Chapter 11: Epilogue- A Child Born from True Love

Not long after the 'Pan' incident, Felix and Wren left the dark past behind to start a happy, mortal life together in the near future. Henry and Emma returned to Boston and lived a good life together as mother and son, never to remember the events that happened in Storybrooke. Felix and Wren, however, chose not to live in the woods, so they went by boat to London in the hope of seeing Wendy and the Darlings again. However, once in London, Wren began showing signs of 'something strange,' an illness maybe. She had the oddest diet since coming to London, food combinations that seemed disgusting to others if that information helps. She also slept all the time, even if she did no work other than laundry, cooking, or cleaning around the house (she was a housewife, after all), and she threw up every once in a while in the morning, leading Felix to believe that she was deathly ill. With no one else to turn to and no answers for Wren's sudden changes, Felix decided to take Wren with him and see someone with advanced medical knowledge.

Felix and Wren scoured the city, looking for anyone who knew the whereabouts of the Darlings. After many interrogations on the streets, they found a man who kindly gave them directions to the house where the Darlings lived. Felix and Wren went to the door and knocked with the golden door knockers as one of the inhabitants inside opened it. They looked at the couple in shock before gasping, "Wren Carter?! Is it really-"

"Wendy?! How lovely to see you again!" Wren replied as she and Wendy embraced like two girlfriends who hadn't met in a long time. The hug was tender and short-lived until Wendy saw Felux, trying to reach for a weapon by the door as Wren noticed and explained, "Wendy, don't hurt him! He's a good now, Pan and the shadow are dead. The Dark One killed them both."

"Are you sure?"

"We're still alive, aren't we? Please believe me..."

"...Okay, I trust you. What brings you to London?" Wendy asked as she returned to a kind, motherly nature, causing Felix to not be so embarrassed to ask about his wife's health, "Wendy, do you know anyone with advanced medical knowledge? Wren is sick and I don't have the skill to help her. She has something that I can't combat...Please, help her."

"...Come inside and I'll get my brothers. John knows medicine and he can help." Wendy smiled as she let the couple inside, locking the door behind her as she lead the couple into the living room where John and Michael were. At first, the brothers were going to attack Felix, but after Wendy and Wren convinced them that Pan and the Shadow were dead, the brothers listened to Felix. John interrogated Felix to figure out Wren's illness as he asked, "So, Felix, has there been any changes to Wren since coming to London?"


"Like what?"

"She has an odd diet."

"Do tell."

"She eats odd food combinations that are gross to me and others but pleasant to her For example, she favors eating red meat with fruit on top of it...She also gets tired easily, even when she doesn't do much around the house."

"Does she have a job in the city?"

"No, but I do. I work at the docks in the fish factory to support us...She also vomits in the morning even though she has no fever or any other signs of illness."

"I see...I think I have determined her illness. Come to my room and I'll show you what I mean." John replied as the gang followed him to his room. He requested that Wren lay down on the mattress while Felix held her hand to comfort her and Michael pulled out a white machine on wheels from a closet before handing it to John. Felix asked, "What is that?"

John held up a tube of clear, warm cream as he pulled up Wren's dress a little and placed the cream on her stomach, explaining, "This is ultrasound gel, this will make it easier for the machine to see what's inside her body that's making her ill...But, her illness is not even an illness. It's a great gift and it must run its course. She'll be fine, I promise, Felix."

"And the...white box?"

"Oh, this is an ultrasound machine. This will show me what's inside of her. It'll show me the object that's causing all of the changes to her body...This won't hurt her at all, so you two can relax." John replied as the couple took in a deep breath and let John examine the body. As he moved the 'joystick' up and down Wren's flat stomach, he stopped on a specific point as a heartbeat was heard. Everyone looked at the monitor and saw a small baby with a healthy heart beat inside of Wren, reaching their hand out into the open space as Wren looked at Felix, smiling, "We have a child, Felix. Our own baby..."

"I never thought it was possible."

"Oh, but it is," John cut in as he explained, "She's been able to bear children since she was a girl, but when she was sixteen, she came to Neverland. Neverland stopped her from having children, but since coming to our realm, your attempts succeeded. Before you came to Storybrooke, she has been with child and you didn't even realize it until now, but since you've been living in our realm, she has gone through her pregnancy...She looks to be in the first month of her second trimester, about four out of the nine months along."

Wren tried to wrap her head around the explanation as she gasped, "So, Felix and I...When we did that years ago for twenty-eight years, are you saying that I'm-"

"Yes, you're pregnant! Oh, I'm so happy for you two! Do you have a place to stay during your pregnancy?" Wendy joined in as Wren shook her head, "Only the streets."

"That's no place to raise a child. It'll die if you stay there...How about you live with us during your pregnancy and even beyond that, that way, you'll never be alone? What do you say?"

"...Are we even welcome?"

"Yes, of course. Now, you can use our old nursery as your child's room and you can stay in the extra bedroom upstairs. Oh, I'm so excited!" Wendy squeaked in delight as she and Wren went to the old nursery to discuss about the furniture, baby clothing, and other 'feminine' parts of the pregnancy while Felix and the brothers walked off to discuss 'other things.'

Each moment between Felix and the now pregnant Wren was tender, especially when Felix would find a great excuse to nuzzle up to Wren and hear the heart beat of his unborn child; this scene always brought tears to Wren's eyes and a smile to both of their faces. It didn't matter to them whether the child was male or female, just as long as it was healthy. Once Wren was ready to give birth, it caused her a lot of pain. She started screaming at the top of her soprano lungs as she gave birth to the child, squeezing Wendy and Felix's bare hands for dear life as she shouted things like, 'It hurts! You did this to me, you sexy Lost Boy!' or 'I love you but yet I hate you for making me go through all the pain!' Felix just listened to his wife ramble on as the bones in his hand actually began to crack until a great cry was heard. The couple saw a beautiful baby girl being held by the doctor, a.k.a. Doctor John Darling, as he helped Felix cut the umbilical cord. Then, a nurse placed a bracelet on the child's wrist and took her away for a moment to see if the baby was healthy before bringing her back as she tenderly wrapped the baby in a little pink blanket and handed her to Wren.

Wren stroked her baby's dirty blonde peach fuzz and looked into her big blue eyes as Felix sat behind his wife and took his newborn daughter from Wren when she handed her to the Lost Boy. Felix looked upon his daughter and almost cried at the sight, a child born from his and Wren's love, as he cradled the girl against his chest. Never in his life had he felt such joy in growing old to see his wife or daughter grow up happy and healthy as well as safe. He didn't care if he died, as long as his Wren and his daughter stayed safe. To keep his baby daughter safe, he and Wren decided, before the birth, to never tell their daughter about Neverland or about Pan and the Shadow. With this promise made, Felix and Wren tenderly held their daughter as the Darlings looked on and took pictures of the beautiful scene. After some careful thought, the couple decided to name their daughter, Nasya, which means 'Miracle of God.' Nasya was the reason for the group's success because a miracle was what helped the couple remain together, and Nasya was secretly that miracle, a miracle born from true love. After moments of rest for several days, Felix and Wren went back to the Darling house to raise their newborn daughter in London. They would live in the house with the Darlings for many years to come as all of them grew up and protected one another, forever until the end of time...