Title: Oropher & Thranduil: Thranduil gets a… DRAGON?

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Rating: T

Warning: Horror, angst, AU.

Disclaimer: Characters and their world belong to Tolkien. I'm only playing.

Summary: It was the last gift that Thranduil got from his father. Is it gift or a curse? Will Thranduil succumb to his weakness?

Note: Written for Spook Me challenge at LJ for Halloween.

Crossover with the Hobbit & Silmarillion.

This is my prompt:



4th Age

Minas Tirith… At night…

King Elessar was feeling more than helpless against the barrage of questions. What had he done to deserve this?

Eldarion had been more curious after he had read Bilbo Baggins' book. "There and back again: a hobbit's tale". Just why had he chosen that book of all things? Ever since he had seen the picture of Smaug, the mighty dragon, he had been glued to the page, posing question after question, day after day, in sheer eagerness.

King Elessar had already asked his dear friend, Lord Legolas, to come for a visit. It was about time that the elf arrived. Hopefully the Royal family would get some answers to those unsolved questions.

On this bright and sunny day, King Elessar was being retained by the curious boy in his room. There was a knock on the door, and he opened the door, relieved for the interruption. A guard bowed to him in respect and informed him, "My king, Lord Legolas has arrived."

"Thank you. Have him join us." He was struggling to contain his joy.

After the guard had left, Eldarion turned to look at his father, his eyes sparkling in excitement at the news. "Ada, why did you not tell me that Uncle Legolas is coming?"

"I wanted to surprise you, and you seem to enjoy it," Elessar replied with a smile

Eldarion nodded enthusiastically. "Do you think that Legolas will know more about the dragon?" he asked.

"Perhaps," he replied, the smile still on his face. "In any case, it is better that we ask than if never try and never find out."

Eldarion nodded in agreement.

The door opened and Legolas stepped in.

"Uncle Legolas, I have missed you so much!" Eldarion jumped from his bed, and into the arms of his uncle.

Legolas bent over to catch the boy, laughing. "I have missed you too, young one."

"Eldarion, help Uncle Legolas find a chair so that you could ask him some questions," Elessar prompted his son.

"You might need to get another one…" Legolas grinned. He raised his voice as he continued, "It seems that whenever Eldarion asks a question, I need to tell him a story."

"Did I hear the word 'story'?"

Eldarion looked up excitedly to see a very familiar dwarf enter the room, matching the elf's grin.

"Legolas, that was not very nice of you to invite someone without telling us," Elessar teased his friend.

Gimli looked surprised. "Legolas, I thought that you had told them that I was coming as well!" he finished accusingly.

"It is not my fault, Gimli," Legolas defended himself. "Every time you come, you are always looking for food before anything else. I am not going to wait up for you each time."

The dwarf did not seem convinced.

"Are you hungry, Uncle Gimli?" Eldarion asked.

"After the long detour that this elf made, you bet I am hungry," Gimli replied, smiling at the boy before bestowing a pointed glare at Legolas.

"It was a short cut." Legolas shrugged.

Elessar could have laughed. What was new? "I will arrange something for you to eat." He rose to his feet and headed for the door.

But the door opened to reveal Queen Arwen, a tray of food in her hand.

"I was about to fetch some food for Gimli," Aragorn told her, taking the tray.

"I heard that Gimli had come along, and I was surprised when he did not show up in the kitchen, so I checked with the guards to know that he is here," Arwen smiled at her husband, before glancing around the room.

Eldarion had a pensive look on his face and Arwen focused on him at once. "Has something happened, Eldarion?" she asked in concern.

"Nay, mother, I'm only waiting for Legolas to answer my questions," Eldarion replied.

Arwen smiled, setting the boy on her lap. Elessar had placed the tray near both the elf and the dwarf and came to sit beside her.

Legolas bit delicately into a biscuit, appreciating the refreshment. "And what are your questions, young one?" he asked.

The boy was about to reply when a loud slurp interrupted him.

Legolas glared at Gimli. "Where are your manners?"

"I am a dwarf," Gimli replied as though that excused him.

"And…? You should show some respect towards your friends." Legolas' glare was not abating.

"Oh, this is perfectly respectful indeed!" Gimli protested, crunching even louder than ever.

Eldarion chuckled, not knowing if he should interrupt to ask.

"Ask your question, my son, before those two start to fight," Arwen encouraged him.

Eldarion cleared his throat. That caught their attention. In a quiet voice, he continued, "Uncle Legolas, how did Smaug turned out to be that evil?"

Legolas thought for a moment. Yes, he remembered something that his father once told him. This was certainly a long story.

"Elf, do you have an answer to that?" Gimli asked, noticing his silence.

"Do you have any more questions?" Legolas asked.

"I already know that Smaug was killed, but did your father raise him or was it the dwarves who did?" Eldarion asked.

"He was certainly not raised by the dwarves," Legolas replied. Here they go. "But my father did have a part in raising him, not knowing that he was a dragon."

"How could he not know?"

"My grandfather, King Oropher, had given my father something to keep," Legolas replied. A faint grin widened across his face as he started his tale…

End of Chapter 1.