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The cages exploded outwards, raining metal debris down on the arena floor below. In an instant, Kabuterimon stood above his partner, blocking the worst of the rubble from hitting him.

Rosemon, on the other hand, took the opposite approach.

Shooting upwards into the air with a battle cry, she met the oncoming horde of Devidramon, SkullGreymon and god knew what else with her fists. Rosemon tore into them with the power and ferocity that could only be expected of a mega digimon.

She sliced clean through a Devidramon, kicked the head off of a Dokugumon, only to then shoot straight through the heart of a fallling SkullGreymon. Pain filled their expressions before they all burst into data and Rosemon moved onto the next few creatures unlucky enough to be near her.

For Izzy, it was hard to believe that Mimi was somewhere in there, slicing and ripping and tearing these feral digimon apart like simple toys. She had always had a temper, but had generally been rather gentle compared to the rest of them. That she could turn into this battle hungry monster at the flip of a switch was more than a little disconcerting. Had she always been this way?

'Or is that a side effect of becoming a digimon?' Izzy wondered, looking back at his previous interactions with WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

Despite being friends, the two of them had been practically itching to fight one another. They had even come dangerously close to doing so a couple of times. Had it not been for Kari and Tk they might have actually killed each other given enough time.

'Is that why there are so few powerful digimon?' Izzy thought, wincing as Rosemon tore off the head of a digimon he didn't know the name of. 'They like to fight so much that they eventually kill one another off. They're all like ticking time bombs!'

"IZZY!" Kabuterimon yelled, bringing him out of his thoughts.

He felt his partners arms scoop him up and take him into the air, out of the way of a missile fired by a nearby SkullGreymon. The attack shot sailed past them far below where it exploded far behind them, the shockwave powerful enough to nearly send Kabuterimon tumbling.

Focusing back on the fight, it seemed many of the digimon had managed to get past Rosemon. There had been cages all across the ceiling, and now mad digimon were now slowly making their way towards them at an alarming rate.

"Stay in the air!" Izzy ordered. "We need to digivolve quickly!"

"Ice Arrows."

Numerous bolts of ice shot out from Crescemon's back and flew straight towards Kabuterimon. Before the champion could react his wings had been pierced by the projectiles, sending him falling back to the ground. He held on tightly to Izzy, desperately trying to keep his partner safe as he crashed into the hard ground beneath them.

Bastemon laughed cruelly as Crescemon stood there silently beside her.

"Look at you, struggling like the little bug you are," she purred, before raising her hand. "Slaves, eat them."

The feral digimon began to move towards the downed champion. Realising the hoplessness of the situation, Kabuterimon curled himself over Izzy, protecting him with everything he had. Izzy struggled, trying to muster the strength to get Kabuterimon to digivolve.

But the enemy were too close, they didn't have enough time!

"Rose Spear!"

Like a falling star, Rosemon shot downwards and impaled the nearest Devidramon, before sending a kick into the midsection of another.

"Don't worry, I've got your back!" she cried. "Digivolve now and lets kill these hussies!"

Izzy nodded. That was a plan he could get behind.

"Just protect us, and we'll help!"

He raised his digivice and Kabuterimon became covered with a deep purple glow. He began to grow and change as Rosemon began knocking champion and ultimates alike away from him.

"Thorn Whip!" Rosemon cried out, wrapping her whip around a nearby Devidramon's neck.

Electricity shot through her whip, stunning the creature, allowing her to punt it away with a well-placed kick.

"That mega is becoming a problem," Crescemon remarked coolly, watching casually as Rosemon impaled a nearby Cyberdramon.

Bastemon had her teeth bared in anger. Crescemon could see she was barely holding herself back form the battle as the mega slaughtered her beloved beasts.

"Charging in now would be foolish," the more level headed ultimate reminded her. "We should instead strike where she is weak."

"And where's that?!" Bastemon spat.

"The heart," Crescemon responded, pointing.

Bastemon followed her gaze and smirked. Giggling to herself the two ultimates leapt up and sprang into action. They shot towards the chosen in a synchronised burst of speed, aiming for MegaKabuterimon.

"Oh no you don't!" Rosemon cried, noticing their intent and leaping into their way.

The three exchanged blows, the mega struggling to match the two powerful ultimates in hand to hand combat. She blocked Crescemon's blades, only to barely dodge Bastemon's claws.

Kicking Bastemon in the stomach to knock her back, Rosemon spun to clash blades once more with Crescemon. With her other hand, Rosemon summoned her thorn whip. Alarmed, Crescemon kicked her away to gain some distance.

"Dark Arrows!" the ultimate yelled, firing a multitude of black bolts of darkness towards her foe.

Rosemon knocked the shots away with a single crack of her whip, but then from behind Bastemon attacked. Latching onto the mega, the ultimate bared her sharp fangs, a triumphant gleam in her eye.

"Vampire Drain!" she cried, plunging her fangs into Rosemon's neck.

The mega screamed as Bastemon began to absorb her power. She twisted and turned, unable to shake the smaller ultimate off of her.

'She's sucking out our power, Mimi!' Palmon cried, feeling their strength begin to drain away.

'Like hell she will!' Mimi cried out, an idea coming to her. 'Lets see her absorb our power after this!"

Rosemon's whip shot out, wrapping itself around the surprised Bastemon's neck. Her teeth gritted, Rosemon pulled hard, choking Bastemon painfully as the ultimate tried to keep draining her. The thorn whip tightened, nearly causing her to vomit. She couldn't absorb any more of Rosemon's blood like this.

"Dark Arrow!" Crescemon yelled, firing arrows into Rosemon.

One, two, three struck the mega, becoming embedded into Rosemon's chest, but she didn't let up. The thorn whip became tighter and tighter, until Bastemon's vision began to blur. She couldn't breathe, her limbs weren't responding to her commands! Panic edged it's way into her mind, as she thrashed violently, the whip only increasing the pressure. Slowly, her fangs edged out of Rosemon's skin and her grip slackened as her eyes began to roll back into her head.

In return, the whip's hold on her loosened and she backed away, holding her neck and coughing desperately for air. Rosemon backed away as well, holding her neck and visibly tired from the exchange.

Crescemon hurried towards her friend's position, before placing herself between Rosemon and Bastemon, ready to fight. Before she could so a large explosion from below caught her attention.

Devidramon went flying everywhere, vanishing into data, as MegaKabuterimon rose above them, his horn ablaze with power.

"Now lets even up this fight!" he cried, Izzy grinning on one of his hands.

"Who are you?" Tai asked, putting as much authority into his voice as he dared. "Show yourself!"

As far as he could tell the room was empty. A fact he knew was incorrect. Looking around showed nothing but the faintest movements mirrored everywhere around him. It was frustrating, like there was something moving right out of the corner of his eye that he couldn't quite catch. His instincts were goig mad, he felt like they were seriously vulnerable right now.

A low female chuckling reverberated across the room they were in. A shiver went down Tai's spine and he could have sworn something just brushed past him really quickly.

Gatomon's fur rose as she looked around, something deep and instinctive within her utterly replused with that noise and whatever creature was making it.

"Who are you to demand anything, little boy?" the voice responded, seemingly emanating from all around them.

Gatomon hissed.

"I know that voice," she muttered, keen eyes piercing the darkness yet still unable to locate her target.

The voice laughed again.

"A Gatomon," it remarked. "How interesting. Can you digivolve into an Angewomon yet, little one?"

Gatomon bristled, her fur arching at the smug sounding voice.

"Of course I can!" she yelled back into the blackness, before turning to Kari. "I need to become Angewomon now!"

"Why?" Kari questioned innocently. "Can't Tai and Agumon just digivolve?"

