Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

-Abraham Lincoln

Chapter 7

Hernandez stood in a tall balcony over the Katinian Capital. A microphone was placed in front of him. He had a bandage on his forehead from his encounter with Dredd, but he was ready to address his newly built empire.

A mob of hundreds of thousands of people stood below him. Some cheered, some didn't, and some flat out booed. He ignored the booers and made his way to the microphone in front of him. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Fellow Katinians! Today I officially announce the formation of the Katinian Empire!" The crowd grew louder with the mixed feelings. "Order is finally restored! It is time for a new age of Lylat, a life without Cornerian or Venomian rule!"

The crowd grew even louder, but so did the boos. Hernandez was confused. He had given his people freedom, or so he thought. He decided it was time to formally announce who was going to be the Emperor. He shook in place in anticipation for the crowd's approval.

"Fellow Katinians! The Katinian Empire will led by me!" Hernandez announced. The crowd grew silent. He stood still and began to sweat from the heat and his stress. Suddenly, the crowds burst into a loud boo in complete unison. He put his head on the microphone stand.

"Where's Dredd? He should lead!" he heard people say. His head shot up in rage.

"Dredd is a traitor! How dare you?!" he retorted. But to no avail. The crowd then began to shout Dredd's name constantly. He knew it, he was done.

"No! He hasn't done anything for you!" Hernandez complained.

"The people have spoken," he heard from behind him. He whirled around to see Dredd with an evil smile. Dredd began to walk towards the stand and Hernandez.

"They want me," Dredd continued. "Step away."

Hernandez did nothing. But, to his dismay, Dredd was right; the people had made their decision. With his head down, he walked away from the stage and by Dredd. Dredd made his way to the stand and began to speak. Hernandez heard the crowd roar in agreement. He turned his disgraced face and ran. He was done, he wanted to get away. He wanted vengeance, and he was going to get it, one way or another.

The Great Fox IV floated in space. It was a near exact copy of the original Great Fox, with a few changes. There were six launch rails instead, just in case. The fourth edition was nowhere near the gargantuan the Great Fox III was, but it was enough. The Great Fox III was built to wage war, while the Great Fox IV was simply a home for three pilots at the moment.

Timothy, Marcus, and Falco sat at a table in a lounge area of the ship. Timothy held a white box that his father had given him before he left and Marcus looked around the room. Falco stared at the "kids" that sat in front of him.

Marcus wasn't feeling right though. His head had been "off" lately. He felt like he could "feel" everything around him. Then, an idea implanted into his mind that wasn't his. He responded instinctively.

"I'm turning 18 soon Falco," Marcus said. Falco's eyes shot out wide. Marcus had just realized what he had done.

"I didn't say anything," Falco replied. Marcus was still confused.

"But…you just said that we were "kids"?" Marcus said confused. "Wait….oh f**k no."

Falco shook his head.

"Dude, you just read my mind. Not surprisingly however, Krystal is your mother." Marcus still shook his head and put his hands over his eyes. Timothy was jealous. He was pure Cerinian, Marcus was half blood, but he had telepathy? It made no sense. Marcus got up from his chair and rushed to his room.

"Wait! Ahh….whatever," Falco yelled. Timothy still held his white box, unopened. He put it on the table and began to pop the cover open. It slid open with ease. He found a CD inside. He was confused. He picked it out and held it. He looked at the label in permanent marker. It read: Help is on the Way, Rise Against. Timothy smiled. It was his favorite song, by far. He looked back to the box and saw a folded paper still inside. He picked it out and unfolded it. It read:

Just for you! Remember my son: you are the help that is on the way for others. Watch the women!


You Know

Timothy chuckled at the last few lines. He folded the paper back up and placed it into his pocket. He got up and waved back to Falco and headed off to his room. He shut the door behind him and put the disc into his CD drive and pressed "play". The beginning guitar solo came into play and the words soon came. Timothy lay in his bed.

I have my mother's dreams
I have my father's eyes
You can't take that from me
Just go ahead and try

The crescent city sleeps
While giants in the sky
Preparing to unleash
Let loose a mighty cry

Can nobody save us?
Will anyone try?
The bayou is burning
The cypress has died

And all along they're saying

Help is on the way (They said they said)
Help is on the way (They said they said)
One by land, two by sea, right there in front of me
Help is on the way

Five thousand feet below
As black smoke engulfs the sky
The ocean floor explodes
Eleven mothers cry

My bones all resonate
A burning lullaby
You can't take that from me
Just go ahead and try

She says that's a shoreline
With hands in the air
Her words pierce the dark night
Does anyone care?
And all along can say it

Help is on the way (They said they said)
Help is on the way (They said they said)
Hold my hand, to help see, right there in front of me
Help is on the way

Right here
Right here

Right here
Right here

Right here
Right here

Choking on the black gold
Upon which we here rely
We keep axes in the attic
To see cameras in the sky

Help is on the way (They said they said)
Help is on the way (They said they said)

We were told, just to sit tight
'Cause somebody will soon arrive

Help is on the way
They never came
They never came

Help is on the way (They said they said)
Help is on the way (They said they said)
One by land, two by sea, right there in front of me
Help is on the way

On the way

Dredd sat in his throne on Katina. He had no words but his thoughts. He had ambition, and he wasn't going to hold back. The Lylat System would soon be his, all his.

Help better come, because if it doesn't, no planet will be free from my gasp.


(Part 1 is finished. Starfox the Next Generation: Rise and Fall is next. There are a lot of things that were left unanswered in this story, but all be answered in the next story. I will likely add extras to this story, but for now, it is complete. I hope you enjoyed, and Rise and Fall will be uploaded sometime around Friday!)