Avoiding Fate

Chapter II

The Academy

"Naruto-kun!" Tenten called out as she charged into her younger brothers' bedroom and jumped onto his bed where he woke with a startled yelp.

He smiled at her as she was wearing blue jammies and climbed into bed with him. He would be eight in a few months, but today would be his first day of the academy.

It had been a nice dream. The dream of dreams. His past. Reliving it in perfect clarity. That day had been horrific, but was also the best day of his life. It was the day he realised his abilities. Then gained a loving family and home where he can grow into his own power.

Naruto can't quite control his powers yet, but for a few minutes forward total, and even then he doesn't always get great results. However, he figures that after more and more practice as his body and mind matures he'll be able to see more and more. It still goes off on him whenever it feels like it, but after the past few years, he has gotten used to it.

He had been surprised that Sato had thrown ninja out and forbidden them using his store when some were bastards to him. That gained the store an S-class rep as he called it, for being the best in Konoha, which meant that real ninja started using it exclusively.

It was odd as none of them said anything bad to him, or about him. They were real ninja, and not the pretenders like those who had attacked him in this life and the previous. He came to realise there are three different types of ninja.

The geniuses are naturally talented in the combat arts, and both arrogant and ignorant of other people, and most have superiority complexes because of mindless civilians always praising them, inflating their heads, even though they are talented, there's no need to go as far as some supporters do. It doesn't mean that they're whiz kids at academics though. There are also the odd few who are more talented in strategy over fighting.

Then the followers. These are weak ninja that may get to the high rank of jonin and further. However, they're lazy and believe that since they're not 'genius' they could never become anything more than they are so don't even try. They also tend to worship and inflate bloodline ability holders' egos, and no matter the rank a chunin, 'genius' could defeat them.

Last are the best in Naruto's opinion. They are the ninja that work hard for their power, and surpass the belief of others with a 'can do, and don't care whether you think I can't' style attitude. They come up from nothing and stand up strong next to the 'genius' and have a strong dislike for their arrogance, even when they might be stronger.

It's the first two with a few exceptions on the first as Itachi Uchiha uses the store for his wears that don't bother with the 'demon' shop. Its OK by them, and Itachi isn't that bad. He had helped Naruto out with some preparation for the academy.

Itachi is nicer than Sasuke ever was. Naruto wondered what could have happened for him to destroy his clan in a few years. Naruto will have to keep watch and hope the older boy doesn't go there. He had just been promoted to chunin so it will be soon that he becomes jonin.

Though, how anybody could think that eleven was a great age to promote a prepubescent ninja is beyond him. He probably cracked under the pressure, or worse. He should have been kept in the academy until he was older.

He shook those thoughts away as his Ten-chan was snuggled up to his bare chest as he only wears shorts to bed these days. He felt like he should have grown out of PJ's.

"Good morning Nee-chan!" he chimed cheerfully while she giggled and wiggled as he tickled her ribs playfully.

"Naruto-kun!" she complained. "We have to get ready for the academy!" she declared with a sigh of relief as he let up his attack, sliding out of bed with Naruto right after her, stretching and wiping the yuk out of his eyes.

Having showered that night and not being dirty Naruto didn't even hesitate with just pulling off his shorts and lobbing them on top of his bed. Tenten giggled while rolling her eyes as he hunted for some clothes to wear. Having been living together as a family for so long now they've both see each other plenty and even shower together sometimes just like normal siblings would when they're young.

She just walked passed him and left him to get changed, leaving his room, after all she had to get dressed too.

Naruto smiled widely as Itachi was waiting downstairs in the shop for him and Tenten. The Academy starts at nine so Sato cannot take them their first day, as he has to look after the shop.

The blonde seer chose black coloured combat trousers with black tee shirt, orange running trainers and a large bulky orange bandana around his neck with a black swirl pattern on it. His adoptive father figure had bought him as a special treat for starting the Academy. He had missed not wearing orange as it set him apart, but he now goes with less-is-more.