"Who is it, Gatomon?" Agumon asked. "What's the matter?"

Before she could respond, a dark shape appeared in front of them, causing them all to jump back in surprise. It was female, and had a large sharp claw for a left hand. On her shoulder seemed to sit a little creature made entirely of darkness, eyes glowing red with malice. The digimon laughed again, before bowing graciously towards them.

"I am LadyDevimon, Chief Lieutenant of Piedmon's forces," she answered smirking. "Well lets see it, kitty. Digivolve so we can fight, or are you too afraid?"

"I'll show you!" Gatomon yelled, before turning to Kari again. "Please, we need to digivolve!"

"We should be careful, Gatomon," Tai cautioned, staring directly at the LadyDevimon in front of them. "Why does she only want to fight you?"

He stepped forwards, towards LadyDevimon, gripping his digivice in his hand.

"I'm sure WarGreymon would be far more than she could handle."

LadyDevimon's grin just widened as he said this, causing Tai's eyes to narrow.

"You don't want to waste your strength on her," Gatomon said derisively. "Save your strength for fighting Piedmon. Me and Kari have got this!"

Kari nodded, suddenly determined. Tai couldn't see her expression fully in the dark, but he could easily imagine it. She was asking him for the chance to prove herself.

That wasn't what he was worried about. Looking back towards LadyDevimon, the vampiress' face was still smirking widely.

What sort of plan does she have that makes her so confident in taking them both down? There were no traps here that he could see; the only challenge would be in locating her in this misleading glass maze. He then saw how LadyDevimon was watching Kari and his heart clenched.

'If we attack, she could escape and strike Kari?!' Tai realised. 'I can't take that risk, we'll have to leave this to Angewomon for now. We'll guard Kari.'

"Fine then," Tai acquiesced. "But be careful."

"But Tai!" Agumon protested.

"Just hang on, Agumon. Trust me."

The rookie looked uncertain, but nonetheless nodded and stepped back in line. Gatomon smiled in appreciation, before glaring at LadyDevimon again. In a matter of seconds she began to glow pink, briefly lighting up the room they were in. Tai saw LadyDevimon's eyes shine with bloodlust, yet she refrained from attacking until the transformation was complete and Angewomon stood proudly in the middle of the darkness.

Tai grimaced. This battle was already heavily in LadyDevimon's favour. Their choice of arena had provided the vampiress with an unprecedented advantage. He hoped Angewomon had a plan, otherwise she was going to be in serious trouble.

He looked down at Kari, her eyes so full of determination they burned like stars, he couldn't take that away from her. For now, he could only place his faith in Angewomon's skill to make it out of there alright.

Angewomon turned towards Tai briefly.

"Thank you," she said smiling, before looking back angrily at LadyDevimon.

The two ultimates faced one another, before taking to the air and beginning their fight.

Angewomon struck first, her fist flying towards LadyDevimon's face. The vampiress caught the punch with her hand, before readying her claw to strike at Angewomon. Quickly, Angewomon kicked out, causing LadyDevimon to release her grip and miss.

Spinning in the air to keep her momentum, Angewomon then flung a strong kick towards LadyDevimon, who dodged, backing off only to slam into Angewomon with her shoulder.

The angel flew back into one of the mirrors, smashing it into pieces. LadyDevimon charged, claw extended and stabbed into the space where Angewomon's head had just been. Grabbing the vampiress' arm, she smirked and kicked LadyDevimon in the face hard with her metal covered foot.

She recoiled as stars swam in front of her eyes, whilst Angewomon readyed her bow.

"Celestial Arrow!" she cried, letting a bolt of light loose from her bow.

LadyDevimon barely managed to dodge. The arrow scraped across the side of her neck where it hit one of the mirrors behind her. Instantly, it was reflected, bouncing back and forth between the countless mirrors, forcing both digimon to dodge again and again.

Eventually, it bounced away into the distance far above them where it exploded without further incident.

LadyDevimon grinned.

"I certainly hope your attacks don't hit either of the three little ones down there," she taunted. "It wouldn't do for our battle to end that quickly."

"You bitch!" Angewomon growled, realising only now why she had chosen to confront them all in this place. "Hiding behind them like that, you coward!"

"Pragmatic, I prefer," LadyDevimon smiled. "It's your choice. Now, lets continue this fight."

'I can't get in close because of that claw and now I can't use my ranged attacks! How am I supposed to win?!' Angewomon though desperately to herself as LadyDevimon charged in.

They exchanged blows, Angewomon barely managing to keep from being sliced by that claw. Eventually a kick to the stomach knocked the wind out of her, and an overhead blow to her head knocked her downwards into another mirror.

Angewomon moaned in pain, before rolling out of the way of LadyDevimon's flying stomp.

Quickly, getting up, she charged at the ultimate, who dodged her blows quite easily.

"I take it you've realised," LadyDevimon said, easily nailing Angewomon with a blow to the head which sent her stumbling backwards. "Just how outmatched you truly are."

Angewomon felt the vampiress' claw rake across her chest. She screamed in pain, her legs trembling as she backed away, trying to gain some distance betwen them.

"You could win if you let go of your attachments," LadyDevimon barbed. "If you just attacked wildly, without abandon, one of them is bound to hit me."

"Never!" Angewomon spat defiantly into the darkness.

The next blow sent her careening into another mirror, where LadyDevimon held her by tightly by the throat. The vampiress leaned in, uncomfortably close and whispered.

"Are you sure? I can feel how much you want to. The darkness swells inside you beautifully, almost like it belongs there. You know, I used to think like you once, but now I know better. Lord Piedmon showed me just how weak such attachments make you. There is only power; the weak die and the strong survive. That is the world my master has created. You can either join it, or die."

She leaned in even further, her lips almost brushing Angewomon's cheek.

"What do you say?"

Angewomon spat into her face.

She kicked Angewomon straight through the mirror and into another part of the strange hall. Once Angewomon got her bearings again, she put up her fists, ready to fight to her last breath.


LadyDevimon leered, licking the spit off of her face.

"You still don't realise just how outmatched you are," she said, spreading her arms. "Let me educate you."

Then she vanished.

Angewomon looked around wildly, unable to locate LadyDevimon at all. She was completely gone from her sight and senses. As she looked around, head checking this way and that, an echoing laugh could be heard.

"Your glow makes you so obvious, so bright," LadyDevimon whispered almost sensually. "I can't wait to snuff it out."

Before Angewomon could move, another blwo struck her in the back, knocking her forwards into another set of mirrors. Turning around quickly she struck her fist out at a glimmer of movement she saw out fo the corner of her eye.

Her fist went straight through another mirror, hitting nothing.

LadyDevimon's taunting laugh ringed in her ears, making her growl. Another flash of movement and she struck again, once more hitting a mirror.

A kick from below hit her chin, knocking her upwards into the air where she spun to regain her balance. She hadn't even seen the blow, this place was simply too dark! How powerful was this LadyDevimon to be able to manipulate the darkness like this?

How could she win? How many more advantages did LadyDevimon have?

'Kari, I'm sorry!' she thought, the inevitablility of her failure beginning to get to her.

'I can't win...'

Bastemon and Crescemon floated in front of Rosemon, nothing in between them and the recovering mega. Down below, MegaKabuterimon had just blown apart many of their nearest creatures and were now setting their sights on the rest.

Rosemon panted, feeling some of her strength return to her as she stared down the two powerful ultimates she was facing.

'Mimi, that was genius!' Palmon complimented, making Mimi smile.

'Yep! Even Tai would be proud of that one!' she answered. 'Now lets finish these bimbos off and go get Piedmon!'


