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"Marcus works fast, doesn't he?" Hadrian commented as he watched his blond friend wave his wand around Stella's stomach. It glowed pink in response to the spell Draco had cast.

"Stella's heat assured almost 100% that she would get pregnant." Draco nodded as he sat down beside her and nodded his thanks to Genevieve who had wandered in with a tray of tea. "Add to that the fact that Marcus is a healthy virile male then you have conception." he sipped his tea and closed his eyes.

"I personally thought she was already pregnant with the way you sounded when Marcus brought her home."

"She was undernourished and weak because she was using her magic to repress her pheromones."

"And what about you Dray?" Hadrian asked. "Have you asked Lexi to perform the test yet?"

"I already did," Genevieve sat down next to her brother and leaned her head against his shoulder. "He's currently seven weeks along, due around the second week of July next year."

"Have you told them yet?"

"No, but I plan to."

"I'm sure they'll be happy."

"Dway-dway!" a blonde blur landed on his lap and he smiled at the little girl who was patting his tummy. "Baby!"

"Really princess?" grey eyes glinted with laughter as Rosalie whispered quite loudly.

"Two!" she announced and then snuggled into his chest.

"There you have it," Hadrian laughed at the stunned look on Draco's face. "You're having twins."

"I think it's the best Christmas present you can give them," Luna smiled at Draco who was happily cuddling with her daughter.

"What about you Xander?" Genevieve asked her brother. "You have any idea what to get Marvolo yet?"

"I already have my gift." he nodded.

"I can't believe Christmas is in two days."


"What are you doing?" Hadrian asked his sister who was bent over thick stacks of documents in what used to be Marvolo's office.

"Working." he was completely ignored as he stepped into the room, mirror jade eyes focused solely on the ink printed on the pieces of parchment in her hand.

"It's Christmas Eve, why are you working?" he settled himself on a chair across her desk and continued to watch her movements.

"These documents came in today," she replied still not looking at him. "It's about the reopening of Hogwarts. The Board wants to open just after the new year and I do want to make it happen."

"So you'll give up your first Christmas with your husbands to work on that?" he rolled his eyes. "Even Lucius isn't working tonight, and he's the Minister for Magic."

"I just need to work on this Xander, please leave me alone."

"No, it's Christmas Eve and you're not supposed to be working." he rose from his seat and walked around the desk to stand behind her chair. "You should be celebrating with us, your family, and let's face it you won't be able to finish that by the new year. There're still too many things to do before we can open up the school. We have to revamp the curriculum and find new staff before anything else." he took the parchment from her hands and set it on her desk before pulling her into his arms. "You're exhausted Lexi and you don't even notice it."

"I'm~" she was cut off by a yawn. "Not."

"Come on, I'm taking you to Dad."


"And where might our lovely little spitfire be?" Severus asked his lover who had come into their chambers alone. "I thought you would be going through the Hogwarts documents together?"

"I needed a break and she didn't want one." Lucius shook his blond head as he approached his husband tiredly. "She's working too hard." the Potions Master took his hand and pulled the slightly smaller man into his lap, letting the Malfoy aristocrat lean his head on the dark clothed chest.

"You've both been working hard," Severus agreed with his husband's statement. "You deserve a break." he snapped his fingers and his personal house-elf appeared. "Mystique prepare a bath for Master Lucius."

"It will be done Master Severus." the diminutive creature bowed low before popping off to do its task. The pair sat in silence, one contemplating, the other dozing off his exhaustion until Mystique returned to announce the readiness of the bath.

"Thank you Mystique, you may go now." he rose from his seat, his dark blue jumper rustling slightly as he did and walked in the direction of their bathroom. "Lucius, wake up love." he murmured in the man's ear. The blond haired Minister stirred but did not wake. "Luc, wake up." he continued to whisper, smirking as his lover shivered at the tone of his voice. "I'm going to put you in the tub love." he told the other man as he vanished his clothes, Lucius mumbling softly in agreement. Severus could only smile fondly at his husband when the grey eyed man moaned at the first touch of warm water to his sore body. Knocks sounded on their door before the dark haired man could do something more. He kissed his lover's forehead before leaving the bathroom to see who it was.

