hey all! this chapter wasent really written by me, but insted by my Bf who wanted to help! He DOSENT have a acc here, GAVE ME PERMISSION!, and i think did well. ( I fixed a lot of grammar and spelling...) now ill just have to try to follow it up with part two hahaha!

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A few weeks passed and Rose had tried her best to befriend Mewtwo. one day, Mewtwo was sitting on the floor meditating, and Rose entered the room whit Espeon by her came whit some Pokémon food for Espeon and also brought a slushie for mewtwo, wanting to see how he would react. She set it down next to him, and he looked at her, curious. " what is this?" He asked. When rose didint reply he took a sip, and decided it was worth drinking. Within a minute he had finished it, but as he finished it off he gasped and held his head.

Rose giggled,

" brain freeze?" But mewtwo simply glared at her. With nothing better to do, rose made her way to the computer.

She looked over her e-mail, mostly useless publicity ads but she then found a advertisement for a contest that read: "To all Pokémon trainers interested we are hosting a battle tournament, you can only bring 2 Pokémon's of any type, the prize for the contest is a bike and 50,000 dollars to start your Journey to become a master Pokémon trainer" Rose,overjoyed,stood up and said, "We are going to the Pokemon tournament!" she printed a copy of the contest advertise, and she said "Espeon! Mewtwo!We are goin here" she pointed to the advertisement that included a map of the city, espeon jumped in joy, Mewtwo on the other hand said with a hint of scarcasum, " oh, what fun..."

Rose prepared all the Potions, Ethers, Elixirs, Burn heals, Ice heals, paralyze heals and all the wake up's she could find laying around in the bed room, then she put espeon on a looked at her with an eye of surprise but also a look of *I know what you wanna do* and Mewtwo said, "Fine...ill go inside that prison… just to keep some suspense for the audience" Rose pointed the pokeball at mewtwo, and watched as he changed to red energy and was sucked ran down the stairs with a backpack on her back and said to her mother, "Mom im goin to the pokemon tournament! You coming to see me?" Her mother smiled as she nodded, Rose was super exited she ran to the door and headed to the tournament.

About 45 minutes later…

Rose arrived at the was held in the town's old auditorium so a lot of people could attend. There was a huge crowd that wanted to join the tournament so she ran between the people and got to the Ticket seller to get an trainer was lucky it's the last one! She smiled and then ran to the Trainers entrance, she presented the ticket to the bouncer and he let her entered to a dark hallway, at the end she found a door as she opened it she found a room full of all kinds of people at the same time of pokemons, some greeted her some others ignored her but over all it was a nice ambience. The one who was in charge of the tournament came into the locker room and said, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I see a lot of trainers arrived but I'm afraid to say that we only have place for 16 trainers", The trainers looked at each other whit a felling of hatred and determination to win the prize. the one in charge said that there's going to be a preliminary lead all the trainers to a room by the side and there it was a private battle arena!By the way my name is Kevin" said the one in charge, he also said "Now split on 4 teams of 16" The trainers split, Rose was the 17 of a team," Sir this girl is extra" said a team member, Mister Bum-Bubin said then "Alright this team will have 17 members is that ok whit everyone on the others team?" The other teams nodded because there was no way a girl could give any problem" Mister Bum-Bubin pulled a lever and lights turned on as he said "Team one and two get ready to the battle" The trainers from the team of Rose that where the two, stepped down the stairs and they got to the battle ground arena, the other team got on the other side, Kevin Shouted "LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!" It was a group battle, Rose was never in one but she was confident and she threw out Espeon, the rest of the team threw out a Mudkip, a Lapras, a Parras and a whole other bunch of mid level Pokémon, the other team threw out some highly powerful Pokémon like a Gyaradous, Swellow, Charizard, Blastoise and a lot all began to fight, even as the team two pokemons where inferior their trainers developed techniques to help their pokemon fight on a more advanced way, and the battle began In the middle of the rumble Rose noticed that no one was attacking her, she was confident until she saw a man with a grin on the other side of the Battle said "Dragonite… Dragon Rage!" the Dragonite sprinted to Espion and delivered a massive blow, at that moment Dragonite was weak and the team two attacked dragonite whit Metal claw and volt tackle, and weakened him Dragonite used dragon rage and took out all the pokemon from the other teams!Now its up to Rose and Espeon...

( part 2 coming eventually _)