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The trials of those that stole from Harry proved to be complex. Under Veritaserum many lesser Order members expressed they didn't know where the money had come from. The cases of the Weasleys were complicated. Arthur thought that it was from Dumbledore, but Molly knew it was from Harry. She also confessed to intending to dose him with love potions to get with Ginny. Like Bill, Charlie'd had no idea the money for his schooling came from Harry. He too helped to pay off a portion of his schooling and apologized profusely in a letter he handed the goblins to send to Harry. Percy wasn't aware of the love potion but was aware of the money coming from Harry. Fred and George didn't know about the money but knew about the love potions. Ron and Ginny knew about both and Ginny's testimony was littered with derogatory things about Hermione.

The sentences were as varied as the guilt. The minimum sentence was 10 years at a goblin mine and went all the way up to life in the mine. Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, and Ginny were given the highest sentences.

Ragnok had explained to Harry that most of the sentences would have been lighter but the criminals made it worse for themselves by verbally abusing the goblins presiding over the cases and claiming wizarding superiority. Harry found that fair. Goblins also took love potions very seriously so he knew that those would be the harshest sentences, leaving him not surprised at the sentences of Molly and her two youngest. A life sentence in the goblin mines meant just that. There was no parole, no early release. Many prisoners ran into unfortunate ends with dragons or cave-ins. It was dangerous to cross the goblins. Harry was a friend of the goblin nation, as was Hermione, so the sentences were also made harsher for that.

Harry hadn't wanted to know about Lupin, but Hermione had found out anyway in case he ever did want to know. Remus Lupin felt indebted to Dumbledore, first for letting him come to school to learn and then for a job teaching. Lupin, it turned out, accepted the money because he had no other options. He didn't have much and was forced into the position. Hermione scheduled a meeting with him after his sentencing, without telling Harry. She didn't want him upset but he'd been one of her favorite professors and had to know.

Seeing the sunken cheeks of the werewolf didn't make her soften. He'd hurt her lover and Hermione took that personally. "Did you ever ask Dumbledore why you were getting paid?"

"No," he answered.


"Why not ask? I was embarrassed to even take the money. But I needed it. I thought I could pay Albus back but he said to not worry about it. He's always been a great leader so I thought nothing of it."

Calling Albus Dumbledore a great leader was like calling Tom Riddle a misguided man in Hermione's eyes. Her temper flared and she practically growled, "Dumbledore knew James and Lily would be attacked that night." Hermione's eyes narrowed, "Your 'great leader' let your friends die. Your 'great leader' placed their son, a baby you played with and supposedly loved, into an abusive environment. Your 'great leader' ignored the wishes of your friends and dumped my Harry on a doorstep like a bottle of milk. Your 'great leader' never checked up on him and fully expected him to be abused. He just didn't care. Why should he? He was raising Harry to die!" She felt the tears coming but didn't stop, "You never checked up on my Harry! Tell me, Remus Lupin, did you ever wonder why your 'great leader' didn't want you to tell Harry you knew his parents? You waited a long time in our third year to tell him. You never contacted him our fourth." Hermione stood up from the table, "Did you ever wonder why Albus Dumbledore didn't want you to tell Harry you knew his parents?"

Remus wouldn't look at her and just shook his head. Hermione walked to the doorway, "I know Harry won't forgive you. His trust has been violated and you were ordered to keep us apart. That hurt him more than any monetary theft ever could. I'm not seeing much difference between you and Pettigrew. Pettigrew took Harry's parents, you tried to take his future. If you ask me the latter is the worse charge." With that Hermione walked out of the room, feeling much better than when she'd entered.

The wizarding world was crippled with the imprisonment of Albus Dumbledore. Then his testimony was revealed. Most people were horrified to read about his deeds done for the supposed 'light' and not knowing who to turn to for guidance completely disintegrated their government. Luna and the others contacted Ragnok and he again contacted Harry, who agreed to put them up in a hotel until they could find jobs. Ultimately Daphne, Hannah, Susan, and Tracey all decided to go to university. Luna was too young still and so Harry got her a small flat in a safe area. Neville entered the Royal Marines, which Harry and Hermione agreed would be good for him.

The wedding ceremony on April 21rst was small with around twenty people in attendance, not including the bride and groom. With Mandy as the maid of honor and Terry as the best man the couple wasn't alone at the altar, though they stood there just the four of them. They'd agreed to only have the two since Mandy and Hermione were so close and she didn't share that closeness with the other girls quite yet.

In Harry's mind it was a beautiful wedding, but then he was only staring at the bride so he couldn't really objectively say otherwise. Ragnok officiated for them, much to their pleasure.

