Chloe Beale was someone you might call independent. She never depended on anyone or anything. Sure she had the perfect boyfriend and the perfect group of friends, but would she say she depended on them? Hell no. She was a strong and powerful woman and as much as she loved everyone around her, she knew deep down inside that anything could go wrong at any time. So depending on people was never an option for her.

Aubrey Posen had the same views on life as Chloe. Both women believed that was part of the reason why they got along so well. Only thing different was Aubrey was a lot harder to get along with than Chloe. Chloe was the type of person that could go to a bar and make friends with anyone around her. Aubrey however, well she was the opposite. She was the girl who sat at the table and watched as all her friends went to the center of the floor and danced the night away.

So when Chloe went to a bar with Aubrey one night about a year back, it was quite the shock to see her accepting a drink from some strange guy and then later on getting up to dance with said strange guy. But what do you know, the night she decided to let her guards down and hair hang loose was the night she met the guy of her dreams and the night her life would change, forever.

"Chloe," Aubrey barged into the small two bedroom apartment she and her best friend shared. She was much too excited and energetic to wait for a response or remove her shoes for that matter.

She ran straight for the bathroom when she heard the water in the shower running. Without saying another word, she opened the door and charged right inside.

"Oh my god," Chloe gasped. She poked her head outside the curtain and glared at the blonde woman standing in front of her. "Bre, what is so important that you couldn't knock or even wait until I was out of the shower?" Chloe enquired. Her light blue crystal eyes suddenly snapped wide open when she saw a bright silver ring surrounded with diamonds in her face.

"Jesse." Was all that Aubrey could say before her ears were filled with screaming, and her face was covered with long and wet fiery red hair.

"Shut up," Chloe screeched. "He proposed? And better yet, you said yes?" Chloe pulled back and stared at her best friend with a large smile that overtook the entire bottom half of her face.

"He did indeed. He was so sweet about it too! He took me back to the same bar we first met him at that night. He bought me the same drink he first bought me, and slipped the ring inside of it. Then when he got down on one knee "kiss me" by Ed Sheeran started playing. That was the first song we slow danced to. Then yeah," Aubrey breathed out, breathless from talking so quickly. "He proposed and I said yes," she beamed.

"Oh my god Bre, I'm so happy for you!" Chloe grabbed the other woman once again and tightly squeezed her.

"Thanks, I'm so happy as well. It's all coming together for me, Chloe. And hopefully Tom will be proposing to you soon enough and we'll both get to start operation "grow old and happy together." It's going to be great," Aubrey sighed.

"I still think we need to change the name of the operation. It makes us sound like you and I will be growing old together and that's all," Chloe smirked.

"Well, I did tell you that I can totally see us running off together sometime in the future, so it technically makes sense," Aubrey shrugged.

"Yeah well for now you have Jesse," Chloe smiled when she saw how quickly her best friend's face transformed from happy to ecstatic. "We need to celebrate. What are you doing tonight? I told Cynthia Rose I'd be her wing woman at the gay bar tonight, you should join!"

Aubrey quickly shook her head. "As much as I would love to see you being the wing man for a girl who's trying to pick up a girl, Jesse and I are going out for dinner with his sisters. Thank you though," Aubrey smiled. "Oh and also, his parents and my parents are throwing us a celebratory lunch tomorrow. I assume since it's a Saturday, you don't work?" She asked.

"Nope I am free, and I will for sure be there." Chloe grabbed the towel hanging on the wrack beside the shower and wrapped it around her body.

"Good, because as my maid of honor you really shouldn't miss it," Aubrey winked. Chloe's face immediately lit up.

"I'm your…I'm your maid of honor?" She whispered astonished.

"Obviously, don't even pretend to act shocked. We literally discussed this not even three months ago that when both of us get married we have to make each other our maid of honors." Aubrey rolled her eyes. "So let Tom know for me and I will see you when you get home tonight," Aubrey smiled.

"Have fun!" Chloe beamed. Aubrey then turned on her heels and walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door to let Chloe finish getting ready.

Chloe sighed in content. She felt so incredibly happy for Aubrey and Jesse. Also hearing the news of them getting married just made her more excited and impatient to get married as well. She couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with Tom. As far as she was concerned, there was no one else out there who suited her better than he did. Or so she thought.


