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Chapter One
By Firefly-chan

Kyoto, Japan

He felt out of place here. Like he didn't belong. How could he when he just moved here, anyway? He didn't know anyone, and despite my his day of school in Kyoto just got over five minutes ago, he STILL didn't know anyone. He shifted uncomfortably, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. He was standing basically in the middle of the field to the school, not really sure what he was waiting for. He should've been starting back home already instead of just standing there. Other students brushed past him, not even paying any attention that he was there. He glanced over his shoulder, noting that the field was scattered with only a dozen people or so. The rest had gone home.

'What you should be doing.' He reminded myself wryly. 'Why are you just standing here like an idiot?'

Truth was, he really didn't know. His legs didn't seem willing to move.

It could've been because of the two boys that were standing next to him, glancing over at him every so often. He really didn't know why they hadn't gone home yet. They were probably waiting for their ride to pick them up or something. But once in awhile they'd turn towards him, open their mouths as if to speak before closing them again and turning back around, seeming troubled. Was he really that hard of a person to talk to? He figured it'd be rather easy. You open your mouth, words come out, he listens, he replies. 'They're having trouble doing this, though.' Joey thought, snickering inwardly.

He didn't know why he had such bad luck with people. He loved to talk...but he didn't like to be the one who says anything first. He waited for people to talk to him. If they don't talk to him then why would he talk to you? That's always been his theory. But usually it backfires. People tend to think he's a bit snooty and full of himself when it's really just the opposite. He wasn't the least bit egotistical, he just didn't like to start conversations. What's wrong with that? But he'd much rather be ignored by the whole school then be the laughing stock of it. Preferred it a lot better.

He rolled his eyes when he saw the white haired boy turn to him again, about to speak. He held out a hand, turning to face them. "Don't." He said lightly. "Since you obviously have speaking problems, I guess I'll speak for you." He smiled dryly, holding out his hand to him. "I'm Joey."

The white haired boy looked up at him before back down at his hand. Slowly, he took it, gently shaking it. "Um," He started, blinking. "I'm Ryou." He rested a hand on his blonde friend's shoulder. "And this is Yugi."

Joey nodded shortly, releasing his grip on his hand and dropping his arms to his side. "Nice to meet the both of you." He dropped his bag to the ground, stretching back a bit. "What are you two waiting for?"

"My brother." Ryou said, making a face. "He was suppose to pick us up but he's a bit late..."

"Obviously." He added, smirking. "I'm new here." He continued, not really caring that they didn't ask him. "And I'm suppose to walk home but I was kind of reluctant to do that."

"Where do you live?" Yugi asked, flicking a piece of his blonde hair from his eyes.

"A couple blocks away from here." He answered; leaning back against a large oak that rested beside him. "But I don't really want to go there. I hate the house I live in."

"What's wrong with it?" The white haired boy inquired, dropping his book bag to the ground as well.

"It's too big." He sighed, shaking my head. "Way too big. And I mean like the kind of big that you can get lost in. We don't even need all that room. It's just my mom and I."

"Oh." Yugi offered him an empathetic smile. "Um, I'm sorry?"

"There's nothing to be sorry about." He bent down and picked up his bag, sliding the strap over his shoulder. "Speaking of my mom, I should probably get home before she goes out looking for me." He raised his hand in a short wave before brushing past them and heading off across the street.

"Wait!" Joey stopped and turned around, raising an eyebrow as he saw them hurrying after him.

"Yeah?" He started once they reached his side. "What?"

"Well, um," Yugi nibbled on his lower lip, glancing over at Ryou. "Did you finish the paper we were assigned for Geography?"

They beamed when he shook his head in a no. "Great!" He said, wrapping his hand around his arm and tugging lightly. "Neither did we. We can go to your house and finish it together."

He stared blankly at them as they dragged him along. "What's with the sudden desire to go to my house?" He asked, pulling his arm out of Yugi's grasp.

They both stopped, several feet ahead of him, and looked at each other. Ryou looked down, sighing, "Okay, truthfully, the reason we want to go to your house is because we think we know which one you moved into."

Yugi nodded, his eyes going bright again. "Yeah. Is it the one that sits in a corner across from a small brick apartment?"

He blinked and nodded. Their smiles grew again.

"Um," Yugi laughed, scratching the back of his head. "The reason why we want to go in that house so much is because…well, it's been there for as long as we remember." He glanced to Ryou. "We've always wanted to see what it looked like on the inside but no one we knew ever lived in it. But you do! And we know you! Er, at least well enough…"

He rolled his eyes again. 'Great, I'm being taken advantage of on my first day at school. But whatever. At least they talked to me instead of ignoring me.' He thought.