Tenten is wearing a blue and green dress like one of the many she would have worn in his other future. However, she had cut her hair shorter so it hangs to her lower neck loosely rather than up in buns because Naruto had suggested that it would look cute, and it does.

"Itachi-nii-chan!" Naruto cheered as he rushed over where the boy gave a small smile and graciously accepted the hug as Naruto has this secret way of forcing it on him anyway.

"Are you already to leave for your first day, Naruto-kun?" Sato asked, smiling proudly behind the counter.

"Yes I am Oji!" he readily agreed nodding.

"Come along then Otouto-kun!" Itachi quickly said. "You too, Imouto-chan. We shall be late if we dawdle any longer."

The two started as he left out of the door and they charged to catch up when they couldn't see him only to yip out as he appeared behind them, smiling as he plucked them up into an arm each and shunshin'd. Even though he's not that bigger than them being as he is only a couple of years older than them.

They were a little dizzy as they appeared at the huge dome building of the academy where other family members were seeing their kids or siblings off for their first day of school

"Onii-san!" they both complained together as he smirked as he dropped them to their feet, amused.


They were surprised to see another boy getting dropped but he had been looking at the beautiful dark haired, dark eyed woman in so much indignation that he landed on his face.

"Musuko-chan!" the woman said rolling her eyes with a smile as the dark haired boy sat up rubbing his nose glaring at her while Naruto and Tenten were snickering, which turned his glare to them. "We were running too late. You do not want to be late your first day do you?" she asked him while he continued grumbling.

"Otouto-chan…?" Itachi asked, looking down at his little brother, shaking his head as he helped him to his feet. "You need to learn to show Kaa-san some respect."

"Itachi-kun, I didn't know you were going to be here," the woman said smiling as she looked around him to the too children he brought. "Hello. I'm Mikoto Uchiha, Itachi-kuns wonderful mother!" she introduced herself, amused at the 'wonderful' she added as the children giggled.

"Its nice to meet you, Kaa-chan!" Naruto introduced himself, smiling widely while her eyes widened. He would have never guessed Sasuke's mother is smoking hot. He'll have to have some fun with this, plus he thinks with Sasuke's evil future-self having killed him that he can share his mother a little.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, and this is my nee-chan, Tenten-chan!" he said, having noticed her eyes widen further as she looked into his bright blue eyes, but she was anything but hostile. He swore he saw her hiding tears from showing when she looked to him.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you… Musuko-kun!" she said, pausing before calling him son, as she didn't see any harm in ravaging in the boys bubbly affection.

It makes a change…

"Hey!" the dark haired boy interrupted, in Naruto's face, glaring. "That is my Kaa-san, not yours. Go find your own!"

"Sasuke!" his mother quickly reprimanded, a slight flare of anger startling him before it was replaced with a gentle smile. "There is no need to be rude. Why don't you play nice and share," she said, amused by her words. "Now off you trot you three, I'm sure you can meet your sensei yourselves," she said giving them gentle shoves where they quickly piled into the other children with sensei upfront looking for the first year and second year sensei's.

Mikoto turned to her eldest son. "Why did you not tell me that you have been monopolising Naruto-kuns time? That you knew where he was living after I had discovered the attack on his apartment two and a half years ago!? Do you have any idea how worried I've been?"

"I'm sorry Kaa-san," he replied, regretful as he looked away. "I understand that Otou-san!" he never called his father Sama as he holds little if any respect for the man. "He was pleased to believe that Naruto-kun was possibly dead. He had ordered it before. I did not wish to put Naruto-kun through the possibility of getting hurt."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "If that bastard so much as points one clansman or anyone at Naruto-kun I'll slit his throat!" she hissed out in such a rage that Itachi flinched, feeling her killing intent for the first time in his life his mother actually scared him.

Naruto didn't realise it but by knowing Naruto is alive, Mikoto Uchiha changed the future. However, he was sitting next to Sasuke in his classroom, surprised. He remembered having this joke of a teacher last time around before getting Iruka, and even he wasn't much of a teacher.