Before Rosemon could do anything, Bastemon began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" she asked cautiously, keeping her guard up.

"Well, it's just that your little friend down below is doing better than I thought," Bastemon said casually, as if she hadn't just been nearly choked to death a few seconds ago. "But how about we give him some real competition?"

She snapped her fingers.

The ground rumbled as parts of the floor opened up, revealing huge chains and even more cages. It reminded Izzy and Rosemon of when Etemon had brought in a SkullGreymon to fight them.

Except this time there were four, and they certainly weren't SkullGreymon.

"W-what are those?" MegaKabuterimon asked, disgusted by what he was seeing.

"They- they look..." Izzy murmured, staring at the beasts in horror.

They were constructed purely out of bits of other creatures he'd seen and encountered before. Legs from a Garurumon, arms from a Devimon, SkullGreymon and a Kuwagamon, head of a Kabuterimon, torso of a Greymon...

They were virtual Frankensteins of mismatched creatures, somehow functioning together to create frenzied killing machines.

Even Rosemon looked horrified at what she was seeing down below.

"Lord Piedmon has been rather bored since taking over the Digital World," Bastemon explained, grinning proudly. "So he decided to give a go at creating his own servants. I now give you the dawn of a new age! Go Kimeramon!"

The cages fell apart, releasing the monstrosities onto the digidestined.

Her eyes lighting up with power, Bastemon pointed a finger at MegaKabuterimon.

"Kill him!" she commanded, her new found power granting her greater levels of strength.

The four Kimeramon then charged towards him. Simply tearing through the other digimon, they ran towards MegaKabuterimon, their mouths drooling and eyes ablaze with savage bloodlust.

"Oh crap!" the bug ultimate cried out. "Take cover somewhere, Izzy! This is gonna get rough!"

Putting Izzy down, he flew away from his partner, causing the Kimeramon to go chasing after him.

It was as if the ground was shaking itself apart all around Izzy as the huge monsters charged past him to get to MegaKabuterimon. He felt strong arms encircle him, pulling him out of the fight.

"Thanks Rosemon," he said, relieved to be away from the titanic battle he could already see taking place.

"Oh don't thank me," a voice that definitely wasn't Rosemon taunted, before the grip around him became incredibly tight.

He gasped for breath as an arm tightened around his neck. He could just about crane his head to see Bastemon's smirking face as she held him close to her. In any other situation he probably would have been blushing, but right now such things were far from his mind.

"IZZY!" Rosemon yelled, finally batting Crescemon away only to stop and stare angrily at Bastemon.

"Uh, uh, uh!" the ultimate remarked, waving her finger. "Too close and I'll break his puny human neck. It's so small and weak, I might even do it by accident, ha ha!"

Izzy believed her. She didn't even seem to realise he could barely breathe, and the pressure was only getting worse. Rosemon watched, helpless, as Izzy was captured and MegaKabuterimon was fighting for his life.

The ultimate had all four of his arms, grabbing onto the reaching claws of those Kimeramon. With a herculean effort, he managed to toss one away into the air, only for two others to rush him, driving him into the wall.

Izzy winced as a sharp pain shot up his back. Neither of the two digimon having a tense stare-off noticed his discomfort; something he should probably have been grateful for. He really didn't need Mimi doing something rash right now.

"Horn Buster!" MegaKabuterimon yelled, nailing one of the Kimeramon with the attack.

The sheer destructive power within it knocked the Kimeramon across the room, where it exploded with a blinding flash of light and reduced him to scraps of data.

"Heat Viper!" one of the other Kimeramon roared, firing green rays of energy out of their mouths at the bug.

MegaKabuterimon covered himself as best as he could as the attacks collided, explosions erupting all over his body and making him scream in agony. Izzy likewise muffled his own screams, as his part of his partner's pain was transferred over to him.

Rosemon was practically trembling with indecision and anger as she looked between Bastemon holding Izzy captive and MegaKabuterimon getting knocked about by the three remaining Kimeramon.

Crescemon floated back between them, her blades gleaming menacingly as she charged at the mega. Rosemon blocked with her weapon, only for another pained cry from Izzy to make her hesitate.

One of the ultimate's blades sneaked through her guard while she was distracted, dealing her a shallow wound on her chest. She knocked Crescemon away again, before she could press the advantage.

'Mimi, we need to get it together!' Palmon said. 'We're acting far too clumsy!'

'I'm sorry, Palmon! I just don't know what to do!' Mimi replied. 'Should we try and help Izzy or will she kill him before we can? I can't make up my mind, what if she just kills him?!'

'Calm down, Mimi! You're never going to help unless you can keep it together!'

'Easy for you to say...' Mimi muttered, before Rosemon turned back towards Bastemon and Crescemon.

Another explosion from below nearly made her look away, but she kept her gaze on those two for the moment, trying to ignore MegaKabuterimon's screams. A number of Devidramon rose around Bastemon, acting as an additional guard.

Rosemon looked surprised.

Bastemon smirked.

"It's hopeless now. You may be a mega, but there's no way you can fight through all of my little pets before I snap his fragile little neck. Just let Crescemon kill you slowly, otherwise my hand might just slip..."

Crescemon approached, leaving Rosemon with one last idea.

'If this doesn't work, it's over.'

Looking at one of the Devidramon, the one with injuries around it's neck, Rosemon spoke.

"Kill her."

Bastemon barely had time to blink before the Devidramon clamped it's jaws around her head. She screamed, dropping Izzy in shock and fright.

"Bastemon!" Crescemon cried out, swivelling around and instantly realising her mistake.

"Rose Spear!" Rosemon yelled, running the ultimate through with her thorn rapier, before quickly diving after Izzy.

She caught him in her arms, before slowly steadying her flight so as not to injure him. They touched the ground almost as lightly as a feather, Izzy clutching at her rather tightly.

"W-what the hell was that?!" he asked, completely lost.

"That Devidramon was one I used my Thorn Whip on earlier. It allows me to take control of weak-willed digimon, which I just used to distract Bastemon into letting you go."

Rosemon sighed.

"I'm relieved it actually worked! We were lucky that Devidramon survived, huh?" she said chipply.

Izzy was pale, only now realising his survival had mostly just been due to dumb luck was a rather frightening concept to get around. He soon shook it off though, he had other things to worry about for the moment.

A sharp pain in his side soon made him forget though.

"MegaKabuterimon!" he gasped, trying his best to stay conscious through all the pain. "Save him!"

Rosemon nodded, before rushing off towards where the ultimate had last been seen. He was now barely putting up much of a fight as the remaining Kimeramon tore into him.

Mimi's eyes widened in panic as a purple glow enveloped the ultimate, shrinking him down back into his rookie form.

"No!" she yelled, striving to force herself to go faster.

"Argh!" another voice screeched, as Bastemon latched herself onto Rosemon, knocking her off course.

The mega struggled to rip the ultimate off of her, yet she held on like a limpet. Her claws and fangs piercing Rosemon's skin in an attempt to slow her down.

"You killed Crescemon!" she roared in between taking bites out of the mega. "I'll kill you! I'll drain you dry!"

Rosemon struggled with the enraged ultimate, still trying to fly towards Tentomon. One of the Kimeramon had picked the rookie up and was now holding him over it's drooling mouth. He was unconscious, clearly unaware of just how close to a fate worse than death he truly was.

"No!" Rosemon screamed, straining herself to reach her friend before it was too late.

"Die!" Bastemon howled.


Rosemon screamed, tearing Bastemon off of her without a second thought and rushing over towards the Kimeramon. Her Vine Sword extended, she'd make that abomination pay for killing her friend! She'd make it suffer!

