It wasn't long until Franklin was released with a bruised rip and stiches above his left eyebrow. As he limped past the three siblings he shook Michaels hand and kept limping. He passed Sasha without looking at her and Lamar got up to help him down the hospital stairs. Sasha looked back at Storm, Lightening, and Michael who gave her the signal to go and talk to him. She did. When they were out in the parking lot, Lamar went to get the car. She approached Franklin "Hey… how you feel'n?"

"Fine" he snapped.

"Franklin, I'm sorry. I want to take care of you…if you'll let me?"

He looked at her, finally. Their eyes met in intense eye contact before he spoke "I would like that." She smiled at him as Lamar pulled up with the car. She helped him in and the three drove off down the road.

Back in the hospital Storm and her brother and sister sat for five more hours before the doctors came out. His face was grim as he approached. Storm frowned at the doctor's expression. He spoke "He is going to be fine. He will just need to be in bed rest for about 3 weeks. You can take him home tonight." Storm jumped out of her seat and tried to stop herself from running to his room.

When she entered he was laying there, his eyes closed. She raced to him kneeling by his bedside. She stroked his head as she smiled with tears. He opened his eyes and turned to her smiling "this whole almost dying thing has got to stop." She giggled as she planted a light kiss on his lips. The other two walked in to greet Trevor. That same day they got to take him home, well Michael's home, for three weeks of bed rest.


The group made their way out of the Chinese theater laughing and in awe of Sasha. The premiere of her first movie was a great success. Lamar, Storm, Lightening, Trevor, Franklin, Sasha, Michael, Amanda, Tracey, and Jimmy all went out for a celebratory meal at one of the finest restaurants in town.

They were loud as they laughed and talked about this crazy last year. Michael stood as he hit his glass for a toast "Well hello friends and family" he smiled at everyone individually "this year has been a wild ride and I think we should make a toast to it. First, we will toast to tonight's movie premiere and success of Sasha's first big movie." Everyone cheered and praised Sasha "Next, for my little sister Lightening for being clean for a year and a half and getting her life together. Third, for my family and I going on our diet where Jimmy and I lost a miraculous 75lbs and are still going. Naturally we will congratulate the ladies, but they didn't need it because they were perfect already." Tracey and Amanda laughed as they booed Michael cheesy remark. "Fourth will go to Lamar for finally becoming a "Mr. Gold card" himself and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Lastly a toast for not only one but two happy couples, first to my little sister and my best friend for their small and very unique Sandy Shores wedding. You two are a beautiful couple and I am proud to have you officially an uncle and brother-in-law, T!"

Trevor stood to finish Michaels toast "Also a toast to Storm and I for starting our own business in Sandy Shores. We fixed up the old hotel and have made it a brand knew bed and breakfast for anyone to stay if they pass through Sandy Shores, instead of having them sleep in a ditch." Trevor smiled at Storm reminiscing of their first conversation they had together.

Than Storm stood "Also a toast to Trevor and I for fixing up the trailer and expanding it to make our dream home" they shared a kiss.

"Yeah about that" Michael interrupted "Are you sure you don't want a nice new house near mine?"

"No!" they beckoned at the same time, making everyone at the table laugh.

"Alright, alright" Michael chuckled as they sat back down "and one last toast to the other happy couple on their engagement, Franklin and Sasha." Sasha out stretched her hand showing of the three carat diamond ring Franklin had bought her. The table cheered as everyone clinked their glasses together happy and laughing.


Trevor, Storm, Lightening, Sasha, Franklin, Michael and his family were sitting comfortably in Michael's living room by the glowing Christmas tree. Trevor and Storm were on the couch as Storm snuggled into his arm with a cup of hot chocolate. Tracey and Jimmy sat on the floor by the tree, close to the presents. Michael sat on the chair that he pulled from the kitchen table as Amanda sat on his lap, her arms holding him. Sasha and Franklin laid on the sofa recliner under a blanket, cuddling. Christmas carols played softly in the back as the smell of fresh baked chocolate cookies hung in the air.

"Well isn't this nice. The first Christmas in a long time where I got to share it with the ones I love."

"Yeah well you aren't getting any younger; we don't know how many Christmas's you got left in ya, so we thought we would all stop by!" Trevor laughed as the whole room started to giggle.

"Look whose talk'n you old bastard." Michael joked back, laughing as he passed Trevor and Franklin a cigar to celebrate. They both lit it, taking in long satisfying puffs.

"Well I think a family photo would be nice don't you?" Amanda suggested as she got off of Michaels lap to set up the camera.

"That's a great idea, come on everybody gather around the tree!" Michael said as he rounded everyone up. Franklin got up putting out his cigar, same with Michael. As they all got in formation, Amanda ran from the camera to squeeze in to the group.

Storm felt something hit her as she looked up and saw Trevor with his cigar "Put that out for the picture!" she ordered.

"No, I'll look cool!"

"Fine" she chuckled as she turned back to the camera.

"Ready, everyone…? Say 'Merry Christmas'" Michael said smiling. Everyone repeated as they waited for the flash. Just as Trevor went to open his mouth to say it his cigar fell from his mouth hitting the tree and setting it ablaze.

"Oh shit" Trevor said as he turned to face the tree.

"Trevor, not again, Amanda go grab the fire extinguisher!"

"O. M. G. someone grab the presents." Tracey Squealed.

"Shit, man, Trevor what did you do!"

Clickthe flash went off. Everyone frantically ran to save the presents and put out the tree and the picture that took was one for the memory book.


Thank you everyone who read and followed my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated and I can't wait to read them. If you have any other further questions or comments just sent me a message and I will be sure to respond! Thanks again!