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Angel Radio

*Three months later*

"And that's why I love you, Cas."

Those seven words fell seamlessly from Dean's lips. He didn't even realize the implication until he heard the little gasp from his partner.

"Uh...I mean..uhm." Dean stuttered, staring at the television and trying hard not to blush like a fucking six year old girl. But before he could withdraw his love confession – which would've pained him to do anyway – Castiel was on top of him. The smaller man's knees positioned right on the outside of Dean's thighs and if Cas lowered himself their crotches would be perfectly aligned. Dean found it hard to concentrate on anything other than his lover's heat.

Castiel didn't care that both of them were wearing more layers than a Parfait. He didn't care that snow was piling outside of his home and that it was fucking freezing. He didn't care that he had a slight cold. All that he was aware of was the fact that his boyfriend had just confessed his love for him.

He hovered above Dean, taking in his bright hopeful eyes and slightly red cheeks. The mechanics pouty lips were slightly parted and labored breaths fell on Castiel's neck. Dean's hands snaked upward to rest on Castiel's hips.

Dean tugged Castiel downward, willing him to sit on his lap, but the man wouldn't co-operate. Instead, Castiel lowered his face and pressed butterfly kisses all over Dean's face.

His cheekbones.

His eyelids.

His forehead.

His nose.

And before Dean could explode, Castiel touched his lips to Dean's.

"God." Castiel groaned against his mouth. "I love you too, Dean." He muttered, finally lowering himself fully on Dean's lap. Cas pressed his chest, so that every inch of his body touched his boyfriend's. "So much."

Dean reciprocated by sliding Cas's bottom lip in between his own. He sucked on the dry, yet plump, skin, pulling a moan from his boyfriend. Cas rotated his hips, sending delicious waves of pleasure through Dean's cock. They moaned in each other's mouths.

Dean had taken what Castiel had said on their first date very seriously and for the past three months the two hadn't progressed any further than dry humping and hand-jobs. Dean was desperate to feel Cas's tight hole swallowing his cock, but he respected his lover's wishes.

That said, Dean was surprised when Castiel started removing the thick sweater he had cuddled in for the night.

"Cas?" He breathed, not daring to get his hopes up. Castiel lifted his eyes and Dean felt himself falling even further at the sight of those stormy ocean eyes and blown pupils.

Castiel moved his lips to Dean's ears and whispered, "Make love to me, Dean."

Arousal flushed through Dean's system, settling finally in his (now rock-hard) erection.

Dean slid his hands from Castiel's hips down to his thighs, just underneath his ass, and stood up. Castiel wrapped his legs around Dean, thrusting himself gently against the other man's bulge as Dean walked to Castiel's room.

"If you continue doing that we won't make it to the bedroom." Dean nibbled on Cas's earlobe. Cas returned the favor as he pulled at Dean's short, spiky hairs.

About two weeks after their first date, the second time the two had fooled around, Castiel found that Dean was really responsive when it came to his hair. All Cas had to do was pull at the short strands and Dean would fall apart.

Dean latched his lips to Castiel's. Shoving his tongue inside his partner's mouth, exploring and biting as he went. Castiel didn't know whether he found passionate Dean or caring Dean more attractive. Both versions made him hot for the mechanic.

As Dean walked into the room, Castiel lifted his hand from Dean's hair and flipped the light switch. He wanted to be able to see every inch of his boyfriend as he made love to him.

Dean let go of Cas as soon as they were in front of the bed. The DJ fell onto the bed with a slight yelp, but all was forgotten as he caught the look in Dean's eyes. His lover was staring at him with an almost feral expression. Castiel crawled backward until he was propped up against his bed's headboard. Dean followed, moving toward Castiel with a smirk gracing his lips.

Castiel's heart-rate tripled at the sight of Dean stalking him like a lion stalking a gazelle. He could come at just the sight of that possessive glint in his boyfriend's eyes.

Castiel knew he was bottoming, tonight. He didn't mind and Dean seemed like he was the type of guy that wasn't going to bottom until he was completely comfortable with gay sex with Castiel. Cas could still remember the slight panic attack Dean had had the first time they had came with each other. Dean hadn't answered Castiel's calls or texts for three days and Cas had become worried that Dean wouldn't want to continue their relationship anymore. But Dean had realized his mistake after two serious conversations with both Sam and Gabriel.

And now, here they were.

