A/N- This fic was inspired by "Harry Potter and the RAF" by Ravengrad, and "Damn Wizards" by sprinter1988. I want to thank them for their brilliant works that have and continue to inspire me in my own. Alright, here we go then. This fic begins the summer after fifth year. Harry is at the Dursleys, being ignored by the Order and his alleged friends after having watched his godfather die. Obviously this fic is AU or non-canon. If you want canon, I recommend JKR's books. Except the last three. And especially that horrid epilogue.

*ahem* But I digress. Harry's trapped at the Dursleys but Hermione comes to his rescue with some help. She always does come through for Harry...go Hermione!

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Harry didn't understand why he was being left alone. No owls, no visible people outside of the Dursley house. When the phone rang one day while the Dursleys were all out Harry walked down and looked at it. The caller id showed the only phone number that he'd ever memorized. He picked it up eagerly, "Hermione?!"

"Harry!" Hermione let out a sigh of relief, "Oh Harry are you okay?"

"I'm all alone all the time," he said. "I'm sorry I got you injured."

"Harry, don't apologize. I'd walk into hell by your side and you know it. Are you alone?"

"Yeah why?"

"How long?"

"The Dursleys are having a shopping day where they're all gone. They won't get back until late tonight."

"Perfect," Hermione took a deep breath, "Harry I'm going to bust you out of Dumbledore's imprisonment."


"Muggle methods," she smiled. "My parents are on the phone with the police in your area. They're reporting all the abuse you've undergone there. You just have to confirm it to the police when they come and you have to show them where they kept you locked up. My parents are claiming guardianship; just tell them we're friends from school and that you'd be delighted to stay with us."

"Okay," he said. "Thanks Hermione."

"Don't blame yourself, Harry. It wasn't your fault. However, if you think you need my forgiveness I'll let you hug me as much as you want to make amends."

Harry smiled. Hermione knew him so well. "So Dumbledore said no contact?"

"I've sent you eight letters. All of them come back to me. Unless you suddenly hate me then the old bastard is intruding." Harry had never really heard Hermione curse. To hear her say such things about Dumbledore was surprising. But then, ever since he'd been back here he'd been thinking about it. He didn't trust him. The old man was constantly denying him the knowledge that would have kept Harry ahead of the curve or at least from making decisions that would lead to him and others getting hurt; or in Sirius' case, killed. He wasn't training Harry to fight back. He was raising Harry to die. Harry decided that wasn't happening. And clearly Hermione was of the same mind. "Pack what you want to take with you and don't want non-magical folk to see and I hope to see you very soon Harry."

The police arrived shortly and Harry answered their questions, even showing them the cupboard that had been his home for eleven years. All of the officers gave him looks of sympathy and he soon had all of his things packed as he headed to the police station. He did what Hermione had said, telling them he had no clothes that fit him properly; they had then supplied him a t-shirt and some track pants from an officer's bag as well as a cap and some sunglasses. That ought to confuse whichever Order member was making sure Harry didn't leave.

Soon Harry was in the station, eating a burger & chips that a detective brought him as he told his story to them. "Will I have to testify? I don't really want to see them again. Uncle Vernon always seems ready to strangle me. I know he'll be mad at me for this."

"The Grangers will be here soon."

"Hermione's coming?" Harry lit up, "When?"

"Very soon son," the older man gave him a comforting smile, "they're going to take you back to their place with them, if you don't mind."

"I could stay with Hermione? That'd be great," Harry smiled. "I miss her alot."

When she arrived with her parents she almost leaped into his arms. Harry held her tightly, "You saved me," he whispered.

"I told you Harry. I'll march into hell at your side." He could see a determination in her eyes and smiled, hugging her again. "Are you okay?"

"Feeling better now that you're here," he admitted. "I've missed your hugs."

She smiled and squeezed him tight, "If I had my way you'd always be trapped in one of them," she whispered.

"I would accept that," he responded.

She kissed his cheek, "Harry I know how we can get actual training to take him on."


"Her Royal Majesty's government," she answered. Harry had to admit, she had a point. Death Eaters were pureblood wizards, and they didn't know any purebloods that knew anything about Muggle technology. Parts of the government had to know about the magical world. "I know how to contact the right people," she promised him, "but first let's get you some clothes. We're not going back to my house."

