her in shock of her apology "I… um… where are you staying? I've never seen you around here."

"I don't know… I just drifted into town." She looked at the ground "I don't really have a home; I'm not really great at getting along with people."

Trevor's eyebrows furrowed "Well you can stay with me, I can take the couch and you can-"He noticed her face become unsure. His fist tightened "WELL FUCK YOU THEN! I KNOW ITS NO LOS SANTOS MANSION, BUT ITS AT LEAST A PLACE TO SLEEP. IF IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU THEN…then… get. The. Fuck. OUT OF HERE!"

He doubled over in anger and gripped the sides of his head "Stupid, stupid, you're such an asshole Trevor!" he kicked the fence as he placed his head on his trailer.

Storm got off the bike and approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder "This is a lot nicer than the ditch I slept in last night. Thank you for your hospitality I would love too."

Trevor turned around and looked at her his eyes worried "You slept in a ditch?"

"Well when the wind blows its better than just-"Trevor interrupted her.

"A lady should never live like that."

Storms mouth hung as she was taken aback by his response. He was angry and his eyes seemed angry with her that she would do that to herself. Her face went back to a smile as she took Trevor's hand "You are very sweet, I've never gotten that reaction before."

"Well…I…" he looked down as he was at a loss for words.

The sun was setting and it was becoming cold quickly, Storm looked at Trevor with a smile "Shall we…?" She extended her arm toward the door.

"We shall." Trevor smiled as he led her up the stairs.

Later that night the thunder roared the rain came down hard on the thin tin trailer. Storm tossed and turned. She was in a cold sweat when she started to scream. Her eyes were closed shut still but she thrashed her body around. "NOOO….NOOOOO!" She screamed bloody murder, and then Trevor ran in.

He jumped on the bed on top of her trying to hold her down. "Storm! Storm! It's okay, I'm here! It's okay!"

She woke up in tears her big green eyes went dark into a forest green color. She was breathing heavy as she looked at Trevor "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" She started to get up to leave when Trevor stopped her

"Don't go, you're fine."

"No I'm not. I have these night terrors; I'm a bother to myself and everyone around me!" She talked trough hiccupping tears.

Trevor pulled her in to the bed setting her down. "Just stay here you are fine. Get some sleep."

She sat up on the bed and looked around the thunder struck again she cried out "Trevor please, stay with me… stay with me… I can't-"she sunk down on the bed and her head hung as she cried.

Trevor wasn't sure at first but then his face relaxed "Sure… sure I'll stay with you." He was slightly annoyed.

He climbed into bed with her and they rolled over to their separate sides. Storm was trembling still. Trevor heard her scared moaning. Then the thunder cracked, lighting up the trailer. Storm screamed and she flipped over and buried her head in Trevor's back. He felt her tears on his back. He sighed as he turned over. He held her in his arms as she shook in fear. He rubbed her arm; he felt her breast on his chest as she took deep breaths. He rested his head in her hair and sucked in. It smelled like lavender and it was soft. There was some dirt in it but he didn't mind. She was so warm, the heat made him strip of the covers. He looked down to check on her when he didn't feel the shaking anymore. She looked up at him, her eyes started to dry.

"Thank you…" she was still frowning.

"You're welcome." He looked away embarrassed.

"Trevor…" her voice was silent and breathy "You make me feel safe…"

Trevor's eyes became wide as he tried to access what she said. He shut his eyes and looked away "yeah…" he responded angry.

"Trevor…" you good barely hear her speak, she was so quiet. Trevor looked down at her, she was in tears again pleading then she kissed him. It was long and deep. She kneaded her mouth on his and she moved closer. The heat rose between them as she kissed him repeatedly. She stroked his scars and massaged him. The tenderness between the two was intense. He handled her softly as he caressed her arm as they kissed some more. Trevor never once thought about having her surrender to him, he just wanted to comfort her and caress her, just be near her. He has never felt this way about a woman. He usually takes what he gets and leaves, but she was different. They rolled together hugging and holding each other. He spooned with her and held her close nibbling on her ear. The thunder roared behind them but Storm didn't notice. She giggled because she felt his beard tickle her. She stretched her arm back and turned her head to his and kissed him lightly again. Trevor's heartbeat was irregular as he fell asleep beside her.

The next morning he felt a cold breeze he searched blindly for Storm's warmth but couldn't find her. He opened his eyes and she was gone. He got up his eyes wild and upset. He searched the small trailer for her. She was gone. "Not again. FUUUUCCCKKK!"