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Chapter 20 - Alex's POV

-+-Final Chapter-+-

"So… Guess this is it then" I said awkwardly, standing just inside the airport revolving doors.

Becca slowly nodded, "Guess it is…"

Then suddenly, she grabs me and pulled me into a tight hug, "Don't you fucking dare forget to call".

Jesse warily reached forward with his good arm and pulled her away, "Come on Bec, don't smother the kid".

I bristled at the 'kid' comment, but let it go considering the current situation.

Becca tried to wipe her eyes unnoticeably, and I frowned, "Are you crying?"


Her voice broke.

I sighed, "Becca… Sis… This won't be the last time we see each other, alright? I'll make sure of it".

She gave a watery smile, "You better. Or I'll send the guys after you".

'The guys' being Benji, Kolio, Donny, and Jesse.

Like they could fight me.

… Without being killed, that is.

"Come on" Came Wolf's voice from behind me, "Snakes waiting".

"One more minute" I said.


"One. More. Minute".

He sighed, walking towards the escalators, "Alright, fine… But don't blame me if we miss our flight".

"And write some letters, alright?" Becca continued, "And- And email too, you hear me? And text and call and write and- and I already said that, but I mean it, mister! But also-"

"Becca" I snapped quietly, "Its ok. I know".

She looked up at me with tear-filled eyes and gave a small smile, "Guess you're all grown up now, huh? I just… I still picture you as that football mad 14 year old, you know? It's just hard to see you like this".


"ONE MINUTE WOLF!" I yelled back.


A bang.

A thud.

And a scream.

I spun around, only to find Wolf on the ground, blood pouring from his chest, and two awfully-familiar armed men standing above him.



"Got her".

"Wait, what, no, what are you-"

Becca's protests got abruptly cut off as Jesse put his hand over her mouth and dragged her outside to safety.

All around me, people were screaming, running around in all directions, and I jostled as they all rushed for the slow-moving door.

But all too soon, the area was empty.

"Alex Rider" One of the men said slowly, "… Remember us?"

"Unfortunately" I replied, "How's the leg?"

He immediately glared, and a split second later, the gun in his hands was pointed at Wolf's unconscious form, "One more remark like that, and he gets it. Understood?"

I gave a slow nod.

"Good" He replied, before motioning for the other man to go over to me.

"Give me your weapons" Man Two said, and I stared at him, "… My what?"

"Your weapons" He snapped, "I know you have at least one on you, because you're not stupid enough to go out without on".

"Aww, you really think I'm not stupid?" I asked, "Thanks, man!"

A second later, and I was doubled over, trying to catch my breath after the particularly hard blow to my stomach.

Unfortunately, however, that let the man see the gun I had hidden in the waistband of my jeans.

He smirked, and reached forward, unloading and disarming it in a mere minute, "Anything else you'd like to declare?"

I warily straightened up, "Really? Really dude? You're making airport jokes? Seriously?"

He glared, "You better hope that that was a 'no' Rider, or the consequences will be severe".

"Oh yea?" I challenged, "You gonna talk me to death?"

He smirked, "No. Not talk… Though I pretty sure you remember our fun in Iceland recently".

I couldn't help but flinch slightly, and Man Two grinned, a rather disgusting sight, "Ah. So you do remember… Well then, at least now you understand the severity of your situation, Alex. Maybe you'll listen a little more closely".

"Enough talk" Man One snapped, "Let's just kill him, already".

"But where's the fun in that?" His companion asked, and he glared, "The 'fun' is not being stabbed in the goddamn leg again!"

I frowned, "Ouch. You still going on about that?"

Another punch.

But it gave me the opportunity I needed.

Grabbing the knife strapped to my ankle, I quickly brought it forward, effectively slitting Man Two's throat while simultaneously grabbing his gun and pointing it at Man One's head.

The assassin's body hit the floor.

His partner swore and clocked his gun.

I didn't hesitate.


Man One fell, a neat little red dot between his eyes.


I spun around at the yell, only to find Snake running towards me.

