The Mistress. Chapter 1: Terms and Conditions.

Cocky, filthy rich, Jacob Black is looking for the perfect girl, that he can make his mistress. No love, just pure pleasure, so when he meets innocent virgin Bella Swan, and wants her, what will she do? Rated M for a reason

This is just a simple fun little story I'm doing in honor of the 31st of this month, it won't be too long, and don't worry I'm not abandoning my other stories.

Disclaimer- This story will get crude, and harsh, so if you know you're not going to like some scenes of this story please don't read. I will be making a disclaimer for each chapter that is vulgar, if you are under 18 I suggest not reading this story. Its M for a reason, I warned you I don' want to her anything about it in the review section. Thanks.

"Are you going to call me?" Her squeaky mousey voice broke through my thoughts, I had almost forgotten that she was in the room, she was just that easy to forget. Her voice was annoying as hell, I might add. I made eye contact with her, as she fumbled around for her clothes. I made no attempt to help her, she could find her own damn clothes. I thought I told her to leave five minutes ago, and she was still here?

In the light, I noticed, she didn't look as good as I thought she did when the lights were off. Must have been all that vodka. Her massive boobs were what attracted me to her in the first place, because that face was jacked. But now studying them closely, they were disproportioned, ew. I guess it didn't matter what they looked like from the waist down, as long as they were ready, and willing. I noticed her bleached blonde hair, dark black at the roots, and those horrible pink nails, what the fuck had I been thinking? She needed to consult a stylist, even I as a man could see that shit. She looked terrible.

She was babbling on about a date, coffee or some shit that I didn't care about, but it was hard to ignore her voice. I waned mousey out of here asap!

Too much vodka. I had, had way better, her kitty was dry, no telling who all she let run up in her, she offered little to nothing in the sexual department. I basically had to get myself off. She just laid there like a bump on a log, nearly came before I inserted the snake. Or as I called him little big Jake. A pretty boring lay if you ask me. Not that I was looking for something spectacular, but she definitely wasn't what I was looking for.

I rolled my eyes, that's what I got for picking up random sluts in a dark bar. I was so annoyed with myself, I just wanted her gone. Was she still here? Didn't she get the memo? Dumb slut.

"No," I said simply, answering one of her questions, not sure which one. I got up naked as the day I was born, to get my wallet. She was staring at me, I could feel her eyes on my back. I wouldn't lie or sugarcoat shit, like I wanted to spend happily ever after with her. Harsh but true, if you signed up for it that was your own problem. She was nothing more than a cheap fuck for me, nothing more nothing less.

Her features wrinkled up, when I turned to look at her, and she looked as though she was about to cry. I didn't care about her feelings. I always explained this shit to my conquest of the night, that I'm not fucking interested in a relationship. They agree to these terms, but after sex they think I'm going to miraculously change my mind, and we're going to fall in love, and run into the fucking sunset. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but WRONG!

Simple fucking rules that they are supposed to adhere to, they agree but once they go Black they just don't want to go back, I guess I can't blame them, I wouldn't want to either. I'm a fucking beast in the bedroom. I should print a fucking terms and conditions document and let them sign the shit, and if I do I'll make sure to add no fucking crying. I hate that shit. That was the fifth one to cry in three weeks. Why did people even cry? Grown as women? Annoying as hell.

I sigh in irritation as I listen to her noisy crying. Her crying is worse than her voice! What did I get myself into? I hate that crying shit.

Fuck! I couldn't stand when they cried., I didn't need this shit.

"Save the tears please." I said annoyed holding up a hand. "Here, for cab fair, and maybe take a trip to the salon and let them re-dye your roots. My butler will show you the door, thanks for your services." I said, buzzing the butler, and Daniel, David or one of those d-names came in and escorted her out. I know what you're probably thinking, that was rude treating her like some common slut. Ah, who cares? Certainly not me. That's what you call a loose woman who has a one night stand, with someone they don't know. She's a slut, I could tell from how loose her kitty was, she does this often.

She yelled, as she was leaving. "You're an asshole Jacob Black, you haven't seen the last of me."

