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A Starfox Fanfiction


17 years have passed since the Cerinian War ended. Corneria has finally recovered from the devastating war. The Cerinian natives now live in peace under a Democratic government, and are at good terms with Corneria at long last as well. The old Starfox team has disbanded, and good luck has come. There has been no war since then, so they have had much peace. Marcus, son of Fox and Krystal McCloud, has become a pilot at the age of 17. He is currently attempting to form a new Starfox team along with his cousin and best friend, Timothy, or Timmy as he calls him. Timothy is the son of Coyote and Ashley, and is a fantastic soldier. He is not as great as a pilot as Marcus, but he is still one of the best.

These two would-be heroes have left their mark, and they are eager to begin their new life, they just need a team…

Marcus was awoken from the opening of his bedroom door. His room was dark, and using the light levels, he calculated that it was about 6:15 in the morning. A bright light blared into his room from the open door. He shielded his eyes from the blare. He was wondering why someone was waking him up. Then, he remembered, it was Monday, and he was off to the Cornerian Flight Academy. He didn't mind it, but he hated getting up so early. He realized that it was his mother, Krystal, who was waking him up. He grumbled in his bed.

"Time to get up Marcus, you need to be there by 6:45, remember?" she asked him. Marcus opened up his eyes to blurry vision and he slowly got out of bed.

"Alright, whatever," he said as he got out of bed to change into a new set of clothes. Krystal shut his door and walked back out. He threw on his regular clothing, a set of flight gear for his training. He was happy that his training was nearly complete. He had about a week until he could get his license.

When he got done getting dressed, he staggered out of his room. He opened his door to a hall that led to his parents' room. The door was shut, which meant they were "busy". He was used to this by now, and since he learned about everything when he was 10, he knew exactly what they were doing in there. They were recovering from a "night" as they called it. He quietly chuckled to himself as he made a turn into the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and stopped over the sink. He picked up his toothbrush and applied some synthetic paste onto his brush. It was disgusting, but it made his teeth white, so he didn't care. When he completed that, he walked out into the kitchen/living room area. He grabbed a simple breakfast bar and sat at a table. When he began to open the packaging, his father, Fox, walked out of his room. Fox walked to the pantry like Marcus, no one saying anything.

"I'm doing well, how are you?" Fox said all of a sudden. He did this when Marcus didn't greet him first.

"Good," Marcus replied. Fox nodded and grabbed his own bar. He sat down in the chair across from Marcus.

"So, anything new?" Fox asked, opening his own bar up. Marcus shook his head. Fox nodded and said: "Ok". They stayed silent until Krystal walked out, Marcus had saved his question until exactly this moment.

"So…unhh…what did you two do last night?" Marcus asked. Fox looked at him with a straight face, completely frozen. Krystal looked at Marcus like he was insane for asking that question.

"So, what did you do?" he asked again, flicking his eyebrows up for a second. He tried to hold in a laugh, but it clearly showed on his face. Krystal stopped staring and shook her head as she walked to the kitchen area. Fox decided to try to make this funny and said:

"Had a little fun," he said smiling at Marcus. Krystal put her hands on the counter and began to laugh. Marcus wasn't satisfied.

"What kind of fun?" Marcus asked. Fox couldn't hold in his own laugh.

"Well, if I told you that, it would get very awkward for you!" Fox said to him. Marcus chuckled and rose from his seat and threw his wrapper away into the nearest trashcan. He then walked past Fox and patted his shoulder.

"That's true. Well, I'm out of here," Marcus said as he headed for the door.

"See you!" Krystal said. Fox stopped Marcus.

"Hey, don't do anything stupid!" Fox said. Marcus laughed. He shut the apartment door behind him. Marcus came out to the long hall of apartments. He walked down to the apartment at the edge, which was Timothy's. He knocked on the door. He heard some shuffling and some footsteps. The door opened to reveal his uncle, Coyote. Coyote was taller than him, and looked a little bit aged. He was 42, which he remembered. He has heard stories about Coyote, how he was the "best", as he put it.

"What's up Marcus, you here for Tim?" Coyote asked him. Marcus nodded. Coyote put his head back and yelled:

"TIM! Let's go!" he yelled. Timothy came running from his room. He had yellow fur, but he looked extremely alike from his father.

"Hey Marcus! Sorry about that Dad," he apologized. Coyote shook his right hand signaling not to worry about it. Timothy waved back to his dad and shut the door behind him. He slapped his hand together with Marcus's and they punched their fists together. They began to walk down the hall to the stair way.

"Hey man, I got a story to tell," Timothy said.

"What now?" Marcus said sarcastically.

"Well, you know that hot chick in our class right? Well, I went out with her."

"How did that go?"

"Well, she liked me, her boyfriend, not so much."

"You're going to get your ass kicked!"

"Heh heh, got to do what you got to do bro."

Marcus laughed and shook his head as they walked down the steps.

"Did you tell your dad?" Marcus asked.

"Well, of course not! I lied about being out late," Timothy replied.

"Lucky, for me, when I lie, I have no hope. My mom finds out immediately."

Timothy laughed. His parents were both Cerinian but neither had telepathy, while Marcus's mother had telepathy.

"Sucker," Timothy said. Marcus punched him in the shoulder. Timothy shrugged it off and continued to laugh. They had finally reached the outside of the complex. They walked along the sidewalk until they had reached the academy. They walked into the large doors into the building. They walked straight to their class and took their seats in the large classroom. They sat next to each other. Marcus had a question hit him.

"How did you even get that girl to go out with you?" he asked. Timothy pulled up his sleeve and flexed his muscle. Marcus nodded. They then prepared for their first class.