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Specks in the Sky

Kari was woken by her brother suddenly standing up next to her.

"Tai?" she asked, looking up sleepily at the much larger figure.

"Stay here," he ordered, placing a foot on the balcony railing. "I need to take a closer look."

With that he leapt over the railing and into the night sky. Kari tried to call after him, but the wind blowback caused her to choke on her own words. As soon as she got her breath back, she made to yell, but stopped and stared at the sky.

"W-what is that?" she muttered, feeling frightened.

Huge gashes had been ripped into the night sky, revealing another world inbetween the gaps. The images waved back and forth like she was looking through an underwater window, further contributing to the surrealness of the situation. Looking closer, Kari could just about make out mountains and forests hanging upside down in this other world, along with rivers and oceans.

'Is-is that the digital world?' she thought to herself, too awestruck to speak. 'What's going on?!'

Swallowing her fear, Kari turned round and ran back into the appartment.

"Salamon!" she cried. "We've got to go; something's happened!"

The sleepy digimon, who had been curled up on the couch, blinked a couple of times.

"What's wrong, Kari?" she inquired, as Kari quickly turned the television on. "Is something up? My fur feels tingly."

Kari switched over to the news, hoping that there would be something to explain this weird phenomenon.

"It's the sky, Salamon! I think I can see the digital world!" she explained, switching through the channels and hoping to see something, anything that would inform her of what was going on.

"WHAT?!" Salamon yelled, fully awake.

She rushed over to the windows, so that she could take a closer look. Salamon gaped at the huge tears across the sky.

"How is this possible?" she wondered out loud. "What's going on?"

"I don't know, but Tai went to take a closer look," Kari said, abandoning the television and running into her bedroom.

"Where are you going?"

"To get changed," Kari said, like it was the most natural thing in the world. "It looks like we'll be going to the digital world after all!"

Salamon blinked at her partner in confusion, before looking back at the sky. For some reason she felt an intense longing welling up inside her whenever she stared up at it. Like it was drawing her towards it somehow. She put a paw on the window, as if she could just about touch it...

"Come on Salamon!" Kari yelled, now dressed in a yellow t-shirt and dark pink shorts. "Lets go!"

Salamon shook herself, wondering just how long she had been staring at it, before following Kari out the front door without hesitation.

"What the hell-?" Hiroaki breathed, staring straight up at the sky in equal parts horror and wonder.

The sight of another world practically floating in the sky above him was to be quite honest the last thing he had expected. He had even forgotten that he had just opened his front door before glancing upwards.

That was probably why he didn't see the slap coming.

Natsuko's palm smacked across his face hard, causing him to drop the shopping bags in shock. Hiroaki staggered to regain his balance as his ex-wife got right in his face.

"What has happened to my children, Hiroaki?!" she roared with all the fury of a terrified mother. "Why is Tk inside playing with a monster?! What is it doing here?! Where's Yamato?! Why did you leave our children alone?! What was with that angel that kidnapped Takeru?! Are you even listening to me?!"

Hiroaki stared back, petrified by Natsuko's rage. He stared into her furious, yet worried face for a few more moments. He then began to chuckle, which soon turned into full blown laughter.

Natsuko stared back in shock, her rage temporarily vanishing in the wake of confusion.

"Wha-what's so funny?!"

Hiroaki quickly calmed down, holding one hand to his face and picking up his dropped groceries with his other.

"Sorry, sorry; it's just that after all the weird shit that's been happening lately, you being angry with was just so... well, normal!" Haruki quickly sobered up though, a serious expression returning onto his face. "Come in Natsuko. Didn't the boys explain what happened?"

"What they said made no sense!" Natsuko claimed. "What they said was impossible!"

"But it's the truth," Hiroaki answered calmly, walking into the appartment. "And we have to deal with it."

"Look, I'm just here to take Takeru home," Natsuko said, calming down a little. "You can't deny me that!"

Hiroaki sighed. No, no he couldn't. She had legal custody of Takeru, there wasn't anything he could do about it if she wanted to take him home with her. He had been looking forward to actually spending some time with his youngest chilld as well.

"Just wait Natsuko, before you go, just hear them out!" he pleaded. "I know you're skeptical, but it all really happened. I was there; I have the marks to prove it!"

He pulled down the collar of his shirt to show the bite marks he had gotten from that orange furred monste- digimon, he mentally corrected himself.

Natsuko stared at his injury, her eyes widening and her mouth gaping.

"Hiroaki, you- what's really going on?!" she suddenly demanded, concern for her former husband and kids replacing the anger she had felt. "Please just tell me!"

"It's as you heard," Hiroaki said resolutely. "Kids, I'm back!" he yelled.

There was a pitter patter of footprints as Tk came running round the corner.

"Dad, you're back! Did you get the snacks I wanted?" he asked innocently. He then caught sight of his mother. "Hey mom! You're not still mad at dad, are you?"

Natsuko took in a deep breath like she was about to yell, before she let it out into a sigh.