I yawned, I was so used to hearing that type of shit, it didn't make a difference. I wouldn't hear from her again. She agreed to the terms and conditions, its not my fault she put her heart in it. Who fucks with their heart? No you fuck with your genitals, not your fucking heart. I guess that's how men differed from women, they could keep their heart out of shit.

I grab the condom, I always get the condom afterward, I can't have any of these sluts showing up on my doorstep with a kid calling me daddy. Not going to happen. I am certainly not father material. Some women are ruthless, they'll do anything for a little money, and some Black lovin'. I flush the damn thing down the toilet, and take a leak while I'm at it.

"Ahhhhhh," I said releasing my piss. I left the guestroom, and went into my master bedroom upstairs. No slut got to sleep in my bed, I always took my fucks to the guestroom. I put on some fresh clothes that Rosa, my maid had laid on my bed.

Jacob Black, doesn't do love, or relationships, and thinking about marriage or parenthood, I can't help but guffaw.

I didn't make it this successful by being all lovey dovey and shit. I didn't own my own chain of Mechanic shops, across western United States, by being in love, and I did it all on my own, with no help from anyone. Love was detrimental, I wouldn't go down that damn road again. I quickly shook the thoughts away, before I ended up going in deep thought or some shit, and who needs that?

Who needs love? I needed sex to survive, I'm a man for goodness sake's I have needs, most men think with their penis' the myth's are true.

The more I thought about the more I was realized, I was tired of the shit, the same old game, I was tired of going from woman to woman. Slut to slut. Even though they would 'agree' to my rules, they still ended up falling for me, again, I couldn't blame them. The sex with me was mag-fucking-nificent. I was told I could make a woman literally see heaven, I literally sexed brains out, I could definitely put it down in the bedroom. Hell, I slammed it down in the bedroom.

I needed something different, a live in fuck buddy. I was getting older, in my mid-twenties I had to be realistic. I laughed, like I could ever be faithful to just one woman. Maybe I could? I would try it, I was really tired of these slut monkey's that I ended up with, materialistic crazy women.

But I didn't want to have to take care of a woman, but it would be easier then having to meet conquest after conquest introduce them to my rules, and deal with the crying all over again, and again, and again. Ugh, I was getting a headache just thinking about it. I guess it would be easier just to take of her, that was a small price to pay, for not having to deal with the same shit all the time.

If I had a live in fuck buddy, she would already know what I expected, what I wanted, what I needed. I would just motion, and she would know what to do immediately. I would draw up a contract of rules up, and she would agree and sign it. I would take care of her financial expenses, whatever she needed, or wanted, have her set up with her own credit card, in return for her silence, and pleasure. It was a fucking win-win, and sex with me, on a regular fucking basis, no woman ever got the luxury, was definitely the deal out of it all, the real win. She would be completely taken care of, by my cleaning staff, cooking staff, her every need will be met, she wouldn't have to lift a finger.

She would have her own room, equipped with everything she needed, bathroom, etc. She would have her space, I would have mine, and neither the two shall cross until I wanted to. Since I wasn't home often she could dine in the kitchen, or dining room. On the days I was home we would have dinner together, if I desired the company, but I would ask her for her silence unless I wanted her to talk. Only speak when spoken to. She would have to be ready and willing to have sex at all times. I factored in her monthly cycle, sick days, and time she needed for family things. I would generously allow her two weeks a month to write an excused note stating why she couldn't fulfill her duties, at least two days prior to her absence and if she reaches more than these allowed days she will be in jeopardy of termination. I wouldn't notify her, I would be on the look-out for my next mistress, and then relieve of her duties once I found a replacement, no questions asked. I would also give her days to spend with her family or friends, three a month, that should be enough. I needed her at my beck and call twenty four seven.

I also would need for her to get on the pill. I would need adequate proof that she was on the pill, coming with her to the doctor's office. There was no way in hell I was using a glove, with random fucks of course, but not with my live in. Considering how many sex partners she had prior, I would need to get her tested, and she could have no other sexual partners besides me while she belongs to me, and in turn I will show her the same respect (hopefully) by being tied only to her.

