"MOM! I can't believe you're leaving me with HER!" Ron shouted while his parents were walking inside their fireplace.
"Ron be good! Hermione was happy to do it!" his mother said and got some transport ash in her hands.
"I wasn't!" Hermione said under her breath. the truth it was that her parents had gone to a trip together and now she was stuck in the same house with Ron. Alone.
"Your brothers and Ginny have already gone to Romania with Charlie. You said you wanted to stay here!" his father said and walk next to his wife.
"I changed idea! It will be better with George and Fred than HER!" he complaied and showed Hermione.
"Good bye Ron!" his father said ending the conversation. "Magic path, dragon valley, ROMANIA!" he said and suddenly disappear.
"Be good Ronald!" his mother said and shouted the directions her husband had said a few seconds before. She immediately disappeared too.
"I can't believe it!" he said and walk to his bedroom without looking at Hermione.

"Katniss.." his sweet voice was heard.
She was sitting in the couch of their new house in district 12. She was holding he knees against her chest looking nowhere. He walk and sit close to her.
"What are you thinking?" he said worried. resting his hand on her knee.
"Have you saw Maisy's face before Drake kill her?" she said out of blue with an emotionless voice. "This year are the 77th hunger games. The 4th year we are mentoring. The 4th year we weren't able to save someone...". He held her hands in his, their wedding rings touching to each other. He rub her hands warming them.
"I know Katniss. But we will go thought it. Like we did in the games. Together remember?" he said and force her to look at him. "Together!" she repeated and managed to give him a smile.

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