The Beginning


Landon Richardson

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The character of Detective Sergeant Danielle 'Danni' Williams probably can be considered to be mine by now. Although she was originally based on male Danny, she soon evolved becoming her own person. She has her own background, her own family, her own history and her own distinct personality. This isn't to say that the Danny Williams we all know and love is completely gone, he still emerges through her at times. I like to think of female Danni as what Danny could have been if everything in his life had gone his way. As in full custody of Grace and a decent relationship with his ex.

The character of Grace has also changed slightly due to the change in Danni. Her surname is Taylor as this is her father's surname and was Danni's married name (Danni reverted back to her maiden name when she was divorced). Her parents also are amicable which has also impacted Grace but never fear, she's still the sweetheart we know and love, if anything she's more a sweetheart now.

The character of Duncan Taylor, Detective Rory Clements, Special Agent Alexis Moss, Jeanette McGarrett, William 'Will' McGarrett, Noah Landon, Deborah 'Debs' Landon and Michael Landon also belongs to me as does any other character who you do not recognise from the show. Please do not use them, or my version of Danni and Grace without first asking for my permission to do so.

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Official Summary

When Danni Williams moves to Hawaii, all she wants to do is keep her head down and survive the time she had to stay there. The last thing she expected was to meet Steve McGarrett, a man who seems more intent on getting her blown up and finding out everything about her life than he is about following proper procedure. Danni has a job to do though and one way or another she is going to do it.

Chapter Summary

Danni shook her head slowly in disbelief, her eyes fixed on the empty doorway which McGarrett had just strolled out of. Her thoughts were jumbled, racing through her head at a speed that made it hard to focus, as she tried desperately to make sense of the past twenty minutes or so of her life and what she had just witnessed happening before her very eyes.

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Mentions of past John McGarrett / Doris McGarrett (Joris)

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This story features a female Danni Williams in place of a male Danny Williams. Although in some stories I write, Danny does exist, he does not exist in this one.

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I do not have a Beta so please forgive any mistakes which may creep in, I always do my best to edit the story and check it but sometimes mistakes do creep in.

The places I've mentioned in Hawaii are ones which come from google, including the addresses. I've never been to Hawaii myself in person so I apologise for any mistakes which I may make, these are not intentional.

Chapter Three

Showdown in the office

Thursday 23rd September 2010

The McGarrett Family Home

2727 Piikoi Street



State of Hawaii

Danni shook her head slowly in disbelief, her eyes fixed on the empty doorway which McGarrett had just strolled out of. Her thoughts were jumbled, racing through her head at a speed that made it hard to focus, as she tried desperately to make sense of the past twenty minutes or so of her life and what she had just witnessed happening before her very eyes.

Somehow along the way she had lost control of the situation. She just couldn't quite figure out how it had happened or even why she had allowed it to happen but she had.

It should have been a simple matter of getting Commander Steve McGarrett to leave her active scene. The same scene which he had admitted he had broken into with no regard to the havoc he was causing by walking round the house without gloves on, touching things and doing god only knew what else. The minute she had found him she should have evicted him or arrested him instead of feeling pity for him. Sergeant Pittman had always warned her that her compassion for people and the fact she was in touch with her emotions would cause her issues one day when it came to the job and it appeared that he was right.

She bit on her lower lip, trying to clear up one mystery at a time, starting with the one which was annoying her the most.

Why had McGarrett quoted the Police oath over the phone to the Governor of Hawaii?

Steve McGarrett was not a police officer, he was a Lieutenant Commander Navy Seal who worked in the Naval Intelligence Unit. She had seen his background and she knew that there was no Police training in his past and that he probably wouldn't know he first thing about running a police investigation so how could hers and Meka's crime scene suddenly be his crime scene like he had announced without any prior warning?

The whole situation made no sense and seemed suspect in her eyes.

Even if quoting the oath at the Governor made McGarrett into an Officer of the law, the John McGarrett Homicide would still belong to her and Meka. It was Captain Hookano who allocated the Homicide cases to the individuals and partnerships in the department and he had chosen her and Meka because they were the best he had and he needed results on the case.

There would be no way that anyone who actually wanted a conviction would give the case to John McGarrett's own, newly declared Officer of the law who had never run a Homicide investigation, son to close the case. The Defence attorneys would be celebrating before the case even saw itself in front of a judge for the first initial bail hearing, hell they would probably send the department bottles of champagne and fruit baskets to thank them for making their job so much more easier than it would have been otherwise.

McGarrett was far too close to the situation to be objective and Danni doubted that he would be able to be impartial either. She was a veteran of nearly ninety closed cases and even she couldn't have been impartial if it had been her father's death she was investigated. She would want answers and would do anything to get them. Something she had the feeling that McGarrett would also do.

If McGarrett was in charge then they could kiss Hesse being convicted and going to jail goodbye.

Danni breathed out slowly, bringing her hand up to her neck and gripping the back of it, digging her fingertips into the tense muscle to try and ease the pressure before she ended up with a headache.

McGarrett had mentioned in the phone call something about a task force but as far as Danni knew there had been no talk or gossip about anything like that being set up. Especially one which was linked directly to the Governor herself. Danni wasn't on speaking terms with many of the other Detectives in the department but she always made sure that she listened in on their chatter when she was seated at her desk or grabbing a drink in the break room so she knew that she was fairly up to date with everything which had been going on but nothing like this had come up.

Danni knew of at least four Detectives in the department who would have jumped at the opportunity of moving from their current jobs, especially if that move happened to include a promotion for them and all of the perks which came with it. The fact that her friend Lily Nichols who worked on the dispatch department hadn't mentioned anything to her when they had gone for drinks the previous week also pointed to there being no news on this. Lily had befriended Danni in her first weeks and had made sure that she was kept in the loop on things which she needed to know. She would definitely have told Danni about an opportunity like this and bugged her about it until Danni applied for it.

The only explanation which made any sense to her was that the taskforce was something which was so brand new that no one actually knew about it yet. No one except McGarrett who the Governor had clearly spoken to about it and offered him the lead on it. Perhaps it was something the Governor had decided to set up because she was in her campaign year and wanted to show the citizens of Hawaii that she valued their safety so they would vote her into office again. If that was her reason for setting it up then why had she asked a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy to head the group up? Why not have a Detective from the island who was trained in the way policing worked as the head of it?