Before she could do so, out of it's mouth burst a golden light which shot through the air at dizzying speeds to land on the floor next to them.

Stunned, Rosemon halted her attack, instantly recognising the figure.


The mega grinned. He was carrying an unconscious, but alive, Tentomon in his mouth. With another nod of his head, he had shot away in a flash of light towards Izzy as relief flowed through Rosemon.

She also saw a large number of new digimon pouring out of the entrance to this place and doing battle with the few remaining beasts. Where had they all come from? Some of them she could identify like Geckomon and a Tyrannomon, but many others were alien to her.

"Heat Viper!" the Kimeramon yelled, shooting their green energy waves at her.

Simply tanking the hits, she shot out of the smoke, ready to eviscerate these beasts once and for all. They were pretty powerful for ultimates, but no match for her speed. They fell one by one to her thorn blade.

A rumble shot through the castle

"SaberLeomon!" Izzy cried out, takng the unconscious Tentomon from him. "Thank god you got here when you did!"

The mega grinned.

"No problem. I brought a few friends to help clean up," he said, gesturing towards the many digimon pouring out of the entrance. "They were locked up in Piedmon's prison and were more than eager to help me take this palace."

"So that's where you went..." Izzy realised, before smiling. "Pretty clever."

SaberLeomon nodded.

"Thank you, but we should move on. Another battle is happening outside, I think this palace is under attack!"

"By who?!" Izzy asked.

"I don't know, but we can't bet on them being friendly towards us," SaberLeomon decided, before gesturing for Izzy to get up. "Let's hurry forwards! Piedmon's throne room must be close by!"

Izzy jumped onto the mega's back and he shot towards the exit, Rosemon joining them as the battle turned into one of their favour behind them.

"Hey guys!" Rosemon said joyfully, giving them all a once-over to check they were all still alive. "Are we going for Piedmon now?"

Izzy nodded.

"There's another army beseiging the castle," he explained to the mega. "We should try and find Tai and Kari quickly so that we can fight Piedmon as soon as possible!"

"Come on, Izzy!" Rosemon said. "We have two megas here, we can deal with that clown no problem!"

As they left the room and ran down a set of dark corridors, dread began to pool in Izzy's stomach.

"I hope so..."

Angewomon screamed as the attack almost tore through her, sending bits of her armour flying everywhere. She barely managed to keep her balance, sending a powerful kick straight towards where she was sure LadyDevimon was.

The darkness made the attack miss by a mile and pulling Angewomon off balance. LadyDevimon struck from behind, knocking her legs out form underneath her, before kneeing her in the stomach and then smashing her down into the ground far below them. Hundreds of mirrors lay smashed around the battlefield, yet even still Angewomon had barely managed to score even a single blow against her powerful opponent.

She coughed out blood, shakily trying to stand up as LadyDevimon walked casually towards her.

"Red suits you well," LadyDevimon said smiling. "I can't wait to drain you dry."

Angewomon was about to answer back when something rumbled throughout the building. For a moment, LadyDevimon looked as confused as she, as the ground stopped shaking and everything returned to how it was.

"What was-?" the vampiress muttered, before quickly regaining her poise.

She picked an unresisting Angewomon up by the throat.

"I think I'll break that damn mask first," LadyDevimon said casually. "I want to look you in the eyes when I kill you. Watch as you realise you stood no chance from the very beginning."

Tai watched as Kari shivered next to him, but otherwise remained unhurt. He was inwardly relieved that her connection to Angewomon didn't seem to be as physical as his was with MetalGreymon, but Angewomon certainly wasn't holding up very well.

It was so frustrating! He just couldn't see what was happening! He felt powerless to help, an unpleasant sensation that was far more familiar to him than he would have liked.

Why would Gatomon agree to a fight with the conditions so highly stacked in the opponents favour? Was it some strange form of pride that Tai hadn't realised the feline possessed?

He just wished he could see.

Tai binked in suprrise as suddenly he could. In an instant the darkness had turned from a vague oil painting of seamless shapes to as light as day to him. Utterly confused as to how this happened, but not complaining, Tai could now take stock of the situation.

Looking around with his newfound eyesight, he quickly spotted the two ultimates some ways away from them.

Angewomon was practically glowing in the darkness, making her an easy target for LadyDevimon who slipped through the shadows as if they were an extension of her. There was nowhere for the angel digimon to hide, strategise or plan. It was just relentless assault after relentless assault.

Tai grimaced, he just couldn't see a way in which the injured Angewomon could win!

He gripped his digivice, ready to merge with Agumon and end this fight!

Another rumble nearly caused him to lose his footing.

'What was that?' Tai thought, looking towards the ceiling.

An explosion ripped through the ceiling, causing it to collapse. There was a triumphant roar as Agumon digivolved, shielding both Kari and Tai from the debris. A series of smaller explosions ripped through the ceiling, allowing light to penetrate the battlefiled in several places.

Looking above them, they all gasped at what could be seen.

Above them it was an all out warzone.

Thousands of digimon were battling and fighting one another in the sky, numerous explosions ripping through battalions of both sides as each armies strongest troops tore through the others.

LadyDevimon gaped, realising that the castle was under attack by an outside force. She'd have to finish Angewomon off quickly so she could go and help the soldiers.

Before she could do anything, Angewomon headbutted her, causing her to release her grip on the angel digimon. She growled, gaining distance as she hid back in the shadows.

Angewomon stumbled into one of the rays of light pouring through the now open ceiling. Was it her imagination or was the light getting stronger?

Far above even the battlefield, the clouds swelled and parted, allowing the inifinte majesty of the bright yellow sun to illuminate the battlefield.

"How?!" LadyDevimon demanded, invisible in the shadows. "This domain is under my master's control! The sun can't be seen here!"

Tai was similarly shocked, until he remembered a certain being's words.

"I govern the processes through which the Digital World regulates itself."

Angewomon looked into the sky, bathing in the warmth of the sun, with similar thoughts in her mind.

'Homeostasis, are you helping us right now?' she thought, before turning back towards her opponent.

Now standing strong and tall, Angewomon knew that things had changed in this fight. She detached her pink ribbon, letting it flutter to the ground as LadyDevimon looked on in confusion.

"LadyDevimon, it is true that you are a servant of the darkness," Angewomon stated, calmly cutting off her long golden hair with an arrow made of light and watching as the long locks floated down to the ground. "That you are able to use the shadows and hide in them. But like you said, we are not so different you and I. Except, for one thing, that I use the light!"

Tai watched in amazement as Angewomon glowed brightly, completely vanishing into the bright rays of the sun.

'She's using LadyDevimon's tactics against her!' he realised in shock.

For the first time in this battle, LadyDevimon looked unsure. Her eyes were darting around, looking for any sign of the whereabouts of her opponent. She walked around, trying to see.

Until she made the mistake of stepping into the light.

Immediately, an unseen blow made her double over. Angewomon lashed out again, knocking LadyDevimon back into the darkness where she pursued her.

Tai, Greymon and Kari watched in amazement as the two warriors fought amongst the light and darkness. In the dark, Angewomon was visible, moving to counter and attack her unseen enemy. But as the battle shifted into the bright light, things shifted and it was suddenly LadyDevimon fending off attacks from an unseen opponent.

The two practically danced as they fought, neither now having a clear advantage of the other. Blows were exchanged wildly as the two flew between the light and dark, neither side clearly winning.

Tai's gaze swam. Was it just him or was the light fading?

Looking up in alarm, he could see the dark clouds slowing moving in on the sun. It seemed the Darkness had a strong grip on this place that not even Homesostasis could overturn for long. Angewomon had to hurry if she wanted to win!

