I wrote this one day, just to get the idea out of my head. I know it's crap, but I figured I'll just post it.

Angel Radio

"Please, Dean?"

Dean could hear the pout in his brother's voice and he knew that were his brother with him he would be under the mercy of Sammy's puppy eyes. "I'm at work." Dean complained, smearing the oil from his hands onto his jeans. There was a pause on the other end of the line.

"I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important." Sam said, his voice low and pleading. Dean sighed. He couldn't ever deny his little brother anything.

"Alright, alright. I'll be over in ten."

Dean grabbed a cloth from his workbench and wiped the rest of the oil from his skin onto the piece of material. He pressed end on his cellphone and slipped it into his back pocket, before jogging into Bobby's – his father for all intents and purposes – house and grabbing his wallet and keys.

"Hey Bobby!" He shouted into the house. "I need to go get Sammy and drop him off at the library. I'll be back in an hour." Dean heard a vague grunt from the study that he took as a yes.

He walked back outside and admired his baby while he approached her. Her black coat was shimmering under the sun, all thanks to the wax Dean had applied that morning. He slid into the car, taking a moment to enjoy the smell of leather, before starting her up and pulling her out of the dusty driveway.

It took Dean less than eight minutes to get to his brother's apartment building. The giant was already waiting outside and Dean only had to stop for a second before they were off again.

"Would you mind telling me why I had to pick you up now? I was working." Dean sighed.

"My WI-fi has been going haywire for the past few days and it has officially packed its bags and left this morning and I have a huge ass Research Proposal due on Monday. So, I'll have to make due with the old-school way of research." Sam grunted, obviously annoyed with his situation. Dean pitied the guy.

Sam was studying to become a lawyer and whenever Dean saw the kid he was busy with something or other study related. Dean was hella proud of his brother and Sammy was a fucking genius, but he never envied him. Dean was perfectly content with his life as a mechanic.

Sam started playing with the knobs on Baby's radio and Dean glared.

"Sammy." He warned, taking turns to glare at his brother and looking at the road. "Remember my number one rule about Baby." Dean saw Sam rolling his eyes in his peripheral vision.

"Driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cake-hole. Yeah, I got it Dean. But Gabe's DJ-ing today."

Gabriel Novak was Sam's boyfriend. Dean and Gabriel had a like-hate relationship. Dean liked him for making his brother so fucking happy, but the guy was an asshole. Gabe liked Dean for being Sam's brother, but he also thought that Dean was an asshole. Gabriel was a DJ at a local radio station called Angel Radio and Sam liked to listen to him as much as he possibly could.

"No offense, Sam. But your boyfriend has horrible taste in music." Dean gagged. But Sam just continued to play with the knob, searching for the right station. The crackle was starting to grate on Dean's nerves and he was about to slap Sam's hand, when the latter finally found the right station. The opening chords of Katy Perry's Roar sounded over the speakers and Dean winced. He threw his brother a look that screamed I told you so, but Sam ignored the glare, lightly humming along with the song.

"Pansy." Dean muttered under his breath.

Several times during the song, Dean contemplated changing the station, but he didn't want to deal with Sammy's moaning and he figured he only had to deal with this until he got to the library.

When the last note faded away, Dean wanted to cry in happiness.

"And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Katy Perry with her new hit single Roar. Now there's one kitten I wouldn't mind to stroke, if ya know what I mean." Gabriel's smug voice made Dean want to punch something. Dean looked Sammy's way, incredulously. He wanted to ask if Sam was sure his boyfriend was 100% gay, but he was afraid that that would incite some crude remarks from his brother that he didn't want to hear.

"Unfortunately, I always know what you mean, Gabriel."

Dean's mind blanked for a second and in his shock he swerved the car into the middle of the road. Sam's cry and a loud honk from a car coming from the opposite direction shook Dean from his stupor and the man quickly righted the car.

What was that? Dean thought.

A gravelly voice that had sounded extremely sexed-out had talked over the radio and it had sent some strong shivers through Dean's lower stomach, that's what.

"What the hell, Dean?!" Sam shouted from the passenger-seat, rousing Dean from his reverie.

"I...uh...I don't know." Dean answered. Sam stared at his older brother, trying to figure out what had happened for his brother to have reacted that way.