"No, Takeru. I'm not mad," she said tiredly. "I don't think I have the energy in me to be mad anymore."

Hiroaki soon caught sight of a large metal snout peering round the corner.

"Yamato, come on!" he said, trying to coax him out. "Your mother won't bite!"

It was creepy to watch MetalGarurumon slink forward, actually scared of something. He was so large that parts of his armour scraped against the sides of the corridors, but he still walked forward towards his mother, head bowed.

"Yamato?" Natsuko asked creeping forward. "I-is that really you?"

MetalGarurumon's head bowed.

"Yes," his somewhat metallic voice growled.

Natsuko crept forward, her arm outstretched to touch the tip of MetalGarurumon's snout. It felt cold. Her eyes watered up.

"What-what happened to you?" she asked, voice shaking. "W-why are you like this? Will you come back?"


"Please answer me!"

Deep inside MetalGarurumon, Matt felt more awkward than he ever had before. The sight of his mother almost in tears in front of him, because of him, made him feel distinctly uncomfortable. Did he dare tell her the truth? That he had no idea if this was permanent or not? Or did he lie and face the potential consequences later? What would his dad say?

'You really should tell her the truth, Matt,' Gabumon lectured him. 'It may seem hard, but she does really care about you. Don't be afraid to open up.'

'I'm not afraid,' Matt protested. 'Not completely.'

'Then what's holding you back? Why are you acting so cold towards her?'

Matt frowned. 'You know the answer to that. How can I trust her? She's practically a stranger to me!'

'But she isn't,' Gabumon pointed out. 'She clearly cares for you, Matt. Why don't you just let her?'

'I-I don't know,' Matt said stubbornly. 'I don't like this! I want to separate!'

In this state they were both one with one another and yet apart at the same time. It was completely alien to Matt, to know practically everything about Gabumon yet still be able to appreciate it as the individual he was. Within this form he could remember the countless days ever since his partner hatched, waiting for someone named Matt to fall into his life. He didn't know what would happen after that, but he had the feeling that afterwards, everything would be generally ok.

The same probably extended towards Gabumon. He was able to see Matt's life and the impression's he had of his mother, yet the digimon had come to a different opinion of Matt's own feelings towards his mother?

Matt crossed his arms. He didn't even know what he wanted anymore.

'Wait a minute, Matt what is that?' Gabumon asked, sensors across their body beginning to go haywire.

'I don't know,' Matt responded, trying to focus.

MetalGarurumon's senses were going haywire, something was happening outside!

"I need to go outside!" he said gruffly, walking around his mother to get to the front door.

"Yamato! Yamato!" Natsuko screamed after him. "Come back here!"

It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but the mega managed to get through the front door and took off into the night sky. Natsuko ran after him, Hiroaki following close behind.

"Tk!" whined Tokomon, squirming in his partner's arms. "Something's wrong, I can feel it!"

Tk looked shocked before looking out the front door where his parents were standing. Together the Ishida family stared up at the other world in the sky, MetalGarurumon flying off into the distance.

"Why?" Natsuko mumbled, tears falling down her face. "Why are my children always taken away from me?"

Not knowing what to say, Hiroaki placed an arm around her and drew his ex-wife towards him. He couldn't give her much comfort, but it was something. They may have had their disagreements, but if there was one thing they could both always agree on it was the safety of their children.

Hiroaki couldn't help feeling sentimental. God, he hadn't held her like this for years. The two parents stared up helplessly at the night sky, wondering whether their son would return to them.

"I think it's time for us to go back," Tk muttered to himself, staring up at the digital world far above their heads. "The digital world needs us."


Sora scrambled awake to the sight of her partner, now in rookie form, looking out the window, her face on the glass. Months of sleeping with one eye open in the digital world had made them all somewhat light sleepers, in deep contrast to what she had been like before. Sora was pretty sure that had it not been for the fact that the district was still recovering from Myotismon's attack, the usual city noise would have kept her awake all night.

"B-Biyomon? What's wrong?"

"Something's happened, Sora! Look at the sky!"

Sora clambered out of bed and looked out the window. Her jaw promptly dropped.

"Wha-what is that?!" she yelled upon finally finding her voice. "Is that the digital world?!"

"IZZY!" Motimon cried out from the windowsill. "LOOK AT THIS!"

Groaning, Izzy slowly slid out of bed, if only to shut the little digimon up.

"What is it, Motimon? I'm tired."


Izzy followed Motimon's pointed hand to stare straght up at the sky. Izzy blinked. Then he blinked again.

"What the hell?!"

Joe pulled on his shoes, trying to ignore Bukamon's relentless nagging.

"Hurry up, Joe! Hurry up!" his partner yelled, pulling on his sleeve with futility. "We need to see what's happening!"

"I'm going as fast as I can," Joe hissed. "And be quiet! As far as they know you're a stuffed toy, you'll wake everyone up!"

"Joe?" the voice of his older brother Shuu asked. "What are you doing?"

"N-nothing," Joe claimed, putting a hand round Bukamon's mouth to prevent any 'accidents'. "I'm not doing anything at all!"