The two ultimates continued their fight. LadyDevimon no longer able to hit Angewomon and now receiving several blows of her own. A particularly vicious kick, followed by a celestial arrow had nearly taken her out.

"Black Wing!" she cried out, transforming her left hand into a sharp spike, she drove it straight towards Angewomon.

Forming her bow in her riht hand, Angewomon blocked the attack, stepping into the fading light and knocking the attack away with a swift kick. Another punch followed this up, knocking LadyDevimon back into the darkness.

The light was now obviously fading and both fighters had realised this. LadyDevimon had retreated into the darkness, ready to wait the time out patiently until she could dominate the battle once more.

'If I can hit her a couple more time I can win!' Angewomon realised. 'But she won't stay still. I need a distraction!'

Looking around, Angewomon soon spotted something that could be used. Bending over to pick it up a shard of broken mirror, she got ready for one final bout against LadyDevimon.

The light was fading fast. The entire battlefield was almost in complete darkness with only a few rays of light left for Angewomon to use.

LadyDevimon got ready, stalking the angel, ready to finish this with one attack. Spreading her blackened wings, she got ready to strike.

"Evil Wing!" she cried out as Angewomon held up her shard of mirror.

The light caught the shard, reflecting it into LadyDevimon's eyes. Focus immediately broken, her attack sailed above the angels's head, leaving her wide open for a counter.

"Celestial Arrow!" Angewomon yelled, firing an arrow straight into LadyDevimon's chest.

The vampiress screamed as she was flung backwards into a nearby wall of mirrors and pinned. She looked up, helpless, as Angewomon prepared to end her.

"May you have better luck in the next life," Angewomon said, before glowing with power. "Heaven's Charm!"

The bright pink ray of power spread out in front of her and struck LadyDevimon. She screamed in agony as her data was ripped apart and soared into the air on some intangible breeze.

The wind soared triumphantly as Angewomon stood on top of a pile of shattered glass, her opponent utterly vanquished.

"You did it, Angewomon!" Kari yelled, waving her hands in the air. "I knew you could!"

The ultimate smiled at her partner, who ran towards her to give her a hug. Tai and Agumon followed behind quickly and gave their own congratulations to her.

"Well done, Angewomon!" Agumon cheered. "You destroyed her!"

"Fantastic work," Tai grinned, giving her a thumbs up. "Now lets go deal with Piedmon."

Angewomon nodded before her face became serious once more.

"Then we should hurry, the others might already be fighting him right now," she said, scooping the three of them up before they could protest and shooting towards the exit.

'I just hope we're not too late to help!' she thought, her senses already informing her of the battle happening much farther ahead of them.

"This is it," SaberLeomon said to the others, stopping in front of a pair of huge golden doors. "This leads to Piedmon's throne room. It's practically certain that he'll be in here!"

Ornately carved doors made of pure gold were rather a giveaway as to the location of the throne room. Unlike the rest of the castle, everything was totally quiet. There were no distant rumbes or anything. No sound of any digimon living here, just silence.

It was unnerving.

Rosemon nodded.

"Izzy, you stay back. We don't want him getting any ideas about using you as a hostage," she said.

The genius grimaced, recognising how useless he was in this situation.

"Don't worry, I'll stay back," he muttered. "Just don't let your guard down. This guy's the leader of the Dark Masters for a reason."

Rosemon smirked, before turning back towards the door. Her hand once more forming into her Flower Cannon, she pointed it straight at the huge doors in front of them.

"Knock, knock."

The blast blew the doors apart like they were made of tissue paper and the two megas rushed in, ready to fight the surprised Piedmon.

Only to find another huge empty room. The two stopped, examining their new surroundings carefully, looking for any sign of trickery.

It was huge, almost as large as the last room they had fought in. Except it was practically featureless, with white marble floors and walls. A huge procession of black and red stairs extended halfway through the room to lead up towards an extravagant golden throne.

In front of this throne was a screen from a large computer hanging from the circular ceiling. A white gloved hand pushed the screen aside to reveal Piedmon himself sitting in the golden throne; a look of distaste adorning his otherwise blank face.

Rosemon and SaberLeomon got into battle positions as the clown leisurely stood up, brushing the dust off of his clothes to slowly descend the steps one at a time.

Click! Click! Click!

The sound of his shoes hitting each stair echoed around the criminally large room. The two megas didn't dare move, ready for anything the powerful Dark Master might have in store.

Click! Click! Click!

He continued to walk down the stairs, slowly coming to a stop as he eventually reached the floor. He looked at the two of them, coldly surveying them without a single hint of fear or trepidation.

"Where is the other?" he asked finally, his voice high and crisp.

"If you're talking about Tai, he isn't here yet!" Rosemon answered angrily. "We're your opponents now!"

"I see," he responded, almost sounding bored.

His gaze settled on SaberLeomon.

"And you. I thought I recognised you. You're that GrapLeomon that went missing some time ago weren't you?"

SaberLeomon growled.

"I was! And now I've returned stronger than ever to kill you once and for all!"

"Oh, is that so?" Piedmon asked, tilting his head a little before sighing. "It can't be helped I suppose. I've already sent out an alert. In a few minutes this room will be filled with my soldiers. Of course, I could use a warm-up before the main event-"

The two megas charged without warning. Piedmon jumped, avoiding their initial strikes with no effort whatsoever.

"Not even allowing me to finish my sentence?" he questioned, dodging more sword swings from Rosemon, before backing away. "And here I thought you were the good guys."

He laughed, jumping over SaberLeomon's lunge and kicked him in the back, sending the mega down onto the floor.

Piedmon flipped in the air, before turning and drawing his sword to meet Rosemon's. The two clashed with a sharp clang, as the two megas pushed against one another, their swords locked.

The Dark Master only smirked, drawing another sword with his other hand.

Realising the danger, Rosemon jumped back just in time to barely avoid the swipe.

Then SaberLeomon rushed in. His claws emitting light he roared.

"Howling Crusher!"

Piedmon leant backwards, the paw swipe going over his head. SaberLeomon had a moment to look alarmed, before a kick to his stomach shot him high into the air.

Rosemon then flew in, trying to cover for her friend. Piedmon simply leant to the side to dodge her stab, before bashing her in the stomach with his sword handle then kicking her away as well.

He jumped into the air, flying towards the now falling SaberLeomon. His eyes gleamed as he readied his swords to pierce the digimon's hide.

SaberLeomon grinned.

"Twin Fang!" he cried out, his fur instantly becoming hundreds of razor sharp needles.

He roared and they all flew quickly towards Piedmon, who was forced to break off his attack. Regaining his balance on the ground as the needles closed in on Piedmon, SaberLeomon smiled.

Piedmon's eyes narrowed. A look of concentration appeared on his face for the first time in this fight. As the needles closed in, he maneveured his swords.

His arms less than a blur, he knocked away every single needle in a matter of moments, before once more honing in on SaberLeomon.

"Impossible!" the mega roared as Piedmon flew towards him, a sadistic smirk on his face.

"Dodge this! Flower Cannon!" Rosemon yelled, firing shot after shot at the falling Piedmon.

Changing course, the mad clown flew towards Rosemon, agily moving away from every shot she fired. Accelerating towards her, Rosemon reformed her sword and the two clashed again.

Rosemon stabbed, flurried and swung at the Dark Master, who met her equally at every blow. They were mere blurs to onlookers as they moved in an almost choreographed fashion. Piedmon then deflected a lunge then was immediately on the offensive.

Rosemon ducked and weaved around Piedmon's sword, trying her absolute best not to get skewered by his lightning fast strikes.