"Where are we going?"

"London," she answered. "They set up a safehouse for us. I told said right people about everything and they've agreed to help."

"You're brilliant."

She smiled at Harry's admiration, "Come on Harry. We have many things to do, with limited time." Harry put on the clothes Hermione had brought him and thanked the officers repeatedly for everything.

Harry noticed a man in a dark suit approach them, "Hello Mr. Potter. You may call me Grant."

"I'm Harry," he said.

"I will be escorting you and the Grangers to the safehouse," Grant handed the detective a card, "if you need Mr. Potter for anything else call this number and leave a message. These two will be in service to Her Majesty soon."

"Grant is a squib," Hermione told Harry once they were all in the large car that fit all six occupants, "and the driver, Mark, is a Muggleborn who left the wizarding world because of all the prejudices. He couldn't get a job after Hogwarts but he also couldn't get a job in the real world. He has no diplomas or education records."

"Nice to meet you Harry," Mark said. "Hermione speaks highly of you."

"Nice to meet you too," Harry said, settling into the seat of the car and leaning against Hermione. Her hand slipped into his and he squeezed it, "I've really missed you. Your injuries are healed?" As Harry and Hermione held hands her parents shared a mutual look and smile before they went about filling out the necessary forms for guardianship for Harry.

She nodded, "The scar is gone. I looked through some potions books and made up a few of them. I'm fully healed."

Harry let out a sigh of relief. He felt his guilt completely vanish. Hermione was healthy, and clearly she was coming up with a plan. "I don't want to go back to Hogwarts, Hermione."

"Neither of us are," she promised. "Grant can you help explain to Harry what we're doing?"

Grant nodded, "Hermione wanted out of Hogwarts. She also wanted to know if we could get you out of Hogwarts. We can. The magical world cannot interfere with our government. If you two are agents of Her Majesty's government, then you're safe." Grant looked back at them, "And you two are going to begin training body and mind. We have a wonderful library of magical and non-magical books.

"Imagine walking up to Voldemort with a gun," Hermione smiled at Harry. "He has to cast a spell, you just pull a trigger."

Harry smiled. "Magical shields can't stop Muggle means, because they all think they're better than Muggles."

"Exactly," Grant nodded. "Which is why this is going to be so useful."

Hermione added, "Wizards also just blindly accept what they're told and don't ever look for alternate solutions."

"They're also lazy," Mark spoke up, "so if you two are fit you'll be able to outrun them easily."

Harry looked at Hermione, "Remember how Mr. Weasley treated your parents when he met them? Like they were puppies or something 'oh but you're just so cute and simple!' ugh it annoyed me."

"It annoyed me too," Hermione nodded, "Harry I don't want to pressure you but I don't think I want to return to the magical world at all. If Voldemort starts getting into the non-magical world then I say we nuke him."

"We have a goblin who will meet us at the safe house. He wants to do scans of your bodies to remove any traces and quick health checks. The goblins do like working with our government," Grant added at Harry's surprised expression, "probably because we aren't asses to them like wizards are."

Harry pulled Hermione into a hug, "Hermione, where you go I go. I don't want to be part of a world where people can treat you the way they've treated you and not only get away with it, but no one can see that there's something wrong with it."

The safe house was in a very busy section of London. There was no way a wizard would know how to get here. They entered and the goblin greeted them, "Greetings to you all. I am Bonescar and I am a goblin healer. First I'd like to use detection charms to see if any spells have been cast on you." To be safe Mark, Grant, and Hermione's parents were all scanned. They showed up clean and then Bonescar scanned Hermione, "You have evidence of a compulsion charm, but you must have feelings for someone else that overrides it."

"Compulsion charm?" Harry asked.

"Used to make a person do something they wouldn't otherwise do. This compulsion charm is keyed to Ronald Bilius Weasley. It is of the romantic feelings sort."

"So my feelings for," Hermione whispered the next part, "Harry," her face was bright red but she hoped he hadn't heard her, "overrode the forced feelings for Ron?"