"Hey Dad." Hadrian greeted as soon as his father opened the door. "Where's Papa?"

"In the tub." the green eyed young man nodded as he shifted his arms, bringing his father's attention to the package in his hands. A lone dark eyebrow rose in question and Hadrian answered.

"She's overworked and didn't want to leave everything undone but she was too stressed to protest."

"Thank you Hadrian." he took his wife from his son's arms.

"Take care of them Dad." Severus nodded his response. "See you tomorrow at lunch Dad. Happy Christmas!" Hadrian greeted cheerfully with a wave before leaving.

"What am I going to do with you?" he asked the dozing woman in his arms as he returned to the bathroom where his husband was already asleep. He shook his head at them both and sighed. It was going to be a dreary Christmas for him.


He hadn't been asleep for long, that much he knew, but he couldn't quite pinpoint what had brought him out of unconsciousness.

"Happy Christmas Sev," there was a voice whispering in his ear, he didn't recognize it in his sleep induced haze.

"Thank you for taking care of us last night." another voice, this one he knew, in his other ear. "Lucius." he thought as something wet and warm glided up his earlobe shocking a tired groan from his thin lips.

"Wh're y'u doin'?" he slurred as fingers danced up his bare chest.

"Paying you back for taking care of us." his back arched as warm lips closed around a taut nipple, long finger nails raking down his flat stomach to fumble with his pants.

"You're such a wonderful husband to the both of us." fiery kisses trailed down his neck, nips and nibbles igniting his desire. A particularly hard suck on his collarbone had him groaning under his spouses' ministrations.

"Vivi!" wet warmth surrounded his aching length, a guttural moan escaping his lips before Lucius closed his own over his thin ones swallowing every sound he made as Genevieve swallowed him to the hilt.

"Vivi?" Lucius pulled back to look into glazed onyx orbs at the new nickname for their wife.

"I like it." the redheaded woman pulled off of Severus' cock earning her a disappointed moan. She straddled the dark haired man's legs and pressed herself to Lucius' back, sitting atop the hard flesh she'd just left.

"Lucius," it seemed as if Severus had finally regained his senses, enough to see both his spouses straddling him. Genevieve was pumping Lucius' cock, one long fingered hand twisting and turning a puckered nipple as she rained kisses on the nape of the blond man's neck.

"Vivi~" Lucius too moaned under her ministrations, a sharp gasp escaping his lips as Severus reached out to fondle his balls. "Sev!" slowly Genevieve pulled him back until he was sitting on top of Severus' cock.

"I want to see you make love." she whispered in the Malfoy aristocrat's ear. "I want to see you writhe with Sev's cock in you." she nibbled on his lobe as she pushed one long finger into his puckered hole. "I want to watch you as you lose control without being touched." two fingers in him now and he was pushing back against her hand.

"Please!" he was already losing control, begging for more, needing more than just the now three fingers within him. "Sev please~" he sobbed his frustration, losing control of himself as he slumped down on Severus' chest. Their wife was the one to slick up the dark haired man's cock and position it properly as he pushed into their sobbing husband. "Sevvvv~"

"That is so hot." Genevieve commented as he watched Severus pull out and push in at a lazy pace. She licked her lips as Lucius' hips gyrated with each downward motion and their pace began to increase. The potions master abruptly sat up just as he pulled Lucius down hitting his husband's prostate dead on earning him a shocked scream. Genevieve moaned at the scene one hand reaching lower to touch her most intimate place, the other to pinch at her own nipples. A heated look at her husband's onyx eyes had her freezing in place and dropping both appendages. She began to pant as she watched where they were joined as one unable to do anything to disobey the silent order. Suddenly Severus stopped moving.

"Vivi," he called to their wife whose jade eyes focused back on his own. A slow smirk settled over his pale features at the desire flashing through those bright green orbs. "Come here." he ordered, his voice dark and velvety earning moans from both his partners. He captured her lips in a heated kiss as soon as she was within his range. "Lie on your back." he told her as he rose on his knees without effort bringing Lucius with him. He turned the other man in his arms so that they were flush chest to back and they watched as their wife settled in the middle of the bed in the position she was told to. "Do you want Lucius in you?" Severus asked the lone woman in their triad. "Do you want to feel him bury himself within your tight sheath?" both man and woman groaned at the image the words brought to them. "Say it Vivi," the dark haired man purred.