His brother frowned.

"Then why are you dressed?"

"Err, I'm going for a walk - yeah that's it! I'm going for a walk, get a load of fresh air!" Joe said, breathing in and out loudly for emphasis. "Ah, love it!"

"Are you sure? That doesn't seem wise considering how late it is," his brother argued. "Not to mention Dad's not in the greatest of moods."

A thought suddenly struck Joe.

"Hey Shuu?" he asked, gaining his brother's attention. "Do you remember what happened yesterday?"

"Not really," Shuu admitted, his tone saying what he thought about it. "None of us can. Apparently there was something to do with fog on the news earlier. For some reason I keep thinking about ghosts... I don't know why."

"Oh great!" Joe said quickly. "Well I'll be off then. Tell Dad I'll be back in about say, probably an hour... give or take. Well bye!"

With that Joe ran out the door, his brother reached for him.

"Hey wait-"

The door slammed shut and Joe ran, his heart beating wildly as he did so. He had never shown his elder brother such disrespect before, it was almost exhilirating. Well it would have been if he didn't get this sinking feeling in his gut every time he looked up at the sky.

Mimi ran outside, only wasting about five minutes to choose an appropriate outfit. Her largest, yet still somewhat fashionable, bag slung round her shoulder. Something told her that they were going back to the digital world, so this time she was coming more prepared.

She had shoved a few cans of food, some bottles of water and even a sleeping bag in there. If she was going to help save the digital world, she was going to do it in some semblence of comfort.

"I'm proud of you, Mimi," Palmon said happily, having digivolved earlier in the night.

"Thanks, Palmon!"

"You're actually thinking ahead for once."

"Yeah... Wait, what do you mean 'for once'?!"


Mimi kept up her play anger for a few moments longer before laughing, Palmon soon joining her. The two laughed and kept on running. Mimi took a glance at her digivice. The radar was acting really weird. All eight dots were moving, some slower than others. Two were moving around incredibly quickly, but in no general direction. The other six, including her, were all converging at one location.

"We'll keep going, Palmon! Huh? That sounds like a helicopter..."

WarGreymon flew as high as high as he dared in order to get a good look at the phenomenon. The image of the digital world became clearer, more real, the closer he got. It was frightening. He could practically hear the waves hitting the beaches. He could hear the breeze through the meadows, even the sounds of the wildlife...

Hold on.

WarGreymon turned to see a Kuwagamon flying towards him at breakneck speeds.

Instantly on guard, he settled into a battle stance and got ready. The mega drew back his fist, ready to delete it in a single blow. It flew closer, closer and closer, until WarGreymon could see the drool coming off of its mouth.

He threw his fist straight into it's featureless face. It passed straight through.

'What?' was all that had time to go through his mind, before the Kuwagamon had already flown through him and continued on it's journey towards nowhere.

Relaxing somewhat, WarGreymon's eyes followed it for a few more seconds.

'It's just like before,' he realised. 'Back when we first returned to the real world. They're like ghosts!'

What did this mean? Was the digital world gradually merging with the real world? If that was true, what would happen when they actually merged? This had clearly been going on for some time; Kari mentioned seeing monsters on the news before...

'What the hell am I supposed to do?' WarGreymon thought desperately. 'How am I supposed to stop two worlds colliding?! Is this happening because of the great evil Piximon mentioned?'

A sudden noise caught WarGreymon's attention. A news helicopter was hovering closer and closer to the tear between dimensions. Over the noise of the rotors, WarGreymon could just about make out the voice of the newsreader.

"As you can see, the phenomenon is quite clearly like nothing we have ever seen before!" the woman practically screamed over the noise of the blades. "Is this microphone on?! I can't hear my own voice! What the hell is that?!"


Oh, she was pointing at him.

WarGreymon watched curiously as the camera was turned towards him. He covered his eyes with an armoured hand as a spotlight was turned on him as well. The reporter started screaming something into her microphone; she seemed rather alarmed for some reason. The helicopter lurched away from the mega and slightly closer to the anomaly.

There was a slight crackle, the copter's lights went out and then the helicopter blades slowly stopped spinning.

WarGreymon's eyes widened as the helicopter began to plummet towards the ground. In an instant he flew down next to the helicopter. Grabbing it by it's landing struts, he slowly decelerated. In addition, he tried to tip the vehicle right side up without slowing down fast enough to kill everyone inside. The challenge wasn't in the weight of the helicopter; it certainly wasn't heavy to him.

He did get rather worried when the tail almost snapped off.

The mega quickly balanced the copter out, slowing down enough to hover in the air, the chopper still in his hands, not much further up than the tops of some of the high-rise apartments.

The people inside were still screaming, so WarGreymon decided to deposit them back on the ground. He was rather surprised when the rotors suddenly started up again. The helicopter lurched upwards in his hands, even as he tried instinctively to hold on.

What was wrong with them?!

He was trying to help!