Danni continued to nibble at her lower lip, moving her hand away from her neck as she finally looked away from the doorway to look around the rest of the garage, her heart sinking.

Whatever the taskforce was, it wasn't going to concern her. After her encounter with McGarrett it would take a miracle for her to be picked for it, especially with him in charge of it. The most she could hope for now was that one or two of her main tormenters in the office would be chosen and transferred, finally giving her a much needed respite.

She shook her head, pushing the thought away. The only thing she had to focus on now was whether the John McGarrett Homicide investigation was still hers and Meka's case. If it was then she needed to continue working it.

McGarrett hadn't told her to leave the house but at the same time he hadn't told her to make herself comfortable and carry on her investigation. She didn't even know whether he was still somewhere within the interior or whether he had taken the toolbox and left the house to head back to his hotel to look through the contents since Danni severely doubted that there were simple tools within it. She frowned, her mind fixing on the red box. What was it about it that had been important enough for McGarrett to break into the crime scene to take it and when that failed because of her, he had gone on to call the Governor and accept a job position just to ensure that he could take it with him?

What she needed to do now was to get back to the office and speak to Meka and then speak to Captain Hookano to tell him about what had happened to see whether he could shed some light on what had occurred. If it turned out that McGarrett had somehow played her and that she and Meka were still the leads on the case then she would have no choice but to arrest him for obstruction.

God she hoped that this was still her crime scene and case otherwise all the hard work she and Meka has put into it over the past three days; the countless, sleepless nights spent pouring over numerous CSU reports and photos, the ME reports and the background checks while Grace slept in her room, not to mention the files which she had to make up from scratch due to the inferior one which they had been handed in the first place, the hours they had spent chasing down each and every lead and questioning them, the leads which would have gone unnoticed if not for them, would have been for nothing, and all because of one arrogant Navy Seal with a cell phone and the Governor's private office number on his speed dial.

Danni's eyes narrowed as her mind focused on Steve McGarrett, a wave of frustration washing over her.

What the hell had the Commander been thinking in the first place when he had made the decision to break in to an active crime scene and contaminate what was within. She refused to believe that he didn't know the proper protocol when it came to running a crime scene. Jesus, everyone and their mother, were now so called experts due to the countless of TV shows on which gave them all a rough idea of how a crime scene was run. It was frustrating, especially when these same people landed on the jury panels for their cases.

Apparently though Commander McGarrett believed that he was above the same procedures which governed the mere mortals like herself and instead he had simply waltzed in with no gloves as far as she could see and decided to start moving things around. If he had moved the tool box then it stood to reason that he had touched and moved other stuff as well. It was unlikely that she would know off hand what he moved which meant that she would have to take new photos of the crime scene and compare them to the original photos which had been taken by CSU during their initial sweep. She would have to check the system for Commander McGarrett's fingerprints as well and send them to CSU so that the man could be eliminated as a suspect in the murder since a Jury would now suspect him since his fingerprints, fingerprints which shouldn't be in the house, would now be all over it.

Danni's hand curled into a fist at the side, her eyes drifting close as another wave of anger washed over her. What she should do is search the rest of the house for McGarrett and then once she found him, punch him for his interference which had suddenly made her job all that harder. Punching him wouldn't do much good in the long scale of things but she had the sneaky suspicion that it would make her feel better in the short term, if only to see the look which she was sure would come to his face.

She took a few deep breathe, casting her mind back to the yoga classes which her sister had dragged her to on a weekly basis and allowed herself to calm down, some of the tension easing out of her.

Losing her temper in an already strained situation wouldn't do her any good. What she needed to do was to remain rational and push her emotional response down like Sergeant Pittman had taught her and instead allow her brain, and the common sense and logic which came with it to preside.

The first thing she needed to do was to head back to the station and see whether Captain Hookano was in his office and if he was, whether he could fit in a quick meeting with her and Meka. Normally she preferred to keep far away from the other man since he did little to hide his disdain for her but this situation needed him, especially if involving him meant that they could get the case back from the new taskforce. Danni didn't give a damn about Commander McGarrett or the Governor of Hawaii or the small, secret club they were in which meant that the Commander could just call her up when he wanted and get whatever he wanted. That aspect wasn't any of her concern. What was her concern was finding Victor Hesse and bringing him in for questioning and then putting him away so she could focus on the other things in her life which were far more important to her. Things like her daughter, her friends and her family.

There was no point in stressing herself out over the Commander when it was unlikely that they would ever meet each other again after today.

She couldn't shake her annoyance fully at how McGarrett had gone about doing this. Surely even he could see how irregular and unprofessional it was to take a case midway through an investigation when the team who were running point were actually making headway on it and building a strong case for the prosecution to use again Hesse in court. Danni knew they were getting close to finding him and bringing this case to an end. She knew exactly how Hesse had done things from start to finish, all that was left was for her and Meka to double-check their conclusions, obtain an arrest warrant from the judge on duty and begin the hunt, grabbing a team of uniform to back them up securing the search. She would take great pleasure in arresting the son of a bitch that much she did know for certain.

Danni reached up, running her hand down her face with a sigh before she pinched her lower lip, a thoughtful look coming across her features. She needed to speak to Meka before she did anything else and fill him in on what had happened moments ago with the Commander. This case was as much her partners as it was hers and she knew just how invested he was in solving it and getting the justice which John McGarrett deserved.

She sighed, moving away from the black car and began walking slowly around the garage, her eyes moving over everything as she continued thinking. She wondered how Meka would take the news when Danni broke it to him. Would he get pissed off and get that constipated look he something got when he wanted to punch something hard or would he simply shrug and shake it off as he tended to do with most things which he couldn't change? It was difficult to know exactly how he would react but what she did know what that it was a conversation which she wasn't greatly looking forward to having.

"Nothing here of interest" She told herself with a shake of her head before twisting on the spot and heading towards the door. She opened it and slipped out, pulling it closed behind her quietly. She glanced around the kitchen out of habit before walking through it, stopping in front of the study door.

