Alan ran. All he could do now is run. The taken were close behind him, and they could smell his fear.

"Hello?!" Alan cried out, hoping he could find someone who had not been taken by the darkness. If he could not find anyone with light soon, the taken would overwhelm him without doubt. He looked at his flashlight, which had run out of batteries moments ago. Looking back at the taken, the champion of light continued his long sprint. Alan felt like he was in a time loop, like a clock whose hands just kept spinning, never to take a rest.

Distracted by his thoughts, the man looked up to see a bowie knife coming directly for his face. He ducked, and the knife went right over him; time it's self seemed to slow down as Alan avoided the taken's attack. He continued running as the taken relentlessly followed.

Alan Wake's eye caught something shining in the dim moonlight, and snatched it up as he ran by it. He thanked God as he loaded the battery into his flashlight, powered it up, and shined it in the monster's faces.

All of the taken hissed at Alan and covered their faces with one of their arms, still moving slowly towards the champion of light. He soon heard the "POP!" of the protecting coating of darkness dying away from his light on a taken, and swiftly fired three shots at the darkness' puppet. The body flew up and disinigrated into a burst of burning ashes.

One by one, Alan picked off the taken, smiling as he witnessed their bodies exploding into ashes. He picked off the few stragglers, and reloaded his revolver. Turning off his flashlight, he turned and walked into the dark forest, where he knew more horrors of the night awaited him

This was only the beginning.