She was so offended

Chapter 2

By Shadowgate


Mordecai blamed Rigby for the giant but Rigby denied causing the giant to come.

The giant then stated "do not fear for I am a friendly giant."

Rigby replied "cool hey do you think you can scare off our boss? He bosses us around."

Cartman stated "my mom bosses me around sometimes. Like when I was running around with Cthulhu and I was supposed to be grounded and my mom got so offended over it."

Stan and Wendy start looking pissed off.

Rigby said "Mordecai's mother came for a visit. When she did I played songs by a band called Analcunt and she was so offended."

Mordecai started looking pissed off.

Cartman and Rigby began laughing harder.

Rigby said "oh this one time I farted in front of Mordecai's girlfriend and she was so offended."

Cartman fell over laughing.

Rigby went on to say "one time when Mordecai and I were on a double date with some pretty ladies in a movie theater and I told him to do me a solid and take responsibility for this. Well he asked "take responsibility for what?"

Rigby added "I blew into my hands and made a loud noise that sounded like a loud fart and he had to take responsibility for it."

Rigby fell over laughing.

Mordecai stated "Rigby you're such an asshole."

Cartman went on to say "I got mad at my mom because she wouldn't buy me the IPOD I wanted and I went on a TV show and said she raped me. She was so fucking offended."

Rigby said "Shit Cartman you're such a little bastard."

Stan sighs and Wendy is equally annoyed.

Cartman went on to say "my mom bosses me around."

The friendly giant said "oh I hate it when people boss people around. That really sucks."

Stan jumped in and said "Cartman you boss your mom around and she does not fucking boss you around enough."

Cartman then decided to be more offensive.

Cartman went on to say "oh I remember when Wendy beat the shit out of me because I made fun of breast cancer oh she was so offended."

Wendy said "how about a rematch" and Cartman shut his mouth right away.

Stan said to Cartman "this is lame and we want to go back to our world."

Cartman said "well here we don't have to do any Goddamn homework and we can just hang out in a park."

Stan and Wendy said they were leaving.

All of the sudden Rigby's boss showed up and asked if he'd been working.

The friendly giant grabbed Rigby's boss and turned him upside down.

Stan, Wendy, and Cartman all laughed and waved goodbye. Cartman whined about having to go back to his own planet and do homework but Stan and Wendy ignored him.