Chapter 18

"Mine doesn't say anything."

"What do you mean?"

"The only thing inside, is a ring. You planned all this?"

"I did. And I know we have waited for so long. But I don't want to wait anymore Sonny. Marry me."

"There was a paper inside of mine too." Sonny lied.

"And what did that say?"

"It said 'yes.' At least ten times."

"I don't recall a piece of paper in yours."

"Oh shut up and kiss me already."

"Is that a yes?" Will asked through the kisses.

"Yes. I will marry you." Sonny replied happily. He pulled Will to him and kissed him with every fibre of his being. Will set himself on top of Sonny. He kissed him deeply and poured out his soul into the kiss.

"Wait?" Sonny said into the kiss.

"What? What's wrong?" Will moved back and waited for Sonny.

"I forgot to give you this. You beat me to it apparently." Sonny said as he pulled out the box from his pocket and opened it.

"You were going to ask me tonight?" Will asked in shock.

"I was. But you beat me to it." Sonny took the ring out and placed it on Will's finger.

"Now, it feels right." Will smiled.

"It feels perfect." Will made his way back on top of Sonny. Claiming his lips, and his entire body.

"Did you have fun yesterday, sweetie?" Will asked.

"So much fun. We went skating, and then we went sledding too. Oh and we made snowmen. Mine was a funny one. Oh, and then we made hot chocolate, and watched a movie."

"I'm glad you had fun sweetie."

"Me too. Can we go see papa?"

"Yes we can." They were already in the Square, catching up on their shopping. Neither Sonny or Will haven't gotten around to getting a tree yet, and there was about two and a half weeks left until Christmas. But the one thing Will couldn't get out of his mind all day, was last night.

They sat in front of the fire and their bodies were close. Their hands touching everywhere, not leaving a spot untouched. Sonny gently rubbed his hand on Will's arm. Will laughed at the new and amazing feeling. Their naked bodies covered under the blanket, as Will rested his head against Sonny's chest. They both sighed in content and happiness.

"We've been together for this long, but somehow it feels different." Will lifted his head up.

"What do you mean different?" Sonny asked.

"I don't know. It's like a new feeling. A good feeling."

"Well, I always try to make it feel good." Sonny laughed.

"You know what I mean." Will laughed back.

"I do. And spending the rest of my life with you, is exactly what I need. You and Arianna are special to me and you know that. And I shouldn't have waited forever. But now, you are my forever. For as long as I live, my baby you'll be. My husband you'll be. My anchor that doesn't weigh me down. And my best friend. I will always love you."

"I love you too Sonny. Always. Have you been reading that Robert Munsch book, by the way?" Will laughed through a few tears.

"Maybe. It's a good book." Will moved so he was facing Sonny. He looked deep into his eyes.

"What?" Sonny smiled as a blush gently appeared.

"Nothing. I'm just happy."

"So am I." Sonny said before he leaned closer to Will. The first few kisses were sweet and passionate. Then he angled his head letting his nose touch Will's briefly before he kissed him again, adding more pressure to the kiss. Sonny had Will underneath him, teasing him, and taking him all the way to the edge before they both lost control.

"Daddy, why do you have a weird look on your face?" Arianna asked him, taking Will out of his daydream.


"You had a weird look on your face."

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said as he started tickling her in his arms.

"Stop daddy." She laughed. She squirmed in his arms until he stopped. They were in front of the Club as they walked in. Sonny hadn't seen them yet and Arianna wanted to scare him.

"I don't think papa will like that sweetie." Will whispered.

"Please? I won't scare him too much." Will set her down and she quietly walked behind the counter. Will was trying to contain his laughter. Sonny was handling some papers, instead of coffee which was a good thing for the both of them.

"Boo." She cried out as she jumped in front of him when he turned around.

"Did I scare you?" She said as he pulled her up in his arms.

"You did. You got me good."

"Good." She giggled.

"Where's daddy, honey?" Sonny said, looking around the counter.

"I think he went to sit down."

"Let's go find him." The two of them caught up to Will sitting at a different table. He saw Will smiling and Sonny had to smile back. Remembering the eventful night they had.

"I scared papa good."

"I saw that. Hey T!" Will said to her. He saw T standing right behind Sonny.

"Uncle T!" Arianna turned in Sonny's arms.

"Really Will? I was going to scare this little brat."

"You're a brat." Ari called him out. The three of them laughed.

"She got you there T." Sonny replied laughing.

"I'm officially defeated by this one." He said, tickling her.

"I want hot chocolate papa."

"That makes two of us. Why don't you help me make it?"

"Really?! I get to help?" She squealed in excitement.

"Yes you do." They walked up to the counter and Sonny showed her how to make it.

"So?" T asked as he sat down across from Will.

"So, what?"

"Anything exciting happen last night?" He said with a grin.

"Like what?" Will tried to hide his smile.

"I don't know. Like a party, or something?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing happened last night? Nothing fun, or exciting maybe?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sonny didn't propose to you? Seriously?! What the hell is wrong with him?"

"Actually, I proposed to him."

"Really? I thought he was going to."

"I beat him to it."

"How does it feel?"

"Honestly, it's the best feeling ever. It kind of feels different. But, in a good way."

"I'm happy for you."

"Thanks T. I really appreciate it."

"You're welcome." T sat there as of he was waiting on something else.

"Something else you need?" Will asked.

"Maybe." T laughed.

"You are a brat."

"Hey now. That's not nice."

"Please don't say anything to anyone. Not yet. You are the only one that knows right now."

"My lips are sealed." T said as he pretended to seal them with his fingers.

"I have one question I want to ask you though." Will replied.


"Would you be my best man?"

"I'd be honoured to. Thank you so much Will. I won't mess it up for you I promise."

"You better not." Will said through the hug.

"You both deserve a bachelor party though."

"Please don't go overboard with that."

"Just trust me." T said with a laugh and walked away.

"Oh boy." Will whispered under his breath.

"Daddy look! I made it all by myself."

"Well, that looks delicious. Can I have some?"


"Careful." Sonny replied. She walked slowly and cautiously to the table without spilling it.

"That's a first." Will laughed.

"And this is for you." Sonny handed Will his cup of coffee.

"Thank you." Will thanked him with a kiss. Sonny sat across from Will and Ari, drinking their coffees and hot chocolate. Sonny got up from time to time to help out customers. But to Sonny, it was one of the best days so far. Besides owning a Club, and a coffee house on the other side of town, the best thing was right in front of him.

To Be Continued...