She couldn't hear or see any sign of the Commander but she knew well enough that her not being able to locate him didn't mean anything. The Commander was a man who had been trained for years by his superiors to become a deadly fighting machine, an aspect of that would be learning to become almost invisible to his enemies eyes. The Commander could have been directly behind her and she wouldn't know that he was there until he chose to reveal himself to her. The thought that her own extensive training would probably be useless against him was an unnerving one if she allowed herself to consider it.

She frowned to herself, mentally scolding herself for letting the man affect her before she went through the door which led into the study which she had to walk through to get to her back which was in the living room. She came to a halt, her eyes landing on the already familiar figure of McGarrett which answered one of the many questions buzzing around her head.

He stood in front of the chair where his father had been tied up and where he spent his final moments, staring down at it with a blank, unreadable expression on his face. He could almost have been made from stone he was so still.

Danni watched him for a second, swallowing down the feeling of pity which came across her at the sight in front of her before she averted her eyes, struck with a feeling that she was trespassing on his remorse and grief. She looked passed him, her eyes landing on her cell phone which was still resting on the desk surface from when she had taken a picture of the palm print. Setting her shoulders Danni moved across the room, her eyes flickering over to the Commander once, he made no move but she was willing to bet that he was aware of everything which she was doing. Picking up the cell, she turned and headed out of the study and into the living room towards the chair which she had dropped her bag on. Danni checked the safety was on her gun quickly before placing it and the cell into her bag and zipped it up, picking it up from the chair and shouldering it. Rubbing her hands together, she breathed out silently, running an absent hand down the front of her dress.

There was nothing more which she could do here.

Decision made, Danni turned, taking one step towards the exit before her brain registered the fact that the Commander had followed her out of the study and was now standing directly in her path which would have led her to the front door.

She stilled, watching the tall man carefully to see what he was planning on doing. She was a good read of character and she could tell that McGarrett was no longer a threat to her but she had learnt the hard way that regardless of what her instincts said, she still remained vigilant. Humans were unpredictable, especially after suffering a devastating loss like the Commander had.

Danni tilted her head as the Commander finally spoke, noting instantly that the previous aggression which had flavoured his voice was gone as though it had never existed in the first place. Now he merely sounded professional and calm though Danni could detect a concealed, undercurrent thread of exhaustion to his voice.

She found herself wondering when the last time he had properly slept was. Probably not for three days since the death of his father. He had probably gone through the call and situation countless of times in his mind, running through different ways he could have handled it which would have saved his father from what happened to him. Men like the one in front of her would have been taught to survive on catnaps taken in the worst places on earth but even that couldn't hold back the bodies need for sleep forever. The Commander was going to crash and he was going to crash hard at this rate if someone didn't take care of him and make him listen to reason.

Danni blinked, momentarily surprised by the pity and concern she felt for the Commander. Concern which she reminded herself firmly was a waste of time considering how little they would see each other in the future.

"I didn't expect you to still be here" He told her, reaching up and running his hand through his short hair. It was the first casual, non-planned movement which she had seen him make since their meeting in the garage and it was one which helped ease some of the tension making her stomach churn. "I would have thought that you would have stormed out of here the first chance you could now that I've taken your case from you."

Danni's eyes narrowed at the comment and the assumption which the Commander has made about herself. She bit down on the urge to respond with a sarcastic comment, knowing that if she did then he would know that he had gotten under her skin. That was the last thing she wanted. Her older brother had taught her never to show her hand or what she was thinking to anyone until she knew them and that was what she planned to do here. Instead of replying, she merely remained silent, regarding McGarrett with what she hoped was a thoughtful expression as she mentally counted to five in her mind, allowing the wave of annoyance she had felt to disperse before she spoke, her voice coming out as quiet and steady.

"Considering I left my belongings here in the living room including my car keys then it would be a pretty stupid move on my part to, what did you say again, storm out of here without them. Don't you think" She remarked, making the comment into a statement rather than a question.

She saw his eyes narrow slightly in a thoughtful manner before he nodded at her, acknowledging the comment. She expected him to say something more but instead his eyes dropped to the bag she was holding, his eyebrow quirking up slightly as though he was surprised by it. He probably was, from Danni's experience, men and women in the military tended only to carry the bare personal essentials with them at any one time, they certainly wouldn't have a large bag which would fit in everything which Danni's could, If she had known him better than she would have explained that a bag this size was needed due to the fact that she had a CSU pack for situation like this and files, but she didn't say a word, merely meeting his eyes when they rose to meet hers again, the blue eyes showing nothing of what he was thinking.

"I'm going to need all the files and the evidence which you have for this case Detective." He informed her calmly, crossing his arms over his chest. Danni's eyes dropped to his muscles involuntarily before she forced her eyes back up to his face, hoping against hope that he didn't notice the look.

She met his gaze, tilting her head slightly to the side and wondered whether there had been anyone in his life who had said no to him or disobeyed one of his orders. She felt her mouth curl into a small smile as she made the decision that right now was as good a time as any for the Commander to realise that not only did his rank not get him everything he wanted, when he wanted but also that his rank had no sway over her.

He might have been part of the Navy but Danni was a police detective who had earned her stripes in the streets of New Jersey on cases which made the John McGarrett case seem like a simple walk in the park. She was not a woman who intimidated easily and she was determined that the Commander would learn that before the day was through.

"I'm sure you are going to need them if you've taken over the case" She agreed with a nod of her head. "But I'm afraid that I can't just hand them over to you. There is procedure which has to be followed though I'm sure you already know that" She stated pleasantly, keeping the smile off her face with difficulty when she caught the look of confusion which crossed his eyes which told her that he had no idea what she was talking about. "If you want the files which my partner and I have made up and to become responsible for the evidence we gathered then you'll have to come down the precinct and complete the necessary paperwork to get it. It shouldn't take long, just a hour or so and of course you'll have to get them counter signed by Captain Hookano, but of course you all of this already, don't you Commander" She stated, hearing the icy note which had descended into her voice, a note which would have warned anyone who knew her well, that now would be the time to dive for cover. "Have a good day" She said, moving swiftly towards him and slipping past him and out the door before he could stop her or say anything else to her.