Mimi immediately realised how outclassed they were at swordsmanship. Piedmon dodged and countered every swipe and thrust they attempted, almost before they even knew they were about to perform it. This was bad, they had to engage him at range!

Forming her cannon in her other hand as they locked blades once more, she fired into his face at point-blank range. The explosion fired her backwards where she hit the wall, panting hard.

The smoke cleared to show Piedmon practically unharmed, only his clothes were a little ruffled. He wagged his finger.

"Oh little data type, how foolish you are," he taunted, walking forwards. "But that attack was far too weak to hurt me. Perhaps you should have saved your strength?"

"Howling Crusher!"

Leaning to the side, SaberLeomon's glowing paw shot past his face and Piemdon promptly grabbed it. He barely glanced at the shocked mega before he brought his sword to bare.

SaberLeomon howled in pain, staggering back at the sword now protruding through his paw.

"Whoops," Piedmon chuckled. "Kitty got a thorn in his foot?"

He then jumped away from Rosemon's sword swing, giggling all the way.

"You two call yourselves megas?" he asked, casually blocking another of an enraged Rosemon's attacks. "You're more like clowns than I am!"

Rosemon screamed, thoughtlessly throwing everything she had at this mosnter. Whip in one hand, sword in the other; she did everything she could just to try and land a single blow on the infuriating little shit.

The lion managed to get his screaming under control before trying to pull on the sword with his teeth. Closing his eyes at the pain, he slowly pulled the now red blade out, allowing him to pant in exhaustion as the pain dulled somewhat. The sword collided with the floor and stayed there unmoving.

The two megas continued their sword fight, Piedmon simply smirking as Rosemon tried desperately to hit him.

With a loud clash, his sword had her whip wrapped around it, preventing him from moving it. With an enraged cry she thrust her sword forward.

Quick as a flash, the sword lying on the ground near SaberLeomon flew into Piedmon's outstretched hand. With a triumphant cackle he blocked Rosemon's blade.

"Celestial Arrow!"

His eyes widened at the cry. Jumping backwards, he barely dodged the arrow of light which hit the ground where he'd just been.

Frowning, he looked towards the entrance where Angewomon could be seen along with Kari, Tai and Agumon.

"You guys are here!" Rosemon yelled out happily.

Angewomon nodded, stringing another arrow.

"Lets finish him off!" she cried out.

Rosemon nodded, before charging towards Piedmon at breakneck speeds.

A roar from behind him, alerted Piedmon that SaberLeomon was fighting through the pain and charging as well. Two megas and an ultimate fighting against him? This would be a little interesting at least.

Tai and Agumon watched as Piedmon flew into the air to avoid the inital blows, only to be hounded by Rosemon and SaberLeomon whilst Angewomon readied another shot.

"Shouldn't we help them?" Agumon asked, looking up at Tai.

"Not yet," Tai answered. "There's... something I want to check."

Agumon frowned but said nothing and continued to watch the fight.

Tai eyed the fight intently, trying to wrestle with the indecision in his heart. If Piedmon truly was Sigma's, warped by whatever darkness he'd come into contact with; he had to do something to help! Those two had suffered too much to not deserve a happy ending after all this time.

But as he watched the fight...

Piedmon dodged a strike from Rosemon, aiming to plunge his sword into her head, but was forced to disengage by a near blow from SaberLeomon. Grabbing the feline's head he slammed it hard into the wall, before spinning and kicking Rosemon in the face.

Charging after her falling form, he raised his sword to plunge it deep into her chest, but was forced to avoid another volley of arrows from Angewomon.

"Trump Sword!" he yelled, throwing a pair of swords towards the ultimate.

Despite the distance, Angewomon was barely able to dodge the attack. It nicked her side, but otherwise left her unharmed.

Tai watched as the two swords curved into a wide arc above Angewomon, still trying to hone in onto her.

"Angewomon, above!" he warned.

The ultimate jumped backwards just in time, the two swords plunging into the ground beneath her up to the hilt. They then remained still.

Visibly annoyed, Piedmon simply stood there as his three opponents recovered from his counterassault.

"I'm beginning to tire of this," he said simply. "I think I'll just end it here."

He waved his hands, causing the two swords embedded in the ground to return to him. He sheathed them along with the two swords he'd been carrying in his hands, leaving all four swords resting comfortably on his back.

He grinned and assumed a very familiar pose.

Tai's eyes widened.

"Masks Square!"

Instantly a large translucent dome of purple flowing energy surrounded all the digimon except for Angewomon.

"Now I get serious," Piedmon commented. "Please feel free to die at any time."

Rosemon charged and swung her sword, only for Piedmon to vanish completely.

"Yoohoo!" he taunted from his new position. "I'm over here!"

Both megas looked utterly stunned at his new speed. SaberLeomon was shaking, his eyes wide in shock.

"You seem to be missing something there," Piedmon commented, looking towards SaberLeomon's wounded paw. "Lets fix that."

He snapped his fingers and a sword materialised inside SaberLeomon's wound.

The mega howled in pain, practically collapsing and staring boggle-eyed at the sword that had suddenly appeared in his injured paw. Rosemon seemed simliarly shocked, before glancing fearfully up at Piedmon.

"Do you understand now?!" Piedmon laughed, practically in stitches. "You see in this attack, I am God. I can teleport anywhere at will and that includes my attacks."

He grinned at Rosemon, who backed away, unable to disguise her sudden fear.

"I could teleport my swords into any part of your body. Now where should I start?"

"With me!" Angewomon screamed. "Celestial Arrow!"

Piedmon growled, noticing she was outside the dome. Simply teleporting to avoid the attack, he then drew his real swords.

"Trump Sword!" he yelled, sending all four towards the angel.

Unable to dodge the lightning fast attack this time, the swords pinned her to the wall, leaving Angewomon struggling helplessly.

Piedmon laughed again, before turning towards Rosemon again. A sword materialised in his palm and he licked the blade.

"Your turn," he purred.

Mimi was panicking. How the hell were they supposed to win? He could kill them at any moment! They had to get out of the dome!

Backing away, Rosemon shot towards the side. Piedmon chuckled and snapped his fingers again.

A searing pain shot through Rosemon's leg, causing her to lose her concentration and tumble to the ground. Looking at her injury she could see the sword potruding through her leg almost causing her to gag.

Piedmon smirked, teleporting in front of her as he did so.

Growling, Rosemon aimed her thorn sword straight for his heart, and screamed as his sword went straight through her arm.

Outside the dome; Tai watched in horror. His hands clenched tightly.

'This isn't... this isn't how he normally fights!' he thought, trying to in some way justify this. 'He always tried to end a fight as quickly as he could!'

Memories of that Piedmon teleporting swords into Zero's chest again and again in an attempt to finish them off quickly entered his mind. He had never been this sadistic! Not to mention his fighting style was so different, usng his normal swords in conjecture with his Masks Square abilities instead of simply keeping his distance and teleporting his attacks in a safe manner.

Was it possible? That this really wasn't...

'But he recognised me!' Tai thought, watching as SaberLeomon snuck up on the occupied Piedmon. 'He knew who I was!'

"Well now," Piedmon said, his eyes drifting towards Tai's goggles, cloak and blue shirt. "It's certainly you alright..."

'He must be, he recognised me!' Tai assured himself.

SaberLeomon's claws raked across Piedmon's back, startling the mega and injuring him for the first time. Turning to look at the surprised SaberLeomon, Piedmon snapped his fingers and four swords materialised in the lions chest, knocking him away and out of the fight for good.

Another memory flashed by Tai's eyes. It was what Homeostasis said in the caves.