With almost all the money reclaimed Harry placed it in a charity fund for orphans. Hermione helped him organize it and set up a charitable foundation to help fund research for medical diseases like cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Hermione's parents ran the foundation for them with the goblins.

As for the nine, some moved elsewhere. Mandy, Terry, and Justin went to MI6. Dean entered the British Army as a strategist, and Wayne entered the Royal Navy to see the world. Colin and Dennis both went into surveillance within MI5. These different paths did not, however, make them distant. They still managed to get together here and there.

Luna married Colin in the summer of 1999. Daphne and Tracey had already been a couple, not that anyone was surprised. Justin and Mandy got together shortly after Harry and Hermione's wedding and married in late 2000. Neville and Hannah got married three months after Luna and Colin did.

Susan contemplated a return the wizarding world that had been her home for so long only to learn that they were doing worse than with Voldemort at the helm. The sheeple syndrome of the wizards and witches of Britain was proving to be too much to overcome and so anyone who claimed to have a plan was immediately believed wholeheartedly. Susan went into politics in the non-magical world, pleased that thinking critically and asking questions wasn't looked at negatively by everyone like it was in the wizarding world.

Hogwarts' acclaim and prestige faded quickly as first generation magicals went to the continent to study magic. Without access to new income every year Diagon Alley businesses that were dependent on students began to close down.

Albus Dumbledore became the man who had driven away the Boy-Who-Lived and spent his remaining years in the mines in anger that the world was unaware of his greatness. His legacy, like Voldemort's, was of infamy. Ultimately the old man served only 10 years in the mines before dying from suffocation when a dragon chose to defecate right on top of him. Ron and Ginny Weasley were presented with the not-so-pleasant task of digging him out. A goblin guard granted the memories to Ragnok, who made sure to share them. Harry laughed so hard Hermione was afraid he'd injure himself.

Shortly before Albus Dumbledore died Hogwarts closed its doors. There was sorrow in the old man's eyes when that happened. It was like the final door slamming on the wizarding community and any that could found themselves leaving Britain.

Officially, Britain's magical community did not fail. Unofficially Hogsmeade and other wizarding settlements were virtual ghost towns. The pureblood supremacists finally had what they wanted- only purebloods were left. Their dream of only purebloods being permitted into their world was proved to be stupid and their economy came to a halt.

-November, 2007-

Harry gazed at the newborn baby in his arms. Of all the things Hermione had given to Harry over the years- her friendship, her time so he could pass his classes, her loyalty, her patience, her devotion, her passion (his eyes glazed over at that last one)- the little boy in his arms was by far her greatest gift. "Mutual effort love. You helped."

He turned, "Was I speaking out loud?"

"Mumbling. I caught a few words here and there," Hermione answered, shifting so he could join her on the bed, "how are you feeling?"

"Emotionally overwhelmed," he leaned in and kissed her, "he's perfect, Hermione."

She accepted the infant from her husband and shifted so as to feed him while Harry warmed a bottle for her magically. "He has my eyes."

"And my hair," Harry kissed her cheek as he slid his arms around her and watched her feed him, "do you know what witches do to feed? I doubt they use bottles."

"I never asked but I would presume that they would breastfeed. Though I can't imagine Narcissa Malfoy doing that."

Harry chuckled, "She did look like she just sucked on a lemon everytime we saw her." He rested his head against hers, "You're hands down the sexiest mom ever."

"Of course you think that," she smiled, "Nathan Daniel Potter. You know I wouldn't have objected to you naming him after your dad instead of mine."

"Your parents have treated me like a son even before we got together. Besides my dad was a prankster and I'd rather not name my son after him."

She smiled and kissed him, "I can understand that. I think people would expect us to name our children after your parents."

"People in the wizarding world maybe. Speaking of parents, Mum and Dad are here. The nurse came and told me while I was busy spending time getting to know Nate."

"He's only four hours old and you're already using a nickname? Lazy arse."

"I only had two hours of sleep because he decided to make his appearance in the middle of the night," Harry pouted, "so really it's his fault."

"At least you didn't say it was mine," she leaned in and kissed him. "Now go get my parents. The sooner they see Nathan the sooner we can go to sleep. I'm exhausted too."

Harry squeezed her affectionately before standing up, "I'd offer to carry the next one but it doesn't work like that."

"No it doesn't," Hermione leaned back into the pillows and gazed down at their son while Harry left to go get the Grangers. Once upon a time Hermione had told Harry she'd march into hell by his side. Looking down at their son's warm brown eyes and smiling face she couldn't help but feel that together they'd found heaven instead.