It was a childish thing to do considering that she had at least two of the files with her which he needed in her bag while the others were currently locked away on hers and Meka's desk drawers. She could have easily handed him the ones which she had so he could make a start and familiarising himself with their investigation. The man had to learn that he wasn't in the military now and that he couldn't make a demand off of someone and just expect it to be obeyed because he was gorgeous with a nice sounding voice, He had to learn that to get his way in the real world he had to ask people for their help and cooperation, not demand it from them, otherwise he was going to find himself struggling to make any headway with the other agencies and departments.

Besides she had no way of knowing for sure whether McGarrett was speaking the truth when he said the crime scene was now his. Until she heard from Captain Hookano that John McGarrett's murder was no longer a HPD case then she would act as though she and Meka's were the leads and McGarrett just a civilian with an understandable interest in the case. Hookano would rip her a new one and probably suspend her if she had just handed over classified files on the say so of someone other than himself.

Danni pulled the front door closed behind her and looked around her, bringing her hand up and resting it against her forehead to protect her eyes from the glare of the sun. She hesitated for a moment, breathing in the heavy scent of blooming flowers, before she made her way down the pathway towards her car, the sun felt good against the bare skin of her arms making her glad that she had left her cardigan hanging over her chair at work. She stopped next to the driver's door and looked towards the road. She couldn't see any parked cars on the road which meant that McGarrett had either parked further down in an attempt to remain unnoticed by any nosy neighbours John might have had or he had made the walk from the hotel he was staying in because no one would find anything suspicious about a man walking down the street. Either option was a viable one.

Making a mental note to look into what Steve McGarrett had been up to since he arrived on the island, Danni unlocked the car, pulling the door open and slipped into the interior with a thankful sigh. She closed it behind her, throwing her bag into the empty passenger seat and inserted the key into the ignition, starting the engine and hitting the air con button.

She allowed herself a moment to sit there, enjoying the cool breeze before she grabbed her sunglasses from the dashboard, slipping them onto her noise and reversed out of the driveway, her gaze flickering down to the pink bunny which was still in the back of her car from earlier. She would have to figure out what to do with it. She looked at the McGarrett house one last time before she drove away from it, heading towards the freeway which could take her back to the precinct.

The fifteen minute drive to the precinct was quiet and uneventful, the traffic was surprisingly light and the threatening silence was broken by the music which Grace always insisted that they listened to on their way into school. Admittedly Danni was more than ready to pull her hair out if she heard one more song from one of the High School musical movies but she couldn't find the will to locate her CD holder to change it, especially since she would only have to change it back again when Grace was in the car.

Danni sighed as she hit the indicator, twisting the steering wheel to the right as she pulled up into the car park outside the precinct, lifting her hand up in thanks to the driver who had let her in before she wound down her window, a smile coming to her face at the familiar face Jimmy Lee appeared beside her.

Jimmy was the security guard who operated the barrier to the precinct. He had been on the force for forty years before he partially retired, giving up his own beat for a booth and a supply of constant coffee and masalas. Danni found herself liking him, possible because he was one of the only people who didn't seem to care that she was a female from the mainlander. He treated her the same as everyone else and it was something she appreciated more than she could say.

"Hi Jimmy" she said, reaching down and picking her badge up, flashing it towards him so he could see it.

"Hey Danielle, that was a quick trip for you" Jimmy commented. "Things didn't pan out for you?" He questioned, his dark eyes soft as she shook her head at him.

"You know how it goes" She responded as she dropped her badge when he took a step back to the side of the booth.

"Indeed I do Danielle, indeed I do." Danni smiled as he pressed the buzzer which activated the barrier, she waited until it was up before she drove through sparing him a quick wave. She made her way down the aisles, her eyebrow rising in surprise when she saw that her reserved parking space was actually vacant for once. She had lost track of the number of times she had arrived at work to find it taken by one of the other Detectives in the department. They always gave her the same bullshit reason when she confronted them about it stated that they had been in the department longer and therefore deserved the closer space then some little Ha'ole who was still fresh from the mainland. If they were feeling especially vindictive then they would make a point that a female Ha'ole who clearly didn't belong on the island deserved nothing from anyone. After hearing the same comment nine times in a row from nine different detectives, Danni had simply stopped mentioning it, instead she simply found herself the first free available, unreserved slot and parked in it.

It hadn't taken her long to realise that there was little point in arguing with them, instead she simply kept quiet and kept her head down. It was better for both her and Grace if she did.

Danni pulled her car into the spot and killed the engine, taking a moment to gather her things together before she pushed the door open and stepped out, using her hip to close it behind her. She adjusted her bags and locked the car behind her, turning to the elegant bricked building which housed the Honolulu Police Department. She watched it for a second, a small bitter smile coming to her face.

It was still hard to believe that it had only been six months since she had arrived to the precinct for the first time. She could still remember how impressed she had been with it. Her old precinct in New Jersey had been housed in an old building which had always been in desperate need for some work to be done on it. The building in front of her had looked brand new in comparison. It had taken two days to realise that looks could be deceiving and while the outer building might have been beautiful to look at, everything in which she experienced on the inside was merely ugly in a way it had never been in New Jersey.

Now instead of being impressed that she was able to work in a place like this, she merely tolerated it, counting down each and every second on a daily basis until she was able to leave and go back to her home. She would go as far as to say that that she hated the place with the same passion that she normally reserved for the worst kind of scum that she encountered with her job.

Danni patted the roof of her car absently before she made her way across the crowded car park and up the shallow stone steps which led into the main entrance hall of the building. She pulled one of the large wooden door opens and stepped through, heading straight towards the security barrier and holding her security card against the scanner, waiting for a second for the gates in front of her to swing open before she headed through, moving through the crowd towards the elevators.

She kept her head down, ignoring the looks she could feel against her back and the sound of whispers which started up the moment she passed. She had learnt to disregard everything to do with what happened in that building, merely blocking it out and ignoring it as much as she could. Danni came to a stop by the elevators and hit the call button, surprised to see that she was the only one waiting. She resisted the urge to glance down at her watch, instead watching the screen and heading to the elevator which was just arriving. She stood to one side, letting everyone out and nodding at the one person in the crowd who acknowledged her before she stepped in and pressed the button for the seventh floor which was where the Detective's area was based.

