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Averianna sat reading a book when the doors to the great hall opened. Her father had a habit of leaving them unlocked when he was off on deals, to his daughter's great annoyance. There were two sets of footsteps approaching, Averianna sighed and turned the page of her book.

"He isn't here."

"What?" it was a male's voice, and he sounded shocked.

"Rumpelstiltskin… he isn't here." Averianna was still attempting to read.

"Oh no… we came all this way…" a woman was upset. "For nothing." That was a sob.

'Do not look up.' She told herself. 'Averianna… do not do it.' She looked up to see a man and woman, presumable husband and wife, holding each other. She sighed, cursing herself, they looked so desperate or she had become soft.

"I'm… I'm sure he will be back soon. How about a cup of tea? You look like you've come a long way." Averianna got up and walked to the grand table.

"We… we did." The woman sighed. Averianna gestured to a chair and the woman all but collapsed in it, the man took a seat beside her and Averianna took a seat across from the woman and with a wave of her had made a tea service and sweets appear. Both of her guests gasped slightly.

"You have magic?" the woman asked.

"Yes. I'm Averianna… Rumpelstiltskin's daughter." She smiled pouring tea for her guests.

"I'm Gerda." The woman smiled but that man was silent. "My husband…"

"Is the King of Arendelle. Forgive me, I know the power in names." The King was polite, but cautious. Averianna smiled, she liked him already.

"I do know that truth. It is a pleasure to meet royalty from a land I have never been to." She smiled. "What brings you so far from home?"

"Our daughter… she has magic." The King responded.

"Oh?" Averianna asked.

"It's getting stronger and she cannot control it. I just.. want to help her." Gerda sighed.

"Cursed?" Averianna raised a brow.

"Born, she hurt her little sister when they were younger and ever since she's just gotten worse." The King looked sad, "She's the heir to the throne, the people need to start seeing her but if she cannot control it…"

"What kind of magic?"

"She had ice powers." The King answered again. Averianna took a sip of her tea.

"That kind of rare skill tends to run in families. What other family member has this gift?"

"No one." The King answered but Gerda bit her lip.

"Your highness?" Averianna stared.

"Well…" the Queen started. The King turned to his wife in disbelief. "My older sister, Ingrid."

"I suggest having Ingrid take over your daughter's care for a little while?" Averianna smiled.

"I can't. Ingrid isn't… around." Gerda looked down. Her absence is why I'm queen."

"Ahh… Then why are you here?"

"We want something to help Elsa. We want our daughters to be able to be friends like they used to." Gerda sighed. "We traveled here to find the wishing star."

"We need something that can remove her magic." The King said. Averianna perked up and looked between the two.

"Taking away the gift she was born with won't fix your problem, your highness. It will just give you a different problem. Magic is a part of your daughter, and I am sure in times of troubles that is what she turns to." Averianna sighed and looked up her cup. "A pirate, named Blackbeard, he bought the wishing star not too long ago." She waived her hand and bundles of spun white gold appeared, gold that she spun.

"White gold?" the King was amazed by the rare item.

"I made it myself, he won't be able to resist such an item, trust me." Averianna smiled, The King reached for the bundles, but Gerda stopped him.

"What is the price?" Gerda asked seriously.

"You don't ever use this star to take magic away from that girl. You use it to help her." Gerda relaxed and allowed her husband to take the gold, "And Gerda, summon me if you really need help. If there is nothing else, I don't have her gift, but maybe I can help."

"Thank you." The Queen hugged Averianna. The doors to the Great Hall opened at that moment, and Rumpelstiltskin strode through.

"'Ello?" he forced, confused.

"Hello father." Averianna smiled. "My guests were just leaving." She gestured to Gerda and the King. Both walked by the Dark One, but Gerda turned to him and asked,

"Rumpelstiltskin… was raising Averianna difficult… with her magic?"

"No.." he asked confused.

"Have a nice day Rumpelstiltskin." Gerda smiled.

"Nice seeing you again, your highness." The Dark One looked mischievous. The couple left.

"You know her father?"

"Her and her sisters." He responded.

"Sisters? As in more than one?" Averianna cleaned the table.

"Two to be exact."

"She only mentioned one other, Ingrid." She looked at him, feeling as though she had just misjudged Gerda.

"Nope, there is Ingrid and Helga… hut I am sure that's a sore spot." He shrugged.


"Ingrid killed Helga." He giggled. It all made sense to Averianna then.

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