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CHAPTER ONE- Bitter Farewells

How could he do this to me again? How could he treat me like this?

After all that I'd done for him, after all that we'd went through...how could he betray me like this?

"Come on, Tohru?! I said I was sorry didn't! I was drunk!" Kyo pleaded. "Your over-reacting! I mean, its not like I love that girl! I love you Tohru!"

I fought back the tears in my eyes. I wasn't standing for it anymore.

"Maybe a few months ago I would've believed you. Maybe a few months ago, I would've taken you back. Not anymore Kyo! It's always the same excuse! I was drunk! I don't love her! I love you! If you loved me, you'd come home at night! If you loved me, you would get a job! If you loved me you wouldn't cheat on me with other woman! I am sick of this! You think I'm just going to take it! Well, I'm not! I'm done with you Kyo Sohma! Get out!" I screamed.

Kyo stared at me in shock. I never spoke to anyone that way.

"Tohru-" He started. I cut him off.

"Just get out!" I shouted. Kyo sighed in defeat.

"Fine. Whatever." He mumbled. He stormed out the house and slammed the front door.

I collapsed on the floor. I couldn't believe what I'd just said. I guess all that hurt and pain of these past couple of months just came spilling out.

After the curse broken, Kyo and I moved in together. At first, I was so happy. Even though the house was really small and it was in a bad area, I felt like a princess. It was my castle and Kyo was my prince. That was until he started drinking. It started off with a couple of beers at the weekend. Then, he was out everyday, at the bar. He would come home at 2:00am drunk out of his mind. Sometimes, he didn't come home at all. Once, I found him passed out in the front garden. Then, he cheated on me for the first time.

I had been up all night, worrying about him. Like everynight. I called the bar where he normally went and they said he'd went off with a woman. I didn't understand until I called Uo. She got really mad and called him a cheating bastard. It hit me then. He was cheating on me. I felt so...hurt. All the promises, all the oaths, they were meaningless. Lies.

I can't believe I took him back. I was a fool. I should of left him a long time ago.

I don't know what to do. Legally, this house doesn't belong to me. Kyo bought it. I don't have any money for a hotel and I couldn't go to Arisa's or Hana's. They only have small flats and I wouldn't want to impose on them like that. The only place I can think of was Shigure's house. It's my only option.

I can't stay here. Anywhere but here.

I walked into the hall and picked up the phone. I just hoped he hadn't changed his number.

"Hello! Shigure Sohma speaking!" A familiar voice said happily.

"Hi Shigure. Its Tohru."