It was still fairly early in the morning which should mean that the majority of the Detectives would be out and about, chasing down leads for their own cases or taking an early lunch break allowing her some peace and quiet to sort out her head and plan her strategy.

She would have time to head to her desk, dump her bag beneath it before grabbing Meka and dragging him to the break room under the guise of getting a cup of coffee. He had been grumbling earlier that the case Hookano had landed him with would leave him deskbound for the rest of the day which had turned out to be a blessing. They could run through a plan and tackle the Captain together, the same Captain who may not have liked her but who certainly liked Meka and would be willing to listen to him.

She needed to look at the initial report from the CSU responders as well to see whether there was any mention of a partial palm print or whether her initial thought that the discovery of the palm print was something to do with the Commander and if it was then what exactly had he done with it.

She glanced up as the elevator came to a stop and opened revealing the seventh floor. Danni stepped out, her grip tightening on her bag as she took a deep breathe, closing her eyes for a moment to fortify herself before she moved forward, heading down the short corridor and into the large open planned seating room where all the Detective belonging to the Honolulu Police Department sat.

It was hot and humid in the room indicating to her that the air con system still hadn't been fixed from earlier. Someone had opened the window, attempting to bring in a breeze but it was pointless since any breeze which did manage to make it in was warm, adding to the already stifling heat. She was surprised to see how crowded the room was, nearly every desk taken though it didn't seem to her that there was much work going on. Instead everyone was chatting loudly, their voices and laughter mingling in with the sound of fingers typing against the keyboard and the clicking sound of a mouse being used, even the photocopier and fax machine were beeping away

The familiar sound of a bustling workplace would have almost been comforting in its familiarity if she wasn't already fully aware of what a charade it was.

She watched as a large group of Detectives led by Detective Yakama turned as one to look at her as she entered the room, their eyes moving up and down her body with expressions which made her want to throw up or turn and walk out though she forced herself to ignore them. She waited for one of them to make a scathing comment towards her but instead they merely smirked, turning away from her and continuing their discussion, shifting slightly so that they all had their backs towards her, telling her without words that she wasn't welcome within the room.

For a moment Danni stood still at the door, overcome by a sudden wave of homesickness for New Jersey and the team that she left behind there.

She had always known from the moment she handed in her notice that she would miss it there but she had never expected to miss it as much as she did. The job she had in new Jersey had been difficult and time consuming and sometimes the cases were gruesome enough to keep her awake at night. They were messier and complicated and nothing like the cases which she had experience in Hawaii which had seemed milder in comparison. They were more numerous as well. For every case Danni and her team had closed they would end up with at least eight more in its place.

Despite all of that though Danni had loved it and had done since her first case. She had, had her own team, a team of nine individuals who Danni had picked and who had gotten on together like a house on fire. However hard the work was they had always managed to find a way to look at the bright side and helped keep each other from falling in the darkness. She had trusted each and every member of her team and she knew that they had trusted her back.

Her partner Mikhail had been like a brother to her and was still someone who she spoke to at least once or twice a week to. The team had done things together socially and they had felt like a family, one large, highly dysfunctional family, but one none the less.

She had hoped against hope that she would find something similar in Hawaii but instead she had found the exact opposite and she hated it.

Danni swallowed hard, forcing her face into the same thoughtful expression that she wore continuously while in the office and crossed the room towards the small corner where her desk was. Her eyes landed on Meka, thankful to see that the other man was still in his seat at the desk opposite hers. He was looking down at something on the surface, no doubt a file, a look on his face which was torn between concentration and boredom. It was a look which brought a reluctant smile to her face as she wondered how often she had seen that look from him.

She stopped beside her desk and placed her bag beneath her desk before she straightened and looked around her carefully, her eyes scanning the surrounding area. She noticed absently that once again her desk was the only one which she could see which was neat and in some sort of order. The surrounding desk were crammed with dirty cups and files which were stacked in piles which looked dangerously close to falling off, loose paperwork lay over the surface in no discernible order that she could tell. It was just another thing which showed her just how different Hawaii and New Jersey were from each other because if anyone back at her old precinct had allowed their desk to fall into such a state then they would have been summoned by the Captain and given such a bollocking for it that their ears would still be ringing a week later from it.

"Hey Danni-girl, you're back sooner than I expected, did you find something?" Meka asked, glancing up at her with a curious look. She blinked, turning and meeting his dark eyes before she shook her head, noting the look of concern which came across his features. "Did something happen to you while you were over there? Are you okay?" He demanded, sitting up straight.

"I'm okay but we need to talk now, come on" She said urgently, keeping her voice low as she swiped her mug from the table and quickly walked across the room towards the break area knowing that Meka would be right behind her. She pushed the door open, saying a silent prayer of thanks when she saw that it was empty for once and moved into the room, turning round just as Meka followed her in.

"What's up?" He asked her as he came to a stop next to her.

"I went to the McGarrett household like I said I would but I wasn't the only one there Meka, someone beat me to that house" She stated, keeping her voice low, her gaze flickering between the door and her partner.

"Who? Hesse?" Meka demanded, the concern on his face growing until it was reflected in his voice.

"No, if it was Hesse then I would probably be a bit more banged up than I am or worse" She said with a shake of her head. "It was Commander McGarrett, John McGarrett's son. He was the one at the crime scene."

"The son?" Meka repeated, his eyes widening. "Isn't he meant to be off somewhere else doing something highly classified that no one is meant to ever hear about because it never happened?"

"No idea" Danni said, giving Meka a long look before she spoke. "When I was there the two of us had words and he rang the Governor and then for some reason he said the police oath over the line to her and then said that the crime scene was now his crime scene and that he was in charge of the case." She told him, waiting for his reaction. She didn't have long to wait.

"Care to repeat that again?" He asked her, a tone to his voice that she had never heard before.

"I think that the Governor has offered him some sort of taskforce, something to do with law enforcement and he's gone and accepted it and taken his father's case as his first case. He wanted me to give him the files." She explained, watching as he ran his hand through his hair. He opened his mouth to speak, stopping when the door opened, revealing Detective Chen who looked between them before he focused his attention on Danni.