"Luc, Luc," she called to the blond, raising both arms in beckoning. "Please, I want you in me." she gasped breathily. "I need you in me." Lucius groaned as Severus let go of him enough to take his place atop their wife. Sharp nails raked down his back as he pushed into her wet warmth. She was dripping with want, making his entrance easier for him. He shuddered when he was fully seated, catching her lips in a heated kiss as Severus pulled out of him then snapped his hips forward to bury himself to the hilt. It was like a chain reaction, as the potions master set the pace Lucius could only follow with his own hips' movements. They went hard and fast, racing towards their climax as they made love together. Hands tangled in pairs, sloppy kisses given even at unnatural angles.

"Lucius!" Severus pounded into his husband's prostate, the muscles around him tightening unbelievably with every thrust. The blond, unable to hold on collapsed atop their wife and let Severus do all the work as Genevieve cradled his torso in her embrace. Onyx orbs bore into jade ones as he lost control of his hips and all Genevieve could do was accept the incoming thrusts. She moaned as Lucius's cock pushed deeper into her even as he was relaxed with Severus's every push. Finally they tumbled over the edge together as the potions master hit Lucius prostate harder than before. He spilled his seed into Genevieve's womb, his guttural moan echoed by their wife as she was shocked into her orgasm by the wet warmth that flooded her insides. Severus held Lucius's hips in a bruising grip as he finally exploded painting his husband's walls with thick spurts of his cum.


"I love you." Genevieve murmured as both her husbands settled on either side of her leaving her esconced in their warmth in the aftermath of the lovemaking.

"We love you too." they said in unison, a small tug of lips their only response as the redheaded woman fell into a restful sleep. Potions stained fingers entangled with pale aristocratic ones as they embraced their wife and followed her into Morpheus' arms.


"Mystique, are my parents awake yet?" Hadrian asked his father's personal house elf.

"No Master Hadrian, Master Severus still be asleep with Master Lucius and Mistress Genevieve."

"Alright, thank you Mystique." the elf bowed before popping out of the room he shared with his own lover. He looked at the chestnut haired man who was still sleeping on their bed. It was mid morning on Christmas and it seemed as if he was the only one awake. He couldn't really blame them, they were all still tired with everything they had gone through the past months but he was too excited. It was the first time he would be spending Christmas with his family and he had wanted it to be special. He walked over to their shared bed and took his place beside his lover content to watch the man he had fallen for in a peaceful sleep.

"Good morning Little Serpent," his lover's voice was still husky with sleep and he smiled at the slight slur.

"Good morning Marvo," he whispered in turn giggling softly as he was pulled into the bare hard chest of the man he loved.

"Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas." a soft kiss was dropped upon his head and he breathed in his lover's unique scent. "Lunch will be ready in a few hours. We'll meet everyone by then." he could feel his lover nod his acceptance as the strong arms around him tightened. He could feel himself doze off, apparently he was more tired than he had felt earlier. Content in the warm embrace, he fell asleep once again with a smile on his face.


Hadrian sat back as he watched his family enjoy their first Christmas together. They had no more worries with both Weasley and Dumbledore in their custody and they had the chance to do what they wanted without anymore repercussions. They had just finished their Christmas lunch and all were chatting as they relaxed after eating their fill.

"Presents!" Rosalie ambled towards the lounge alone, the women giggling at her antics as Neville began to race after the toddling little girl.

"Calm down Rosie, you're going to hurt yourself."

"Nah-uh Daddy!" she answered as she walked past the doorway just as her father scooped her up into his arms.

"Come on," Marvolo rose from his seat at the head of the table. "You heard the princess, it's time to hand out the presents." he held out his hands towards Hadrian and assisted him from his seat. Their whole group then rose from their respective positions and folowed their leaders out of the dining hall.

"First gift is for Gred and Forge from Draco." Neville announced once everyone was settled comfortably. He and Rosalie sat beside the tree, his daughter peeking at the presents trying to figure out what they were. "Come here Rosie and give this to your uncles." she laughed happily as she toddled to her father and reached for the present in his hand. She slowly ambled towards her uncles shaking the boxed gift as she did.

