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The crackling of a radio made itself present as it echoed through the old abandoned factory, reverbing sounds hitting the surrounding tin walls and roof, collectively zoning in like a radar back at its recipient. Fumbling for the device to silence the static, a frantic voice of a male, suddenly burst through the system and could be heard faintly through the factory simultaneously, "Help! I am need assistance; I've loca-" the radio abruptly cutting out.

Pulling the side radio closer to his mouth Paul called out, "James!?... Come in James, talk to me buddy"

Paul moved towards a large opening in the tin wall, of where his voice would seem to have been coming from, leading to a back alley. Keeping his gun raised and fixed in front of him, Paul carefully stepped out of the opening and into the back alley taking in his surroundings. Checking both high and low he cleared and moved forward, a cross alley connected not far up ahead, to where he could only see legs protruding from the behind the wall. Cautiously, Paul kept moving forward slowly, now reaching the sight of a slumped body, he lowered his gun.

"James!", Paul's voice strained to keep quite as he went to shout. Leaning down he felt for a pulse, relieved to have found a faint one. He had only been knocked out. Reaching for his radio, Paul was shocked and confused to find it was no longer there. Raising his gun on high alert to the sound of movement behind him he rotated quickly, but to find no one in the vicinity of the area. Both to the left and right were clear in the alley. His eyes frantically searched for any movement, but to no avail.

"Reveal yourself!"

Not a sound could be heard.

"Come in willingly" his voice of authority cracking at the eerie sound of quietness.

Remembering that James should have a radio he turned back, only to find brick wall and the concrete ground. No trace of a body even being there was evident, not even the gun, which had been at James's side. A shaky breath now left his mouth, his hands too, shaking slightly at the situation he was now in. Checking his surrounding area, he was once again met with nothing. Nervous and disturbed he opened his mouth, with stronger authority, "Now you listen to me!".

Hearing footsteps in the background was the least of Paul's problems, before he could even turn to the sounds source, he had now left the ground, being airlessly thrown into the near wall of where James once lay. Of where he now lay. Barely conscious, Paul shifted his aching body to now look above him, his eyesight completely blurry due to the hard knock his head just received. They moved slowly becoming closer towards him now, as his vision started to clear a little he was met with a face of a young woman who was staring right into his eyes. The girls eyes were burning with furry, confidence and… power as she now leant down, her face now inches from his own.

"No you listen. Listen to my question's and then you answer" that was laced with authority, it was strict and in all honesty quite frightening.

Paul stayed quite as his eyes grew bigger at the realization, of whom she was. Although she had a hood covering most of her face there was no denying whom he was face-to-face with. The woman was inches from his face but as she stepped back a few paces, the backdrop was no longer a brick wall behind the girl, but the top of a roof and the late afternoon sky above them.

Paul could barely keep his heart rate under check, I must've blacked out… What the fuck is going on?! He couldn't help but feel restricted, confirming this was the failed attempt of moving his arms. He couldn't. He was stuck, paralyzed. Has she injected me with something?

"You're name probably isn't even Paul, is it?" she had stated, like already knowing the answer, not waiting for the reply, "Are there more of you? Are you apart of the organization? ... Now think carefully on these questions...'Paul' because I'll know if your lying" her eyes quickly snapped bellow his feet then back up to connect with his eyes.

Curious as to what the girl had been looking at, he moved his head slightly to find the familiar alleyway he was once in, not five minutes ago, now metres bellow his dangling feet. His breath hitched at the sight, his heart rate now pounding erratically.

"Paul?... Focus" she drawled, but still with a sense of urgency.

"I-I was hired…"

"Don't lie to me! Why are you after me? Who is your leader? " she moved forward quicker then his eyes could pick up as she stood on the edge of the building.

He knew his purpose, he was instilled with the training for this, perhaps not exactly this situation but he knew and accepted what may follow, he had to, as was his mission.

Taking a deep breath he stated firmly, "We will always be able to find you and eventually capture you. There is no escape, no crevice you can hide in. You can continue to run, but as you can see… Beca…. we will always catch up to you"

She had heard enough. Summoning him forward, slowly, he was now tippy-toeing on the edge of the building of where Beca stood.

Extending her arm out she reached for his collar, her arm froze in place as a gunshot hit the brick wall inches from Paul's and subsequently, Beca's head.


Before he could even finish her name, she grabbed Paul's collar, throwing him behind her onto the roof as she took his place without hesitating.

The agent looked on in astonishment as her figure disappeared rapidly between the gaps of the roofs. Rushing to the edge past his fallen agent, he aimed his gun bellow to find no trace. Turning abruptly in pursuit to find Paul pretty shaken, continuing to walk past him "Get the fuck up Paul, I want you at the station. Now! and here take this!" he tossed an earpiece to the agent struggling to get up.

Now broadcasting into his own earpiece "This is Stevens, code aurora. She has a white hoodie on and black pants, moving through the alleyway out the back of the factory, on Johnstons Street. Confirm?"