"Captain Hookano is looking for you Williams, he seems pissed over something, I wouldn't keep him waiting if I was you" The man commented before he turned and left the room.

"Great what he want now" Danni said, passing her mug to Meka who took it automatically before she left the room and headed towards the Captain's office. She had barely taken two steps when the familiar, deep, booming voice of Captain Hookano burst across the room, drowning out the other conversations causing them to fall silent.

"Williams! In my office now!"

"You best get in there" Meka said quietly behind her, she glanced back at him, giving him what she hoped was a reassuring smile before she crossed the room, her head held high as she ignored the smirking faces from her fellow Detective as they watched her progress. All their attempts at pretending to work on their cases forgotten in the light of her public summoning. It was a well-known fact with everyone that Hookano only called Detectives in to his office if he was going to rip them a new one for some mistake he thought they had made.

Danni resisted the urge to bite her lower lip as she tilted her head back so she could see the Captain as she approached him. He was a tall man, standing well over six feet tall and built as though he went to the gym religiously every day. It was either the fact he worked out or that he had a supply of steroids which he used daily instead. Sharp black eyes watched as she moved with a look which made her want to turn and walk in the opposite directions. Instead she forced herself to keep moving towards him, brushing past him and heading into his office where she came to a halt in front of his large desk, her back dead straight as she casually clasped her hands in front of her, eyes straight forward staring at the bookcase behind his chair.

Captain Hookano was the sort of man who thrived on people showing fear, especially if he was the cause of it and Danni was determined not to give him that satisfaction so instead she waited quietly, listening as he pulled down the blind in his office, blocking them from the curious eyes of the men on the other side of the glass.

She watched from the corner of her eyes as the Captain moved past her, heading round the desk and sinking into the leather seat positioned behind it. His movements were surprisingly graceful for a man of his size and build. He sat in silence for a moment, his gaze moving over her face as though he was trying to figure out what she was thinking before he sighed and leaned his body back in his seat.

"Detective Williams" He said, drawing out her name as he tapped his fingertips against the arm rest of his chair. "I've just had a very interesting conversation with the Governor of Hawaii who was ringing me to inform me that she had decided to set up a brand new task force to deal with the cases which she believe are beyond HPDs capacity to solve." He told her, an undertone to his voice which told her exactly how pissed off the man in front of her was. She kept silent waiting to see where he was going with this. "As far as I can see this taskforce sole purpose is to get in the way of us being able to do our jobs the way we're meant to be. They will outrank everyone on the force and have the ability to take over any case which they see fit to regardless of whether or not HPD have already started the investigation. We're of course meant to assist them to the best of our abilities if they ask is for help either by providing them with information or back up during their cases. Pretty much from what I gather if they ask us to jump then we are to ask them how high." He finished, his hands tightening on the arm rest to the point that Danni could see his knuckles whiten from the pressure.

Danni shifted on the spot, resisting the urge to frown as she wondered why exactly the Captain had brought her into the room to tell her about his conversation. She wasn't one of the Detectives in the unit who the Captain tended to confide in. If anything the two of them barely spoke to each other apart from when she and Meka were received their new cases from him. The last time he had spoken to her in any capacity other than that was back on her first day when he had welcomed her to the unit before shoving her towards Meka.

"I see Sir" She said finally when the silence continued, becoming almost oppressive

"You're probably wondering why exactly I've brought you in here to share this with you" He continued to say as though he had read the questions floating round her mind. "Well let me enlighten you Detective Williams. I'm telling you this because the Governor while imparting this news to me also saw fit to tell me that a Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett had made the decision a short time ago to head up the taskforce for her. This, if memory serves me right, would be the very same Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett who happens to be the only son of the murder victim who's case you and Hanamoa are working on at the moment. That made me wonder, have you met the Commander yet?" He questioned.

"I met him earlier today while at the McGarrett house" Danni admitted after a pause. The smug look which had been plastered all over the Commander's face during his talk with the Governor suddenly made sense as did her having him swear in over the phone. She ignored the way her stomach sank at the knowledge and instead focused her attention on the captain, her eyes narrowing slightly as she took in the situation at hand. The Captain was clearly on edge which meant that one false step or wrong word would means that she found herself in a world of trouble.

"I see, and tell me Detective Williams when you met the Commander earlier on, did he happen to mention anything to you about his brand new, shiny taskforce? Maybe he went as far as to explain his reasoning for taking on the position when he's clearly unsuited for it. I've notice the trend in your cases of your witnesses and even suspects being willing to talk to you and answer your question. There is clearly something about you strikes a desire in them to confide in you, did the same happen with the Commander? Did he confide in you Williams?" The Captain questioned her quietly, a tone which was so in contrast to his usual style of shouting that it placed her on edge.

"No not exactly Sir" Danni replied, keeping her voice cool and professional. "The Commander and I didn't speak for long and he certainly didn't confide in me during that time period. Not that I expected him to."

"Not exactly" Hookano repeated, his eyes narrowing. "Well when you say not exactly what exactly do you mean Detective? Perhaps you could do me the courtesy of expanding that statement. Either Commander mentioned his taskforce to you while he was with you or he didn't. It shouldn't be a difficult question to answer. Was it yes or was it no" Hookano stated, glancing away from her face briefly to study his short fingernails as though the answer to his question was unimportant to him.

It would almost have been amusing since his body language was screaming how much the answer mattered but she didn't feel like smiling at that moment in time.

"I meant what I said Captain" She responded, disregarding the way his eyes narrowed at her as his head snapped up. She continued speaking. "Like I said, I met the Commander earlier at the McGarrett home when I went to look up a lead. The Commander was already in the house when I arrived. I informed him that he had to leave because the scene was an active crime scene and he disagreed with me. Some words were exchanged and while I was there he rang the Governor on his cell phone. They spoke about something and McGarrett took the police oath but I didn't know until now why he was doing it. He hung up the phone and told me that the crime scene now belonged to him and that was the conversation. I left after that point and came back here" She answered, falling silent when the Captain sat forward in his seat, resting his thick forearms on the surface of his desk and linking his fingers together, his dark gaze never leaving her face.

