Chapter 1: Strange Dream & Pinocle of Innocence

All good things start with a dream, and any achiever will tell you so. There are dreams that deal with occupations or goals, wishes or desires, but there are some dreams that foreshadow your fate or make no sense whatsoever. Some dreamers make their dreams a reality while some dreamers do nothing until their dreams start becoming a reality. For one, young man, these kinds of dreams, these unexpected coincidences in dream form, were an understatement and no exception.

Nightfall was upon a dark, beautiful jungle of trees and creatures, seen only by the rays of moonbeams above in the shining, night sky. As the night dragged on, the moon seemed to become attracted to a small camp of boys as they lay sleeping, two boys keeping watch nearby. In one tent, a young man laid in his bedroll, sleeping peacefully as a dream came to his teenage mind. The man was tall and lanky with dirty blonde hair, fair skin, and grayish green eyes but handsome nonetheless, and yes, his name was Felix. He laid there on the soil, sleeping in his bedroll as he saw a dream that made no sense and yet held some sort of power to it.

His eyes squinted while closed as the image of a young woman, no older than himself, stared into the distance with an expression of fear and innocence as she tried to use the waist-deep water in a nearby lake to cover herself and clean her wounds. Her ragged clothes were ripped from her collar down, revealing her body just barely, so she desperately tried to cover up to hide herself. Literally, she wanted to curl up into a ball and hide from the world, and it was evident in her face that she was greatly frightened by something or someone, but as a hand was extended out to her, Felix was seen in his own dream, giving the girl a reassuring smile as if to say, 'It's okay. I won't hurt you. You're safe now.' without words. The girl looked up at Felix in awe before she hesitantly took his hand, smiling. Felix shot up, sweat covering his lean body as he tried to catch his breath. He didn't know why these images were shown to him, but he figured there had to be a reason or else these images would not have appeared. Felix pondered on his dream before making a decision: Go back to sleep & speak with Peter about it. Pan would know for Pan knew pretty much anything you wished to know, and his advice was definitely needed to solve Felix's dilemma.

Felix woke up just before sunrise the next morning, stretching before heading into the woods to hunt something for his and the Lost Boys' breakfast. Felix did manage to catch a black boar and bring it back to his camp, but as they indulged in the pig's meat, Peter gave Felix a glance and motioned the older boy to come into his tent. Felix obeyed loyally and followed Pan until the immortal boy smirked, "My, what a dilemma you have. Strange, how dreams can reveal so much..."

"I never told you about that."

"Have you forgotten that I know everything, especially the thoughts, desires, and emotions of those in my domain? I know what you saw."

"I haven't forgotten, Master, but I don't know what my dream means."

"You saw a young girl."

"Yes, but the dream showed me someone I had never met. What does this mean?"

"Well, I have a feeling that your dream may come true, at least the truest believers believe so. You may learn what your dream means soon enough."

"Why can't you tell me?"

"Why should I? Just think of your dream as an adventure just waiting for you, and then you'll see its meaning." Peter smirked as he placed a hand on Felix's shoulder, causing the latter to nod in agreement, "Understood, Master...I guess I'll go scouting for any new arrivals or intruders."

"You're dismissed." Peter nodded before he shooed Felix away so the elder Lost Boy could scout around. Felix grabbed his club and weapons, slinging the club onto his shoulder like cave man as he made his way into the deep jungles of Neverland. As Felix paced through the woods, he pondered about Pan's words and his dream, not knowing how to deal with both until a blood-curdling scream interrupted his thoughts. Curious yet alert, he sprinted to the source of the noise as he reached a tree, seeing from its branches, a young girl trying to run from an adult male, only to trip against a loose tree root on the ground. This caused her to try and crawl away, but this only excited the adult as he advanced on her, climbing on top of the innocent girl as she tried to scream for help. The man cackled at her pleas as he gripped her ragged dress roughly, tearing the fabric apart from collar to the edge of her clothing, causing the girl to thrash about and scream as tears streamed down her face. Felix knew that this man was trouble, and judging from the girl's expressions, she needed help. Thinking quickly, Felix drew his bow and loosed the string, a clean shot striking the adult in the back. The girl watched, perplexed, before she released herself from the adult male's grip and ran off, grabbing her dress as she ran into the lake, thinking another man had killed her attacker to now go after her.

Felix hopped from the tree and grabbed the adult by the neck, twisting it to the side as he broke it, making sure that this monstrous adult wouldn't harm another girl, or child, again. Felix then turned his attention to the frightened girl as he saw her hiding in the lake, trying to clean off her wounds and hide her exposed body as Felix neared the lake. The girl jumped as she tried to swim away, but a wall of stone and young man surrounded her escape routes, and this frightened her greatly. She felt so exposed and sinful at how easily her innocence could be taken away, and she just wanted to hide from the world. Plus, she had a young man, about her same age, scanning her body, so she was even more afraid. First, a middle-aged, adult male tried to harm her and she could barely hold her own against him, but now she was faced with a young man with much more stamina and strength and this frightened her.

Felix tried not to appear threatening to the girl, but once he took a closer glance at her, he noticed that she reminded him of the girl from his dream. Correction, she WAS the girl from his strange dream the night before, and he now started to see why the dream came to him. He was supposed to save this girl before a man, an adult male, harmed her; it all made perfect sense now! The girl still appeared frightened as Felix inched closer to her in an attempt to talk to her, trying not to scare her as she shook with paralyzingly fear, "Hush, child. You're safe...It's okay, I won't hurt you."

The young girl stared into Felix's green eyes with her blue ones as she shivered in fear, "Is he... dead?"

"Yes, I killed him. He tried to hurt you, an innocent child and a girl to be quite clear."

