The Quarterdeck Breed
By Michael D. Garcia


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After I completed the January McKenna series, I found myself with an inordinate amount of time to devote to another long-term project. While I did have some ideas about continuing to write in the alternate universe, I had grown to miss writing about the canon universe and exploring the lesser-seen areas of the show. I think it goes without saying that I truly enjoy filling in the blanks with my imagination as to the other services within Starfleet. Our attention at the beginning of the saga is focused solely on the starship Enterprise and her crew, and during the years of The Next Generation, I often tried to explore what it would be like to serve with a different set of officers and crew, aboard another ship of the same class. With the assistance of a close friend, I ended up writing the first five stories about an officer in command of the Galaxy-class starship USS Farragut. In turn, I began writing about her son, a cadet in Starfleet, and what his career would be like.
But, as usual, I'm getting ahead of myself. As I was saying, I needed a new project to take up the slack in my free time. Rather than attempting to write another novella, I decided to try my hand at writing character sketches. However, since I had done that pretty effectively in the past, and I enjoyed doing it, I wanted to try something a little more challenging with sketching out either a character, or an event. This time around, I decided to sketch a little bit of everything: character, event, and milieu. These stories, while sketches in nature, had to have a unifying theme or tie to be able to bring them together as a series. And then, it hit me. Why not write a series of sketches on the different types of leadership I had experienced or could imagine? And the Quarterdeck Breed was born.
Each part of the series you're about to read takes a slice of life from a vessel, lettered from A to Z, and tries to illustrate a little bit about the men and women aboard her who serve our fictional fleet. To make it a little more interesting and far more challenging to me, I have randomly selected periods of time with the assistance of a random number generator. Our A-ship may take place after the Dominion War portrayed in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but the B-ship may take place before Kirk accepted command of NCC-1701. These slices may simply be a glimpse to understand the nature of command or full stories with a definitive climax and denouement. It's a reminder that not all starships will see missions that are fraught with peril or certain doom, but some are just your regular run-of-the-mill mundane duties that keep the Federation going.
It's my hope that these exercises are as entertaining to you as they were in writing them out and getting to know a large cast of characters intimately.