This time he and the clan heirs have a woman. She has dark eyes and brown hair, cut straight, hanging loose to the bottom of her neck wearing a blue Konoha headband to keep her bangs from her eyes, and two purple tattoo bars one on each cheek.

She was wearing a short loose (baggy around the top but tight on her butt) black dress and it was obvious that this young woman didn't have much in the way of chest, especially if compared to the likes of Tsunade, (but then who does?).

She is wearing some kind of medical apron around her waist, long at the front to her knees and shorter at the back, hugging her butt, and wearing red leg socks up passed her knees and standard blue ninja sandals, with some visible weapon holsters on her right thigh for senborn needles.

Naruto had never seen this woman before in his life that he could remember. He was baffled because he thought he knew all of the teachers. However, what he in his ignorance about changing the future did not realise is that because of his suppose death or disappearance she had returned to the village instead of continuing a mission that would result in her death.

However, Naruto had no clue, which is why her loving gaze set of his pervert sensors. Then he looked her over more and nodded to himself about that being a good thing since she is so cute.

She had found out Naruto was OK, and well looked after when she got back. She was so relieved that she had taken to watching him, too chicken to even talk with him. She had always shopped at Musgrave's shop, but she doesn't think Naruto had recognised her as she always went wearing a hood and mask.

"Good morning class!" she said near bouncing in place with excitement. "I am your sensei. I hope that from now until you graduate. My name is Rin Nohara. You may refer to me as Rin-sensei! It is my duty to train you up to the minimum standard of a genin. However, I'm not lazy and I certainly don't want to coast along and get someone hurt because they weren't good enough. So I'll do my best for each and every one of you.

"If you need some extra help, please if you have no one else to turn too, or you just want to talk about your progress please feel free to tell me anything. I will be testing your knowledge once every six months so I can help you with your weaknesses and know whether you are ready to move on ahead of others.

"First, I have a list of you all here. Some of you come from a ninja background, or have had some early tuition from a sponsor or paid tutor. So I figured that I would look through it and decided that it really can't tell me much about your capabilities. So we'll go outside, and I'll match you in what I hope is equal pairs to spar.

"This way I'll have a clearer assessment of your talents and learning curves. However, don't be upset if I don't call you out at all. I'll help you get there eventually. Now come on, everyone follow me."

"Rin-sensei?" Naruto called out as they excitedly followed her out of the class door that leads out into the classes training ground.

She looked to him, smiling. "Yes Naruto-kun?" she asked, blushing a little and kicking herself internally as she'll have to add the suffix to every name now or they'll think she is playing favourites.

He smiled. He likes when people are nice to him. "Do all of the first year classes do this?" he had to asked, but Sasuke was also hanging onto her words, curious too. Iruka had only ever tested them when they had their yearly exam, and that was just what was required.

"Well its not mandatory," she said with a light shrug as she stopped, facing the kids. "Though, it is in the curriculum. I also believe it's a very good idea so that we can understand each other's talent, and learn to adapt to each other. You won't always be fighting a stranger who does not know what you can do," she said that to all of the class as they listened in.

Naruto frowned. Iruka had never been this interesting. He had never been anything like her. She near said that nobody will get special treatment but she will help those in need over others, which thinking on it is pretty smart. Iruka had always said it would be playing favourites if he gave Naruto the extra help he needed. But what about the students who have families who will help them? How exactly did he consider that fair?

"So you're talking about fighting a traitor?" the shaggy headed Kiba asked, baffled.

She laughed, rolling her eyes. "Not just potential traitors, but ninja who may have intel on you, or ninja who have personally watched you fight another opponent. OK, let's see now, how about… hmmm," she mumbled looking over her notebook. "Let's start with, you two…"

The matches began and before they knew it, Sasuke was fighting with the huge-boy eating crisp. Choji didn't do nearly as well as Naruto had hoped, and the Uchiha was smirking smugly as he returned to his spot next to Naruto.

"Beat that!" he challenged as he had taken out Choji in just two minutes.

"Challenge Accepted!" he readily agreed smugly as Rin called Kiba and Naruto up to take a turn.