Dean's hand shot forward to switch off the radio in such an aggressive movement that it startled Sam.

"Dean?" Sam asked, even more confused.

"Sam." Dean said, in a tone that made it clear that the conversation was over.

Two awkward minutes later, Dean pulled into the library's parking lot and stopped in front of the steps leading to the front door of the building. Sam spared his older brother a worried glance, before climbing out. Dean rolled down the window and leaned toward the passenger side.

"What time do you want me to come pick you up?" He asked. The younger Winchester shrugged.

"I'll text you." He answered, before turning around and entering the building.

Dean's mind wandered as he made his way back to Singer's Auto Salvage. He was debating whether or not to turn the radio on again.

Dean was still unsure what his sexual preference was. He had slept with a ton of women, loved a select few, but every now and then he would find himself extremely attracted to a guy.

And now his stomach was doing these strange little flips at the thought of that voice.

That very deep, masculine voice.

His hand twitched toward the radio, but he caught the movement before he could turn it on. His mind joined his stomach in doing flips. His thoughts jumping from turning the radio on to forgetting the voice forever.

"Stop being such a fucking coward, Dean" He muttered to himself, banging a fist against his steering-wheel to emphasize his point. "It was a once off thing. No one has that deep of a voice, naturally. The guy was probably joking around." Not feeling an ounce more convinced, Dean hit the button and Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball filled the car.


Luckily, the song was pretty much finished.

"That was Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus with Suit & Tie and Wrecking Ball, respectively." Dean closed his eyes and bit the inside of his cheek at the sound of that voice that practically dripped sex. "And now for some actual good music-" The voice added, before being interrupted.

"Hey. Suit & Tie and Wrecking Ball are beautiful songs." Gabriel chimed, his voice too amused to sound offended. "And we play popular music on Angel Radio, little brother. Not some Indie shit you found in some or other alley."

Little brother? Was this voice god related to Gabriel. Oh please no!

"Shut up, Assbutt. I'm just going to play some Florence & The Machine. They're popular." The voice answered. Dean didn't know whether he should laugh at the Assbutt comment or sigh at the adorableness of it all.

That thought shocked Dean to his core. He had just thought that a guy was adorable. If that isn't gay then he didn't know what was.

He listened to Bird Song by Florence & The Machine and was surprised to find that he liked it. But he was wondering if his little crush on the voice wasn't perhaps influencing his taste.

When Dean parked his car in his spot at Bobby's he was sad to find that his time with the voice was over now.

He was totally going to take his radio at home and bring it to work.


The following days were filled with a shit-ton of Angel Radio. Whenever Dean had time, he would listen to the voice. By now, he had realized that Gabriel and the voice would always DJ together and their usual time-slots were in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm

Also, he had finally got a name. Gabriel usually called the voice 'little brother', but every now and then a girl – Anna - would join them in DJ-ing and she would call the voice: Castiel.

So, Dean finally had a name to call out when he jerked off in the shower. He couldn't imagine a face to go with the voice, so in his fantasies rough manly hands would grab him, blindfold him and consequently do things to him, while whispering dirty things in his ear.

Dean was pretty sure that he was gay.

It was a Friday and Dean was underneath a BMW 5 series. Angel Radio was blasting from the corner. Dean was feeling a little down, because it was eleven in the morning and Castiel hadn't been on the radio, yet.

He was starting to feel like a drug addict and Castiel's voice was the very best crack you could find.

"Dean!" Bobby called from outside the barn where Dean was working. "We have a customer." Dean heard some vague mutters and the the barn door opened.

"Just a second." Dean shouted out to whoever was out there. He lifted his wrench and wiggled the bolt under the exhaust pipe.

"Take your time." A voice answered.

Dean froze, his arm staying in the awkward position and his eyes widening. There was no mistaking that voice. His heart beat took up a notch and his breathing suddenly become uneven.

He lowered his arm slowly, taking deep breaths to slow down his beating heart. Slowly, he slid himself out from underneath the car. He looked at the ground while he stood up.

Dean counted to ten, gave himself a pep talk and then...he looked up.

Nothing could've prepared him for the magnificence that was this creature. Dean was good looking, he knew that, but he wasn't even close to this guy.

An angel with dark brown hair all sexed up, stubble that was doing things to Dean and the bluest of fucking blue eyes.

