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Chapter 29

Perseus' POV

I looked around at everyone. We all looked tired, understandably so. Thalia was collapsed on the floor and must have freed Annabeth. Annabeth was crouched over her trying to get her to sit up. Zoe and Phoebe were walking over to Artemis. Atlas was doing the same thing that I was. We were walking over to where Luke was sprawled on the floor. When we got to him Atlas helped him up and I asked, "Where does it hurt?"

He smiled and said, "Everywhere." I looked at Atlas and he clicked his fingers summoning some ambrosia for Luke to eat. As he did so some of the colour returned to his cheeks and he sat up straighter. After a minute more I put out my hand and he grabbed it and I hauled him up to his feet. I gave him a pat on his back and said, "Remember for future reference, do not be hit by fireballs," Atlas barked out a laugh and Luke started to chuckle at that.

I turned around to see Artemis helping up Thalia and Annabeth. When our eyes met I smiled and she gave me a look that said, get your but over here.

I did as she wanted and, flanked by Luke and Atlas I walked over to her. When we got close Annabeth gave Luke a hug and Atlas a suspicious look. "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Atlas." He said. Annabeth looked confused but Thalia mouthed, "Tell you later" to her. She nodded.

"I shall teleport us all to Olympus." Artemis said. We just shrugged. However just before she teleported all of us Atlas and I flashed out. We appeared about ten seconds before them and they fell into step with us. Before we entered the throne room I jabbed Zoe and said, "Beat you." She smirked as did the kids which helped to ease their fears. As we stepped in Artemis flashed on to her throne. Atlas looked around and was met by a glare from Zeus. He smiled at him.

I bowed, "Lord Zeus." I said.

"I assume you have succeeded in your quest then." Zeus said. I simply nodded. "What happened on your quest?" he asked.

Zoe then recounted the events of the quest. When she got to the scene on Mt Othrys, Artemis took over from her as she saw most of it happen.

When they got to the end of it Zeus spoke, "well now that we know what happened on the quest we shall decide on what to do with the rescued demigod here. She is after all an illegal child."

Immediately Ares, Dionysus, Atlas, Athena, Artemis and I surrounded the demigods with our weapons drawn. Annabeth looked around confused, as did the demigods apart from Zoe. I saw Poseidon put his hand close to his trident, he would help if we needed his help.

"Ah, I see you do not know about your conception demigod." Zeus said mockingly. "You are not a daughter of Athena; you are in fact the child of Artemis and Perseus here." Zeus said.

Phoebe stared at Artemis in shock. Luke and Thalia stared at Annabeth and Annabeth looked at the two of us. I grimaced and glanced at Artemis, she nodded.

"We will be doing nothing about the child of my friend." Another voice said from the entrance, everyone turned to see Hades walking into the throne room calmly. "She is under the protection of the underworld." He finished.

"And that of the sea," Poseidon said standing up.

"I will stand with them," Athena said, Atlas, Ares and Dionysus nodded in agreement. Zeus was glancing around at the gods and the only support he was getting was from Apollo. He flashed out in anger and was followed by Apollo. Hermes shrugged and muttered something about having to deliver a message. The rest of the seated gods flashed out also. Those of us surrounding the demigods relaxed a little. We turned around and Artemis were getting a full on glare by Phoebe.

Artemis sighed, "Phoebe, I will talk to you and the rest of the hunters later tonight but not now." Phoebe reluctantly nodded and Artemis flashed her out to camp half blood. Thalia and Luke walked over to me and Luke said, "Thanks for help on the quest, I knew that you were Annabeth's father just, I did not expect the mother." I nodded and they disappeared in shadows as Hades shadow travelled them away.

I turned to him and said, "Thank you for coming."

"No problem, it was worth it to see that look on my little brother's face." He replied, "I did mean it though she is under my protection." We both looked over to her; she was currently looking at her mother and Athena talking about something. Poseidon came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"She is under my protection as well, she is technically my granddaughter." He shrugged, "She is therefore part of the sea." I gave him a smile.

"Thank you both though." They just nodded and flashed out.

I turned around see Dionysus, Ares and Atlas talking about something. I walked over to Artemis, Annabeth and Athena.

Annabeth turned to me when she heard me coming; I flinched knowing that now she knew, she would probably hate me.

Artemis walked over to me and Athena realising that we were just about to have a family talk flashed out. I pecked Artemis on the cheek and we both turned to Annabeth.

"What would you like to know?" Artemis asked.

"Why did you not raise me?" she asked me.

"I wanted to but if Apollo or Zeus had found out then you would have been in a huge amount of danger." I sighed, "I just could not take that risk.

She nodded, probably knowing the answer. "Who did I grow up with?" she asked.

"He was someone that Athena was going to have a child of thought with. We gave her you to give him after explaining the situation. You have Athena's blessing so you act more like a child of Athena. He knew who you were as I told him personally when you were delivered. I have kept in contact with him since and have been keeping you out of the monsters way for as long as I could." I explained.

Annabeth just nodded again, just as she was about to ask another question Atlas came over. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "See you around Perseus. It was good meeting you again." He turned to look at my girlfriend and daughter, "It was a nice surprise to meet your daughter and Artemis again." With that he flashed out.

Annabeth looked slightly shocked at how friendly I was with Atlas. I looked at the sky and turned to Artemis, "you have to go." I said.

She looked up and sure enough the sun was setting. The chariots only really needed to be guided up and even that was not needed every day however she had been unable to do it recently so now was needed. She pulled Annabeth into a hug surprising her. "I will visit you tomorrow," she said, "I will go with your father."

"Thank you mum." Annabeth replied. I don't think that Artemis has ever smiled as widely as right now. She turned to me and gave me a quick kiss and then flashed out with a huge smile on her face.

I turned to Annabeth and opened my arms. She scowled for a moment and then just jumped forward into the hug. I shadow travelled into the sleeping Athena cabin and I quietly put her in her bed.

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