Ignoring his calls, I quickly walked over to Wolf, kneeling down next to him and rolling him onto his back.

He groaned at the movement, and I let out a sigh of relief.

He was alive, at least.

"CUB! What the-"

The Medic came to an abrupt stop when he saw his Unit leader, "… Alex? What happened?"

"He got shot trying to warn me" I replied bluntly, pulling off my jacket and pressing it to the wound, "One bullet, upper right chest, he's losing blood fast… Well don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING!"

He quickly pulled out his phone and called an ambulance.

"Wolf?" I tried, "James, can you hear me? Its Alex".

He wasn't breathing.

"Come on, man. Don't make me carry you, you're heavy" I continued, forcing a small laugh.

His eyes remained closed.

"… Wolf?"

I shakily reached down to his wrist to check for a pulse, only for a slightly-cold hand to enclose around mine.

My eyes snapped down to where Wolf was holding my hand, then back up to his face just as quickly.

He had one eye open, and was smirking at me.

I glared at him, "You fucking moron, I thought you were dead!"

"And I thought you were gonna preform CPR" He shot back, "So now we're both disappointed".

I stared at him for a minute, before I burst out laughing, and it wasn't too long before he joined in too, although being careful of his injured chest.


I looked up at the shout, only to see Becca rushing towards me.

She didn't even hesitate before pulling me into a tight embrace, all but squeezing the life out of me.

"I was so fucking worried" She whispered, "I heard a gunshot, and I just…"

"I know" I replied quietly, "But I'm ok… Promise".

She pulled back, and I gratefully gulped in fresh air, only for it to be snatched away a second later as Jesse followed my sisters example.

"What the hell happened, man?" He asked, pulling back from the hug.

I opened my mouth to quickly defuse the situation, only for him to give me a stern look.

I sighed.


No more bullshitting then.

"Those guys…" I began slowly, "They were the same men who chased me at the hospital, and attacked me on the street… They were the only two survivors when I blew up a compound in Iceland. Well, I mean, they weren't the ONLY survivors, but they were the only guys to live up to the time that I ran in to you after your winning performance… And they wanted revenge".

"You mean they wanted to kill you" Becca corrected, a steely edge to her voice, and I slowly nodded, "Yea. They were here to kill me".

"And now?"

"And now I just finished killed them".

She flinched slightly at the harshness of my voice, "… Did you-"


I sharply looked up at the voice, only to find none other than the great esteemed K-Unit leader slowly walking towards us, his right arm in a sling to prevent movement of that side of his chest.

I immediately stood up, walking over to him, "How many?"

"11" He replied, "There was a small tear, and they had fix that up too".

I slowly nodded, "And… Metal or plastic?"

"Metal" Wolf continued, "Or, at least, twine… String… The strong stuff".

"Good" I said, before suddenly reaching up and kissing him.

Jesse quickly looked away, embarrassed to see his brother making out with someone, but Becca had no such morals, and pointedly stared at us before clearing her throat.

I sighed, and pulled back, "Thanks… For protecting me back there".

James smiled, "No problem, Cub".

"Alex" Becca said strictly, and I groaned, spinning around to face her, "What?"

"How did you kill them?"

The question caught me off guard, "… I'm sorry?"

"The men that were after you. I mean, they were armed when Jesse and I left, so… How did you manage to pull one over on them?"

I stared, "Ahh… Pure luck?"

"Alex" She warned.

"I… Kind of… Got punched in the stomach so I could reach my knife and slit the man's throat?" I finally said.

She stared at me, "… What?"

"I annoyed him until he hit me" I summarised, and she frowned, "You know, you're an absolute moron sometimes... Idiot… Stupid moronic idiot… Stupid, stupid… You're just a Stupid Boy".

I know.

The ending sucks.

Its ok until the last paragraph an then… Just… Blah.

Buts its 11pm here.

And I've been up since 7am.

And I'm tired.

So… Congratulations for finishing this fail of a story.

See you next time!

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