Harry's mind felt so much clearer since the removal of that horcrux. Although that feeling paled in comparison to the feelings as he snogged Hermione. Her lips were very addictive. It wasn't until she felt him pressing against her that they parted for air, "I think Little Harry's a bit excited."

"Sexiest woman in the world pressed against him, how could he not be?" Harry brushed a stray hair away from her face, "I love you Hermione."

"I enjoy having all these firsts with you," she leaned in and kissed him again, "Harry we should do something about your vaults. How much do you want to bet that the old coot is stealing from you?"

"I'm certain he is," he sighed. "We'll talk to your parents and Grant and Mark about it and see what we can do."

Hermione nodded and pulled him to her, "I don't want to let you go, Harry."

"You won't ever have to," he promised. She smiled and they kissed again, their snogging session beginning anew.

When they separated for the second time it was to Emma announcing dinner. Harry and Hermione took a minute to gather themselves and adjust their clothing before going in for dinner. There were some knowing stares that had both teens blushing. "It's very nice to see you two together," Emma said, "Hermione talks about you all the time."

Again they both blushed, stealing glances with one another. Deciding to change the subject Harry spoke, "Hermione and I both think that Dumbledore is stealing from my vault."

"The goblins have warded this house for us, and we can floo directly to the leader of the Goblin nation's office," Mark said. "He has offered his nation's support in this endeavor."

Hermione smiled, "We can talk to him after dinner then Harry. We don't want Dumbledore making a move to block access to your gold."

Everyone agreed with this statement and no one teased the two about their newfound relationship. Harry wondered if it was because he'd thought Hermione was hurt or that Sirius had died so recently.

Going to Gringotts was very different this time. Harry had only been in the main area of the bank and then to the vaults before. Hermione had never even been to the vaults. They emerged from the floo to the director's office. "It's a special floo connection," Mark said. Grant had stayed behind to deal with the non-magical side of things. "It connects to Gringotts and a special office that we'll be working with in Her Majesty's government. Nowhere else."

"That is useful," Harry said, looking around the office. Hermione was by his side. The Grangers had stayed behind with Grant since Mark was going to act as Harry's advisor along with Hermione.

When a goblin entered the room he smiled, "Mr. Potter. I knew you'd be here sooner or later. I am Ragnok, chief of the goblin nation and Director of Gringotts. Please, have a seat."

"It's very nice to meet you Ragnok. This is my girlfriend and best friend Hermione Granger."

Ragnok nodded to her, "A pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise, sir," Hermione smiled, bowing her head out of respect.

"How can I help you?"

Harry licked his lips, "I want to know if anyone other than myself has been accessing my vault."

The goblin frowned, "Don't you mean vaults? Your family has three, including the one you've been using."

"Three vaults," Hermione squeezed Harry's hand, "Dumbledore never mentioned that did he Harry?"

"He didn't tell me I had a horcrux in my head either," Harry growled.

Ragnok's eyes narrowed, "Yes Bonescar told me of that." He looked over some sort of logbook, "Mr. Potter several million galleons have been removed from your vaults by Albus Dumbledore. He claimed magical guardianship."

"But Sirius Black was my guardian!"

Hermione squeezed Harry's hand and debated offering him a reward if he didn't have an accidental magic discharge. He was very angry. Ragnok seemed to sense the impending blowup as well and spoke, "Mr. Potter, Harry, the Wizengamot sealed your parents wills after their death."

"Sealed them? They can do that?" Hermione asked.

"Albus Dumbledore is the one who leads that body. He can do that."

Hermione suddenly felt everything click into place, "He wanted Harry to go to those horrible people's house. He wanted Harry to be broken down and beaten down. He wanted Harry pliable. Is it because of the horcrux? We know the prophecy."

Ragnok nodded, "It is the belief of Gringotts that everything happened to make Harry pliable and desperate for affection. Then he could be molded and shaped into a weapon. It is also our belief that many friendships were paid for by Albus Dumbledore."

"Not Hermione," Harry said, feeling angry. Hermione got up and sat on his lap, rubbing the back of his neck to try and calm him down.

"I would never do anything like that Harry," she promised, kissing him gently. This seemed to subdue the teen and they both looked at Ragnok.

"The Weasleys were paid," Ragnok said.

Hermione looked at Ragnok, "I know how goblins feel about public affection but if I don't do this I don't know if you'll have an office." With that she pulled Harry's head to hers and kissed him.

Harry had never kissed before today but he realized that he and Hermione were very, very good at it. His arms tightened around her and she deepened the kiss, her tongue brushing up against his and making him want to moan. When they parted a few minutes later Harry looked much calmer. "That was great," he whispered.

"I enjoyed it too," she gave him a gentle kiss before turning her attention back to Ragnok, "Now where were we?"

Ragnok chuckled before speaking, "We can reclaim a portion of those funds from both parties. However much has been spent and we believe that Dumbledore will seek to access them again."

"What do we do then?" Mark asked.

The goblin chief gave a frightening grin, "Mr. Potter's vaults can't be accessed if they aren't his."

Harry was confused, but Hermione smiled. "If we put them in my name Dumbledore can't touch them."

Ragnok nodded and Harry grinned. "That's brilliant! How do we get them over to Hermione?"

"It is easy, for me anyway. We shall move them all to a vacant large vault and place it in Miss Granger's name. Then Miss Granger makes a list of people who can access the vault."