"Baby baby!" she announced once she saw Draco, leaving the box on the floor as she tried to run towards her blond uncle. "Dway-dway!"

"Hello little princess."

"Draco?" the two redheaded males looked up in shock from the box in their hands. "Is this~" they asked in unison.

"I'm seven weeks and two days along." he smiled as they whooped in joy, George rushing over to swing him around while Fred settled with holding Rosalie. There was a round of congratulations before the next present was given.

"This one is for Marcus and Stella from Hadrian and Marvolo." Neville levitated the box over to the couple seeing as his daughter was busy snuggling with Draco.


Marvolo watched as his lover smiled at his friends. They had both decided to gift them with an ornately carved crib for their child and it would seem as if the pair appreciated the thought behind it. Wine red eyes followed the dark haired young man's every movement as his younger partner enjoyed his first Christmas with his family. This was something he'd been deprived of, and Marvolo was ashamed to admit he'd been part of the reason why Hadrian hadn't been able to experience this type of happiness in the past.

"Marvolo, this one's for you from Hadrian." Neville's voice cut him off his musings as the vampire tossed to package to him. He caught it with deft hands and looked up in question at his eager lover.

"You didn't have to get me anything."

"I wanted to." Hadrian nodded from his position on the older man's lap. "Go on, open it."

"Whatever it is, thank you." he pulled Hadrian to him and gave him a sweet kiss in gratitude before turning to the present in his hands. Slowly, in an attempt to rile up his lover, he lifted up the wrapper piece by piece being careful not to tear even a small part of it. He opened the box once it was unwrapped only to gasp in surprise at the leather wand holster inside. It was a dark blue that seemed to be black in certain positions, Marvolo cradling it gently as he took it out to inspect the markings on the outside. There were two basilisks wrapped around each other, one bigger than the other, with small rubies and jades for eyes.

"I have my own." Hadrian smiled at the look of wonderment on his lover's face.

"Marvolo, your gift is the only one left." Neville spoke before either of them could and the chestnut haired man nodded in understanding. He took out a velvet box from his robes. It was red and rectangular in shape. He smiled at Hadrian as the green eyed young man looked at him with curiosity.

"Bond with me." he said as he snapped it open to reveal a long golden chain with a raven for a pendant. Around the magnificent winged creature was a viper poised to both protect and defend.


"What do you say?"



"I just can't believe~" too choked up for words, Hadrian simply nodded as he looked straight into his lover's wine red eyes.


"As soon as we can manage it."

"Then now." Marvolo nodded. "Sirius can officiate as Lord Black. Lucius would but he's your father in this case, same with Genevieve who is both your stepmother and sister." it was a flurry of activity, one that had been planned right underneath Hadrian's nose. His family were all in it and everything was ready, all they needed was for him to say yes. Sirius kept the ceremony itself short and sweet knowing that both grooms needed time to themselves. Just before dinner on Christmas day, the pair were pronounced as Lord Marvolo Eros Slytherin and Lord Hadrian Alexander Prince-Slytherin.


"Where are we?" Hadrian asked his lover. He'd been whisked away as soon as their reception dinner had ended without knowledge of what was happening.

"This is Genevieve's gift to us, a Potter manor in the Scottish isles." Marvolo led his lover into the master bedroom.

"How long have you been planning this?" the jade-eyed young man asked as he eyed the cabinets in the room.

"A while." his new husband admitted. "I wanted to wait until all the threats to us were gone before I even dared to ask." the raven haired man stepped fully into the room and walked straight to the balcony. It seemed as if the whole manor itself was on a cliff, their bedroom overlooking the ocean down below. Hadrian could hear the rush of water before it crashed into the stone wall of the mountain.

"Marvolo," Hadrian called out to the man who'd taken his position behind him. The wine eyed man's hands settled gently on his hips with his chin on Hadrian's shoulder.

"Yes Little One?"

::I want you to take me.:: Unconsciously, Hadrian slippped into the tongue only they could understand and to Marvolo, it made the request more intimate than if it had been said in their normal language. No more words needed to be said as Marvolo took him into his arms and brought him to the bathroom.