"What! I get this guy!" Kiba complained, pouting. "My mum and sister shop at his shop and drag me along. I bet all he can do is use weapons and he doesn't have any with him so that's not fair. If I win like that. I'll never prove I'm the best! Someone give him a sword."

Naruto rolled his eyes, amused with him. "Who said I don't have a weapon?" he asked surprising everyone as he span some practice kunai in between his fingers, two in each hand with the simplest ease.

"W-where'd you get them?" Kiba asked, startled.

"From my family stores," he said, smirking as he took a stance and Rin called the fight, trying not to laugh at the children's banter.

Kiba charged, but Naruto's weapons had since disappeared but that didn't stop him as he stretched out a punch only to fall through the blonde boy and to fall to the ground with a thud, a heavy weight pinning his body down and a kunai to his throat, made him gulp.

"The match is over, Kiba-kun, you have lost," Rin said smiling as Naruto stood, kunai gone and walked over to Sasuke while he and Kiba sulked for different reasons.

"That shouldn't even count!?"

It was a pink haired annoyance. "All Naruto did was trick him. He didn't even give him a chance to fight back! He couldn't have beaten his opponent faster than Sasuke-kun!" she winged.

"He did!"

Surprisingly Sasuke spoke with a tint of respect in his voice. "We are ninja in training, and ninja trick each other in battle. That is why the clone technique is so useful."

She pouted and turned away in a huff. Naruto was surprised but reminded himself that the girls are a little too young to like boys like that yet. She likely said that because of bloodline love. In other words, she is destined to be a pretender ninja unless someone beats it out of her, maybe Rin-sensei.

I would so pay to see that!

"Exactly!" Rin said with a smile of appreciation. "Naruto-kun did cheat," she said getting the pink haired girls hopes up. "But I will praise cheating when it is the ninja arts. You can cheat at anything you want, including written exams. However, if you are caught cheating on written tests, you will be in a world of trouble and though this is school and you are students, you are classed as recruits, or I suppose Cadets would be a more suitable word for you, yes.

"This means that I can punish you anyway I please short of beating you to death!" she finished off with a 'sweet' smile that caused many of them to look sick. "There are rules against the male staff doing certain things… mainly because the women will beat them to death, but there is nothing to stop me going a little too far. Holding a bucket of water for an hour here or maybe a bare butt spanking in front of the whole class would set you straight, make you try harder so it doesn't happen again!"

She smirked as they all paled, and though she isn't really allowed to spank them either they don't know that! However, she saw Naruto snickering. He either wanted a spanking or more likely, as a certain red head would have…

'Challenge Accepted!'

Shaking her head at how many times that red head had yelled out those fabled legendary words. The weird thing was, when she accepted a challenge she tended to accomplish it making people look stupid in the process. They can only hope he isn't that bad. Not knowing that in a previous life Naruto would accept all challenges and then some, but not realise what he was doing because he had thrown out his smarts by this point in favour of self-preservation.

Shaking her head she spoke up as the morning bell rang. "Well, that's morning break; you get fifteen minutes to play. When the bell rings head back to class." She then left them to their own vices.

"Soooo, you know any cool games we can play, Sasuke?" Naruto asked, hiding his doubt, and finding it weird to be hanging out with the guy who would shove his lightning blade thing through his stomach, but maybe he can change that future for good.

"Spar me!" he replied, and Naruto should have seen that coming without his abilities.

"Okay," he said skipping back a few paces. "Rules?" he asked, amused with this.

"Taijutsu only," he replied, smirking.

Naruto shrugged and Sasuke charged with his right fist and Naruto moved to the side dodging it. He wasn't using his gift because he does believe in fair play and this is only a spar. They had gained some watchers cheering them on, once the older kids had figured out their names and chocolates and sweets were offered up for wagers, Tenten right in the lead betting on Naruto.

Rin had moved to the roof to watch Naruto when he and Sasuke went at it. She should have probably paired them up before, but that doesn't matter now as she turned to the silver haired jerk who turned up next to her, eye smiling with his one normal eye as the other is hidden by his headband. In another life he wouldn't have cared, so caught up in his own grief he never gave anyone else a spare thought.