Hermione smiled and nodded, "I'm okay with doing this if Harry is."

"Hermione is really the only human I trust in the wizarding world. Of course I'm okay with this."

"We will also place liens on the vaults that have taken money from you," Ragnok promised, "and anything we can do to make up for this error we would be happy to do."

Hermione looked at him, "Harry was a horcrux. Are there other horcruxes? I mean, I don't know much about them but I doubt Voldemort would just make one. And who's to say that Harry was even intentionally a horcrux? Things went wrong that night."

Ragnok nodded, "That is a very interesting point. Our sources are different than most and very reliable. We will begin investigating that side of things and, should we find other horcruxes, destroy them free of charge. We have wronged you, Harry, and we will make it right."

Harry nodded. "I don't hold the theft against you; however I'll accept your offer to make it right."

"Thank you," Ragnok smiled, "you are a very gracious young man. It is a pleasant change from the wizards we usually deal with."

When Harry and Hermione and Mark returned to the safehouse the Grangers and Grant were there. "Is it taken care of?"

"Dumbledore can't get my money now," Harry smiled, "all of my accounts are now in Hermione's name."

"Harry and I are the only two who can access them," Hermione said, "Harry's a billionaire."

"The goblins are going to go through all of my properties and remove any dark items from them. I'm Sirius' heir, apparently," Harry sighed. "The goblins are also going to look for any more horcruxes and destroy them. They say it's their form of apology for letting Dumbledore steal from me."

"Ragnok also gave us a list of vaults who've taken money from Harry through Dumbledore. He's placing liens on them until the money is returned but they won't announce it until Mark and Grant give the go ahead that we're safe from the old bastard's intrusions."

The rest of the evening was spent going over what a horcrux was. Ragnok had supplied them with books about it so that they understood what they were facing. "I can't imagine making one of these, much less multiple ones," Harry said.

Hermione nodded, "Alot of alleged 'dark magic' isn't even dark. But this…I don't think there's anything darker. Or more dangerous. I mean think about it, Voldemort made you a horcrux and didn't even know about it."

Harry nodded. "He must have been really desperate." Hermione moved to sit on his lap, "Thanks for keeping me calm in Gringotts. I was really angry."

"I'm really angry at them too but blowing up Gringotts' director is not a way to deal with that," she kissed him, "you said 'Not Hermione'. Were you defending me or hoping I didn't do that?"

"Both," he answered. "Are you mad at me?"

"No Harry I'm not mad at you," she leaned in and gave him a kiss of longing, "I understand why you were worried. And I'm glad that you were defending me." Hermione kissed him again, "Tonight I think we should share a bed." Harry stared at her and she shook her head, "Not to do anything physical. I just want to snuggle with you. I've been having nightmares and I think if I was curled up to you that they'd go away."

Harry smiled and they kissed again, "I'm happy with that, Hermione. You might save me from some of my own nightmares too."

"Sirius' death?"

"Imagining yours," he answered. Hermione smiled and Harry tightened his arms around her, "I'm glad we're here, together."

"Do you want to go over the list tonight? See who we can't trust?"

"Tomorrow. That way I have time to relax."

Harry Potter woke the next morning curled up in bed with his beautiful brunette girlfriend. He smiled and nuzzled into her thick mane of hair. Harry appreciated uncontrollable hair. His own was quite unruly. Hermione's hair was beautiful, to his eyes. As wild and untamed as Hermione herself was. He grinned against her neck and he kissed it, "Good morning gorgeous."

"Good morning handsome," she whispered. "Little Harry seems to enjoy pressing against me."

"Well you're the one who's beautiful and sexy and amazing," Harry smirked. She turned to face him and they kissed, "I love you."

"I love you too," she smiled and they kissed again. "We should get up." Reluctantly Harry nodded and they exited the bed to get ready for the day. They did have alot to do today.

Downstairs they decided to prepare breakfast when Hermione suddenly spoke, "I think we stopped the prophecy Harry."

Harry, who'd just taken some orange juice out of the fridge, turned and looked at her, "How?"

"The horcrux in your head."

Harry's eyes widened before he grinned and pulled her to him, kissing her madly. Hermione returned the kiss and her arms slid around his neck to pull him against her. Neither noticed when Dan and Emma Granger entered the room. Dan winked at his wife and cleared his throat, "Harry Potter get your mitts off of my daughter before I get a hold of a gun."

Harry jumped away from Hermione, who glared at her laughing father before pulling Harry back into her arms, "He's just teasing Harry. They both like you very much. They wouldn't have trusted us in the same bedroom otherwise."

Dan walked over and shook Harry's hand, "I trust Hermione's judgment, and she's been writing to us about you even before you saved her from the troll."

"You know?"

"I keep no secrets from them Harry. They even read my schoolbooks. Mum and I brew potions in the summer together. Daddy altered our basement so we could brew together." Harry smiled. Hermione was still close to her parents, despite the fact that she was magical and they weren't. She continued, "The only reason I stayed at Hogwarts was because of you. They understood that I could never leave you behind."

Harry's smile grew and he hugged her, "I didn't know it was possible to love someone more than I already love you but I think it's happening." Hermione kissed him again before burying her head against his neck, "I need new clothes."

"We'll take care of that I promise," she kissed Harry once more.

A/N- Coming next chapter: The list of untrustworthy people, going into the service of the Queen, and going after Dumbledore! Plus some other stuff but if I listed it all you'd have no reason to read on!