My 14th Fanfic...

Man that's a lot...

In only 6 months too...


Its set in Alex Rider's and Becca Mitchell's Point of View (POV) every second chapter,

For Example,

Chapter 1 - Becca's POV

Chapter 2 - Alex's POV

Chapter 3 - Becca's POV

Chapter 4 - Alex's POV

And so on and so forth,


Rachel :)

Chapter 1

"Give me everything tonight. For all we know, we might not live tomorrow, let's do it tonight" We finished, catching our breath as the crowd stood up and cheered.

I grinned, turning to look at the others.

They all returned the huge smiles.

"And what a spectacular performance by the Barden Bella's" the Commentator yelled, "If they don't win this John, nobody can".

I laughed, following the others as we ran off stage to our seats.

Then I caught sight of Jesse.

"Told you. Endings the best part-".

"You're such a weirdo" I replied, cutting him off, before pulling him nearer and kissing him.

And to my surprise... He put his arms around my waist and kissed back.

And it could have ended there, all smiles and kissing and more kissing... But it didn't.

Because what happened next, no one could have prepared for.

There was a loud bang, and I pulled away from Jesse, turning to the door just in time to see a blond-haired boy fall through the door, clutching his arm as he looked around wildly.

Nearly half the auditorium was staring at him.

And then he caught sight of me, and in that split second, our eyes met.

And I knew instantly who it was.

I let out a shaky breath, "... Alex?".

Then two more men burst through the doors and they had... They had... They had guns and people were... Screaming... And running past us trying to get out... And my crew were looking at me to guide them and the Treblemakers were looking at Jesse also unsure of what to do but... And... But all I could do was stare at Alex.

All I could do was stare.

Only stare.

And watch on as he spun around, effectively kicking the gun out of one of the mans hands, knocking him to the other as he punched him in the stomach. Then he picked up the mans gun, using it to hit the second mans wrist, forcing him to drop the gun and then the teenager kicked it away, pointing the first mans gun at them, muttering something harsh and unforgiving as his right arm hung limply at his side. And then both men turned and ran. He dropped the gun in disgust, slowly backing away from them and before I knew what had happened, I had ran forward, pulling him into a tight hug.

He immediately began to struggle, frantically kicking around him to escape my grasp, "LET GO OF ME! LET GO".

And it broke my heart seeing him like this and my eyes began to sting as I tried to calm him down, "Alex, Alex, come on. It's ok. Calm down. It's just me!".

Then he abruptly stopped struggling and spun around to face me, seeing to freeze for a minute before realisation spread across his face, "... Becca?".

I laughed through my tears, "Yea, Al, it's me".

He paused for a split second before his own eyes watered and he collapsed in my arms, crying his heart out.

And I couldn't stop my own sobs from escaping my throat either.

Slowly, I lowered us both to the floor, not caring that the concrete beneath my knees was hard and cold.

He just gripped onto me even tighter, clutching onto my jacket protectively and all I could do was pull him in closer and pray and hope and thank everything I ever had that he was ok.

Eventually, though, I realised the only people left in the auditorium were the Trebelmakers, and the Barten Bella's.

And they were looking as confused as ever.

Slowly I whispered something to Alex and he nodded, pulling back, shoulders slumped.

I smiled slightly, turning to face the others, thanking god that I had worn waterproof mascara, "Guys... Well... I'm guessing you want an explanation".

"Hell yea" Amy replied and I smiled again, "Well... There's not much I can say".

"What do you mean there's not much you can say?" She asked frowning, "How about we start with the kid. Then about the armed men trying to kill him. And maybe even a little at why he could handle a gun".

"... Is he your boyfriend?" Jesse asked suddenly and Stacie laughed, "Why? You jealous of him?".

"Guys" I snapped quietly, "He's not my boyfriend. Quite the opposite actually".

"Ex-boyfriend?" Jesse asked again but I shook my head, putting an arm across the teenagers shoulders protectively, "No way. Guys, I'd like you to meet Alex Rider... My baby brother".

"Okkkk" Amy finally said, "... I was not expecting that".

"That little dudes your brother?" Cynthia asked slowly and I nodded, "Well... Half-Brother... We have the same mother. Different fathers".

She smirked, "I've got a little half-brother".

"You do?" Amy asked, turning to her and she nodded, "I don't see him that often though. He lives in Harlem. New York... He's white, gets it from our father".

"... Ok. This has suddenly gotten veryyy strange" Amy finally replied.

Chloe slowly stepped forward, kneeling down infront of the blond teen, holding out her hand as she smiled gently at him, "Chloe Beale. Nice to meet you".