Adjusting his grip, he took hold of the struts tightly with one hand. WarGreymon then pulled the small copter downwards enough so that he could just about see the pilot in the cockpit.

He tapped on the glass with his spare hand, causing the pilot to jump.

"Cut the engine!" WarGreymon roared. "Your tail is broken, you'll crash!"

The pilot made no indication that he'd heard him, only staring in complete horror at the monster holding onto his helicopter. Grunting in annoyance, WarGreymon leaned over further and effortlessly ripped the helicopter's door off it's hinges.

He groaned; they'd started screaming again.

"CUT THE ENGINES!" he roared.

The pilot wisely did so, the noise from the rotor once again dying down.

"Thank you," WarGreymon said cordially, much to the shock of the occupants.

Now he could put the helicopter down without fear of them crashing it in their panic.

'Damn idiots,' he thought to himself, carefully setting the helicopter on the ground. 'They would not have lasted long in the digital world.'

"WarGreymon!" a familiar voice yelled from behind him.

Turning around, he saw Mimi and Palmon running up to him waving.

"Mimi, Palmon!" he greeted happily. "What are you two doing here?"

"We're here to help!" Mimi said eagerly. "This whole thing happening is just like Summer Camp remember? Does this mean we're going back into the digital world?"

"I guess... you're alright with that?!" he asked surprised.

"I know I didn't seem to enjoy it before, but that was before we made so many friends there," Mimi explained, a fond smile on her face. "If we don't at least try to help them now, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at myself in the mirror again!"

WarGreymon stared at Mimi in shock. The whole journey Mimi had always complained the loudest, she was always the one who missed home the most and wasn't ashamed to be vocal about it. But her sudden desire to return after everything they'd been though... Even Palmon seemed somewhat surprised at the sincerity in her partner's voice.

He smiled, not that she could see it, and put a hand on her head.

"You really are something else, Mimi," he chuckled.

She quickly shook him off, glaring playfully.

"Shut up!" she yelled, mortified.

WarGreymon laughed sheepishly, until he caught sight of the digivice in her hands. An idea came to his mind.

"Mimi, can you use your digivice to figure out where everyone is?" he asked suddenly.

"Yeah, that's what I've been trying to do," Mimi said. "But everyone seems to be running around."

"I need you to tell the others to gather together," WarGreymon ordered, his tone serious. "We need to decide whether to head back to the digital world or not as a group. Can you do that for me?"

Mimi nodded and Palmon saluted.

"Easy!" Palmon boasted.

"Tell them to meet where we killed MaloMyotismon," he suggested. "Everyone will know where that is."

"What are you going to be doing?" Mimi asked.

He pointed to the crew behind him, who only now were stumbling out of their vehicle.

"I highly doubt that these guys were the only ones trying to get a closer look at the digital world. I need to make sure as few people as possible die, understood?"

She nodded.

"Good luck!"


He then shot off back into the sky, leaving Mimi and Palmon alone.

"We should get going then," Palmon suggested, looking at her partner. "Mimi?"

Mimi, who had still been staring upwards suddenly shot out of her trance.

"Oh yes! Let's get going, come on Palmon!"

After saving a few more helicopter crews from certain death, WarGreymon then saw something that made him sweat. High above him, an airliner plane's lights were going out. It had flown too close to the anomaly and its electronics had died. Despite the best efforts of the pilots, the plane began to fall downwards, it's nose tilting down as if to go into freefall.

Cursing to himself, WarGreymon shot upwards at an incredible speed, a thunderous crash accompanying him as he flew. Almost overshooting his mark, he balanced himself and flew underneath the plane. Matching his speed to it and making sure his claws were detached, he put his arms out and began to try and lift the plane upwards.

Without warning, the metal above his body began to crumple, unable to support the strain of the forces affecting it.

Panicking a little, he dug his hands further into the plane, but alas the metal came apart in his hands like it was made of tissue paper.

Really quite panicking now, WarGreymon tried to spread himself out as much as possible, in order to support the weight of the airplane as much as he could. The material that the plane was made of simply couldn't support itself with just his hands.

'Damn! The TV shows always made it look so easy!' he thought to himself, trying again.

This time, while the metal didn't come apart, the whole plane began to shake violently. It was with horror that WarGreymon saw out of the corner of his eyes, the wings begin to dettach from the body of the plane.

While he was certainly slowing it down, it wasn't enough to avoid a crash. If he pushed upwards too hard the wings and the back of the plane would break off, or he'd simply go through the metal that made up the plane. Either way everyone inside was likely to die. He was stuck!

Suddenly, a great shudder went through the plane as the descent suddenly slowed down quite a bit. The shaking had stopped. It was with a bit of horror that the mega noticed the wings falling into the ocean below, but the back of the plane was still on somehow.

Turning to look behind him, his eyes widened in surprise.

"Hey there!" MetalGarurumon yelled out, supporting the back end of the plane. "You looked like you needed some help."

A few minutes later the two set the plane down in the water near Odaiba and flew off before anyone could spot them. As far as WarGreymon could tell, no one had died, making him breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thanks for that," he said. "I wouldn't have been able to save those people if you hadn't shown up."

