A/N: This is an image that has been in my head for a long time. Like Tegan or hate her, this scenario seems to fit with her personality. I will try to maintain a reasonable update rate on this story. It is not likely to be very long and the chapters will therefore prove somewhat short. Doctor Who is not mine and never will be. Some of the dialogue from the original serial 'Time-Flight' is replicated here for the purpose of authenticity. The rating is for some profanity. And now I give you my first Doctor Who story: Young Lazarus.

The three stared, transfixed with horror as the freighter carrying Adric accelerated, the outer hull crackling with the white hot flames of reentry. It was over in seconds with a brilliant white flash easily visible from space. Had any of the three watchers had the heart to see it, it would have been beautiful, a brilliant white globe expanding outward at a terrific rate, followed by a wall of dust and debris that blotted out the sky like some monstrous storm. I always meant to come back and see what put an end to the dinosaurs, thought the Doctor, now I wish I'd never seen it. The Doctor's breathing hitched as he was overcome with a wave guilt and grief but outwardly his face remained calm, the defense mechanism of one with many enemies. Tegan at last was released from her state of frozen horror and turned to find the Doctor staring blankly at the screen. She approached slowly, 'Adric, Doctor!' she rasped. The Doctor remained staring. Tegan turned into Nyssa's shoulder and both of them began crying. The Doctor looked on. Yet someone else that I have failed. Oh Adric, I'm sorry.

The Doctor closed the TARDIS doors wearily, "Crew of the freighter is safely returned to their own time."

"Cyberfleet dispersed," Nyssa added bleakly.

Tegan, had had enough, "Great!" she said sarcastically, "you make it sound like a shopping list! Ticking off things as you go. Aren't you forgetting something rather important?" Here, her tone began to grow accusatory, "Adric is dead!"

"Tegan, please." Nyssa interjected. She was aware that the Doctor was grieving in his own way and wished to prevent a potential fight.

"We feel his loss as well," the Doctor said quietly.

Tegan drew herself up further, "Well you could do more than grieve," she spat, "you could go back!" The Doctor's face went blank.

"Could you?" Nyssa asked softly.

"No," the Doctor said and turned away, conversation over as far as he was concerned.

"Surely the TARDIS is quite capable," Nyssa reasoned.

"We could change what happened if we materialize before Adric was killed!" Tegan insisted.

"And change your own history?" the Doctor asked.

"Look," Tegan said, determined to make her point, "the freighter could still crash into Earth, that doesn't have to be changed. Only Adric doesn't have to be on board."

The Doctor shook his head firmly, "There are some rules that should never be broken even with the TARDIS. You have no idea what you're asking me to do."

Tegan had always possessed a flash fire temper and she felt it ignite now. She directed all of her hurt and anger onto the Doctor. "Why won't you save Adric?" she yelled. The Doctor opened his mouth to reply, but she overrode him. "Oh but of course you wouldn't tell the two puny mortals. We couldn't possibly understand the big, all-powerful time lord could we?"

The Doctor's lips thinned. In this particular regeneration, he found it somewhat harder to keep his own temper. He forced himself to calm and to think rationally. He determined that it was best to let Tegan pour out her rage. Perhaps then she would begin to accept and to heal. He held his tongue.

"You never cared for Adric did you Doctor?" She raged.

The Doctor's voice dropped in volume, "Tegan, that simply isn't true," he assured.

Tegan laughed hysterically, "Well then," she sneered, "nice to see how little we matter to you." She looked at the Doctor in disgust, "Did you feel anything when Adric died or was it just business as usual? Wipe the mud off of your boots and continue on as if nothing had happened. For someone with two hearts, you are the most heartless son of a bitch I have ever had the misfortune to meet!"

The Doctor's face had gone white, he stood stricken, as if the words had cut him to the heart, immobile and presently unable to speak. Nyssa thought that things had gone far enough. She put a hand on Tegan's shoulder, but this time Tegan ignored her. Her anger had yet to run its course.

"Lately you and Adric were always fighting," she hissed, "maybe that's why you won't save Adric! You're glad that he's dead aren't you? Well it should have been you on that freighter!"

The Doctor's face paled further, "What if I told you that saving Adric could have catastrophic consequences for us all? For me as well?"

Tegan shook her head rapidly, "Nothing is more important than saving Adric. I don't care about anything else!"

"Nyssa?" The Doctor slowly turned to her for an opinion.

"Doctor, surely getting Adric back is worth the risks," she said quietly.

The Doctor sighed and then spoke so softly that his two companions could barely hear him, "So be it."