A Cole Thornhart and Maxie Jones story. I started writing this in March of 2012 so it's a lot different than what we saw play out on the "real" GH. Anyway, I hope you like this. Feedback is very appreciated!


Late October 2012

He had come so far to find her. And there she was. Oh yes indeed; there she was. Not even eight months later, locked in another man's embrace. His blood boiled and his first impulse was to dash right inside the house and beat the living hell out of the other guy. Normally he would have given into his impulse but right then self-preservation meant more. Plus, he was in no condition to pummel some guy. He was still on crutches having only recently learned how to walk again. He was in no way going to be able to take on some guy twice his size.

But he was hurt. So hurt. And angry. He punched the wall as hard as he could and then turned and began to hobble away. He didn't know where he was going but anywhere was better than here - watching the only woman he had ever loved in the arms of someone else.


Tears streamed shamefully down her face as she climbed into her car and gunned the engine. She could barely see two feet in front of her with her eyes so clouded over but she was not going to stay here. Catching her lover with another woman, a woman she hated more than life itself, and learning that it had been going on for months and worse, that the other woman was pregnant with his child, she knew that she was definitely not going to stick around and get kicked in the teeth again. She was going to drive away so far and so fast that no one would ever find her. Not that she really believed that anyone but her dad would bother looking for her. No one else cared enough about her. Everyone always left her and tonight was more than proof of that.


He was crossing the street, hurrying to his car, a cloud of fury, rage and pain blanketing his consciousness. He was so preoccupied with his own thoughts that he didn't even see the car until it was just a mere ten feet away. He felt it lift him off the ground and hurl him through the air right before impact hit; right before darkness itself washed over him …

Chapter 1

She had been so blinded by tears that she never saw it coming. It was only when she heard a sickening crunching sound that she realized she had hit something. Or someone. The thought made her sick inside. What else could possibly go wrong tonight?

She halted the car for a second and looked around. She didn't see anything at first. Then she spotted a tangled body – yes, a body! – lying on the side of the road. Her first instinct was to drive out of there like she had never come down this street in the first place but she realized she couldn't just leave them there. She wasn't that evil of a person, was she? Plus, she was the daughter of a cop. She knew this could be traced back to her somehow and then she'd go down as a hit and run murderer or something and God knew what they did to women like her in prison …

"Shit," she said as she put on the brakes and reached for her purse on the seat beside her. She fumbled with the zipper as she realized her hands were shaking so badly. Finally, she managed to steady them enough to free her cell phone. She immediately dialed 911.

"911. What's your emergency?" A gruff, possibly feminine voice asked.

She sighed as another tear escaped her eye. "I think I killed someone." She groaned. "Wait. That came out wrong. I may have run someone over though …"


The dispatcher asked Maxie to stay on the line but after she gave directions, she didn't see why she should. She wanted to get the hell out of there. And yet …

She was oddly curious to see if whomever she had hit was actually still, somehow, alive. Curiosity, cats, all that… She sighed and pushed open the door, lifting a slender leg out even as she wondered why she was doing this. She should stay far away from any bloodshed in these designer threads she was wearing.

She stepped out of her car and moved towards the side of the road where the body was lying. At first she couldn't see much, other than two crutches lying at odd angles in the grass. She bit her lip as she edged closer and could now see that it was a guy. "Hey, uh, are you alive?" she asked. There was no response.

"Shit, I killed someone. I can't believe I actually killed someone!" she cried out as she began to turn and walk away. But just then she heard what sounded like life. He was trying to clear his throat.

She whipped around. "Oh my god!" she screamed as his eyelids hovered at half-mast and he struggled to move. "Did I paralyze you?" she asked frantically, thinking of shaking him fully awake but realizing that she would have to touch him to do that. And it might, in hindsight, cause more damage than good. She had to learn not to be so reactionary, as Mac would say.

He groaned loudly and she began to pace. "I am really sorry about this. I didn't mean to hit you. But who just walks across a dark road in the middle of the night without … Okay, okay it was my fault entirely but … Well maybe not. You weren't at a crosswalk, were you? You were jaywalking. A-ha! You can't hold that against me, now can you? Oh god …"

He moaned and she sighed. "Okay I'm going back to the car now."

"Hope…" He finally ground out between his lips. "Hope…"

"Yes, you hope you're going to be okay. So do I. Do you think I need to be known as the town killer? I mean, sure Jason Morgan already has that title but people will look at me sideways, wondering when I'll drive them down next. Not that it matters. I am leaving town anyway because-"

"HOPE!" He finally screamed out in indigence. "HOPE!"

"Okay, Jesus … Temperamental, much?" she asked and just then heard the squeal of tires and the sounds of sirens.

"Help is here," she said. "You're going to be just fine. And remember, this was so not my fault…."

An ambulance arrived and parked on the shoulder of the road. Two able-bodied young male paramedics hopped out and Maxie directed them to the body. Next, a cop car pulled up and she prayed it wasn't one of the cops that she knew well.

"No such luck," she murmured. "Dammit." Mac Scorpio began jogging over to her.

"Maxie, what the hell happened?" Were his first words to her.

Maxie sighed. "Well hello to you too, Dad."

"Maxie …"

"I was just driving along, minding my own business, when this guy comes out of nowhere …" She looked over at said guy. He was being loaded onto a stretcher and still murmuring the word or the name "Hope". She turned back to Mac. "It was a complete accident, I am serious."

"You better hope so, Maxie," Mac said. "I really don't want you going down for vehicular manslaughter."

Maxie's bones immediately chilled. She so did not need to hear this right now. "Manslaughter? I don't think so!" she snapped. "It was an accident. As soon as this guy comes around, he will tell you that."

"If he comes around," Mac said somberly and Maxie rolled her eyes. She was surprised though when Mac suddenly pulled her into his arms and gave her a tight hug. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Tears moistened her eyes anew. "Yeah… I mean, I could have killed a guy but …" She wasn't going to tell him about Matt and the other woman now. "It's just … Well, thanks for the hug."


Mac surveyed the damage and then told Maxie that she needed to head home and stay there, as if he sensed somehow that she was ready to flee town for good. She understood then that she wasn't free and clear on hitting this guy. Even if it had been an accident …

He tucked her back into her severely damaged Lexus and told her to drive home safely. She nodded even though she had no intention of going home right now. No, she had things to do, people to see …