"Fifty ryo says Naruto wins!" she said while he looked down at her.

"Okay!" he quickly agreed.

"I'll take some of that action!"

They were actually startled as they turned to see a purple haired woman in a fishnet top with long brown coat. "Hundred says the blonde boy wins!" she said smirking.

"Anko…?" Rin said, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

She shrugged, still grinning. "T and I always checks out the new… what did you call them, I liked that… cadets, right?" she asked and Rin nodded in agreement. "The boss was busy and told me to come check on them, see whether first impression shows a possible infiltrate and espionage. We already have our eye on the mind walking girl because of her father's position for field interrogations!"

"I see, Ino-chan huh," Rin mumbled to herself as she thought that over. "Well, from what I have written from guardians and families in the transcripts of their student applications only Naruto seems to have a talent for being a wriggly little sneak. I think it's something in their blood. He already accepted a challenge… just like a certain person-."

Anko laughed, rolling her eyes. "Well thanks for the heads up. We'll keep watch over him," she said again, not realising that that very same blonde was accidently pissing off Fate while Destiny would laugh at her sister if they were actual beings and not just figments designed by humans to blame for their problems or blessings.

"Send me a copy of that application would you," she said, smirking down at the 'fight'. "But we'll wait a few years before anything comes from checking. If he has an aptitude for sneaking around then he'll be worth something with some training, to make up a team for that with two others in similar areas when he becomes a genin."

"Right!" she agreed as the bell rang signalling the end of break. She sighed as none of them won any money, as it was a fifteen-minute stalemate. "What were you doing here anyway, Kakashi-baka?" she asked, and he flinched a little but didn't stop smiling.

"I just came by to watch your first class," he said with a shrug. "I'm afraid I have only just arrived though. You seem to be doing well, but why did you volunteer to teach at the academy? You're a jonin, not chunin."

"I'm here to protect Naruto-kun from unfair treatment from this ridiculous village!" she retorted, glaring at him. "Minato-sensei would have wanted us look out for his son! I will do all in my power to give him a good, happy, and loved childhood. Since people have started letting the Kyuubi matter drop in small doses his life has soared in a good direction. You should be here with me, looking out for his bright future. I have a feeling that he will go further than any of us!"

He frowned in thought for a moment. He then shunshin away in a burst of leaves, leaving two irritated women on the roof with Anko patting her friends shoulder in understanding.

"Do you want me to come over and spend the night?" Anko asked with a look that made Rin shiver.

She nodded her head sheepishly. "I-I think I'll need your company."

Meanwhile, in class the ninja-to-be were sitting around talking when Naruto notice a shy girl with purple hair, blushing slightly. Her white eyes were looking at him for a moment before she looked away. He remembered her match. She had dodged everything and never attacked her foe, but her foe still lost through exhaustion.

"Hey Hinata-chan!" he chirped out as he zoomed over to the seat next to her smiling.

"You know my name?" she asked, unable to believe it. Naruto didn't noticed a single stutter. Could this be before she started acting weird? He asked himself in wonder. He felt bad now he realised he didn't know very much about her, but she sure is adorable.

"Of course!" he agreed readily. "Rin-sensei did call it out during practice," he said, which brought an embarrassed smile to her lips.

"Sorry Naruto… -kun," she said, pausing to consider adding the suffix, and choosing too seemed right as Naruto grinned widely.

"Hey, you know what, Hinata-chan. Do you want to hang out after classes? You can meet Tenten-nee-chan. Sasuke says he wants a rematch!" he said in excitement.

She lowered her head in sadness. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but my family is hosting for the ambassador of Cloud this evening, and it will go on for hours."

Naruto's eyes widened as he realised something that he had never really cared to know much about before. A cloud ambassador attempted to kidnap an unsealed Hyuuga! He had never realised it had been Hinata until now. That must be why she had so many problems. The Hyuuga being jerks took it out on her, as if she could defend herself from a high-class jonin.