::Perhaps a bath first,:: he whispered. ::It has been a long day.:: he wasted no time in vanishing both their clothes and settling into the tub where the bath had already been prepared.


There was nothing hurried about their movements as they washed each other. Each touch a soft caress, every move a simple yet intimate touch. Hadrian settled back in his lover's arms after they were both clean content to feel Marvolo's soft skin on his back. Long fingered hands danced up and down his sides and he closed jade eyes to savor the feel. Marvolo's erection pressed against his lower back while his lover kissed the side of his neck.

::I've waited so long for this.:: Marvolo's tongue flicked Hadrian's earlobe and he moaned in response. He grasped his lover's erection and slowly pumped him into full hardness. Each breathy gasp spurring him on. He wanted to hear every small noise, each mewl and moan that he could pull from his lover.

::No more teasing please,:: Marvolo suddenly found himself in their bedroom atop his aroused lover, warm and dry. ::Marvo take me please,:: hearing his lover beg in their personal language was more than enough to bring him to the brink of his climax. Pleading jade met clouded rubies and he nodded. He kissed his lover passionately as he held out his hand.

::I'm going to prepare you first.:: he told the younger man who in turn smiled at him and spread his legs open in invitation. Marvolo sat back on his haunches and groaned at the sight of his lover spread out before him just waiting for him to pounce. Unable to hold himself back he took his lover fully into his mouth, ruby eyes following every movement as Hadrian's back arched and his jade eyes fluttered close. He bobbed his head, teeth raking the sensitized member in his mouth as he pulled back and pushed one long finger into the writhing body beneath him.

::M-m-more,:: Hadrian moaned under his lover's ministrations, unable to do anything but moan and thrash his head as the two fingers within him stretched him for something he knew was much bigger. ::Please,:: he sobbed with need, his voice laced with urgency. ::Marvo please.:: Hadrian settled his hand on his lover's chestnut locks and tugged. ::Nnnnnggghhh.:: he moaned unable to warn his lover as his climax exploded behind his eyes. He came with a deep groan spilling himself into his lover's waiting mouth.

::You are so beautiful.:: Marvolo whispered as he watched his panting lover. Hadrian beckoned to him with his arms and he took his place between the strong legs that immediately wrapped around his waist.

::I love you Marvo,:: Hadrian whispered as Marvolo's cock pushed past his first ring of muscle.

::I love you too Little One,:: Marvolo whispered back as he pushed in one strong thrust hitting Hadrian's prostate dead on. The jade eyed young man's mouth fluttered open in a silent scream as the pain and pleasure assaulted his senses.

::Move, damn it!:: Hadrian ordered when his lover refused to move after more than a few moments. The wine eyed man only chuckled in response before beginning a slow and laze pace that had his younger lover frustrated before long. ::Faster please Marvo.:: Marvolo could feel his own release closing in and so he granted his lover's wish. He increased his pace, every thrust hitting Hadrian's prostate, their bed squeaking with the movement and their fingers tangled with each other's. Short nails raked down his lover's back as the pleasure overloaded his senses. Their lips came together in a fierce kiss and with another hard thrust he let himself go.

::Marvolo!:: Hadrian came with a shout of his lover's name, spurting his cum in between their bodies. His muscles clenching around Marvolo's cock pulling him to his release.

::Hadrian,:: Marvolo hissed out his name in between clenched teeth as he spilled himself within his lover. He collapsed onto his arms panting and gasping for breath. Hadrian tightened his hold on his lover and tugged. ::I don't want to crush you.::


::I like your weight on me.:: Hadrian confessed as Marvolo settled himself on top of him. ::It makes me feel safe.:: Marvolo chuckled before rolling himself over so that Hadrian was on top.



::Go to sleep Little Serpent.::

::Love you.:: Hadrian slurred before slipping into Morpheus' arms.

::Love you too.:: Marvolo responded though he knew his lover had already fallen asleep. He never thought he'd find love in the arms of the young man who was supposed to kill him, but then again, destiny does move in ways mysterious to all but the one who created it. They started off as mortal enemies but thanks to the man who orchestrated it all, they became lovers. And they would be for a long time if he had any say about it.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that's why it's called present."

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