"So what you're telling me Detective Williams is that Commander McGarret met you in his father's house and then decided to accept an offer from the Governor to run her new taskforce because he objected to whatever it was that the two of you had words about which means that he took the job to have power over you, so he could what? Throw you out of the house? Am I correct?" He asked her, a flat tone to his voice.

She frowned at him, bringing her arms up and crossing them defensively over her chest, her stomach churning as she felt a wave of anger come over her at the underlying accusing tone to his voice.

"I'm afraid that I have no idea what the Commanders reasoning is behind his decisions. If you want to know that then you'll have to speak to the man directly and ask him and for the record sir, McGarrett never told me to leave the house. He merely told me that the crime scene was his and that was it." She answered him firmly, briefly wondering why the Commander hadn't asked her to leave his father's home. He had obviously been surprised when he found out that she was still there but she hadn't picked up any real annoyance or irritation from him.

"So the decision that McGarrett made could be easily down to you and you alone." The Captain stated, Danni narrowed her eyes at him.

"I don't think that assessment is true Sir and to be frank I don't think it's a fair assumption for you to make either, I-"

"No, no Williams" He interrupted her, holding up his index finger to stop her from continuing. "I wasn't asking you to share your opinion with me. I was merely stating what appears to the fact of the case. As far as I can see, the Commander met you, interacted with you and then rang the Governor in front of you I might add and agreed to run a taskforce for her which he might not have agreed to initially just because he wanted to pull rank on your ass and take the case from you. Clearly once again Detective Williams you have managed to make a great impression." He remarked.

Danni remained silent for a moment, staring at the man in front of him before she began speaking, her voice low and icy.

"Well the Commander didn't exactly make a fantastic first impression either Captain" She told him, her hands lifting and sweeping through the air, the only visible sign of her anger. "The man entered an active crime scene knowing full well that he should not have been anywhere near the place. He moved and tampered with evidence, choosing to move things around and when I saw him he had no gloves on which means that his fingerprints are now over the scene and will have to be eliminated as a suspect which takes time. So yes, the Commander and I had words with each other and yes perhaps those words weren't friendly ones but I was only trying to limit the amount of damage that the Commander was causing because that is my job. McGarrett might be a former Navy Seal and he might have served his country but he knows nothing about how real policing is done and what's worse is that he doesn't even care because he seems to believe himself to be above the law which the rest of us follow. He believe that he can bark out some orders and everyone will drop to the ground and roll over for him. That might have happened in the Navy for him but he's not in the Navy right now, he's in real life and he needs to learn that what he believes isn't necessarily right. He might think that he's the best man to solve his father's murder but he's the worst because how can he remain objective when he's investigating his own father's murder? He can't and because of that Hesse will get away because of it." Danni stopped speaking, shaking he head in surprise when she realised how much the Commander had gotten beneath her skin.

In the six month she had been working for the department she had never said so much to anyone who wasn't Meka. She ignored the look of thoughtfulness in the Captain's eyes as she brought her hands down, interlocking her fingers together to keep them still.

"Is that so Williams" Hookano said with a raised eyebrow. "And how would you know that?

"I know that because whether you like me or not you can't deny that I am damn good at my job which is why the case should remain with me. All I want is the chance to bring Hesse in to face justice for what he has done. Meka and I can do that. Can you not speak to the Governor about it and explain the situation to her?"

"No I can't, you need to realise that you've messed this up Detective Williams" He snapped at her, his voice rising to a level where it would clearly be heard out in the bulpen area. She blinked when he jabbed his finger in her direction, looking briefly as though he wanted to shake her.

"With all due respect captain, I think you'll find that I haven't messed up at any stage during this investigation, you tasked me and Meka to find the man who killed John McGarrett in cold blood and to bring him in to face charges and that is exactly what we have spent the past three days doing. All you need to do is to look at our files and reports to see just how much ground we've made on this. You know as well as I do that Meka and I are the best Homicide Detectives you have in this department, all we need is a few more days to find him and then the case is closed."

The Captain remained silent making Danni wonder whether she had overstepped the mark with what she had said but he sighed and spoke.

"You are my best Detective Danielle but you need to realise that it doesn't matter in this case" He responded, coming to his feet, towering her. Danni shot him a startled look at the use of her first name. No one in the Detective pen apart from Meka called her anything other than Williams or the Ha'ole until she had begun to wonder whether the others in the department knew what her name actually was. She blinked when the Captain continued speaking. "The fact of the matter is that regardless of what work you and Hanamoa have put into the case this case is no longer a HPD case. This case belongs to Steve McGarrett and whoever else ends up on his taskforce with him. Now you can stand there and try and talk me round until you are blue in the face or you could stand there and stare at me with your big grey eyes but it won't change what has happened. My hands are tied in this situation, you and Hanamoa are off the case Williams, I suggest you go and get it out of your system." He stated, running his hand down her face before he looked back at her. "Look, take the rest of the day, find something to do with yourself and be back at your desk tomorrow morning at 8.30 for the morning briefing. Hanamoa will be finished with his side case by then and I have at least two cases on my desk which have your name on it. Just put the McGarrett case from your mind."

Danni stared up at him, feeling as though he had just slapped her hard in the face. She dug her fingernails into the soft flesh of her palm making sure that her face was clear of emotion and trying to ignore the fact that she had just been dismissed for the day as though she was still a little girl at school. She brought her head up slightly and opened her mouth to speak when he shook his head.

"Whatever it is you're about to say to me, I suggest you just save it. I'm not interested in hearing your opinion on things right now. Now go and gather your things and leave. I don't want to see you in the building for the rest of the day. I won't repeat my orders to you again Detective." He stated.

Danni bit down hard on her inner cheeks, focusing on the pain as she felt her face heat up as though she was going red. She didn't trust herself to speak so instead she gave him one curt nod of acknowledgement before she turned and headed to the office door, pulling it open and stepping out into the bulpen. She glanced around her, taking in the amused, pleased expression which were on the majority of the Detective faces, her mind making a separate note of the faces which looked sorry for her, perhaps she had more allies within the department then she initially had thought.

