Author's Note : hello~ It's been a while since I've posted a fic. (Approximately a year...) and I just wanted to say... I AM SO VERY SORRY! :( I suddenly disappeared leaving an unfinished fic ;-; Don't worry though. I plan on finishing A Reason to Live just as soon as I manage to collect my thoughts :D

For now, please enjoy this fic. I couldn't get the idea out of my head after watching the episode where Johnny met Joni. =)) Oh and yes, chapter 1 is rather short, I promise the chapters get longer, don't get used to this length. =))

Disclaimer : I do not own Johnny Test.

Chapter 1 : Johnny's Current Life

It's been years since the day the Test sisters accidentally created a vortex to another dimension, it's been years since Johnny Test recklessly peered into the said vortex sending him Leadbelly, it's been years since he met her, since he met Joni West.

Now Johnny was in his second year of high school, and truthfully he still hasn't forgotten about Joni, even though he now had a girlfriend. Yes you heard right, Johnny Test actually managed to find himself a girlfriend. Who you ask? Why, it's none other than his former rival, Sissy Blakely. Everyone who knew both of them would know that Sissy really has a thing for Johnny, it was quite obvious despite her making fun of Johnny all the time.

How did it happen?

Two words.

Invention. Testing.