"It's alright," MetalGarurumon responded somewhat awkwardly. "I-I just thought you needed some help."

They stood there in silence for a minute, watching as people clambered out of the plane and onto the little orange rafts that bobbed up and down in the vast ocean. The two mega's watched as far below them a mother hugged her two sons tightly to her chest.

"We're going to all meet up where we beat Myotismon," WarGreymon said, cutting into MetalGarurumon's thoughts like a knife. "We're going to decide whether or not to go back to the digital world."

"What is there to decide?" MetalGarurumon asked bitterly. "If I don't go back, then I'll never return to normal..."

WarGreymon felt a small stab of anger at that remark. Was that the only reason he wanted to go back? Didn't feel any obligation? Any desire to help the digimon who were suffering right now?

But he held his tongue.

If MetalGarurumon decided to come back, did it really matter the reason for doing so?

"Hey look up there!" some kid said, pointing up towards the two megas. Soon other people were following her gaze, pointing upwards and talking.

"We should get going," MetalGarurumon said. "Before we get too much attention."

WarGreymon nodded solemnly and the two shot off back towards Odaiba, leaving the passengers to goggle at the large, mysterious creatures flying off into the distance.

After a couple of minutes of flying they soon headed towards the waterfront where they destroyed MaloMyotismon. Little had changed since they were last here. The ground was still smashed to bits, looking more like a concrete swamp than an actual road. Many of the buildings still had large gaping holes in them, and other buildings were completely gone.

The waves sloshed against the gorund near the chosen's position. Parts of the large barriers keeping the sea out of Odaiba had been destroyed, giving nature the chance to reclaim some of it's territory.

In short, the place looked like a warzone; completely dead.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon flew down towards where the chosen were waiting, counting who was here. It looked as if everyone had made it along with their partners in their in-training or rookie forms. Surprisingly, Angemon was standing nearby Tk, who practically leapt up upon seeing his brother.

"Matt!" Tk said, running up to the mega. "What's going on?"

"I'll tell you in a minute," he responded gruffly. "Why's Angemon here?"

Here Tk looked a little sheepish.

"We had to get away from mom again," he admitted, looking at the ground and not meeting his brother's eyes. "Sorry, Matt."

MetalGarurumon closed his eyes in annoyance. Now it'd be even harder for her to trust them.

"Nevermind, just go stand with the others," the mega ordered. "We all need to talk."

"Yeah, what exactly is this about?" Joe questioned, gesturing towards the sky. "Do you two know anything?"

"From what I can tell..." Izzy began, immediately gaining everyone's attention. "My previous hypothesis was correct, or at the very least is more plausible. The digital world is in fact linked quite closely to that of our world. Developments in the digital world can affect this one as well!"

"No, really?" Sora asked, folding her arms.

Izzy ignored her.

"What we should be concerned with is exactly what state is the digital world in right now? Think about it, when we first entered the digital world, Myotismon, Etemon and Devimon were all effectively ruling their own territories and even torturing innocent digimon. So what could have happened to the digital world in the short time that we've been gone that reduced it to such a state?"

Izzy's words washed over the children, the implications worrying them all.

"From some rough calculations, based on how long Myotismon claimed Tai had been gone since his last adventure, I estimate that we've been gone from the digital world for about eight years."

"Eight years!?" the group cried out in astonishment.

"You can't be serious!" Joe stated in shock.

"I'm afraid so," Izzy said gravely. "In the digital world's eyes, we went through the gate in Myotismon's castle eight years ago."

"But-but everything could have changed!" Sora yelled, realisation striking. "The digital world could be completely different to what we remember!"

Izzy nodded.

"Which is why we have to decide right here and now, whether or not to go back."

Silence greeted this statement.

"We have to go back," WarGreymon said resolutely. "There are innocent digimon still in there, who knows what could happen to them if we don't help?! This has to be the ultimate evil we've heard about, Gennai's counting on us!"

This was the wrong thing to say.

"Why should we do anything for that stupid old man?!" MetalGarurumon asked, rounding on the other mega. "If you haven't forgotten, he brought us into a world full of giant monsters without any warning or explanation! We could have been killed at any point before he even mentioned what we were brought there to do, all because they can't deal with their own problems! Did you forget that or were you too blinded by your memories to even care?!"

"So you won't even try?! You'll just sit here and hope for things to get better then?" WarGreymon responded, meeting MetalGarurumon's furious gaze. "Well I'm going back! Gennai may not have used the best methods, but I can't sit by and let others suffer! I'm not too selfish to care!"

"What are you suggesting?!" MetalGarurumon's voice became dangerous as he took a step forward. "That I don't care about anyone other than myself? Is that what you're saying?!"

"Maybe I am!"

"Please," Angemon fearlessly stepped between the two before it could come to blows, "fighting now will solve nothing. We have to unite if we want to make a decision."

The two megas glowered at one another for a few more seconds, but backed off.