"Confirmed sighting on said street, she's using the crowd though" another agent replied.

Stevens quickly using a fire escape made his way to the ground, joining the pursuit.

"Keep casual team. Original plan is still in effect. Paul is on route to the station"

"Good. She'll box herself in the fool!"

Ugh fucking amateurs! Why the fuck did I get assigned with this team? Stevens scolded mentally.

"Now listen to me team, to underestimate this woman, you are the fool. Do not allow her to have the upper hand from your stupidity, because it will end with your life"

Silence, a sign of understanding Stevens hoped. Now rounding the corner he could spot his team in various areas, pacing towards the target amongst the crowd.

"Route changed. Repeat she has just walked into the Arcadia Mall located just off Johnston Street. In pursuit"

Stevens clamored over heads to get a confirmed view of the hooded woman moving into the mall.

"Get me an agent on the security camera's asap. Holster your weapons. Stay natural, keep alert"

Finally reaching the entrance of the walk in mall, Stevens made his way forward, his jacket covering his holstered firearm, leaving the clasp unlocked. Coming to a large round water fountain piece, Stevens stopped to survey the area.

Currently on the first level, there were escalators in front of the fountain, a food court to the right of Stevens, and was surrounded by clothing stores, amongst others. His gaze coming around to the left, over the light blue fountain, his eyes now stopped and locked on a white hooded woman staring right back at him. Not a move between either people. Stevens face stern, towards his target basically mocking him. People moving around them, a crowd made there way past and enveloped the girl as they went by. Stevens began to follow the crowd, his intuition confirmed, as he looked back to find the girl no longer standing by the fountain. The group moved towards the escalators, heading up.

"Suspect is on level 2, she's on the escalators using a group as cover, near the mall's main entrance" Stevens observed the group closely as he stepped onto the escalator, "Where is my agent on the camera's?!" he hissed.

The group above him now stepped off and he could not spot the girl anywhere as they disbanded.

"Sir, Miller was posted there on entry. We haven't heard from him as yet"

Dammit! His thoughts exploding at the possibilities of where she had disappeared to as he reached the second floor. There is no time for that, his best bet now was to inspect the cameras. Stevens walked with haste to the security room, having taken mental note of its location from the mall map downstairs.

Rounding the corner of an office type area, the security room door was left ajar. Un-holstering his gun he nudge the door open, the room was found to be clear, except for Miller knocked unconscious handcuffed to the metal supporting of the built in desk. Moving forward, Stevens sighted that the agents' gun had been left on the desk panel of the CCTV camera set up, along with the office phone off the hook.

"Sir we are flanking the girl! Repeat. She is making her way out of the mall, we are closing in on her!"

Something didn't make sense… surveying the office Stevens now noticed a bullet hole in left wall of where he stood. His mind going into overload, How was no one alerted by the shot?

His eyes now locked onto the CCTV system display, now spotting his team on one of the camera feeds of the mall exit, closing in on the girl in the white hood. Stevens thoughts on the matter ceased as a faint inaudible voice resonated bellow from the phone. His hand reached for the phone, bringing it close.

"Mam? Mam are you still there? We have sent Police to your location"

SHIT! Someone most definitely and purposefully had been alerted by the to alert his team they instead interrupted him.

"Sir we believe she has a weapon, permission to use force!" more of a statement then a question.

Stevens eyes snapped to the camera feed, seeing the agent pulling for his gun.

"Negative! That is a negative! Abort mission we have been compromised!"

Before the team could respond, police forces had now flooded the area, swarming around his team and screaming at the agent who had his gun half drawn.

Stevens eyes bulged, as the girl's white hood fell running for protection, she wasn't even the right target. It had all been a ploy, a distraction, and his team had fallen right into it.

He called it in, "This is Stevens of code aurora. Need a clean up team on Arcadia Mall ASAP"

Cleaning the phone of his prints, Stevens then moved to the back exit of the office space on level 2. Moving through the area he dashed down the stairs leading out to a back alley, knowing full well of where the girl was going. He raced to the destination, bumping people here and there, leaping over objects in his path.

One more block. Better warn him.

"PAUL! This is Steven's she is on route to you. Do not let her slip past you! You have to use the dose, conceal yourself and jump her. If need be, you have permission to wound her. Do you copy?!"

Paul had made it to the station a while back, surveying the area constantly he sat himself on a bench of the platform she would be using if she was to come here. The train schedule lined up with the current time, if she was to escape by train this was the only one leaving for a while. Still shaken up a bit from the event he tried to calm himself, taking deep breaths he readied his gun, keeping it holstered with the syringe secured loosely around his wrist under the sleeve of the jacket.

His earpiece crackled catching words here and there, being underground it disrupted the frequency. It sounded urgent, "She's o-nn route…. to you-u.

U-use… the-e dose…..shhhhhhhh Permiss- -ion to wounn-nd… Co-opy?"

Adrenaline started pumping through Paul, his shaking increased, "Copy Sir!".

