Roses, wine, and chocolates

A/N: This is a pathetic little story I thought up, about how a "slow day" for Niko Balic would go, as he gets ready for a date with Kate McKreary.


Niko Balic just woke up, and after a big job last night, he is looking forward, to a nice killing free date with the love of his life. He puts on his jacket and takes one last look in the mirror.

Niko: Well…. I'm not muck to look at, but she loves me.

He takes the elevator to the lobby floor and walks out to his car, a slick sports car he had to look all over the city to steel, but he wanted to impress Kate, so it was worth it.


NIko exits a little shop by Middle park that sells items for times like this, normally he would have drove faster, but last thing he wanted was to get thrown in jail for speeding in a stolen car on date night.

He carries a box of chocolates, a volkay of roses, and some fine red wine to his car when he gets a call from Roman.

Niko: Roman, I'm busy right now what do… You what?! You fucking idiot! Do you ever learn?!

Niko jumps into his car and hits the gas.


NIko arrives in Bohan to find Roman, hiding behind a dumpster.

Niko: Roman! You fat idiot! Do you have to get you self in these situations, every single day!

Roman: Quiet NIko, they might hear us.

Niko: Fuck them.

Thug: There his is!

A large man in dark cloths comes toward him with several others, right behind him.

NIko: Please leave my cousin alone, I don't fill like fighting anyone today.

Thug: And what the hell are you going to do punk. He pulls out a out a large bowie knife, laughing.

About a minute later, all the thugs are laying beaten in the alley way, as Niko and Roman walk away.

Roman: I don't know, what I would do without you Niko.

Niko: Drop dead.

Niko drops Roman at his apartment, but as he's about to drive away, he over hears a struggle.

Girl: Let go of me, you bastard!

Man: Shut up bitch, before I slit your fucking throat.

The man slaps the girl, then holds an old kitchen knife to her neck.

Niko sighs and gets out of the car.

Man: Your, mine now bitch.

Girl: Go to hell!

Man: Why you…..

Just then, Niko grabs the man's hand and breaks it instantly. The man cries in pain, as Niko punches him in the face sending him to the ground.

The girl looks at him before running away. Niko gives the man a kick to the stomack.

Niko: Mother fucker, made me fucking late.


Niko tried to rush to Kate's house, but the cops spotted him and he had to lose them, and then ditch the car. Now he had to make do with an old beat up truck he stole in Bohan.

Niko: Oh great, so much for impressing Kate in this piece of shit.


Kate: Niko, what took you so long.

Niko: Oh nothing just got caught up in some shit.

Kate: Long day?

Niko: Actually… for me this is a pretty slow day, so far.