Yet tragic.
But yet so cold.
Heart pounding.
But yet heart stopping.
But yet so fucking loving.
That's what everything felt like all at once. Everything had changed, due to their actions. It didn't matter what they were or who they have become, none of it mattered. Their actions caused the destruction. They were self destructive. Self loathing. Self absorbed. Self aware. Self unaware. Self satisfied. Each one of them had a very distinct motive. Some voiced it out loud. Some even kept their motives locked away. None of them planned for this apocolypse to happen. Two of them didn't even plan to fall in love with the same person, but for one of them is it love or just lust? You never know what curveball will be thrown your way and for them plenty of them have been thrown.

Chapter one will be up tomorrow, or today if you like this enough :]

It's the prologue so its short, sorry.