"I'm not against going," MetalGarurumon clarified. "I want to get back to normal. I just don't want to give in to Gennai's whims."

"What do you all think we should do?" Angemon quickly asked the others, before WarGreymon could try and argue back.

"I don't like what Gennai did, whether he meant to do it or not," Izzy stated. "He allowed us to expereience all the horrors and wonders of the digital world and let us meet its denizens, even make friends, before telling us it was our job to save it. It is emotional blackmail, and I can't help but feel that he knows it."

Everyone stared at him.

"But still... I do want to save the digital world," he concluded. "It's affecting both worlds, it's not something we can simply ignore."

"I agree with Izzy," Sora said. "I don't like what Gennai did, but if he hadn't then... well we'd never have met you guys."

She gestured towards the digimon.

"Thanks Sora," Biyomon said sincerely, nuzzling her partner's leg.

Sora bent down to hug her partner back.

"I think we should go back as well!" Mimi said resolutely, suprising everyone other than WarGreymon. "It's simple: If they need us then we should go! That's how I feel about it!"

"That's... actually really nice of you, Mimi," Sora complimented, taken aback.


"I'm going!" Joe said, more to himself than the others. He clenched his fists. "We have the power to help, so we should help! It's just like Mimi said. It doesn't matter why Gennai did what he did, for all we know it could have been an honest mistake."

"I want to go back!" Tk shouted.

"I've never even been," Kari pointed out. "Is it really that bad?"

"Not really," Tk said. "They're just being overdramatic."

"So it's settled then," WarGreymon said, unable to keep the smug tone completely out of his voice. "We're going back!"

"Any idea how, genius?" MetalGarurumon asked, skulking past him to stand next to Tk.

"Err... Izzy?"

The young genius sighed, before taking out his digivice.

"You may recall how when we were first brought into the digital world, our digivices glowed and we were sucked in?" he asked.

A chorus of hesitant nods greeted his gaze as they all took out their digivice to look at them.

"Well I assume with the barriers between the two worlds as weakened as they are, we can probably get through back to the digital world right now. Look! The screens are glowing slightly!"

"We should probably stick close together," Sora pointed out. "We don't want to be separated again."

"We should also hurry," MetalGarurumon said. "I can hear some vehicles approaching."

The chosen and the three large digimon all gathered together in a tight circle. They ponted their digivices towards the sky, causing the screens to suddenly glow as bright as stars.

A huge light came down from the sky and enveloped the group. They felt themselves being pulled upwards off of the ground, just as several cars began to pull up.

"KARI!" Yuuko screamed, quickly getting out of the car, Susumu right behind her.

"TAKERU! GET DOWN FROM THERE!" Natsuko similarly yelled, exiting her ex-husbands car.

"That was close..." Tk muttered so that his mother wouldn't hear. "DON'T WORRY, MOM! WE'LL BE BACK SOON!"


At that WarGreymon floated a little closer to Kari and offered a simple nod towards his parents. Nothing was going to get past him.

"JOE!" his brother Shuu yelled, getting off his moped. "WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?!"


"Was that a joke?!" Mimi asked, looking at Joe like he had suddenly sprouted wings. "Joe, you made a joke!"

"Is that bad?!"


Sora gazed out onto the crowd of people as they were lifted higher and higher. She could just about see her mother, staring up at them still in her night clothes, far out of hearing range.

"Bye mom," she whispered to herself. "I'll see you soon."

Of course that wouldn't stop some people.

"I'LL BE BACK MOM, DAD!" Mimi yelled next to her, tearing up a little. "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!"

"TAKERU! YAMATO!" Natsuko screamed, even as her children floated further and further away from her. "COME BACK!"

"Let them go," Hiroaki said, lighting a cigarette. "I don't like it any more than you do, but it's their decision."

"It's a stupid decision!" she yelled back at him.

"If you recall, we've made some pretty stupid decisions of our own."

To that, she had nothing to say. Natsuko, along with all the other parents and random bystanders, merely looked up as the children became nothing more than specks in the sky.

Somewhere in the digital world, in a massive circular room, events were happening. It was truly a room of monstrous size, enough to rival a stadium. Most of this room was shrouded in darkness, except for one relatively small spot. In the middle of this room sat a large computer hanging from the ceiling, it's monitor facing a large golden throne, that stood several stories above the floor.

This throne was ornated beautifully with patterns that would make many human artists go green in envy, but it was the being sitting on this throne that really drew the eye.

A bright red top, baggy bright green trousers and large yellow boots covered this figure. He wore a white ruff around his neck along with pure white gloves over his claw-like hands.

Four swords crisscrossed his back, him seemingly in no discomfort at all leaning against them, but it was his face that was truly terrifying. A mask resided over the top half of his face, one half shrouded in pitch-black, the other in purest white, only gleaming yellow eyes were visible throught the slits. What little of his skin that could be seen was old, rotten-looking - like a corpse.

The being chuckled, crossing it's legs as it looked at the monitor.