Dean couldn't stop his eyes from appraising this guy from top to bottom.

I'm so fucking gay. Dean thought. And he couldn't find it in himself to care.

"Hello." The guy said, thrusting his hand forward for Dean to shake.

But Dean was too busy burying himself in the liquid pool that is the guy's voice. The angel dropped his hand and coughed awkwardly.

"Sorry." Dean said, shaking his head and mentally kicking himself for being such an idiot. "Dean Winchester." He added, smirking and grabbing the guy's hand to shake. He held on much longer than necessary and added a wink.

"Castiel Novak."

Dean wanted to squeal. So, this was Castiel from Angel Radio. This was the guy he had been obsessed with these past few days.

"Novak?" Dean asked, wondering. "Please don't tell me you're related to Douche-riel."

Great, now you've insulted his possible family. Nice going, Dean.

Luckily, Castiel seemed to find this funny.

"If you are referring to Gabriel, then yes. Unfortunately, he is my brother. But he was the one to recommend you when my car broke down. I guess he was trying to get into Sam's good books by promoting his boyfriend's brother's shop."

Dean laughed. "I'm actually surprised this is the first time we're meeting. Sam can't get enough of Gabe. It's disgusting."

They both laughed and Dean found his heart leaping at the sight of Castiel's smile and sparkling eyes.

"So, car trouble?" Dean asked. The two of them walked outside, where a Prius was sitting looking pitiful next to Baby's glory. "You drive a Prius? Thank God you're pretty."

Both of them froze at the comment. It had slipped out of Dean's mouth before he could stop it.

"Sorry." He muttered, bowing his head to hide his blush. Castiel didn't say anything, choosing rather to just pop open the hood. Dean walked to the front and quickly inspected the engine.

"I hope there isn't something seriously wrong. I use my car quite a lot."

"Nah, you were just running a bit low on cooling liquid. I have some inside."

Dean was surprised when Castiel followed him back into the barn. He grabbed a bottle from the shelf above the radio and turned around to find that Castiel was standing very close to him.

Castiel smelled like cotton candy and cinnamon. The smell made Dean's mouth water.

"You're listening to Angel Radio?" Castiel asked, his head cocked to the side. The sight was too adorable for Dean. He felt like he was going to spontaneously combust any moment now.

"Uh yeah. I usually listen to it while I work." Dean walked back outside and popped the lid on the bottle, before pouring some liquid into the container in the engine. Castiel chuckled as he followed him.

"Ha. I don't have you figured as a pop fan." Castiel said, watching Dean's hands work on the engine. Dean smiled a strained smile. He wasn't sure what to say.

"I'm not." Dean muttered, closing the bottle and heading back inside to put it away.

"Then why-" Castiel started, but Dean cut him off through pressing his lips against Castiel's chapped ones.

At first, Castiel didn't respond, but Dean's lips were insistent and they coaxed a response from the other man. Dean pressed himself against Cas, crowding the man until he took several steps backward and they hit the wall. A low groan escaped Castiel and Dean pressed himself even closer, sliding a leg to slot in between Castiel and gently pressing his erection against the Cas's thigh. He broke the kiss when it became apparent that oxygen was necessary.

"I like to listen to your voice, Cas." Dean spoke, his own voice so husky that it elicited a shiver from Cas.

Castiel smiled and attacked Dean's lips once again. Cas grabbed Dean's short hairs at the nape of his neck and pulled aggressively. A low groan fell from Dean's lips and he slowly moved his kisses from Cas's mouth to his neck and collarbone. The two men rutted against each other in reckless abandon.


Dean froze as he listened to his name from outside. He groaned at the familiarity of the voice.

"Where ar-" Sam stopped abruptly. "Oh...whoa." He coughed.

And then, as if Dean didn't have the worst luck in the world already, another voice joined.

"What is it, Sammy?" Gabriel asked. "Oh...oh my God. Castiel?!"

Cas stared at Dean with wide eyes – a look that rivaled a deer in headlights. He dropped his head into the crook of Dean's neck and Dean chuckled.

"Want to have dinner some time?" Dean asked, pressing a kiss on the shell of Castiel's ear.

"Yeah." The gravelly voice answered, even huskier from the kissing.

"Damn it, Dean! Get the fuck off my brother." Gabriel shouted.

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