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On the evening of July 17th the blade of fate fell upon the life of Ichigo Kurosaki. So far her brief nine years of life had been full of blissful ignorance and love. She had grown up in a loving home with a devoted mother and a crazy and clingy father and two twin sisters. Her days were filled with school, karate and homework mixed with ridiculous family events her father orchestrated on a regular basis. It was a dream life for the young girl and unfortunately that would all end tonight. A tragedy was set to unfold as the many forces moved in the shadows creating circumstances that would only lead to greater ruin. The day began as many did before for the Kurosaki family. Ichigo got ready for school as her mother began to cook breakfast for the family of five. The doorbell rang as usual and Masaki opened the door to Ichigo's friend, Tatsuki Arisawa. She had short black hair and a super cocky smile. She would give a small bow and good morning before would Masaki invited her in to wait for Ichigo. The family ate breakfast together quickly and then went their separate ways; Isshin opened the clinic, Ichigo left with Tatsuki to go to school and Masaki watched the twins, Yuzu and Karin. Isshin would head out in the afternoon to watch Ichigo's karate practice and then lead her home. Isshin never missed a night of Ichigo's karate as he always spoiled his eldest daughter. He arrived shortly after the practice began and watched the two girls practice the various forms and moves with the group before the separated into pairs and began to spar. Ichigo and Tatsuki once again faced off against each other like they did every practice. Their fight ended in the same result as every other bout, Ichigo on her butt crying. That is until she saw her dad smiling and giving her a thumbs up. Ichigo ran up to her father to give him a hug before the two left.

Ichigo walked under the umbrella her father held protecting her from the downpour of rain falling from the sky. The two were traveling past the river since Isshin had promised Ichigo some ice cream due to how well she did at practice. The water level was high as it roared past due to the unusually strong storm. Ichigo looked out toward the water and glimpsed a woman standing too close to the water as a new rush of water moved toward her. Ichigo pulled away from her father and rushed toward the young girl trying desperately to get her attention. Isshin saw not only the form of the girl but also the more menacing one behind it... a hollow. He cursed his current lack of power as the hollow moved to attack his eldest daughter. Throwing himself on top of Ichigo he took the life ending attack meant for Ichigo. A small charm created by Masaki filled with her spiritual energy exploded in a flash of blue light trying to protect the two Kurosakis. It forced the hollow to retreat back to Hueco Mundo even as the elder Kurosaki took his last breath.

Isshin gasped as he felt his life slipping away slowly. He wasn't sure what it meant to die in his current condition and what it would do to Masaki, since his powers were holding the hollow infection inside her at bay. Unfortunately the effects on Masaki would not be pleasant and would be further reaching than he could imagine. Isshin closed his eyes as his heartbeat slowed to a stop his body resting above the unconscious form of his last living daughter. He had no idea if he would move on to Soul Society because he was currently human or rejoin the cycle and be reborn a human. It was likely the first time this had occurred. He could only hope things would work out he thought as his body shutdown and he passed on. It was at this time that someone finally made it to the scene of tragedy. A black cat appeared next to the body of Isshin that in a puff of smoke changed into that of a young dark skinned woman. She sighed sadly as she brushed her dark hair out of her bright golden yellow eyes. She didn't even acknowledge her lack of clothes as she pushed the body of Isshin over to check on the child underneath. Seeing the child yet breathed she smiled in relief before picking the child up and disappearing in a flash.

Just a few blocks away Masaki Kurosaki was toiling away in her kitchen preparing dinner for that evening. When Ichigo witnessed the 'endangered girl' she felt her reiatsu spike to levels she had never previously displayed. Her greatest concern regarding this sudden emergence was the panic and worry that filled her reiatsu. That was, of course, until the presence of the lurking hollow made itself known. Masaki dropped the bowl she currently held. The sound of shattering ceramic drew the twins from the living room. Before she could move she felt the burst of her charm and then the pain began. Although most of the power of the hollow that infected her had passed on to her first daughter, unknown to either parent, the small remainder immediately had begun to attack when the Shinigami influence provided by Isshin weakened. She collapsed as the soul suicide worsened. The twins ran up to their mother worried as she collapsed to the ground. It was at this time that her Quincy powers suddenly disappeared ceasing the soul suicide. The process didn't kill her outright due to the hollow and weakening shinigami influences in her. Many would think this a good thing but instead of dying she began to turn into a hollow. The room erupted in black spiritual pressure, throwing her children back as her physical body exploded and moments later a body resembling an overgrown hawk formed with her face still present before a white substance erupted from her mouth forming a mask with a sharp pointed beak. She roared in unbridled hunger before taking in the scents moving through the air.

Two scents overwhelmed her brain as her eyes locked on to movement in the corner. A whimper came from the two young souls cowered in the corner away from the monster that was once their mother. She moved faster than the two could see stabbing her claws into both simultaneously killing them both and pulling their souls free. In a second she devoured Yuzu and focused her attention on her black haired daughter. Karin was still awake and small amounts of spiritual energy came off of her in wisps of white light. The hollow Masaki roared before quickly devouring her spiritual powerful daughter as her spirit energy grew rapidly. Once the spiritual turbulence calmed the room grew eerily quiet. The splattering sound of drops of water hitting the ground froze the newly formed hollow as it looked intelligently at the wet spots on the floor. A portal to Hueco Mundo opened as Masaki's form retreated into its black depths trails of water flowing down its mask. The last sign of a loving mother lost to the endless violence and hunger of Hueco Mundo.