Beca Mitchell is into one night stands and partying. She was content with how she was living her life. There was no one to boss her around or tell her what to wear. There was no one to get jealous and no one to care for her. That was one of the reasons she owned one of the most popular gay bars in L.A. The amount of girl's she had throwing themselves at her each night was ridiculous. There was the odd night she would go back to her large studio alone, but most nights she usually had a girl wrapped around her waist whispering what sexual conduct they would be doing later into her ear.

Jesse Swanson was what you would call both loveable and adorable. He grew up in a house filled with women so when it came to taking care of any female whether it be girlfriend, sister or best friend. He was quite the genius. He had a great personality with a great sense of humor.

His sense of humor was probably the main reason he and Beca were able to remain friends for so long. She was the bitter sarcastic asshole, and he was the easy going happy gentleman. Somehow they balanced each other out. Beca didn't know why and in reality she could care less. But she had respect for Jesse. Now letting him know, that was a completely different story.

"So I asked Aubrey to marry me," Jesse approached a short brunette standing behind the bar.

"Oh yeah, and did she finally come to her senses and book it the hell out of there?" Beca smirked.

Jesse scoffed. "No. She's not like the girls you go home with every night. She doesn't feel the need to run away, she's happy where she is." Jesse smirked when he saw Beca roll her eyes.

"The only reason girls leave so quickly every morning from my place is because I'm intimidating and they're scared to over stay their welcome." Beca deadpanned.

"Or because they realize the huge mistake they made and they were in a desperate need for a shower," he shrugged. Beca laughed at the man in front of her.

"Okay, okay you win." Beca threw her hands in the air, indicating her surrender. "No but in all seriousness dude, congratulations. I'm happy for you. I think you're stupid for settling down so young, but I am happy for you." A small smile crept on her face.

Jesse rolled his eyes as he pushed a hand through his dark brown hair. "We're 25, we're not that young. You're just ridiculous and scared of commitment. That doesn't make the rest of us like that," he replied.

"You have a point." Beca nodded. "But who needs commitment when you can come home with a different sexy lady every night. You never know what you're going to end up with," Beca smiled as she began to daze off.

"I'm going to just pretend you set me up with an STD joke there and not say anymore," Jesse smirked. "Seriously though Beca, yeah having a different girl every night can be great when you don't know any better. But once you find that girl of your dreams who makes you never want to even look at another girl again; all those other girls are garbage. Those one night stands become never again stands and you have something to look forward to each and every night. Going home to that one person you look forward to seeing the most. It's an amazing feeling Becs," he finished.

Beca stared at Jesse intently. He smiled at himself proudly, thinking he finally got his best friend to understand why she needed to settle down.

"Get the hell out of my bar with your sappy shit," Beca mumbled. Jesse barked out laughter. He should have known better than try to change the great Beca Mitchell and her ways of life.

"Whatever you say Beca, she's out there somewhere for you. One day when you least expect it, she's going to creep up on you and bam, you won't know what hit you," he smiled.

"Cool, and if you don't cut the shit. You won't know what will have hit you either," she threatened.

"Okay, point taken. I'm out. Keep tomorrow afternoon free. Our parents are throwing us an engagement lunch; I'll need my best man there." Jesse watched as the shock crept onto Beca's face.

"You're making me your best man, but why?" Beca asked, astonished.

"Don't be stupid. You're my best friend; of course you're my best man. Just don't screw it up. Be there tomorrow or I swear I will give Jessica a call and let her know that you're in L.A." He smirked when he saw the girls eyes widen with fear.

"Now that's just cruel to even say her name, let alone threaten to call her. You know that one night stand almost scared me from ever sleeping with another girl again. Don't fuck around Jesse, don't even joke about it," Beca replied fearfully.

"Who said I was joking?" Jesse raised an eyebrow. He then turned on his heels and began to walk away. "I'll text you the details about tomorrow later, be there or else. See you later," he yelled behind him.

Beca smiled as she watched Jesse walk away. She was secretly happy for her best friend. Sure she was totally against relationships and commitment but whatever made him happy made her happy, as corny as it was. I mean who was she to judge? He could get married to five different women if he wanted to and it still wouldn't change her views on commitment. Settling down just wasn't an option for her and she was convinced there wasn't a girl in the world who could change her mind about it. Not now, and maybe not ever. Of course, that's just what she thought.