"What about your brother?" Joey asked, looking at Ryou. "Won't he wonder where you two went off to?"

Ryou raised his shoulders in a small shrug. "I can call him when we get to your house." He paused, looking at the other pleadingly. "Please, can we go? We won't be a bother. All we want to do is see the house."

Joey raised a finger to his chin, as if contemplating on this although he already knew the answer. "Okay," He said finally. "But on one condition. We have to at least finish our Geography assignment and not just look at the house the whole time we're there."

They both nodded their heads up and down, looking a bit over excited. 'Jeez. It's just a house. What's the big deal?' I thought, snorting softly.

Obviously it was more than he thought.


It was a large brick house with black, marble shingles resting a top of it. By the looks of it, you would guess that it must've cost a fortune. And it did. A lot of money, to be exact. The front door was large and wooden with a diamond-shape glass stained window at the top of it. Joey glanced back at Ryou and Yugi, who were standing a few feet behind him, and placed his hand on the brass doorknob, twisting it and pushing the door open.

"Here is it." He said, stepping inside, placing his bookbag on the floor. "It's kind of cluttered because we haven't had a chance to unpack all the crates and boxes yet."

They moved inside as well, Ryou shutting the door behind him. With large eyes, they stared at their surroundings.

When you first went inside there was a pair of stairs that lead to the second floor and off to the right was a doorframe that led into the living room. Up the stairs to the second floor was a long hallway with around six or five rooms. At the end of the hall was another pair of stairs that led to the third floor and then another on the third floor that led to the fourth floor. So, all in all, the house had four floors. But there was an attic, you just needed a ladder to get up to it.

"Wow." Ryou murmured. "It's so nice." He glanced at Joey. "How much did your mother pay for it?"

"Too much." He answered, shaking his head and starting off into the living room with the two younger boys at his heels. "Around five hundred twenty five thousand." He waved a hand around him. "And we don't even need this big of a house."

"What does your mother do?" They both asked in unison, gaping at me.

"Doctor." He responded lightly, sinking onto the couch. "And she's taking up writing. But she hasn't finished anything yet."

Yugi and Ryou slowly sat down on the couch across from him. Ryou ran his hand lightly over the black leather of it, looking down. "This house has a cellar, doesn't it?" He asked, looking back up.

Joey cracked an eye open, frowning. "Yeah, it does." He sat up, rubbing a hand over his face. "It's in the basement. But we can't get it open."

"What do you mean?" Yugi questioned, placing his bag by his feet.

"Just what I said." He replied, leaning back against the couch again. "We can't get it open. Either it's locked or it's stuck. The door won't budge." He eyed Ryou. "Why do you want to know?"

"I was just wondering." The white haired teen replied softly, casting a slow glance about him. "This house is quite old and a lot of old houses have cellars. I just wanted to see if I was right." He hesitated for a fraction of a second, looking doubtfully at Joey. "Can I see it?"

The blonde teen drew out a long breath, but slowly came to a stand. "I don't know why you would want to." He muttered, turning and starting to the doorframe off to the left. "But if you want."

They passed into a large white kitchen, and Joey led them beside the fridge where a wooden door was. He opened it, revealing a pair of stairs leading downward into darkness. He reached inside, feeling around on the wall for something before flicking on the light switch. He looked behind him again at Ryou and Yugi. "Just don't trip and kill yourself." He said quietly before leading them down the steps.

"Watch out for the boxes and make sure not to knock anything over." The blonde warned, weaving himself through the obstacles that stood in his way. "I don't want my mother to kill me."

"Where is your mom, anyway?" Yugi asked from behind him.

"She's not going to be back until tomorrow morning." Joey answered after a moment of slight silence. "She had to go to Nagoya, where we use to live, to finish a few things." He reached the end of the basement, speaking before the other two had a chance. "Here's the cellar door." He noted quietly, running a hand over the steel door.

Ryou gently pushed Joey and Yugi aside, frowning and looking over the door. After a couple of minutes of silence, he spoke, "This isn't a cellar. Cellar's don't have steel doors." He turned around, looking at Joey. "It's a safe room. Used mainly for shelter from tornado's." He turned back to the door, resting his hand on the handle. "You can't open it because it IS locked." He pressed the pads against his fingers on the lock.

"Why would a safe room have a lock?" He asked, incredulous.

