When Ron walked up to the stage, he avoided to exchange glances with Hermione. Every inch of his body was not able to more. His muscles had frozen as he tried to keep in his tears.
Did he really had to kill with his bare hands?
He always thought that a day he will have to kill someone with all the you-know-who returned.
But not today. Not now. Not ever. He was just fifteen.

From the crowd a voice was heard. A strained voice. But from all the panic that was happening that moment, the district twelve's citizens trying to recognize the male and female tribute, the boy was not heard.
"Do we have any volunteers for Mr. Ronald?" the colorful woman asked making a wave of silence fall on the crowed.
And the strained voice was heard.
"I'll go to his place"

Everyone searched around for the owner so the boy walked in the middle.
Of course, Ron and Hermione could recognize it.

"Are you sure?" Effie asked. It was the first time she asked that to volunteers but that skinny form with the black messy hair didn't seem for someone who would volunteer to the place of the ginger tall and yes, a little muscular, man.

"I am" Harry answered and walked proudly to the stage.
"You can't do that!" Ron clung onto Harry as he walked next to him on the stage
"I can and I will" Harry answered harshly and pushed Ron slightly towards the stairs.

They heard with numb feelings the rest of the speech before they were escorted in the Justice Building where family and friends would say their last goodbyes to he tributes.
But both Hermione and Harry, had no one in this crazy, unknown world.

"You are crazy!" Ron busted in the room, "You took my place? Are you out of your mind?" he asked walking close to him.
"I couldn't not to do that-" Harry started saying but he was cut off.
"Of course. You are Harry Potter. You need to become the center of attention even in a world that isn't ours!" Ron shouted making Harry go a few steps behind.
"Are you kidding me? Did you pay a little attention on the tapes Katniss and Peeta gave us? There is not coming back! You would die!" the second boy said and the ginger rubbed his forehead.
"You think I wouldn't make it. You... you..." Ron said frustrated and left the room leaving Harry dumbfounded. He didn't want to upset him. He did it to save Ron from being killed like he would always do and always will.

If he survived the games.

As both Harry and Hermione did not have any relatives they took them in the train. It wasn't as rich as the trains in London.

It was a lotmore.

Beautiful crystals everywhere. Food they had never tasted on counters and table. Drinks.
All the sofas and chairs were covered with red velvet and Harry felt the urge to rub her face on it. But she had to just brush her fingertips against the soft fabric.

"I am truly sorry. I am so sorry this happened to you!" Katniss rushed close to them and pulled them both in her arms.
"Kat?" Peeta said from behind her and placed his hand on her shoulders just before her chest started moving up and down from the sobs she tried to keep inside.
She pulled away from the two kids and straightened her back.
"Peeta will tell you the whole process. You have to listen to us as we are your mentors and do everything we say!" the older woman said and moved behind her ear some loose stands of hair.
"I will leave you to it" she said turning to Peeta and he nodded. She leaned in but instantly stopped before retrieving to her bedroom.

"We have a long journey ahead!" Peeta said and sighed, "Firstly, I will go see where Haymitch, Effie and Katniss are. A servant will show you the way to your bedrooms and when you feel the train moving, come here and Katniss and I will explain what you need to do" he said and patted Harry's shoulder before leaving as well. He knew better than anyone that the tributes needed some time alone.

"Why aren't we starting?" asked Harry miserably after around an hour of saying in the train . He punched his fist on the bulletproof glass as the scene of district twelve wasn't leaving, yet.

"That's why" said Katniss pushing a man inside the room. He had a hood over his head so they couldn't see his face.
"Hey" a voice they both recognize well said.
The not so unknown, pulled down the hood of his jacket and Hermione rushed up to him.
"Ron, what are you doing here?" she asked against him.
"Hey, I couldn't leave you fight to death without me" the ginger said and Harry stood up looking at him dead in the eye, "I have decided that since we fought you-know-who in first year" he said and Harry smiled slightly.
"In fact I think we have something that no one else has" said Ron
"Magic" he added pulling out his wand and making sparkles go out of its edge

For the first time since both Katniss and Peeta were mentors, they felt they had a chance to keep these kids alive.

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