She would be my live in buddy for a trial period of six months, and if she worked out we would see how much longer I would keep her around. We would see how the sex worked out, the sucking, and other stuff before I made any permanent decisions. Her sucking had to be perfect, as well as the sex, between us, if we didn't have any chemistry there was no point in her being my mistress. I don't want to be tied to I can't stand looking at.

Other rules, after I was finished with emptying my seed in her she will know to dismiss herself, and be excused without any further talk. No eye contact during sex, unless I ask, don't want anyone falling in love.

She would know to make herself invisible when I didn't need her, when I called she would come, whatever I wanted she would fetch it for me.

You need a dog, not a live in fuck buddy.

I ignored the son of a bitch comment that came from my voice of reason. I was seriously considering this live in fuck buddy. Only I couldn't introduce it to her like that, I had to present this to her better than that, and it sure as hell wouldn't be a girlfriend. A mistress, that's what I needed. A mistress. But I didn't want the typical sluts that I went after, no, I needed someone who was innocent like three to five sex partners or less.

How I would find that in Seattle? I had no idea, maybe she was out there somewhere. I would consider changing it.

I was so sick of fucking blondes, somehow, they're hair made them look more slutty.

I recognize the right to dismiss said mistress if I see reason, without any notification, without warning, for any reason, you will be relieved of your duties and never hear from me again. No falling in love, and no fucking crying.

Not to mention that SHE was a blonde.

There was that son of a bitch voice of reason again, I sighed.

So brown hair, really dark, and long.

I finished making my list out. I know what you're probably thinking, how would you convince an innocent girl to be your fuck buddy-mistress? Believe me, I had my fucking ways.

And like I said.

Once you go Black.

You never go fucking back.

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I woke up the next morning, feeling pretty damn good about the mistress thing. My hot shower, was already hot and waiting for me. I slipped under the water, let it beat down on my already overly warm skin. I took a quick one, I needed to report in to work. I didn't have to work, in the shop, but I needed something to occupy my time, when I wasn't in boring meetings, and shit. I also, liked hanging with the guys, that moved with me from La Push. I shuddered I didn't want to think about back home right now. Who needed those memories? I also had to admit, but working in my garage that I owned, I built with my very own hands was what I really loved, more than anything. It was the one thing that I could call mine.

Now I sounded like a fucking chick.

I dressed quickly, in my Black's Auto Garage and black jeans, and my black work boots. And headed into the kitchen. My senses must have been off, because I didn't smell my huge hardy break face I was accustomed to.

"Rosa, where the hell is my damn breakfast," I asked furiously.

"Good morning Mr. Black, the stove went out this morning, I called someone to come look at it," She said through her thick Hispanic accent.

"Damn it! I wish you would have notified me about it," I said I hated inconveniences.

"I didn't want to wake you. You know how you don't get when you don't get at least seven hours of sleep, I would have never heard the end of it, but don't worry, I make you reservation at the diner downtown," She said.

"Fine." I said.

I got in the my red and black Camaro, that was already started up thanks for Devin or Donny whatever my butler's name was, and I prepared to get some damn breakfast.

When I got to the diner, they already had hot food waiting at my table, courtesy of Rosa, she knew me oh so well.

I was enjoying my breakfast when I got amused by three girls looking for a service shop. One had dark hair, and glasses, she was cute nothing spectacular. The other looked a little wild her hair lighter than the other too. But was beautiful, one of the most beautiful women I had laid eyes on, and I had seen a lot. Her cheeks flushed as her friends teased her, I got my nosey listening ears on, to try and see what they were saying.

"…Virgin. Bella, you seriously need to fork over your v-card to the first handsome stranger you see."

I nearly choked on my coffee. There was an actual virgin that still existed? I knew immediately which one was the virgin, the beautiful one with the crimson cheeks.

I smiled. Fate was working out in my favor, she would be the perfect mistress. How ironic, that I come into contact with a virgin, after I decided on my list.

I got up, prepared to make her mine.