Dean slid in between Castiel's thighs. Pressing his entire body against his lover's and sliding upwards until he was situated above Castiel, his length pushing against his boyfriend's.

Cas sighed at the feeling.

"You...are wearing way too much clothing." Dean spoke, his voice deep and throaty with arousal. Dean quickly removed the long-sleeved shirt Castiel had been wearing underneath his sweater only to be met with another t-shirt. Dean growled and almost ripped the offending garment from Cas's body.

Dean couldn't help but take the time to appraise his lover's upper body. Castiel had a lithe, lean body that resembled that of a track athlete. But he still had solid muscle underneath his skin and Dean's hands found those muscles as they wandered over the exposed expanse of skin. Castiel's body trembled at the sensation, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of Dean's hot mouth closing around Castiel's perked up nipple.

Castiel moaned. Loudly.

Dean knew that Castiel loved to get vocal. It was an amazing thing to witness – or rather hear - as Castiel was a rather taciturn person to begin with. So, Dean made it his personal mission to make Cas scream his name.

"You...are...unf-" Castiel muttered. He struggled to concentrate as Dean's tongue and teeth danced around his nipples. "Now you are wearing...ughhhh...too much clothing."

Dean couldn't agree more. He released his partner's pecs and gripped his sweater and shirt, lifting both clothing pieces at the same time. Castiel had never appreciated Dean's abs until now. He lifted his hands to slide over the muscles, enjoying the way they seemed to contract and shift under his grip.

"Enjoying yourself?" Dean asked, leaning forward and capturing Castiel's mouth again. The kiss was hot and wet and as soon as they ran out of oxygen, Castiel moved his kisses to trail down Dean's body. He lightly bit at the junction between Dean's neck and shoulders, ripping a moan from Dean. Dean pushed the full weight of his hips into Cas's, pressing their erections against each other.

Castiel's sweatpants consisted of a thin layer of fabric, contrary to Dean's heavy jeans. So, Dean could feel the length of Cas's cock against his, but all Cas could feel was the bulge in Dean's pants.

"Jeans. Off." Castiel growled, sucking on Dean's pulse point. Dean made quick work of his pants and Castiel enjoyed the sight of Dean's tight briefs lining what Cas knew was the Holy Grail.

Dean swiped Cas's sweatpants from the man's legs, taking off the socks as well. Dean was definitely not a sock man. He then laid back down onto Cas.

The DJ took a break from his sucking and biting, deciding to rather turn his attention to slightly more productive things. He bucked his hips against Dean's hard-on.

Both moaned at the resulting wave of arousal.

"Dean!" Castiel groaned, unaware of how loud he was being.

Dean thrust against Castiel, bringing both a little higher into the ecstasy that is an orgasm.

"Please Dean!" His voice had dropped an octave (a feat Dean had thought impossible). Dean shuddered at the sound he had fallen in love with over the radio three months ago.

"What do you want, baby?" He muttered, shuddering. "Tell me."

Castiel panted and arched into Dean, pressing their naked chests together. "Fuck me, Dean."

Dean felt an odd thrill at the sound of Cas cursing. He was usually such an eloquent man and Dean felt a peculiar power high at the thought of rendering Cas a blubbering idiot.

Dean tapped Cas's hips, indicating that the latter had to lift said hips. Dean then proceeded to teasingly pull down the boxers. Castiel growled, impatiently, while Dean just shushed him and worked on his own underwear.

Once both men were naked, Dean rubbed his entire body along Cas's. Ecstatic at the feeling of bare skin. Their cocks, thick and shining with pre-come, glided along.

"Cas, whe-" Dean started to ask, before Cas interrupted.

"Top drawer on the left." He gasped, predicting what Dean had wanted to say. He closed his eyes and focused on the slick muscle sliding between his legs and sending shooting pulses of pleasure through him.

The comfortable weight lifted from him for a second, much to his displeasure. He heard a drawer slide open and some sounds of Dean rummaging, before his lover was pressed back against him with a triumphant sound at the back of his throat.

Cas didn't open his eyes, rather using other senses to heighten the experience.

He could hear the sound of a bottle cap opening and Dean's strained breaths.

He could feel solid muscle and skin, sliding on his own due to perspiration.

He could smell Dean's arousal mixing with his own and Dean's apple-pie, oil and musk scent.

And he could taste Dean on his breath. He couldn't describe it. It was just something so uniquely Dean.

He opened his eyes, finding that he was already missing the sight of his partner.