"It appears our sensors have detected something rather interesting," Piedmon stated to the seemingly empty room, leaning casually against his hand. "The readings are just as the master said they would be. Do you all realise what this means?"

The walls seemed to move at this; shifting and squirming as if suddenly coming alive. A part of what was thought to be the wall of the huge circular room Piedmon was sitting in suddenly broke away, revealing a cold, metallic face strapping an equally cold, metallic grin.

"The digidestined?" MetalSeadramon asked, a hint of excitement hidden beneath his cordial tone.

"Exactly!" Piedmon said jovially. "Now, the only question is how exactly are we supposed to deal with them? Hmm... Any suggestions?"

"Hehehe, let's play with them!" Puppetmon giggled in a slightly unhinged manner, his relatively small frame jumping up and down excitedly. "Oh I so want to play with them, please let me play with them!"

Piedmon chuckled darkly. "We'll see... And what about you, Machinedramon?"

There was the sound of hydraulics as a behemoth of metal came into view. All jagged edges and empty eyes, it stared calculatingly at the back of the large throne Piedmon was sitting in.

"Extermination," it whispered in a harsh voice that could best be described as 'soulless'.

"Excellent suggestions!" Piedmon complemented. "But it's only fair that you all get your turn."

He stood up and turned towards the other mega digimon with a flourish.

"We will make it a production! A performace that will symbolise our total victory over both worlds! The downfall of the digidestined!"

Puppetmon chortled at the suggestion whilst the other two remained silent.

"Lord Piedmon," Machinedramon spoke up. "It would be more prudent to eliminate them now with overwhelming force. We should gather our lieutenants and attack them now while they are disorientated."

For the first time, Piedmon stopped smiling.

"Are you questioning me, Machinedramon?" he demanded. "Do you perhaps think that you deserve this palace? To sit in my throne?! Know your place! I will deal with your insubordination later! Unless you think you can beat me right now..."

There was a tense standoff, before Machinedramon slowly backed down.

"My apologies, Lord Piedmon."

Piedmon smirked slightly, before turning back to the monitor, unaware of Machinedramon's empty eyes briefly glowing red. Only MetalSeadramon noticed and he said nothing, also glaring at the monstrous clown's back.

"This will be a magnificent performance," Piedmon began. "One remembered throughout the ages! The Downfall of the Sovereign was but a warm-up compared to this masterpiece! Like we rehearsed, MetalSeadramon will go first. Remember, try not to kill them before we all get a turn!"

He clapped his hands impatiently.

"Places people! The curtain will rise in five! HAHAHA!" he laughed cruelly, flying off into the darkness and vanishing.

Puppetmon chuckled and followed after, humming some sickly nursery rhymer to himself. This left MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon alone.

"You shouldn't have spoken up," MetalSeadramon scolded. "There was no way he would have let you interfere."

"His 'plan' is the epitome of foolishness," Machinedramon stated."Attacking one at a time when we have both surprise and the advantage of firepower is a foolish move that will only end in our ultimate destruction."

"That's certainly true. So far I haven't been able to find out what it is he's been hiding from us. There's something he and Lord Apocalymon haven't been telling us and I want to know what it is. Puppetmon doesn't care provided he gets a steady supply of digimon for... whatever it is he does with them. I somehow doubt he's in on it. For all we know they plan on betraying us after we've served our uses."

There was a sudden stillness about Machinedramon, even more so than usual before he responded.

"Such a thing is illogical if we can still be of use to them. Only a failure should be eradicated."

"Whatever you say."

"Our soldiers are well aquainted?" Machinedramon asked, rather out of the bloom.

MetalSeadramon's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Yeah, the drills you suggested are working like a charm. When the time comes to oust Piedmon, his army won't stand a chance."

"As I calculated. Althought for the moment we are working without adequate information, therefore obtaining that information should be our top priority,"" Machinedramon said. "Failure is neither acceptable nor forgivable, remember that."

"Yeah, I'll get right on figuring it out," MetalSeadramon responded warily, inching away from the metal monstrosity. "Right after the digidestined 'somehow' manage to escape our lord's perfect trap."

"I have been making calculations," Machinedramon spoke."There are many possible outcomes for this encounter. I have, and will, ensure that no matter what happens, something will be gained."

"Well just remember, we're not yet ready to go against Piedmon," the serpent pointed out. "He's still too strong for each of us to handle in a fight."

"Perhaps," Machinedramon said, beginning to follow after the other two megas. "But not for much longer..."

The chosen looked around with interest, marvelling at the feeling of being back in the digital world. The strange, twisted trees, the huge familiar flowers, there could be no mistaking the fact that they were back.

"Well here we are," Izzy stated.

"Things don't look that different," Sora commented.

"Yeah, from the way you were describing it we were expecting things to be a total nightmare!" Joe said. "But everything looks normal."

"Not quite normal," MetalGarurumon pointed out. "Look up."

They promptly did so.

"Is that... Earth?" Sora asked, eyes squinting at the dark shape that took up most of the sky above them.