"Indeed," Bonescar nodded. "All of your wizarding mail is coming through Gringotts. We will take care of hexes, curses, portkeys, you get the idea." He made short work of that one as well as a small magical trace before saying, "You'll be safe now. Now onto you Mr. Potter."

Harry wasn't listening to Bonescar. He was too focused on what Hermione had said. Her feelings for Harry had overcome the compulsion charm. "Bonescar how strong must feelings be to override a compulsion charm?"

"Oh very deep," he nodded to himself, "a crush would not be enough. No, to overcome a compulsion charm only love is the cure."

Harry stared at Hermione. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Harry no one chooses the know-it-all with bushy hair who spends her time in libraries. Besides your type is obvious and I'm not it."

"Interesting though your failing love lives are, I would like to scan Mr. Potter please."

He nodded but looked at Hermione, "We're talking about this later Hermione."

Bonescar scanned Harry and his eyes grew wide, "That bastard turned you into a horcrux! Dumbledore should have brought you to us! We could have healed it immediately!"

"A what?" Harry frowned.

"Come lay down on the couch," he removed the tracking charms, the monitoring charms, and the traces that were on him. All were from Dumbledore. This is going to hurt, Mr. Potter. I'd suggest Miss Granger stays by your side."

"Call me Harry, Bonescar."

"And call me Hermione," she knelt down beside the couch and held Harry's hand without question. Harry squeezed it and closed his eyes as Bonescar began chanting. He felt an intense pain and squeezed her hand on instinct as the pain increased. "Harry…"

The scar seemed to flash suddenly and then opened with black ooze pouring out of it as a green wraith exited the scar as well, emitting a ghastly scream as it did so. When Bonescar was finished he growled, "Stupid wizards. They don't know how to do something, so they just leave you with part of the Dark Lord's soul in your head. Your connection with him will no longer be present. No more visions, no more possessions."

Harry sighed in relief, "That's fantastic."

Hermione looked at his forehead, "Harry your scar is alot thinner than before."

"Soon it will vanish," Bonescar said, "No more scar for you, Mr. Harry Potter."

The grin on Harry's face made them both smile. Bonescar left to go talk with the adults while Harry sat up and pulled Hermione onto the couch with him, "Now, let's go over some things. First, my type isn't something that exists. There have been two girls I've had a crush on and they couldn't be more different." Harry looked at her, "And you're wrong, Hermione. Because I choose you over everyone else."

She smiled and Harry pulled her into a hug, "I love you Harry."

"And another first for me," Harry chuckled, "You were the first to hug me, the first to give me a kiss on the cheek…now the first to say you love me."

"First kiss?"

"Well I'm looking forward to that first," he smiled. Hermione leaned in and they shared a gentle, sweet first kiss.

"You took that first from me, too," she whispered when she pulled back.

"Good because Krum was a jerk."

She rolled her eyes and pulled him to her, "Shut up Harry and kiss me."

"Happily," he smiled.

When the four adults entered the room with the goblin it was to see Harry and Hermione lying on the couch together, snogging. "I could have gone without ever seeing that," Dan Granger muttered.

Emma smacked his arm, "Dan, Harry thought Hermione was seriously injured and she didn't think he'd ever like her. Let them have their moment. All they have in the world is each other. If you try to intimidate Harry you remember that your daughter will hate you for that. She's very protective of him."

Grant smirked, "If you two want to cook dinner I will prepare my discussions for tonight with them. I think they both deserve some privacy."

With that Mark and Grant went one way while Hermione's parents went another and the two teens continued to express their feelings for one another on the couch, never even noticing that for a brief moment, they hadn't been alone.

Remus Lupin gazed out at Number 4, Privet Drive. Earlier Dung had reported that some Muggles in costumes had approached the house and spoke to Harry before he'd let them in. Not understanding the Muggle world, neither man thought much about it. Dung had said that they left in vans and cars with lights on them and Harry hadn't been out since. Perhaps, if wizards weren't ingrained to obey authority, Remus would have wondered why he hadn't talked to Harry before his third year at Hogwarts or why he didn't talk to him again until his fifth year after Remus had left Hogwarts. But Remus Lupin accepted Dumbledore as infallible, and did not question it. He settled in for his shift. He'd pulled a long one.

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