Dean was squirting white liquid onto his palm and smothering his digits with the cream. His green eyes were trained on Cas's erection and he licked his lips in anticipation. He trailed his eyes upward until they met his lover's.

Cas watched with bated breath. Dean suddenly looked nervous.

"I don't kn-" He paused and bit his lips. "I've been doing research on how-" He stopped, frowning.

Castiel smiled at the sight, "You'll do great..." He said before absorbing what Dean had said. "You did research?" He whispered, his chest tightening at the burst of love. For Dean to actually look up what to do, how to pleasure Castiel. It was too much.

"I watched gay porn." Dean whispered, bashfully.

Castiel couldn't stop the wave of heat traveling from his heart to his groin.

Oh God, that's hot.

Dean took a deep breath and positioned himself in front of Cas. He slowly spread Cas's cheeks, before delving his index finger into the hole. The muscles tightened and tried rejecting the foreign object, but Castiel knew how to deal. He relaxed himself against the finger.

Dean pumped his finger into the hole a few times, elated to find that the pain gave way to pleasure for Castiel. He then proceeded to enter another digit.

There was less resistance this time.

And even less when Dean entered his third finger.

Castiel's breathing was ragged and his eyes were screwed shut, so Dean figured he was doing something right.

Remembering a tip from one of the instructional videos, Dean curled his fingers, experimentally.

Castiel's answering moan lifted Dean's confidence a few notches.

"You like that, huh baby?" He muttered, leaning forward to slide his tongue into Cas's mouth, but continuing his thrusting of his fingers and the occasional curl of his digits. "You like it when I fuck you with my fingers."

Castiel keened. "God yes I do. I love it when you fuck me in any way, Dean!" He shouted.

Dean removed his fingers, ignoring Cas's cries of protest.

"Then you'll love this."

Unbeknownst to Castiel, Dean had been prepping his cock with lube while he had been fingering Cas, so as soon as Dean felt ready he sheathed himself into Cas with one powerful push.

The resulting sound from Cas's mouth and the tight warmth almost made Dean come. He stilled himself before he could blow his load and took his time to enjoy the pure feeling of Cas surrounding his dick.

I'll be perfectly happy to have and to hold only this hole for the rest of my life. Dean thought, surprised at his nonchalant thought about marriage.

"Move." Castiel hissed, rousing Dean from his reverie. Dean immediately obeyed.

He pulled out his cock until he was almost completely out, but then pushed himself forward with a harsh and quick move. His breath whooshed from his lungs and his entire body felt alive and on fire.

He grabbed Cas's hips, hoping that holding on to something will ground him. He pistoned into Cas, loving the way his lover was shouting and mumbling his name.

Dean was sure he wasn't going to last very long, but he wanted Cas to come before him, so he grabbed Castiel's cock that had been bouncing between them and started stroking him, hard and fast.

Castiel could feel his orgasm building and climbing until he toppled over the edge, babbling some nonsensical nonsense in between shouting Dean's name. Instead of the usual wave of pleasure his previous orgasms had brought him, Castiel experienced wave upon wave of the best feeling in the world. It rivaled the feeling Castiel had had once Dean had confessed his love for him. It left him breathless.

Upon Castiel's orgasm, his ass's muscles contracted squeezing out Dean's orgasm. It was such a powerful and unexpected feeling that Dean blacked out for a few seconds. He vaguely heared Castiel calling his name as his lover orgasmed.

When all his senses returned to him, he found that he was sprawled over Castiel's chest. A wet sticky substance on his chest.

"Holy fuck." He muttered, noticing that his legs were jelly. Castiel chuckled from underneath him. Dean rolled over to Cas's side and tucked the smaller man under his arms. "That was fucking amazing." Dean smiled contently, ignoring the unpleasant crustiness on his stomach. Castiel slid out of the bed. "Hey, where do you think you're going?" Dean protested, feeling sleep creeping through his brain. Castiel disappeared into the bathroom adjoined to his room and returned with a damp towel. He used it to wipe the mess on Dean's stomach and his own, before throwing the cloth into the corner of the room and crawling back next to him. "Thanks, Cas." Dean muttered, his eyes sliding close.

"You're welcome, Dean." Castiel pecked the other man's cheek and slid deeper into the covers and closer to his boyfriend.

"Love you, Cas." Dean muttered, his speech garbled.

"Love you too, Dean."

The two men drifted into a deep sleep, content with being in each other's arms.

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