Two men appeared simultaneously at the Kurosaki home just as the hollow signature disappeared. A man in a dark cloak with white diamonds climbed into the home through a hole in the front wall. He immediately looked for signs of life midst the damaged interior despite the lack of any spiritual presence. He adjusted his green and white striped bucket hat down to hide his eyes in the shadow of its brim. The other man carried an umbrella keeping his white suit and hair from getting wet. He adjusted his glasses before stepping into the wrecked home heading toward one spot of rubble with signs of blood splatter around it. He moved around the debris to find the small bodies of the twins torn with signs of being impaled by something large. Reaching to the wrist of the brown haired one he pulled away a silver bracelet with a small cross on it. He sighed quietly as he pulled the two clear of the house as the paramedics began to arrive. The other man continued his examination of the house until a ring came from his pocket. He answered it quickly before going silent as he listened to the caller for a minute giving a short acknowledgement before hanging up. He turned to the man in white that was now red with blood of the two bodies he had moved.

"Yoruichi found Ichigo and Isshin. Isshin was killed by a hollow but his charm filled with reiatsu activated in time to protect Ichigo. She was unconscious and is back at my shop." he informed his companion.

"Urahara Kisuke as the God Father I expect you to take good care of her. I, Ishida Ryuken, swear on my pride as 'The Last Quincy' that if you fail in this duty I will kill you." Ryuken threatened the shopkeeper. A not so silent gulp came from his throat as he nodded at the Quincy.

"Yoruichi and I will treat her as we would if she was our own child." Urahara promised before disappearing in a flash back to his shop.

The ambulance arrived at the scene as paramedics rushed to Ryuken witnessing the tragedy to strike the home that night. Although even years later investigators never found a cause of the explosion or the cause of death for the two girls and the father across town or the missing mother. Foul play was suspected for years by investigators but no suspects were ever found.

Yoruichi entered the small bedroom quietly shutting the door behind her. She had only left the young child alone long enough to change into clothes. Kisuke and Ryuken would finish their investigation at the clinic and be back shortly with Ryuken staying behind briefly to handle paramedics and police. She sat down next to the futon and sighed as she gently brushed the unconscious girls hair from her face. It wasn't going to be pleasant explaining what happened but at least they found her before she came to underneath the dead body of her father. There was only one person to blame for all this tragedy, Aizen. That man had his fingers in everything right now.

"I swear to you Ichigo. Aizen will suffer for the pain he has caused you. I have no doubt that he was involved in this tragedy and I will see him suffer for it." Yoruichi promised to Ichigo's unconscious form. A quiet knock vame at the door before it slid open silently.

"Pardon me, Yoruichi-dono. Kisuke asked for me to check up on you and Ichigo-san. I can help you get her cleaned up and healed while keeping her under with kido." Tessai offered on seeing the muddy form of Ichigo.

"That would be a good idea. Without you keeping her unconscious she might panic if she woke up naked in a new place." Yoruichi replied as Tessai kneeled next to Ichigo's head. Placing his hands on either side of her head a faint glow of white radiated out of them briefly before he moved around and lifted her easily.

The two moved quietly through the hall to a bathroom. A half hour later the two moved back through the hall with Tessai carrying a now clean Ichigo dressed in a simple white yukata. Yoruichi led Tessai to her room rather than the guest room, which needed to be clean, and had Tessai set Ichigo down on the clean futon. Tessai remained kneeling next to Ichigo and positioned his hands about a foot above her before a soft green glow filled the room. His healing kido took almost immediatr effect as Ichigo's skin regained a healthy tone and several cuts and bruises faded. After a few minutes a spark of red and black energy shot off her body and struck Tessai's hand producing a small burn. Yoruichi's eyes widened in shock at the sudden burst when another burst, this time blue shot out and left a scorch on the ceiling. Tessai ceased his healing as any further adding og reiatsu to the mix would only exacerbate the problem.

"Tessai, what's happening?" Yoruichi asked letting a little of her concern for her godchild slip into her tone.

"I have to call the boss. He warned me this might happen." Tessai said as calmly as possible before rushing to a phone never answering Yoruichi's question much to her annoyance.

She paced the room getting more irritated as the sparks of spirit energy became more frequent and violent. The blue became a black with blue outline on occasion as the red and black became just red. Each of these fluctuations felt distinctly a mixture of Quincy, Quincy/Shinigami, Hollow, and Vizard which only scared her more. Kisuke better have a good explanation as to why her goddaughter had hollow reiatsu as well as why he suspected this would happen otherwise he might wake up to claws in the face for the next few nights.

The door slammed open as Kisuke rushed in the room carrying a small box that seemed very familiar to Yoruichi. Behind him Tessai entered and immediately moved into casting a time freezing kido and then transportation kido. A few seconds later Yoruichi realized they were an area similiar to the training ground underneath the shoten but different. Then she saw a group that she hadn't seen in almost 100 years, the Vizards.

"Kisuke, what the hell is happening?" Yoruichi growled trying to mask her increasing sense of dread with anger.

"Ichigo's powers are out of balance because of Isshin's death and what Ryuken said appears to be Auschwalen. Katagiri is in a coma and will die and that is also why Masaki became a hollow." Kisuke answered quickly leaving a very confused Yoruichi.

"Masaki became a hollow? Then the twins?" Yoruichi asked softly.

"Dead and if we don't act quickly Ichigo will follow. The Vizards will help contain Ichigo if she starts to turn but we need to implant this if we want her to survive." Urahara said holding up the small box.

"Is that what I think..." Yoruichi started upon recognizing the box.

"Yes it is. Now help me save our daughter." Urahara pleaded as he kneeled next to Ichigo and opened the box.