At full and high alert Paul continued to sit at the bench. This position was of no use, she could easily slip past him. Giving himself an internal pep talk, Paul eventually made his way off the bench and began naturally walking down the platform, surveying everything and everybody. Paul's heartbeat skipped a little as he eyed a white hooded girl making her way down the stairs on the far end of the platform. It was her, he knew it. Casually making his way back around, to the other end, he readied the syringe along with double-checking his gun holster was unclasped. She now stood at the edge of the platform, just like many others, she appeared to be waiting for the train. Casual walking turned into slightly cautious, as he was getting closer. This time he had the upper hand, she doesn't seem to have spotted him. Oh shit, breaking his pattern, she began to turn around, quickly he stepped right to now stand in front of a vending machine, acting as if interested. He watched her reflection, with hitched breath, from the glass of the vending machine. She seemed to just be casually looking around, it stopped however towards the far right, eyeing something behind a brick wall, due to the obstruction Paul could not see. Waiting for a short moment, she now moved behind the brick wall, hastily Paul backed away from the machine and followed. Carefully approaching the wall, Paul made the bold decision to continue forward. She was on one of the public payphones, however he couldn't hear what was being said.

I need to get closer.

"Sir, if you can hear me I have the target in sight, platform 4 near the payphones. I-I'm going in" barely a whisper as he made the call. Paul took one deep breath and walked towards the girl, the syringe at the ready he began to raise his arm with the intent of plunging the item into her neck. It happened all to quickly though as the plan backfired. The white hooded girl spun around, grabbing the syringe from under his wrist and enveloping him into a hug, he felt the needle slide into his neck with the content being emptied. Feeling dizzy Paul could barely keep his eyes open, but they bulged as they connected with the steely blue that were filled with angst, such a look shook him to the core. She stepped away as he was now sitting against a bench that he had been sat on. Sleep threatened to overcome him but not before he heard the reverberations of an incoming train. His head slumped against his chest but fought the urge to shut his eyes, watching as the train now pulled to its stop. She left the now empty syringe in his lap and turned as the doors opened, making her way on and stood off to the side, still visible through the windows.

Stevens powered through the station and down the stairs of platform 4, adrenaline at its peak. Reaching the bottom his eyes bulged at the sight of the stationed train, moving quickly down the platform in a frantic search for the target or agent, he instead locked eyes through the window of the carriage, with the hooded woman, the correct one this time. The doors had closed before he had a chance to react, time felt slower as he didn't tear his eyes away, nor did she. His eyes were filled with anger and bore into hers, no words needed to be said, for the gaze spoke for itself, asserting a devilish smirk. Her only response was directing her eyes to the right of where he stood, and then back to his, as she then disengaged the staring war, moving up further on the carriage, disappearing as the train now left the station.

Casting his eyes to where she had, he now found his agent past out on a bench. His teeth clenched, whipping his head around to the tunnel of where his target had escaped.

Beca exhaled deeply as the beginnings of an electrical whisper of the train departing filled her ears, her eyes did not deter from Stevens she asserted her strength through the gaze.

He had been after her for a long time and was persistent in this chase, but Beca was once again prevalent. Beca had enough of his sight, deciding to move up the carriage, the darkness of the tunnel quickly swallowed the afternoon light and view. Finding an empty seat she sat down feeling the weight of the day descend down with her, exhaling once again as she stared out the window.

Where to now?

In all truth, it was exhausting for Beca. Nowhere was home, anywhere was the next place of origin. How is she meant to live with this constant threat hovering over her every move? It was suffocating to say the least. She would never show it but Beca knew the depths of the words spoken at her by 'Paul'.

There was no crevice to hide in.

This was an endless chase on loop that is her life.

Where does it end? Beca sat there pensive, not moving an inch but keeping her wits about her surroundings. There isn't one moment she isn't constantly looking over her shoulder, even sleep seemed to be a rare commodity, how could she when at any moment these people could burst in and kill her, or worse be taken in to be experimented on. That was her guess anyway, with what she was able to do it only made logical sense they would want to know how. Not to mention the numerous amount of times they have had the chance to kill her, but haven't. Even in the tightest of situations where she had escaped, warning shots, like earlier are more common.

It was always tiring but Beca had to put that at the back of her mind. For allowing these thoughts to consume her, would be her own undoing. With that said, it of course has taken its toll on Beca over the years, more mentally then physically. But like this organization that was after her, she was persistent, and was not about to go down without a fight.

Her phone suddenly vibrated, answering quickly, "I'm alright"

"Good, are you on your way back?"

"Yes, I will be there soon. We need to leave"

"Yeah I thought as much. I will have us packed and ready by the time you get here"

Silence ensued for a brief moment.

"Where are we going to go?"

"I'm not sure yet, just… be ready"

"I will. Be safe"

"You too"

With that Beca hung up the phone. It was a secure line that had been set up, which for now, she found reliable. Reliable, trustworthy, such words to be applied to anything or anyone for Beca hardly exist in her life. Only the other person on the end of that line, did she truly trust.

The time on her phone reads: 5:42pm.