"Why don't you just ditch!?" he quickly suggested hoping she would. "I know, why don't we have a sleepover? You can stay in Ten-chan's room, she won't mind."

She looked confused and Sasuke had come over listening in. "Don't be such a baka-Naruto!" he said rolling his eyes. "You can't just invite girls to stay at your house like that!"

"Augh, Okay, Hinata-chan, please, I need a No-Questions asked favour!" he quickly asked, worried enough to do this.

She looked uncertain but nodded her head anyway. "Okay Naruto-kun, I'll try!"

"After dinner, when you get sent to bed I want you to leave. Get your little sister and hide somewhere until the ambassador has gone!" he said, hoping that she'll agree, but all it did was worry her.

He reached out his hand, touching hers and saw her, dead. She had tried to do as he asked. However, the Kumo-nin had found them, and Hinata would die protecting her sister. Hanabi would be taken instead, but her father would kill the Kumo-nin. Retribution would be paid in Kumo's favour, and Hanabi would go down a dark path that would lead Konoha into a war with Kumo!

"W-what do you want me to do Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked. She was baffled as she looked down to where Naruto now held her hand, frowning in annoyance, not yet having explained what no-questions-asked favours she could possibly do for him.

He sighed and pulled his hand back. Looking at what his meddling will cause was disappointing. He doesn't want Hinata to die or Hanabi to go insane with her hate and start a war. He had tried to help her in his sight, but no amount of fortune telling could save her, and he felt like he didn't want to stop her with force.

Odd how he became Hanabi's only confident, the person she came to for comfort. He had become her destroyer, slaughtering thousands. He had never even met her before.

The Quick Sight of Meddling he called it. It shows flashes of the future in fast forward, in grainy pulsating bronze, showing him chopped up highlights of the 'best' bits. It happens when he meddles into someone's personal future, knowingly, when he touches him or her, skin to skin, automatically like an 'are you sure, this is what will happen' sense, even though it won't happen perfectly like that because of his powers. It could actually turn out a lot worse.

He shook off the thoughts and feelings, the images of them together in a few years. In that timeline, that possibility, not in love, but…

She was using him as far as he could tell. Maybe somewhere she loved him, but maybe somewhere with her sister's death she forgot how to love and just needed to feel another human being, and he was always there for her until the end.

Naruto couldn't tell how the war ended, and didn't want too, but he killed everybody and anybody who stood in her way. He made a special promise to himself to look out for Hanabi. He was actually surprised by his own maturity at seeing such a vastly different future to any other he had chosen not to 'shift' as he calls it.

Time should probably not be messed with like that.

"Na, don't worry Hinata-chan, just…" he trailed off as they both looked at him even more confused. "I just… don't hold back anymore Hinata-chan or Sensei won't be able to help you improve!"

She was startled, blushing. "Y-you saw that, huh?" she asked and even Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"Kaa-san told me before I started that it is nice to not hurt your classmates, but to not fight is to mock them! Even if they lose every time," Sasuke said with a smirk as if he thought he was some super-philosopher or something. This Sasuke's smug attitude was amusing, especially when compared to his past/future self.

Naruto sighed as he looked at the two. He just has to figure out a way of rescuing Hinata and Hanabi without risking the exposure of his power. The village will likely hate all over him again if his previous timeline is exposed.

No matter the proof, they won't believe it.

They'll believe its to do with the Kyuubi like the mindless idiots they are!

Though, thinking on the fox! If Gaara and other jinchuriki can learn to control their demonic chakra, why can't I? If only I could speak with the fox, maybe I could convince it too… well I suppose there's no harm in asking if I can!

Maybe the Kyuubi understands what happened to get me these abilities!

I'm going to get the crap beaten out of me during this next stunt! But I have to protect Hinata-chan and Hanabi-chan. It's my job as a meddling seer-ninja-in-training! If I can just hold off the kidnapper and stop Hinata's dad from killing him, maybe I have a chance, no matter how small, and things will work out in the end.

to be continued…