Chapter 6 : What the Heart Desires

Joni ran. That was all she could do. Run away from reality. Run away from the truth. The truth that the boy she loves now has someone he loves, and it's not her. A part of her saw it coming, a part of her didn't want to accept it, and right now the latter part is the one winning over her and taking control of her emotions.

She ran as fast as she could but it wasn't fast enough because not long after she began running, someone grabbed her arm and forcefully stopped her. Somehow she knew who it was and because of this she refused to turn around. Instead, she hung her head and stared at the sidewalk, biting her lower lip as she tired her best to stop the tears that were falling across her cheeks.

Johnny looked at her. He couldn't believe she was here in front of him. He couldn't believe that he was holding her arm in his. He couldn't believe that she hasn't forgotten about him. Happiness surged through him at this realisation but soon faded as he saw the tears falling on the sidewalk. Guilt then took over. He knew that he was the reason for those tears. He owes her an explanation.

"Joni I-" Johnny started to say, but before he could finish, Joni began to speak.

"I understand. You like somebody else now. I'll do my best to forget about you. I wish you and your girl happiness." As soon as she finished speaking, Joni wrenched her arm from his grasp and continued to run. She doesn't know where she's going, all she knows is that she wants to be away from Johnny.

This time, Johnny didn't chase after her. Instead, he watched her leave. As soon as she was gone from his sight, Johnny began to walk back home his feet feeling as heavy as lead.

As soon as he got back home, Johnny went straight to his room expecting to find it empty with Dukey being used as a test subject in the lab. All he wanted to do now was just lie down and sleep the guilt away, despite knowing it wouldn't help him one bit. His plans were thwarted though, upon opening the door to his room he saw not one but two talking dogs making out. Johnny's eyes went as wide a saucers and he dropped his bag with an audible bang.

"Dukey?! Dutchy?!"

Immediately, the two dogs sprang apart both faces beet red from embarrassment.

"Oh... Uhh... Welcome back Johnny!" Dukey said in a feeble attempt to lighten up the mood. His attempt was rather futile though as silence followed his words.

Johnny sighed a moment later. Best to cut his dog some slack. "I'm going to pretend I didn't see anything." He said as he picked up his bag and tossed over on his desk before plopping himself on his bed.

Both dogs cautiously approached him and stood by his bedside with a worried look etched on their faces. Dukey was the first to speak.

"What's wrong Johnny?"

Johnny sighed again and pulled a pillow onto his face. "Mhomi mhmmi mmhmming mhimmy" he said, voice muffled by the pillow.

"What?" Dukey asked, and Johnny repeated what he said still muffled by the pillow. Which led to Dukey asking again what he said, and the cycle went on till Dutchy got irritated and pulled the pillow off of Johnny's face.

Dukey felt stupid. Why didn't he think of that! He gave Dutchy a thankful smile and turned back to Johnny who now had his arm over his eyes. "Alright Johnny. What was it you were saying?"

Johnny groaned and repeated what he said this time much clearer. "Joni, saw me kissing Sissy"

Dutchy gasped while Dukey sighed.

"I was afraid this would happen" Dukey said as he heaved another sigh.

Dutchy on the other hand, was confused and angry. Confused because she doesn't know who Sissy was, and angry because Joni was obviously upset right now and it's all Johnny's fault why she is. Hoping to erase the confusion away, Dutchy asked, "Who's Sissy?" Silence was the answer she received. Dutchy cleared her throat and tried again, this time, in a more demanding tone than before. "Who is Sissy?"

Finally, one of the two answered her question. "Oh. Uhh... She's Johnny's girlfriend," Dukey said in a nervous and shaky tone. He had every right to be nervous. The male dog knew very well how Dutchy would react to Johnny having a girlfriend. She would be furious. Based on their talk earlier, it seemed to him that Joni has never once forgotten about Johnny. She even chose him over a boy like Cecilio.

Flashback : 30 minutes ago.

Dukey and Dutchy were running after Joni hoping to catch up with her and stop her, when Dutchy tripped and fell. Concerned, Dukey stopped running and went back to Dutchy to help her up. As soon as he was sure Dutchy wasn't hurt or anything, he looked back to where Joni had run off to and saw that she was long gone. He sighed in defeat and proceeded to escort Dutchy back to the Test house.

On the way back, Dutchy asked, "Why were you trying to stop Joni?"

Dukey scratched the back of his neck. He was trying to decide on whether to tell her or not, and just when he had made up his mind to tell her, Dutchy began to talk about Joni.

"I just couldn't understand why you would want to stop Joni! She badly misses Johnny and couldn't get him out of her head ever since you two disappeared. She only has eyes for him. She loves him so much, she turned down a handsome suitor like Cecilio!"

After hearing what Dutchy said, Dukey's resolve to tell her everything faded.

Dukey could practically see the steam coming out of Dutchy's ears. This was not going as he had hoped-then again, it wasn't like he was expecting the female dog to take the news well. Poor Dukey.

"Well. Where is she now?" Dutchy angrily barked at Johnny.

"She ran off to somewhere. I don't know," Johnny answered with a great deal of tiredness in his voice. Poor Johnny, Dukey thought as he looked over him with sad eyes.

Meanwhile, Dutchy felt nothing but contempt towards the boy. His answer just now just made it worse. "You mean to tell me that you just let her wander off in a place she doesn't know?!"

Trying to diffuse, or at least lessen the severity of the situation, Dukey answered, "Well, if Porkbelly is the alternate version of Leadbelly then she should be fine" Unfortunately his attempt only made it worse. Dutchy threw her arms up and screamed at male dog. "WHAT IF SHE GETS HURT!" The jokester in Dukey was tempted to point out that Joni was already hurt-emotionally that is, but he knew it wiser not to say anything.

After letting out one last scream of frustration, Dutchy stomped towards the door. "I'm going to go look for her," she gritted before leaving, slamming the door on her way out.

Silence flooded the room. Neither knew what to say. Dukey merely stared at the door where the angry female just stormed out off. The silence was soon broken by Johnny's groan. "Go and help her, dog."

Dukey protested. He wanted to stay by Johnny's side. The young lad looked like he needed someone to be with him right now, but Johnny wouldn't take no for an answer.

"I'll be fine. Now go," he reassured his loyal companion.

"Alright. I'll be back soon." And so Dukey ran off hoping that Dutchy had not gone too far yet.

Deep inside Johnny was crying. He'd never felt so much guilt before. Guilt from having to hurt someone who was dear to him.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Looks like Joni and Johnny are more alike than we thought.

There's a major difference though.

Joni knows who her heart desires.

Johnny? He wasn't so sure about that now. Sure at some point he liked Joni, and the truth was that he started liking Sissy because she somehow reminded him of Joni, but he just doesn't know anymore. He knows that at one point he liked began liking Joni. He also knows that at some point he started liking Sissy. What he doesn't know is whether he still likes Joni, and if he does, which one outweighed the other.

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