"Alex Rider" he replied, before nodding at her hand, "I would shake, but I'm a little tied up".

She frowned, confused, "A little tied up?".

He nodded, smirking, showing her his left hand to reveal it covered in... In... In blood.

Everyone froze.

He just smirked even wider, placing his hand back over his shoulder, "Yea. A little tied up".

Chloe stared at him, eyes wide, before slowly turning to me,

"... Is that his blood?".

Her voice was slightly faint.

I remained staring at Alex, shocked, confused and scared all at the same time, "Alex? Is it? What happened?".

He shifted uncomfortably, before slowly tugging at the collar of his shirt, pulling it below his shoulder, wincing slightly, to reveal a...

"I got shot" he said simply, "It's a bullet hole".

I could see straight through his shoulder, and out the other side.

I almost threw up.

"... Becca?" Jesse asked quietly and I slowly turned to him, "Yea?".

"... How does your little brother have a bullet wound?" He asked again, his voice shaking slightly.

I turned back to Alex as he fixed his shirt, "... Why?".

He frowned, "... I can't tell you".

"What do you mean you can't tell me?" I shouted, "You got bloody well SHOT for christ's sake!".

He flinched slightly, "I can't tell you. Honestly... I want to but... I can't".

"Rubbish" I growled, "You are going to tell me right now Alexander John Rider or I will get our father".

"Your father" he corrected, "He's your father. Not mine".

I stared at him, frustrated, "You know what I mean Alex".

"I do. But I still refuse to call him my father" he replied and I sighed, "I know what you mean... But come on, Al, please".

"No" he replied firmly.

"Alex" I warned and he opened his mouth again to reply again before suddenly glancing up, "Your boyfriend wants to say something".

I tried to ignore how everyone turned to Jesse.

He frowned, "Not to interrupt this family reunion or anything, but... Well... The kids been shot. And I've watched enough CSI to realise he needs to go to hospital... Or at least get stitches or something".

Next to me, Alex stiffened up, "Hospital? No. I don't do hospital. I just a needle, some thread, and time on my own".

I glanced over at Chloe.

Thankfully, the red head got the message, and smiled slightly as she turned back to the blond, "Come on Alex, please. You need to go to hospital. Do it for us. Do it for Becca. You can't do the stitches by yourself".

"I've done it before" he muttered and we all stared at him again, "... What?".

He glanced up, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, "I've done it before. Gotten shot. And done the stitches. By myself... I can do it again".

Amy shuddered slightly, "I don't even want to know... Seriously though kid, you have to go to hospital. Like, right now".

"Right now?" Alex questioned, "As in this very second?".

She nodded and he sighed, turning to face me, "You got your driving license yet?".

"No. She doesn't... But I do".

We both turned to find Jesse holding car keys, a steely expression across his face, "And I'll drive... On one condition".

Alex sighed, "There's always a condition isn't there?".

I ignored him, instead looking over at Jesse again, "What's the condition?".

He seemed to hesitate for a minute, before stepping forward and whispering something to Alex.

The blond stared at him, his face an emotionless mask, and his voice barely audible when he finally did speak, "... You know?".

Jesse nodded, holding out his hand and helping him up, "I know".

"Know what?" I asked quietly and Jesse glanced over at me, before looking back at Alex as he gave a quick shake of his head.

Jesse turned back to me, "... I'll tell you later".

I slowly nodded, "Ok. Fine... But I'll hold you to that you know. And I'd continue to ask now but... Well... Your just lucky my 16 year old baby brother showed up with a bullet in his shoulder".

"Your only 16?" Jesse asked, his head snapping back to Alex and for some strange sort of reason, he looked absolutely furious.

Alex slowly nodded, "... I'll tell you later".

"You better" he growled, before turning back to face the others, "Right. Give a show of hands of who wants to go to the hospital with the kid to find out what the hell happened and wether he'll survive or not".

Everyone rose their hands.

Jesse sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly, "Right... I'll take Becca and Alex obviously... Benji your with me. Aubrey, can you drive?".

She nodded, "I'll take the girls. You sort out the guys".

Jesse turned to face the Trebelmakers, "Any of you morons drive?".

A couple of them nodded, and he sighed again, "Ok. You three with Donald The others with Kolio. Everybody sorted? Good".

I put my arm around Alex as he stumbled slightly, "You ok?".

He nodded, smiling slightly, "Blood loss. Makes you dizzy. That's all".

I frowned, "How long was it when you got shot?".

He shrugged with one-shoulder, "Bout... Three, four hours ago? Maybe five... I'm not sure...".

I stared at him, "... Well at least you're here now. That's all that matters... Now come on, Jesse's driving".