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Chapter 19:

"This is so strange," I whispered into the small rectangular device.

Hermione giggled on the other end of the 'mobile phone'. "You'll get used to it," I smiled as I flicked through Witch Weekly.

"So I guess the house is quite full with everyone and their plus ones," I caught on.

"Oh don't even get me started on that Lavender girl," I groaned. "She's so annoying."

"Tell me about it" Hermione sighed.

"She bought Ron a necklace," I laughed. "It's awful."

"I don't care about her or her presents," I could picture her fuming on the other side of the device. I decided to change the subject.

"How are you doing anyway?" I said, "I know you were close with your grandmother."

"I'm okay," Hermione sighed. "Sorry you couldn't spend Christmas here."

"No it's fine. You've got bigger things to worry about."

"I guess," she mumbled.

"I have to go, I can hear mum getting all emotional over Percy again."

"Give her my love," she sighed.

"Bye, love ya." I sang before pressing the small red button. I waltzed out of my room, nearly bumping into a frantic Harry.

"Were you sleeping?" I checked my watch. "It's a bit early even for you Harry."

"I heard something," he breathed. "We need to leave here, it's not safe."

"Harry, there are wards everywhere." I put my hands on his shoulders. "Let's just get some food down you, okay?" He let out a shaky breath before following me downstairs.

"You alright, Harry?" Ginny said as she sat down at the dining table.

"I'm fine," he smiled at her.

"Right, well lets e-"

The sound of glass shattering sent us all to the ground; I let out a small scream. "We need to get out of here," mum screamed. Fred and George grabbed the emergency suitcases as mum rushed Ginny out of the room.

"Hurry up Ams," Ron shouted trying to drag me out of the room. A flash of green light illuminated the kitchen.

"I killed Sirius Black," a high pitched voice screeched. I spun, seeing Harry shaking in fury. Wand raised, as he sprinted out of the burrow.

"Harry!" I screamed, pushing Ron off me and into a pile of clothing. "Ams, get back here!" Ron shouted.

"Harry, don't!" I shouted as he flew curses towards two dark figures.

"Get out of here!" he replied.

"Harry we can't fight them alone," I dodged as a curse flew at me. Harry ignored me before disappearing into the tall grass, wand lit.

"Harry!" I screamed, sprinting after him. It was so dark that I could barely follow him, and I didn't want to get caught but using my wand. I heard an ear burning cackle inches from my ear; I spun seeing only the fading figure of a crazed-looking woman.

"Such a pretty thing," Bellatrix cooed before disappearing completely. I ran, following the shouting of spells and flashes of light. I came to a small clearing where Harry was looking frantically around, his wand stopped at me.

"Get back inside, Ams." He growled.

"Get back inside," a voice mimicked.

"Confringo," I aimed at the sound.

"That nearly hit me," a crazed voice roared.

"Ams, get behind me." Harry pushed me behind him.

"We need to run Harry," I breathed.

"I'm not running from Sirius's killer," he snapped. I heard rustling in the grass, "How many are there?"

"More than two," he said.

"On the count of three we run in opposite directions," I started. "Backup should be here within minutes and the wards should be up."

"Wait, no-"


Harry pushed me to the ground, dodging the spell. "Screw counting," I breathed. "Just run."

"Right," he said. Suddenly we took off in opposite directions.

"I'm going to get you girlie," Bellatrix's shrill voice rang through my ears.

"Stupefy!" I shouted, before pushing myself to run faster. It was silent for a few seconds

"Amelie!?" I heard a male voice shout, my dad.

"Dear old dad, huh?" a sick sweet voice hissed in my ear. "Shall we tell him you're here, hm?" She dug her wand into my back.

"Oh, but where's the fun in that?" She smirked. Suddenly an overwhelming amount of pain covered my body, I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. I crumpled to the floor.

"Poor little Weasley," Bellatrix cooed.

"Crucio," she giggled.

I let out an agonising scream, "stop it, please!"

"Amelie!" my dad shouted. I whimpered as I tried to move but the pain was so bad.

"Oh, let's go take care of daddy," she winked at me before looking up at the figure approaching. "Make sure she doesn't go anywhere. Have fun dear nephew of mine."

I let out a shaky breath as slow footsteps approached. He said nothing but looked down at me, eyes unreadable. I coughed, tasting blood in my mouth. A rustle in the bushes brought forth another figure.

"Theo, leave," Draco said coldly.


I looked up in shock, "Theo?" I said.

"You said she wouldn't be here," Theo hissed. I coughed, blood coming out of my mouth. Theo was suddenly at my head.

"Ams?" he said, his voice strained.

"Nott," Draco growled. "Step away if you know what's good for you."

"She's. Hurt." Theo growled back.

"And you'll be dead if you don't get back to the manor," Draco snapped.

"Theo what's going on?" I said.

"Nott, get out of here."

"If you hurt her-"

"You'll what? Report me to the Dark Lord?" Draco grinned. "I'm sure he'll love that."

I choked up some blood, Theo went to move forward but a pale hand pushed him back to the floor.

"I have to stay loyal to my family, Amelie." Theo's voice echoed through my head.

"Theo," I coughed.

"Ams," he breathed. "No."



"Theo, go." I said with more force.

"If you lay a hand o-"

"Oh just sod off would you?" Draco exclaimed and within an instant Theo was gone. My heart dropped as I stared at my companion through heavy eyelids.

"Well, hello princess."

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