"But beware," the entity warned. "I feel as if your vision may be obscured by the ghosts of your past..."

'Did she mean that it's not Sigma's Piedmon? But if that was true how did he recognise me...'

His eyes drifted towards Tai's goggles, cloak and blue shirt. "It's certainly you alright..."

The Victory Tamer's eyes widened.

'He didn't recognise me! He recognised a description of me!'

Piedmon stood over a helpless Rosemon, cackling as he did so.

"Do you see now why I am the leader of the Dark Masters?!" he cried out, teleporting a sword into her other arm. "I am the pinnacle of digital evolution! I conquered the digital world, defeated the Sovereign! Why did they think a bunch of kids could possibly stop me?!"

With a snap of his fingers he vanished Masks Square and summoned back his swords. Angewomon fell to the ground and became Salamon, whilst the swords embedded into SaberLeomon and Rosemon vanished, although leaving their wounds wide open.

"I'll admit, it's been fun," Piedmon said, raising his blade and aiming for Rosemon's head. "But now the show's over. Time to go!"

He stabbed.

A brilliant golden light interrupted his thrust. Before he knew what was happening his sword hit nothing but the ground, Rosemon having vanished completely. Turning to see, a familiar warrior now stood as his challenger.

Over by the doorway Izzy couldn't help but smile. Tai had finally gotten ready to fight and not a moment too soon.

WarGreymon, carrying the near unconscious Rosemon, glared at the Dark Master with visible loathing. Carefully he put Rosemon down near the doorway. In a flash of green light they became Mimi and Palmon once again.

"Tai..." Mimi murmured, exhaused beyond belief.

"You did well, both of you," WarGreymon said sincerely. "But this is personal now. There's a few things I need to know."

With that he turned back towards the Dark Master, who grinned excitedly.

"Ah, the main event!" Piedmon trilled happily. "I was wondering when you'd start to worry about them."

WarGreymon said nothing, merely walking towards the center of the room to stare coldly at the Dark Master.

"Are you scared? I think you are," Piedmon continued. "It's not often you see two megas defeated so easily is it? Well the ultimate as well, but I kept forgetting she was there you see."

WarGreymon stopped not too far from Piedmon, calmly staring the mega down.

"Something the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Piedmon asked. "Paralysed with fear? You know, I was wondering if you just wanted me to kill your friends for you. Considering how you only stepped in at the last minute to save them. Am I wrong, hmm?"

Staring into Piedmon's cruel merciless eyes, WarGreymon couldn't be more certain that he wasn't who he thought he was.

"Not quite," he spoke. "I mistook you for someone else, but I was wrong. I don't know you."

"Haha, but I know you, 'Great One'," Piedmon chuckled. "You still haven't quite lived up to your reputation, you know."

"How did you recognise me before?" WarGreymon asked, eyes narrowed. "You recognised Taichi, but only from his description. Who told you?"

"Ah, ah, ah," Piedmon said, wagging his finger. "That would be telling."

"Was it your master, Apocalymon?" he asked.

The shocked expression on Piedmon's face answered his question.

"That's all I needed to hear," WarGreymon said, getting into a battle position. "All that remains is to kill you."

"How cute. But you saw how easily I defeated your friends right? What makes you think you'll stand a chance?"

"The same reason I always win against people like you," WarGreymon answered, clenching his fists. "You let me see your technique!"

With a mighty crack, he pushed off from the floor, destroying it underfoot as he charged Piedmon. With a clash the two's weapons collided with one another, metal on metal in a struggled for dominance.

Practically vanishing from the spot only to appear in another, they struck again, neither mega finding their mark. In a second instant the room was full of blurs as the two shot towards one another, with claw and sword, neither finding a strong advantage.

"Kick his butt, Tai!" Kari yelled, holding Salamon to her chest.

"I-I can't believe it," SaberLeomon murmured, having dragged himself over to the chosen. "He-he's the Great One? Is that true?"

"It's entirely possible," Izzy answered, watching the two megas go all out. "He was in the Digital World roughly two thousand years ago."

"Then it is true..." SaberLeomon muttered, slumping against the floor tiredly. "I just... need a moment..."

Up above, the two megas continued their battle. Stabbing and dodgin in equal volumes, neither was able to land a blow on the other. Piedmon grew frustrted as each of his attacks were dodged and countered, putting him on the defensive.

Locking blades together, they separated to gain some distance before charging once more.

"Trump Sword!" Piedmon yelled, throwing two swords and then drawing another two.

WarGreymon deflected the attack with some difficulty, but then Piedmon charged into him, managing to cut his armour and throwing him back into the wall. Charging once more, Piedmon stabbed towards the mega's helmet.

WarGreymon manged to block, catching the blade with his claw, then stabbing forward with his other.

Piedmon blocked that with his other sword, leaving the clown's swords locked between WarGreymon's deadly blades. They were stuck in a stalemate once more.

Tai grinned inside as an idea came to him.

"Great Tornado!" WarGreymon shouted, spinning around and around, blades still locked together.

Piedmon was spun round and tound the mega at dizzying speeds, until the blades came loose and he was thrown through the opposite wall. WarGreymon simply waited for the mega to reemerge.

Suddenly, the two blades he'd deflected earlier, flew towards him, nearly hitting him had he not moved at the last moment.

'That was close,' Tai thought. 'Were they still following us after that?'

'Think we can use it?' Agumon asked, feeling his partner's mind going a mile a minute.

'I've already seen what he can do,' Tai answered. 'It won't be long now.'

Piedmon burst through the wall, an expression of rage on his bruised face.

"I'm going to kill you!" he roared. "Ending Snipe!"

A blast of electricity shot out of his hands, knocking WarGreymon back into the wall.

'Ok, that's new!' he thought, before dodging another attack.

Flying upwards in an arc, he dodged the attacks Piedmon was sending his way before going in for another Great Tornado. Piedmon jumped out of the way, allowing the attack to drill through the wall behind him.

WarGreymon then charged from behind, which Piedmon blocked with some difficulty. Each blade locked onto a claw with superhuman precision.

"Terra Force!"


A big orange ball of energy grew between WarGreymon's outstretched claws. It enveloped a surprised Piedmon who was blasted through the opposing wall once more.

'Not full strength, but it should have done some damage.'

Piedmon exploded out of the rubble, his face alight with fury. His clothes were a mess and his ruff had been incinerated completely, leaving a furious monster clown. Piedmon charged again, timing his approach at the same time as his incoming Trump Swords.

Izzy grimaced.

"He's forcing WarGreymon to focus on both him and his earlier attack," he told the others. "A two front assault. Unless WarGreymon can neutralise it somehow, he isn't going to last long!"

Firing a small Terra Force towards Piedmon, WarGreymon unhooked the Brave Shield off of his back. Wielding a half in each hand, he deflected each trump sword back into the air, before discarding the shield just in time to meet Piedmon's charge.

The force of the blow knocked WarGreymon into the wall hard enough to leave an indent.

"Die!" Piedmon commanded, trying to stab WarGreymon in the chest.

WarGreymon caught the blades between his claws once more, visibly struggling from the angle. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Piedmon's trump sword attack approaching again from above, ready to skewer him in the head.

'I can't dodge it!' he realised.

With a mighty roar, WarGreymon threw Piedmon off of him and tired to move. The trump swords instead sliced right through his gauntlets, shattering them completely and leaving the mega weaponless.

The blow made him stagger, as the trump swords flew into the air once more.

Piedmon laughed, approaching with his two swords once again.

"It's over!" he laughed, getting ready to stab.

Instead, WarGreymon vanished from sight, only to nail Piedmon with a kick to the midsection and blowing him back across the room.