"So it's harder to open." He replied, pressing his fingers more against the lock. "It's obviously a big lock. You see, if you didn't have a lock for the door then it would easily be ripped open by the force of the tornado. But if you did have a lock then it wouldn't be that easy." He glanced back at him. "Are you following me?"

"Yeah, I guess." Joey said slowly, backing away a bit. "I'll have to tell my mom that when she gets back." He turned and started back for the stairs. "Are we done here?"

Ryou nodded. "Yes. I suppose."

"Then lets go." Joey said, pausing on the first step. "You still need to call your brother, Ryou. Then we can work on that assignment."


Joey yawned, hitting his head against the Geography book. He hardly keep his eyes open and they weren't even halfway finished when the assignment. He looked up again, sighing when he saw that Ryou and Yugi had fallen asleep on the couch. The blonde stood up, brushing off his clothes and stretching his arms high above him. Yawning again, he circled around the coffee table, and gently shook Ryou.

"Wake up," He whispered. "You guys need to call your parents and go home. Don't we have school tomorrow?"

"No," Ryou muttered, turning his head to the side. "Teacher inservice."

Joey paused, standing there for a moment, looking dumbfounded. "How come no one ever tells me these things?" He muttered, turning around and starting for the kitchen.

He opened the fridge, glancing around for a moment before pulling out a can of pop. He moved to the cupboard next to the refrigerator, opening it and going through the cans of soup and bread, knowing that he had hid some chocolate some where in here. He blinked when he felt his hand close around something square, and what it felt like, wood. He pulled his hand from the cupboard, noting with surprise that he had caught hold of some kind of little case.

"What's this?" He muttered to himself, flicking open the tiny little lock on the case and pushing it open. Resting inside, was a small silver key. "Hmm? A key?"

He removed the key from the case, fingering it gently. "I wonder why it's in here." He studied the key for a few more seconds before shaking his head and dropping it in his pocket. He returned to looking through the cupboard, and found a chocolate bar a minute or two later.

Smiling and with soda and candy bar in hand, he returned back to the living room. He sat back down on the couch, placing the can on the coffee table. Ryou and Yugi were still asleep. 'They'll have to wake up sooner or later, though,' He thought to himself. 'If they're going to spend the night they need to call and tell their parents.'

"Hey, you guys." Joey said, speaking loudly. "Wake up."

He sighed when he received no response from the two.

'I'll get them up later,' He thought, leaning back on the couch. He stared at the ceiling for a long moment before sighing, dropping his candy bar to the ground, and falling asleep.


It was such a soft, quiet sound that you could barely notice it. The glass fell backwards but being caught before it could break. A glove hand snaked through the newly cut whole of the window, finding the lock and pushing it aside. The hand disappeared, but a moment after the window was forced open and cautiously three people emitted themselves through the window and onto the fourth floor.

"How many people?" One of the masked figures asked softly.

"Three." The other replied. "But they shouldn't even hear or know that we're here. But all the same, the power is cut and the doors and windows are bolted shut if they happen to find out. I think they're asleep, though."

"What if they have weapons?"

"So do we." Said the last one, pulling out an AMT backup pistol from his jacket. "But I don't think they do. And even if they did, I don't think they'd know. They're just kids. No older then fourteen or fifteen."

"We're not exactly that old ourselves, Seto." The first one muttered, taking the gun from his hand. "We're only seventeen."

"Old enough." The other responded coolly, taking out another gun from his jacket and handing it to the second figure. "Old enough, Yami."

"Let's just go." The second one hissed, becoming impatient. "We have a lot to do since we don't even know where what we want it. How will we even know if it's if we see it?"

"It's triangular." The one called Yami said, annoyed. "It's golden. It's basically a puzzle."

"Nice description." The other mumbled, opening the closest door to him, a closet. He went through it, pushing the towels and such aside.

"I'm going on the first floor." Seto directed, turning around the railing and down the stairs. "I just want to check where exactly those three are."

"Yeah, yeah." Bakura muttered, closing the closet door and starting down the hall.

Seto shook his head, starting down the stairs. It took him about two minutes to finally reach the bottom floor. Quietly, he reached the final platform, slowly making his way into the living room. It took him a couple of moments to realize that the three young teenage boys were all asleep on the couch. He stood in the doorframe, watching them sleep quietly for a moment before turning back and starting up the stairs again.

'There is no possible way we're going to be able to do this without them waking up,' Seto thought, hand trailing the railing.

And he was right.

End Chapter One.

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