She breathed out, glancing towards her own desk, her eyes widening when they met Steve McGarrett's blue eyes. He was perched on the edge of her desk, ignoring all the looks being cast towards him. Danni moved swiftly across the room towards him, ignoring the comments the other Detective shot at her as she passed.

"What are you doing here?" She demanded as she stopped in front of Steve. "Have you no respect? Get your ass off of my desk."

McGarrett raised an eyebrow at her, holding his hands up in a peaceful gesture as he came slowly to his feet, the movement reminding her of a lion stretching its muscle. She brushed past him and took her seat, reaching up and pushing some of the stray strands which had escaped her hairstyle away from her face before she turned her gaze to the Commander. "Is there something which I can help you with Commander?" She asked him politely. She kept her gaze thoughtful as he twisted round so he was facing his palms on the surface of the desk and leaned in towards her.

"Yes you can Detective, you told me to come down here to fill in some forms which needed to be countersigned by Captain Hookano if I wanted the files on my father's murder case so that's what I'm here to do. Perhaps since you're so knowledgeable with the forms needed you could get them for me so I can get on."

Danni stared at him for a moment, ignoring the sound of rage which left Meka's mouth at McGarrett's comment. She continued to stare at him.

"The last time I checked Commander McGarrett, I was a Detective not a PA for you" She told him softly before her eyes flickered away to look at Meka who was staring at the two of them. She glanced behind McGarrett in time to see the Captain come out of his office, his gaze instantly landing on McGarrett. He said something to one of the other Detective's before he headed over, Danni's gaze moved back to McGarrett, surprised to see him still staring at her with the same intent expression. "But you're in luck because Captain Hookano is on his way over here and I'm sure he will be delighted to help you with any queries which you might have." She remarked turning her attention away from him.

She watched from the corner of her eyes as he pushed himself off her desk and turned to face the Captain just as he arrived. Hookano's gaze moved between Danni and Meka before they focused on the Commander.

"You must be Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett" Hookano stated, holding out a beefy hand towards McGarrett. "The Governor informed me over the phone that you would be coming down to see me today over something."

Danni watched as Steve took Hookano's offered hand, shaking it before he quickly dropped it, his eyes flickering towards Danni's for a moment with an unreadable look before he turned his attention back to Hookano.

"I am" McGarrett responded, his voice coming across as emotionless and cold, a completely different tone from the other ones she had heard him use. Hookano nodded at him, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm sorry if Detective Williams caused you any problems earlier on. She is still fairly new here on the island and she doesn't quite understand yet that things here are done differently than they are on the mainland. Rest assured though Commander that Williams and I have already had words over it and she won't be troubling you further in regards to your father's case" Hookano said to McGarrett

Danni kept her face free of emotions with difficulty, focusing her gaze on Meka who was looking torn between anger on her behalf and sympathy. She quickly lowered her eyes to her desk, cursing silently as she felt her cheeks redden again through a mixture of rage and embarrassment.

"There was no need for you to do that Captain" McGarrett remarked, his voice still expressionless. "The Detective was only doing her job. I do however need the paperwork to transfer the case other so I can get Williams files."

"There's no need for you to concern yourself with that Commander" Hookano responded with a wave of his hand. "Considering the circumstances I think we can forgo the paperwork this one time. Hand over all files relating to the John McGarrett case to the Commander on your way out of the office Detective Williams. Go and enjoy the rest of your day, perhaps you could go to the beach and work on your suntan, you're still looking pale." Danni felt her face flush further as she fought the strong urge to tell the Captain to go fuck himself but she resisted, bringing a mental picture of her daughter in her mind to focus herself. She needed to keep this job for Grace's sake, she couldn't do anything which would risk her job. "Now Williams, don't keep the Commander waiting any longer." The Captain remarked coldly.

"Are we seriously just going to sit here and think this is normal?" Meka demanded, breaking his silence as he came to his feet.

"It is normal now Hanamoa, the Commander here is now in charge of the newly formed Governor Taskforce. His first action as the head of it was to take over his father's case" Hookano answered him, a tone in his voice telling him not to question him further on the subject.

"This is bullshit" Meka stated angrily, "So you're telling me that he just waltzes in here and takes over the case that we're working on? The case that we've busted out guts over for the past three days or so?" He demanded, glaring at Hookano and McGarrett, a look of dislike in his black eyes before he turned to Danni as she came to her feet, placing her bag on the table. "Danni" He said, his voice softening with disbelief. "You seriously can't be okay with this? You've put more work into this case than anyone. All the leads we found so far has been down to you. You're the one who has made sure that we have a case to give to the DA. You even made the files up for it because the initial ones were shit and now we're just going to give the case over to someone who has no police experience and who will probably mess up the entire case? You can't be serious Danni." He stated.

Danni sighed, reaching up and rubbing at the back of her neck, opening her mouth to speak only to close it a moment later when Hookano beat her to it.

"She doesn't have a choice in the decision Hanamoa and neither do you" He told Meka firmly. "Now pass over the files to the Commander, I won't tell the pair you again, next time you argue you get a written warning followed by a suspension."

Danni unzipped her bag and reached into it, pulling out the file from inside and placed them on the desk before she took out her keys and unlocked her desk drawer, she hunted through it for a second before she came across the remaining two files and took them out, placing them with the other. She locked the drawer again and gathered the files, taking the one which Meka held out to her before she offered the pile to McGarrett. He took them from her, his gaze fixed on her face with a look she couldn't read.

"That's all of them" She told him. "Everything in there should help you nail Hesse when you and your team locate him. I hope you find him soon Commander and make him pay for everything that he's done" She stated, forcing a polite smile on her face when she turned to Hookano. "Sir" She said coolly before she turned to Meka, her fixed smile softening into a genuine one. "I'll give you a call later on this evening Meka" She told him, waiting until he nodded at her before she shouldered her bag and turned from them, walking as quickly as she could towards the exit. She knew the others were talking about her but she ignored them. Whatever it was that they were saying wouldn't be good.

Danni made her way to the elevators, hitting the call button and stepping in when they opened, she turned round and hit the button for the ground floor with only one thought going through her head.

She never want to lay eyes on Steve McGarrett again.

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