"Thanks for getting rid of some of my armour," WarGreymon taunted as Piedmon slowly got up, clutching his midsection. "It's much easier to move around without it weighing me down."

Piedmon growled.

WarGreymon charged, almost vanishing from sight as Piedmon tried to stab him, only to hit the air. A kick that seemed to come from nowhere hit Piedmon in the face, making him stumble back and then get punched in the gut with a final blow knocking him away.

WarGreymon, keeping an eye out for Piedmon's two extra blades, leapt away panting. Without his shield or gauntlets, he could move so much faster!

Piedmon slowly got up out of the indent he had made in the wall. His rage was practically palpable as he slowly breathed in and out, his eyes wide and bloodshot as they stared directly into WarGreymon's soul.

"That's it! I'm through playing around!" he roared, setting into his pose.

'Tai he's going to use Masks Square!' Agumon exclaimed.

'I know,' Tai said smirking. 'It's exactly what I've been waiting for.'

Piedmon threw his hands out.

"Masks Square!" he yelled.

The purple dome appeared, looking from the inside very similarly to the one he'd encountered last time, athough not quite as strong.

Piedmon cackled upon seeing WarGreymon standing inside it's radius.

"That's it! This match is over!" he declared. "I won the moment you entered the world of Masks Square!"

"Is that what you think?" WarGreymon taunted, holding out an open palm towards the ceiling. "Just watch, Piedmon, as your world collapses around you. Terra Force."

A small ball of orange energy appeared in WarGreymon's outstretched hand, causing Piedmon to laugh.

"That attack is even smaller than the last one!" he declared. "How's that going to hurt-"

WarGreymon threw it at the ground, causng an explosion of dust to cover the dome.

'Shit!' Piedmon thought, shooting into the air to avoid the attack he knew was coming. 'I'll get out of the dome and make another in the air. That'll finish it!'

Shooting out of his dome, Piedmon prepared for another Masks Square as the one below vanished admist the ash cloud.

"Too slow!" WarGreymon roared from above him.

Piedmon didn't have time to even scream as WarGreymon's interlocked hands slammed down on the top of his head, sending him shooting down into the ground like a meteor.

"Full power, Terra Force!"

This time the mega held nothing back, a huge ball of energy glowing like the sun formed between his hands. Many time bigger than himself, WarGreymon threw it at the downed Piedmon, half-embedded in the rock of his own throne room.

With a roar, Piedmon freed himself and took to the air. Flying round the big ball of death, he just barely scraped by as the attack hit the ground... and everything went white.

It was a roar beyond noise. The sheer power of the attack forcing it's way upwards and through the ceiling.

Outside the palace, the entire battle stopped as a huge column of energy shot out of one of the huge domes of the castle, incinerating everyone unlucky enough to be situated over it.

Pukumon paused from smashing two SkullSatamon's skulls together to watch.

'Is that part of Lord Machinedramon's plan?' he wondered. 'Is he fighting Piedmon right now?'

Inside the room, once their vision had cleared, the real devastation could be seen.

There was nothing left of the throne room. There was only a giant crater with a huge hole for a ceiling. Everything else had been vaporised completely.

Up above, Piedmon floated in the air, panting in shock. That had nearly hit him!

WarGreymon floated down towards the ground, landing with a light tap he stared up at Piedmon.

The Dark Master meanwhile, was glaring around at the battle going on above them.

"What is happening?! Who would dare attack me in my own palace!?" he growled.

'That must be why no one responded to my alert,' he thought angrily. 'I'll personally execute the lot of them!'

He looked down at the visibly tired WarGreymon.

'But first I'll have to finish off this fool.'

"Your attack failed," Piedmon boasted. "I'm still here and my world is as strong as ever. I don't know where you found these reinforcements, but they won't be enough to stop me. Once I've destroyed you I'll finish off this measly excuse for an army and get my revenge."

WarGreymon seemed focused on something else. He walked a few steps to the side, as if judging something critically.

"That was alot of power you just used," Piedmon continued. "I can see why you used to be feared."

WarGreymon said nothing, but stood up straight and dropped out of his battle stance.

"Giving up?" Piedmon asked. "I know it's hard to compete with my magnificence, but really I expected better from you of all people-"

"It's rather obvious now," WarGreymon interrupted.

Piedmon growled.

"What's obvious?"

"That you're not him," he continued. "He'd never fall for the same trick twice."

"Huh? What are you babbling about? Trump Sword!"

He aimed to grab two swords from the sheathes on his back, but found them empty.

'Oh, that's right I threw them earl-'


Piedmon stared in shock at the two blades protruding from his chest, their tips still pointing straight towards WarGreymon. He looked back towards the mega, who hadn't reacted in the slightest.

His strength leaving him, in utter shock, Piedmon fell from the air, still staring blankly at the two, now red, blades sticking out of his chest.

The others watched in stunned silence as the clown hit the ground in a lifeless heap. WarGreymon slowly made his way towards the downed Dark Master to finish him off once and for all.

Izzy's eyes widened as the full scope of what WarGreymon had done hit him.

'The whole battle he was keeping an eye on those blades, then used them at the last moment to skewer Piedmon!' he thought with appreciable awe. 'Incredible!'

Piedmon struggled, trying to move as his vision blurred in front of him. WarGreymon was now walking towards him, and he was powerless to stop him.

He had lost.

Piedmon struggled to breathe, simply looking at the sky as the battle raged onwards above him. Without his elite forces they were being crushed by Pukumon and his soldiers.

He had been defeated with his own attack.

The shame, the humiliation he'd been expecting welled up within him. He had lost to the Great One, just like so many others.

"Now tell me," WarGreymon demanded. "How does Apocalymon know who I am?!"

Piedmon remained silent, staring up at the sky silently. He recognised one of those digimon. Pukumon was fighting through his army like only a mega could do so.

"I've calculated that Pukumon values emotion over logic... He believes that I am responsible for the death of his former master..."

Machinedramon's words drowned out WarGreymon's demands as Piedmon's dying mind connected the dots.

"Machinedramon, shoot them down!"


Watching as the shot neatly splt the bubble into two separate bits, the one containing the Great One flying off towards his own territory...

'I-impossible' Piedmon found himself thinking as more and more of the pieces flew together.

"I already have plans on how to deal with them."

'He planned all of this...' Piedmon realised, staring blankly into the sky as his palace crumbled around him.

The alliance with MetalSeadramon, letting the Dark Master die to take control over two armies. Sending the digidestined into the territories of the two remaining Dark Masters. Keeping his forces busy as he was personally assassinated. Machinedramon had planned it all, and was now the sole ruler of the Digital World for it.

Only Apocalymon was left.

He lay there unmoving as his remaining forces were destroyed.

He lay there unmoving as WarGreymon got tired of getting no answers and raised a glowing hand.

He lay there unmoving as the last attack hit him, breaking his data apart into it's basic components.

As he faded, a memory surfaced, one of the many countless forgotten digimon that made up his master Apocalymon.

"Hey sis!" he asked another digimon floating next to him. "Do you think we'll ever see Taichi or Rei again?"

"I don't know Pul," she answered. "But I'm sure he'll do his best to protect the Digital World, no matter the threat."

Piedmon smiled as he was sent to oblivion.

"Lord Machinedramon," a nearby Hagurumon reported. "It's been confirmed that Piedmon has been slain. His territory is vanishing as we speak."

"As I calculated," Machinedramon spoke. "And what of my other project?"

Another Hagurumon answered.

"Good news, my lord. They've found it!"

"Bring it back as quickly as possibe," the Dark Master commanded. "It won't be long before the Digidestined arrive, and I want victory to be assured for when they do."

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