That night, I couldn't sleep.

All I could think about was him. No matter how hard I tried to block him out, he always wormed his way back into my head. My mind was buzzing with all the things I did, all the things I said. Everything I could have done. Everything I should have done. Things that are totally meaningless because now its too late. I was so tired but I just couldn't fall asleep.

I told myself when I left Kyo, I wasn't going to cry over him again but as the light of dawn started to light up the room I started to sob. I cried and cried. It seemed like forever till I finally fell into a heavy sleep.

It was well into the afternoon before I woke up.

I stumbled down the stairs still half asleep.

Shigure looked up from his paper.

"Ah! Sleeping beauty finally awakens!" He remarked."I thought you would have been up with my breakfast ready like the good old days!"

Yuki glared at Shigure.

"You know, Tohru isn't your servant. She doesn't have too do anything for you." He snapped at him.

Shigure sighed.

"Well, I need someone too look after me in my old age!" He exclaimed dramatically.

Yuki just shook his head.

I felt a little guilty. After all, I was a guest.

"I'm sorry! I didn't get to sleep till late and I was really tired! I should have been up earlier! And after you were so kind I-"

Shigure cut me off.

"Calm down, Tohru-kun!" He said gently."You don't have to explain yourself. You went through a lot yesterday."

I looked away. I really didn't want reminded of yesterday.

"Besides..." Shigure continued."You can make it up to me by getting dinner ready!"

Yuki glared at Shigure again.

"Would you leave her alone!" He said angrily. "Tohru doesn't need to-"

"Its okay!" I protested." I don't mind at all!"

I hurried into the kitchen and saw the colossal stack of dishes. They looked like they'd been there for months. The kitchen was a tip. Rubbish was scattered all around the surfaces and the floor was covered in grease. There was even flies buzzing around the looked at me sadly.

"Um..." He said sheepishly."We haven't really cleaned anything since you left. At all."

I smiled to myself. Just like old times...