"I guess it makes sense," Izzy said. "We can see the digital world from Earth, so why can't the opposite be applicable?"

"I don't know guys, it just doesn't seem right," Mimi said, looking a little frightened. "I mean it looks different."

They stared up at the dark shape with apprehension.

"Are you alright, Tk?" Angemon asked with concern. "You seem worried."

"I'm not worried," the eight year old said a little too quickly. "I'm fine, honestly!"

"It's ok to be a little scared, Tk," Kari pointed out. "I've never even been here before, I'm rather scared as well."

"I feel different here," MetalGarurumon spoke. "Do you, WarGreymon?"

The other mega nodded.

"Yeah, I think we can separate here," he said, sounding a little excited. "I can feel it."

"I'd hold off on doing that for the moment," Izzy suggested, looking a little worried. "We should make sure we're not about to be attacked before you return to normal."

MetalGarurumon groaned, but aquiesced.

Suddenly the ground shook beneath their feet, there was a shrill scream.

"KARI!" WarGreymon shot forward, grabbing the girl before she could fall into the abyss that had appeared. She clung to him, staring downwards into the darkness she had almost slipped into.

"Kari!" Salamon yelled. "Are you alright."

"I think so," she said, before pointing. "That wasn't there before."

The chosen watched as. on the other side of the ridge that had now opened up in front of them, more pieces of land were falling into the darkness below.

"We should get out of here," Sora decided.

"What could have happened to this place to have made it like this?" Izzy wondered. "Have you ever seen anything like this before, WarGreymon?"

The mega shook his head.

"Nothing. It's like the digital world is falling apart."

A sudden rustling in the bushes put them on alert. The remaining digimon who hadn't digivolved back into their rookie forms promptly did so and stood in front of their partners protectively.

"Come on out," Mimi said coaxingly. "We won't hurt you."

What looked like a scruffy pink rat came crawling out of the bushes.

"Mimi?" it asked. "Is that you?"

"Chuumon?" Mimi remembered. "I haven't seen you since File Island! What happened to Sukamon?"

At this the little digimon's eyes teared up and he began to sob.

"He-he fell!" the little digimon screamed. "Into the Dark Area below!"

"The Dark Area?!" the partner digimon cried out.

"You mean that the darkness below is the actual Dark Area?!" Gomamon asked, surprise in his tone.

Chuumon nodded.

"What's the Dark Area?" Sora asked.

"It's the place where the data of evil digimon is reconfigured," Biyomon said gravely. "It's a horrible place full of suffering and once you've entered there is no escape!"

"It's essentially the digital world's version of hell then?" Izzy inferred. "That definitely means we should move and quickly!"

"Chuumon? What exactly happened here?" Mimi asked, picking the little digimon up. He clung to her tightly, his wild eyes darting this way and that; a far cry from the fun-loving digimon he once was.

"Why is the digital world like this?" WarGreymon knelt down to look Chuumon in the eye. "Will you tell us?"

The trembling digimon seemed to hesitate before clenching his fists and nodding.

"It was the Dark Masters! They appeared a few years ago and took over," he explained as the others crowded round to listen. "It was horrible; I'd never seen anything like it. They changed the digital world so that it would be easier to conquer. They ripped the land and oceans apart, twisting them together in the air to form that!"

He pointed towards the dark shape that dominated the sky.

"Spiral Mountain!"

The digidestined all stared upwards at the monstrous structure they had previously thought to be Earth. A sheer primal terror entered their hearts at the thought of confronting what could do that to an entire world. As they looked closer and the sun came up further, they could now truly see the face of the mountain.

"It seems to be in four parts," WarGreymon noticed. "Water, forest, desert and wasteland. What does that mean?"

"Wait, if we're not on the mountain then where are we now?" Joe wondered, thinking to himself.

"This is what's left of the old world," Chuumon explained. "Some crumbling ruins that the Dark Masters didn't need or want."

"That's horrible," Sora breathed.

"And the other digimon?" MetalGarurumon asked. "Are they on the mountain as well?"

"Most of them," Chuumon said, though sounding unsure. "I haven't seen anyone in so long!"

He broke down crying and buried his face into Mimi's chest. The chosen were silent, now slowly becoming aware of what it is they will have to face. They silently reasserted their conviction, staring up at the mountain in the distance.

"It looks like that's our destination," WarGreymon stated, before turning back to the whimering digimon. "Chuumon, the Dark Masters will fall. You have my promise."

"There's no way you can beat them, they're too strong!" Chuumon cried, tears pouring down his face. "By the Great One they're strong!"

"We've beaten the odds before," WarGreymon said. "We can beat these losers no problem."

A sudden deep laughter permeated the forest, causing Chuumon to bury himself deep into Mimi's arms in fear.

"We've been waiting for you, digidestined!" a menacing voice yelled from nowhere.

A large shape soon became visible in the sky, hurtling towards them like some kind of demonic meteor. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon shot forwards like missiles, ready to intercept him.

The other chosen took cover as the three megas met one another in the air.

There was a thunderous clash of metal and the battle began.

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