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Mewtwo sat in his cave like he normally did. Nothing special to do, really. Ever sense ash as assisted him with Giovanni, he had yearned to travel. He was hesitant to do so, though, for fear of his clones once again being put in danger. Silently cursing himself, he set about on his daily rounds, looking through out the small island they had recently settled on.

Nothing really seemed any diffrent then normal. Everything was in place. Mewtwo could see herds of playful pokemon, some cloned some born, below him as he soared by. Reaching out his mind, he scored through the others minds around him, looking for minds he did not recognize. On any other day he would account for all the pokemon and then return to his cave. So you can guess the shock he had when he counted for six extra, strange minds. Looking deeper, he was even more surprised that one of the people who's mind he touched recoiled, actually knowing he was there. Quick as he could fly he raced to the spot where the strange ones were, and found six humans. Two females and four males. Reaching out with the intent to change they're mind set, as he did when humans made there way to the island, he was surprised to be pushed away by the same one who had sensed him before. He wasent planning to harm the humans. Simply make them forget why they whe there, or give them the feeling that they needed to leave.

But this new development, the human who could actually reach out as he could... He couldn't resist the curiosity, as much as he hated to ADMITT it. Floating down, the humans eyes widened as they saw him.

" w-what IS that?!"

One of the males shouted. The others looked simply stunned.

Mewtwo scanned the reactions of the humans, and only one of the females didint show any surprise that he was there. He assumed she was the one who could sense him.

" human.. You where the one aware of my presence?"

The girl nodded, and shrugged.

" you touched my mind. I'm not surprised you came here, I doubt you've ever seen someone who can read minds just as well as you can."

Mewtwo smirked. As well as he can? No way.

"You speak like you are stronger."

" I KNOW I'm stronger."

Mewtwo simply smiled.

" then let us battle."

The girl just shrugged, but then stated

" the names Rose by the way. Don't call me human again."

Mewtwo shrugged, then took a stance to battle.

The girl..ah...rose called out an espeon, who was quickly defeated by mewtwo using physic. Rose looked shocked, and as it turned out, she had only one pokemon.

" what..are you?"

She asked. Mewtwo looked at her with cautious eyes, then stated,

" I am mewtwo. Clone and copy of mew. The strongest pokemon in the even the mew.."

The others in the group started to inch back, ash if repelled by his power. Rose seemed unimpressed. Taking out what looked like a blue ball, she fingered it with a bored expression.

" if your soooo strong, then you can stop...THIS"

When she said the last word, she threw the blue ball at mewtwo, hitting the shocked pokemon. Mewtwo howled in rage as he was turned to energy and sucked into the master ball.





Then, the loud DING of a successful capture sounded. And rose picked up the master ball that held her new pokemon. She smirked.

" guess ya caint."


It was meany days before mewtwo was let out. When he was, though, he was disoriented and confused. Looking around, he saw what looked to be a bedroom, but with no idea how he got there. Then the memories of his time before the ball had sucked him in came flooding back. He looked for the human who had captured him, and quickly found her. He gave her a glare of pure hate.

" what on earth are you thinking?! Release me at once!"

Rose looked shocked, and stared at the master ball.

" aren't pokemon supposed to behave after they're captured?... Oh well. Anyway no way! I payed good money for this thing and your mine fair and square!"

At this, mewtwo stared dumbstruck. A human? Not give in to fear? Ignore his demands? And a female at that!

Mewtwo growled deep in his throat, and once again demanded to be released.

"Hey..just...give me a chance okay? I promise ill..do what ever I can..I...ill take good care of you..just..please!"

The girl begged mewtwo.

At this point mewtwo realized the girl was very, very young.


"My name is rose!"

"Rose. I will...stay.. For a time. But if at any point I am especially unhappy, do you agree to let me go?"

Rose fixed him with what he thought was meant to be a Menacing glare, and nodded once.


Mewtwo nodded, then looked about the room. He could get used to this place...eventually.