"T-Thank you...I don't know how to thank you for your help."

"Hearing you say 'thank you' will suffice...Who was that man?"

The girl's face contorted into complete horror and fear as she closed her eyes solemnly, "I don't want to talk about him...My memories of him, even the very mention of his name or face, frighten and anger me."

"Then, I won't force you to tell me anything."

"What's your name?"

"Felix...What about you? Could I ask your name?"

"W-Wren...My name is Wren."

Felix pondered the name as he repeated the girl's name, "...Wren...It's lovely."

"Thank you." Wren blushed before Felix extended his hand out to her, causing Wren to shoot the latter a confused look as he gave her a reassuring smile and said, "I'm not gonna harm you, so you have nothing to fear...Come with me, and I'll make sure you stay safe. No one will ever harm you again."

Wren gave Felix another perplexed stare before she smiled, revealing dimples and a white smile, as she took the man's hand before she back-stepped into the water and looked down at her torn clothes. Felix saw what was bothering her and took off his cloak, wrapping the dark clothing around Wren's body as she shivered from the icy water and chilly, jungle air, blushing lightly as Felix wrapped a brotherly, gentle arm around her trembling form.

The young man led the girl back to the camp, but as the two walked, he scanned Wren's petite body and took in every detail. Wren's dark brown hair was long, touching the small of her back, yet beautiful and silky as it cascaded in wavy ripples, her eyes were innocently blue to match her heart-shaped face, light olive skin tone, and her proportionate body, and she always held a solemn yet hopeful, forgiving gaze as she fixed her attention to the lights of a campfire in the distance (In other words, think Jodelle Ferland in 2013 with blue eyes). Before reaching the lights of the fires, Felix warned his guest of some rules of the camp, "I have a master, so try not to get me in trouble. Only speak when spoken to and don't talk back to my master. If you'd like to see a temper, just infuriate my master and you'll see what I mean."

"O-Okay..." Wren nodded as she tightened the cloak around herself, causing Felix to grasp her tighter in an act of protection as the two strolled into the camp. The Lost boys turned, perplexed, to see Felix with a soaking wet, scared girl dressed in only a ripped, ragged dress and his cloak as he lead her to Pan, who seemed pleased by her arrival. Pan strolled beside the girl as he scanned her before he smirked, "Well, it seems you got yourself into a pickle. Did Felix have a little too much fun while scouting?"

The girl shook her head as she stated, "No, he saved me...from a man, an adult male." Pan and the boys literally bulged out their eyes as they heard her finish her utterance, sneering in disgust at the adult before Peter went back to his happy-go-lucky demeanor, "Well, now, good to hear one of my own saved someone as fair as you...You got a name?"

"I'm Wren." The innocent girl giggled as she tried not to blush in front of Felix's master.

"How old are you?"


"Ah, still a child, I see. That means you're still up for adventures and games, right?"

"Sure. I love a good game."

"Excellent...Oh, dear. Seems you suffered through a lot, especially your ragged clothes," Peter gasped as the girl bowed her head in shame before the immortal leader smirked, "...Not to worry, dear. I'm sure we could find extra clothes for you. Felix, take Wren to my tent and find her something more suitable to wear. Wouldn't want our guest to catch cold, right?"

"As you wish, Master."

"I-I can stay?!" Wren gasped as Peter laughed, "Yes. Why not?"

"Thank you. All of you have been so kind to me, and I really appreciate it." Wren thanked the boys as Peter scoffed, "Please, a pretty girl like you deserves to be treated with respect after what you suffered. Now, go and get dressed for the ceremony. After all, you're our guest, and everyone knows how we greet a new guest."

"O-Okay..." Wren nodded before she and Felix headed towards Peter's tent. Felix left the tent to allow Wren some moments of privacy as she stripped down naked and searched through a chest inside Peter's tent. Among the many dresses and such inside the chest, Wren became attached to boots, brown trousers, a dark cloak similar to Felix's, and a green tank top trimmed with leaves and brown thread. A necklace was hung loosely around her neck, something of special, sentimental value to her, as she finished dressing herself before she exited the tent, twirling around in her new attire as she giggled, "What do you think?"

"Nice. You look beautiful." Felix stuttered as Wren ran her hand over Felix's covered chest and giggled, "Thanks." Felix just stood there for a moment, paralyzed with confusion until the music of Peter's pipes caught his attention, causing the boys to dance as Wren watched. Although she could only hear the music faintly, she still heard its beautiful sound and joined into the dance despite the fact that she was a girl. The boys saw Wren join them, so they cheered her on as she twirled around the fire, her brown, almost black, hair flapping in the air and body leaping into the air as she spun around and danced with the grace of an Irish step-dancer. Peter smiled as he played his panpipes while Felix and the others hooted and cheered the girl on until Peter quit playing. Everyone clapped together at their dance as they caught their breathes, marveling at how fluently they danced, how fluently Wren danced even when she could just barely hear the melodies of Peter's panpipes. Peter was just as surprised as the others were at how she could hear the pipes, but it didn't matter much, especially when sleep took over the group's minds.

With happy hearts and wishes of good fortune to them and Pan, everyone soon departed to bed in their tents. Nightfall was the only time that separated Wren from her rescuer, Felix, but she hoped he'd appear in her dreams that night or in real life the next day. As Felix and Wren bid each other goodnight, the two exchanged smiles with one another before going to their separate tents, thinking of each other on the way there. For the first time in Felix's young life, he finally felt some form of peace, not that he didn't enjoy living with Pan and the Boys, but something told him that maybe this girl was meant to be found by him and maybe, just maybe, there was more to her than met the eye. Pondering on this information, Felix thought about Wren one last time before sleep took over his mind, lulling him to dream and dream hard about her...about Wren...